In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Seven

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The man sat at the desk below me, whom I soon recognised as Mr.Jones, told the girl to move to the vaulting horse and stand before it.

She did so, resigned to her fate. I have to confess that my excitement at seeing what looked to be my first caning, was huge. My manhood pushed against my overalls. I had a plank arranged again, and with my bucket on a ‘s’ hook, movement for a good view was easy.

I moved to my left, and with cloth to hand, and peered in again. It was as if nobody even noticed me, both he and the girl were looking away from me.

I am just a part of the building now it seems, a man in blue overalls, liked by all, quietly doing his job up ladders and shuffling about on planks.

Little did they know!

I shuffled over to my right, to see if I knew the girl. I felt sure I had seen her often. I could hear her being chastised, but could not get a clear understanding of her crime, it was something to do with sports day. She looked lovely, a well proportioned girl, and her bare bottom was gorgeous.

I found it hard to decide on the best view, and shuffled right over to the left of the plank.

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