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The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Incident 4 ~ The Intruder in the Study! ~ Part 5

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…and true to her promise of only seconds earlier, Miss Kenworthy took Kate’s navy blue school knickers down for a bare bottom over the knee spanking in her study!

Kate felt the rush of cool air on her warm bottom, the feeling of exposure was thrilling to her. She thought of the Corporal Punishment Training Video that this real life spanking was to be used in, and pushed her bottom up to meet the oncoming smacks. She was erotically excited at the prospect of people, all over the world seeing her get a spanking.

As the first real smacks landed, she began to kick enthusiastically, and squeal effectively. She and Miss Kenworthy were about to become famous, expecially when she had hacked into the Education Board’s Computer System, to steal a copy for her ‘Only Fans’. Not only famous, but this could make her a pot of money thought Kate!

Miss Kenworthy decided to pull Kate’s knickers down to her knees, experience told her that the video would look much better for it.

Then she took aim again and concentrated on reddening her cheeks!

Then using all her favourite spanking phrases she spanked Kate’s bouncy, firm bottom hard and fast. “Time….smack! Owwwww!…and time….smack OOOOOH! and time again young lady you end up over my knee in my study!”

“You are a naughty SMACK!!!! Naughty! SMACK!!! Naughty schoolgirl! SMACK SMACK SMACK!”

“Owwwww, Owwwwwwww!! OWWWWWWWW!!!”

By the end of the magnificent over the knee bare bottom spanking Kate was out of control, her bottom ablaze, squealing, wriggling, begging for it to stop. Miss kenworthy had put her heart and soul into punishing naughty Kate’s bare bottom. The pain in both Miss Kewnworthy’s palm and the buttocks of Kate were intense, a damn good spanking had been given in the best of English School Traditions….the noise, the kicking and squealing finally subsided. “Now get up you naughty girl! I hope that your spanking has taught you a lesson!”

A blubbering wailing Kate did not know what to do with her blazing cheeks, she could not get up fast enough to escape from the spanking furnace lapping at her cheeks! “Yes yes, yes, it has….oooooh owww, ooooh, I’m sorry I’m sorry!! Waaaaahh waaahhhh, oooow owwwwww!” She howled loudly.

more to come…


Black and White Set 31

Please note, Samantha had just come back from holiday and was quite brown.


I often have the Head Girl witness a spanking, and then stay with her if I have something to attend to. I had just given Charlotte a jolly good spanking for persistent lateness, and had written the details in the Punishment Book.

“I have to go and meet someone over in the East Block Samantha, I will not be too long, but I cannot leave a girl on her own.” I said to her as she nodded understanding.

(Some girls have fainted after a spanking, or gone a little hysterical after a caning, and that is why I have Matron or the head Girl to stay, even both of them, if a stroppy or terrified girl needs holding down.)

Samantha said it was not a problem and smiled at me. Such a delightful girl.

I left her with Charlotte.

I looked over my shoulder at them as I left, it is very reassuring for me to have such a girl to leave in this situation. I often wonder what transpires, maybe they just keep still, perhaps they chat. Who knows?

I close the door, you are to see what happens in my absence.

“That looks very stingy, I am impressed that you only cried the bit you did. Mind you, you did squeal!” Samantha asked quietly.

“Between me and you Samantha, I squealed loudly because I know it satisfies Mr.Jones, he likes to see us hop and jump, with a good squeal! I think if I was defiant or quiet, he would whack me harder. Mind you, those six with the plimsol were not acting, God it stings does that!” Charlotte informed her.

“I bet!” Samantha replied, quite in awe.

They got on well, Samantha as Head Girl was always approachable.

Charlotte was a little worried. “Am I alright turning around to talk? Will you have to tell Mr.Jones I moved?”

“Noooooo!” Laughed Samantha,and she carried on talking. “Not at all, I have had lots of conversations with girls with bright red bums!”

Charlotte giggled. “Yes, it is a bit surreal talking to you with my knickers down and my red bottom on show. I suppose you have never been naughty?”

“Not at school no, not really, but at home I am quite cheeky and ended up with a red bottom like you. I would like to be a teacher, and get to spank naughty bottoms to be honest!” Samantha replied openly and honestly.

It went quiet then, as both were lost in their own thoughts. Charlotte turned to look forward again.

Charlotte always being a bit bold, wiggled her bottom and asked. “Do you like looking at smacked red bottoms, because I quite like you looking….it’s nice.”

Samantha giggled then, and got quite bold herself. “Yes I do, very much.” She began to touch and point, as they talked about the merits of bottoms and how they look after a spanking. “Does it hurt if I touch?”

“A bit yes, but I like it, it sends tingles down to my pussy, do it again!”

Samantha did so and stood up. “No I mustn’t, Mr.Jones might come back!”

Charlotte giggled. “Would you like to come to my house after school, Mummy and Daddy don’t get home until half past six. I would let you spank me over our knee if you promise not to tell anyone! You can be teacher and I will be naughty me!”

Samantha gasped in shock, and whispered back….”Yes please, I would love to!”

“Well we catch the same bus, I’ll see you at the bus stop then.” Charlotte said naughtily.

“Okay.” Samantha said, with a twitching pussy. “Shhhh, I think he is coming.”


Photo Set ~ 528 ~ Part Three of ~Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ (Photo Set 521)

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It wasn’t long before naughty Charlotte was back again. A more serious matter, she was being told off in class, and thought it unfair. She lost her temper and threw her eraser at the teacher striking her on the nose. That was bad enough but it seems she burst into laughter, which set the whole class off laughing!

Miss Honeyworth has been invited to come and watch me spank Charlotte and perhaps spank her herself, in my Study. She is sat to our right, moving excitedly in her chair.

“Your behavior Charlotte is unacceptable, it could be classed as assault, but luckily for you, Miss Honeyworth is not taking it any further than this. have you something to say to her perhaps?”

“I am sorry for throwing the rubber at you Miss Honeyworth, and won’t do it again, I am also grateful that you are not taking matters further. I hope that seeing my bare bottom spanked before you appeases you, and closes the matter….once again, I am very sorry.” Charlotte sighed.

Miss Honeyworth thanked her for her eloquent apology, but did not let up, she said that she hoped the humiliation of getting a spanking before her, would deter her from being so silly again.

Charlotte’s last hope of a reprieve vanished. I had sent for her from her P.E. Class, I told her to stand before the end of the punishment horse.

I could see that Miss Honeyworth was very excited, moving from foot to foot like a girl who wants to wee.

Charlotte took her position.

I told Miss Honeyworth that the spanking was to be firm, but stressed that seeing as Charlotte had humiliated her before a class of girls, I think it fair that she should be humiliated before her.

“Miss Honeyworth nodded eagerly, saying she think it a good idea and it will go a long way to her being satisfied.

I thought about her answer, and imagined her masturbating at the images in her mind later that day. But of course, I carried on in a professional manner. “Remove your knickers Charlotte, and from where you are standing, hang them next to the implements, on the free peg.

Miss Honeyworth almost sighed too loudly at my instruction. I glanced at her, and she was totally immersed in what was unfolding before her eyes.

Charlotte stood with the knickers in her hands, and realised that she could not reach the peg from there.

“You might have to stretch and climb a little Charlotte.” I proffered.

Miss Honeyowrht could not help but guffaw and the, once in control, giggle at the naughty girl’s plight.

It was at this point that I added, “I invite you to spank her if you prefer Miss Honeyworth.”

A flustered Charlotte was blushing profuseley.

I wonder if she will accept?

more to come…


Somebody is looking rather pleased with themselves!

Samantha has a knack of looking very proud of herself, and very pleased too, when she surveys her handiwork!

I am so glad I know these two, to see them in their correct roles, roles that suit them to a tee, is wonderful. Samantha the Headmistress, Charlotte the naughty girl.

I am sure that Charlotte has an equal feeling of pleasure and contentment after her spanking. A match made in heaven these two!

And lucky old me gets to hover around watching everything, and listening too, which to me is just as important. The smacks, the telling off, the little yelps and squeals…..wonderful!


Classic Spanking Scenes ~ Photo Set – 527

All these are for sale in various formats at my on-line shop…not colour, not black and white, I have decided on pale sepia, so if anyone buys a set for a private study, or similar, they will match.

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These will be added to as time goes by, I will give notifications of what and when.

A typical scene from the 1960’s when spanking in girls schools was still accepted and indeed encouraged. This young lady might have only qualified as a teacher a year ago, she could be only 25 or 26, but on getting a job at an all girls school, she has the authority to punish. In this case I can imagine the Headmistress stood where we are, supervising. The girl is probably 17 or 18, so imagine the embarrassment she feels, dressed in her school uniform of the day, gym slip, straw boater etc, and being spanked by a pretty young woman only a few years older. There is nothing she can do, but accept it, or make a fuss, which will most likely result in a hard caning from the Headmistress.

Similar to the above. Just look at the smugness of Miss Kenworthy knowing she has the authority to redden a bottom, and gets paid to do so. (Like me!) Charlotte acts the part of a begrudging girl, resigned to her fate with no escape, very well doesn’t she?.

Probably one of the best known spanking phrases, “Bend over and touch your toes.” Beautifully played out by Charlotte, who as you can see, removed her knickers completely for this punishment I gave her. They are actually resting on the corner of the desk.

Here is Kate over the vaulting horse, pleated skirt ready for pulling right up over her blazer, and her white school knickers hanging on the ‘knicker hook’ a favourite of every Headmaster.

Although ‘Corner Time’ did not actually have to be in a corner, traditionally it was, and always looks best. Here is Kate, with her bare, spanked bottom, on show. It was the end of a punishment, where it was decided that a bit of humiliation might serve a useful purpose. You see, a naughty girl in disgrace like this, had no idea who might come in. A milk man, a post man, a parent of another girl…heaven forbid that they might know her! Mummy would be told and another spanking would await. It could be the secretary, or another pupil…anybody really….and not just one of course.

Where would we be without ‘Over the Knee’? The most traditional spanking pose there is, and rightly so. It is so well known. Samantha really went for it with Kate here, as you can see by her quickly reddening bare bottom and kicking legs. of course, it had to be navy blue knickers!

more to come…


Put yourself in the girls place, nervously awaiting the instructions to bend, and maybe, even bare!

The Visitor – Part Five

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After her orgasm on Neddy, Kate was eager to move on and see what else she could try, she stood up and instantly spotted some Victorian Maid’s Clothes. “Ohhhh I love your vintage stuff, and am dying to try some bloomers on!”

She was like a little girl in a sweet shop at this moment, and no sooner had she examined the clothes…

….She spotted the unusual arrangement with a plimsol hung on it. It piqued her interests. “Ooooh, what that?”

I told her it was for washing clothes but I use it for spanking a girl on. She was determined to try, but her heels were very high and I insisted that she must be very careful. Maybe even take them off.

In no time at all she was up! High heels and all……”Hmmm, she likes to defy and be bold at times does she? I will have to spank that out of her.” I thought to myself.

Her bare thighs just above her stocking tops looked so inviting, as she wiggled into position.

I walked around her to stand behind her. “As you can see, it presents a naughty bottom very well indeed.”

“Oh it does.” She eagerly replied.

“Would you like a few smacks on your bottom whilst like that?” I asked.

She smiled, then did a little naughty chuckle, as she reached back, then pulled her knickers down and grabbed the hand bars again.

“Does this answer your question Mr. Jones…..Sir.” She purred seductively.

I smiled a knowing smile and walked around her, it was time for compliments.

“You have a beautiful bottom, and a beautiful figure, topped by a very attractive head, with an even better face, and a …….”

“….very disarming smile. Although I am quite sure you have been told that many times.”

“Not by anyone like you Mr.Jones, and never to a person who is going to spank my bare bottom, 25 times at least on each cheek.”

“Welllllll…..what could I do?” I ask as I look at you and smile.

“Spank her!”…..which of course I did. That was the day I discovered how her bottom blushes quickly, turning to vivid red, very soon. And that she loves it.

What’s not to like about Kate eh?

More to come…


A call to bare, bend and squeal… (male applicants only)

I have been updating ‘New Cromlechville’…

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The Art Classes for the Fem Dom

And the school…


I need to do a shoot, only the brave and serious need apply, no thrill seekers. Only apply if you can take a good bare bottom spanking from my girls on the bare with a hairbrush or be caned on the bare hard.


You will have to pay, I never make a profit, this is a hobby, not a job, but I do not want to make a huge loss! I am looking for three men, there will be four in the shoot for the school and the art class. I have one already.

I have had people promise and not turn up…thrill seekers….wanting to go through all the stages and discussions, no doubt wanking themselves silly as they do!

Once you say yes, you pay. It is non returnable, if you cannot make it ….tough! The girls will still need paying.

This will be this year, in Derbyshire, so English applicants only.

But it will not be soon, probably October, I have another shoot with Cromlech first.

So….interested? Write and tell me why I should pick you. Do not bother writing to say ‘if I was in England I would!’ There is no point in writing that is there?



Over to You ~ Number 2

Time to get your thinking caps on and to see what you come up with for this.

You are a caretaker (man or woman, young or old), in an all girls school, you are walking around with a huge bunch of keys locking doors and checking security, it is nearly 5 o’clock, and you hear giggling, coming from down a corridor. Stealthily, you creep down to one of the punishment rooms…PR3.

Carefully you open the door and peer in, they do not see you.

They could be girls from the school, maybe teachers, or cleaners, even parents, or some women who go to night class. You might intervene, and walk in shouting the odds, you might masturbate and get caught…who knows? So tell us…what happens next?

Have fun in your mind, we are all looking forward to more dirty thoughts of yours!


Over to You ~ Results of Number 1

Earlier this month I offered a new sort of contest, too many good entries were not getting through, so instead of just the first being published, I am picking what I think are the best entries.

Number One ~ A visitor to my Study

Two Crackers came for our first one, where I asked you to be a visitor coming to my study to see me, and you find Charlotte with her nose to the wall with a red bottom.

Ladies First….from Jean Marie

Dear Asa,

For your writing competition Number 1 on Charlotte… (She’s just too evocative not to write about!)

“Headmaster Jones, I’m Jeanie from classroom 7. My teacher, Miss Ray, says that she needs you right away… Something about a badly behaved Samantha, who needs another dose of your belt…””God, what a day! Every discipline problem in the school seems to have chosen today to show us the worst she’s capable of! Jeanie, stay here and watch Charlotte; she’s not to move a muscle while I’m gone…”

“Yes, Sir,” I reply and he’s gone, removing his thick leather belt from the loops around his waistband as he goes.”So… You just got your bum thrashed…” I say, moving closer to inspect the handiwork.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Charlotte responds without moving anything else but her pretty mouth.

“Let me guess… you got a dozen with the leather tawse, followed by 6 of the best with the cane…” My face is now a mere inch from her glorious bottom.

“Wrong. The old fart started with a hand spanking over his knee, but I laughed derisively, saying that it didn’t hurt a bit. So then he used the tawse, and I still managed to scoff. That’s when he got the cane off the hook and gave me stripes…”

“And it turned you on as much as it hurt, didn’t it?”

“Why do you say that?” Charlotte asked.

“Because I can smell your arousal…” I stuck my tongue out and pressed it into that sweet juncture where her fulsome buttocks met her thighs. By pressing my face into her ass crack, my tongue reached her swollen vaginal lips. I tasted what I’d smelled; it was as sweet as peach nectar, as slightly fishy and very salty, as the ocean, as forbidden as sin. I trailed my tongue along her slit, crossed the divide of her sensitive perineum, and up Charlotte deep ass crack, linger to edge her rosebud before licking up the pink, soap-smelling divinity of her divide, before kissing her on the naughty tattoo of the ribbon’s bow/tramp stamp this juvenile delinquent had gotten while on summer vacation just last year. A mark that branded her so desirable in my eyes. Charlotte moaned, letting me know that my efforts were appreciated.

“I’ll do that all night long if you come to my dorm room tonight, it’s room 735 of Hanes Hall…” I whispered as I got off my knees to stand where I had been. “But first I need to assure that you’ll be sufficiently randy…”

Headmaster Jones was back from his errand, putting his belt back on with a stiffy bulging from behind the fly of his khaki pants.”Did Charlotte stay in position?” he asked me as he closed his office door behind him.

“Well, she kept her backside stuck out, but if any of her punishment was to address that smart-ass, sharp tongue, it hasn’t done the job, Sir. She cursed me continuously the whole time you were gone!”

“Is that so? Back over the punishment stool, Charlotte! Jeanie, would you care to stay and observe a proper caning?”

“Why, thank you, Headmaster, I would…” I positioned myself near Charlotte’s head, close enough so that the pretty blond would be sure to smell the arousal this was causing me under my short, pleated skirt.

Headmaster Jones did a masterful job of whipping Charlotte long and hard. For her part, the pretty blond tried to mask the lascivious manner that she rubbed-off on the stool’s edge as he belabored her buttocks with the cane.

And I tried to look innocent and demure as my pussy blossomed, and began leaking steamy jism. I could barely wait until Charlotte would come knocking at my door after lights out tonight…

I hope you like my story, Asa! I hope that Charlotte feels complimented; her charms get to me like nothing else.


Jean Marie


I loved it! Brilliant and erotic, I am sure I could smell and taste it!


And now, from Fishmiester… a friend of mine with a Naval background…

In the dimly lit study of Asa’s Studio, a debonair old Naval Warrant Officer named Fishmiester awaited the headmaster’s return. As he sat eagerly, with anticipation, his eyes wandered to a corner where a young girl stood, her back facing the room.

Curiosity piqued, Fishmiester observed the girl. She was barely in her school uniform, her posture rigid as she faced the wall. Her long, straight blonde hair cascaded down her back, adding a touch of innocence to her punished appearance. Noticing a detail that surprised him, he realized Charlotte was bare-bottomed, her punishment evidently more intense than he initially thought. Her green knickers stretched tautly between her parted knees.

After what seemed like an eternity, Asa entered the room, his authoritative presence filling the space. “Ah, Fishmiester, thank you for waiting. How was the tea? If it was not to your liking I will thrash Kate, for it was her who made it” he said

As Fishmiester settled back into his seat, he couldn’t help but inquire about the girl in the corner. “Who is she?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper, tinged with excitement.

Asa sighed, his expression somber. “That’s Charlotte,” he explained. “She’s a bright girl, but she’s been struggling with her behaviour lately. This is her second time in my Study this week.”

Fishmiester furrowed his brow, sympathy mixed with arousal filling his chest. “What did she do?” he inquired softly, his curiosity now bordering on excitement.

“That is irrelevant,” Asa replied, his tone tinged with disappointment. “Normally, I would have to let her go, but I believe in second chances. So, she’s spending some time in reflection, facing the consequences of her actions. Her red, sore bottom a reminder of the Standards required at my Emporium.

As they spoke, Fishmiester couldn’t help but steal glances at Charlotte. Despite her punishment, there was a resilience in her demeanor, a determination to learn from her mistakes and grow stronger. Yet, the view of her punished rear was a stark reminder of the consequences of her actions, stirring unexpected emotions within him.

Moved by the sight, Fishmiester couldn’t help but reflect on his own past, recalling moments of both triumph and regret. He realized that, like Charlotte, everyone faces challenges and must learn to overcome them.

With newfound respect for Asa’s approach, Fishmiester left the study that day with a deeper understanding of the importance of discipline, forgiveness, and the journey toward self-improvement. And as for Charlotte, her time in the corner would serve as a turning point in her academic journey, propelling her toward a future filled with promise and redemption.

Well done matey! Good job!


Thank you, I am very pleased with the results.

More chances to display your writing skills soon…