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Saint Helena High School Incident Log – 3 – Part Two

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The peace did not last long, they are in detention for Christ’s sake!! They have been told only five minutes ago that any chatter, or any noise at all, would not be tolerated.

Yet echoing down the corridor from their room, next door to mine, it began. Laughter, shrieks, and loud talking. I have had enough already, they have been warned…

Enough is enough. I screwed the top onto my Parker Pen, and made my way. They were blissfully unaware!

I burst through the door.”QUIEEEEEEET!!!!!!!”

“Have I not just told you, explicitly, why you are here and what will happen if you make any noise? Do you think I do it as some form of lung and voice box exercise!!?? Stand up! All of you, I have had enough…stand up now!”

They could see I meant business, and silently…at last!…they stood. I told them to come to me…”Come and stand here, facing me, by the form.”

They moved to where I had instructed them.

They stood before me.

“You naughty girls! …….What are you?”

With lilting voices akin to some Seaside Pier Head Music Hall, they chimed in unison, with pretty smiles…”We are all naughty girls Mr.Jones, sorry Mr.Jones Sir.”

I said quite clinically. “Your charm offensive will not work with me. Stand straight, show me the respect I deserve and expect!”

“You will all be leaving with very, very sore bottoms tonight!

“Turn around, face the form. Lift up your gym slips.”

There before me were three perfectly laundered, crisp white pairs of school knickers. Filled with pleasingly firm ripe young bottoms. Perfect for punishing. “Take your knickers down!” I said sharply.

more to come…


Moira ~ Story Number 3, from TradCP

This is the story he alludes to in his bio, on his page.

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A few people have asked me over the years how I found myself becoming a disciplinarian and being involved in the spanking world. 

Like many people the spanking need is probably deep inside and you just need a trigger, a situation or a specific experience . There was however for me a couple of catalysts that seem to have opened a subconscious door, a door that had spanking practitioner emblazoned  on it, not unlike a Headmasters sign over the study door.  

As I have previously mentioned one was my sister moving to an all girls school at aged 15, a school that  didn’t shy away from using corporal punishment as and when they deemed fit.

I will elaborate more on this in future stories but needless to say the fact that she and her friends would tell me about the slipperings and canings on an almost daily basis had me spellbound and greatly intrigued. 

Sadly not long after my sister left school and started in the sixth form my father passed away suddenly. It was a great shock but we all rallied and got through a most difficult time. One person who was a marvelous help was a family friend of my mother’s… a lady called Moira who lived almost opposite us and was in our house as much as she was hers. Moira was in her mid thirties, quite short, with a slim figure and one peach of a bottom, she often wore tight slacks as was fashionable at the time with the fabric moulding itself to her plump little bottom. Many a time I watched her wiggle her way across the road between our houses. Watching her delightful derrière swaying from side to side. The downside of Moira was she was basically a slouch, she’d sit and smoke, drink tea and chatter all day if she could and she did this mostly at our house. 

I often fantasised in my mind about putting her over my knee and warming her bottom with the flat of my hand for sitting around and not doing anything productive.

Then one day Moira really made my ears prick up when discussing something about her school, (a school between Luton and Dunstable in Bedfordshire), I can’t remember exactly how the conversation started but I do remember her telling  my mother that she had been caned once at school and her parents were there and that the same evening her father gave her a good hiding for getting the cane!  I was gobsmacked but far too shy to ask any details. I just watched her bottom more intently from that point on imagining the cane swishing across her seat! 

Moira helped my mother redecorate the house not long after that conversation and unintentionally found a spanking notebook I had been keeping. It contained a few stories, a few pictures and some notes I had made, nothing too shocking but still, to have it found by someone was very embarrassing. I only found out about the discovery when she handed me the notebook and said that it was maybe a good idea if I had kept it somewhere a little safer. Obviously I was embarrassed and probably went a shade of deep red but I took it and thanked her.  

A few weeks later things started to happen. (in a spanking sense)

She would say the odd thing or would look and smile, I was convinced she had read it all and probably told someone.  I really wanted to approach the subject with her but didn’t know how to. Eventually she broke the ice. We were sitting in the kitchen and my mother had left for work and Moira asked my if I had put my notebook somewhere safe.  I told her I had and she asked why I liked spanking women’s bottoms.  To this day I can’t remember my response but we went on to talk about spanking in great detail. I told her that my sister had been caned at school. She said she was aware and felt partly responsible, I was puzzled. It turned out that on occasion Moira had brought cigarettes for my sister. These had been the reason she had found herself  at times bending over in the headmasters study for a “sixer “ I couldn’t believe it !  Feeling a bit more relaxed and braver I told Moira that she also needed a spanking for supply them. She laughed but agreed I was  right. 

It’s at times like these that the conversation could have died. That laugh could have signaled the time for a change of subject but I pushed on.  “Ok then it’s not too late” I said.

Moira looked at me and laughed nervously “ you really want to spank me?” 

“Yes I replied” 

 “Okay then.” she stood up walked towards me. I was seated on kitchen stool. She looked at me, smiled and then lay herself over one of my knees. I still look back on that moment and still remember vividly the look she gave me as she bent forward. Her brown shoulder length hair falling over  her face. 

Looking down all I could see what her plump little bottom filling a pair of green cargo pants that were so thin as to be almost threadbare. The seam riding up and separating her buttocks in to two distinct mounds. I lifted her slightly higher, her feet were off the ground now stretching the green fabric even tighter. I couldn’t believe this was happening, a woman fifteen years older than me laying over my knee waiting for me to spank her bottom. I think at this point my disciplinary side took over. I looked at my palm and then Moiras plump cheeks. I looked for the fullest spot, the swell of the cheeks and brought my palm down to meet the soft mound …

WHACK!! My palm met her right cheek which flattened under the impact!! “ow!!!!! “Moira screamed. The left was next… Splat. The same response “Ow” her buttocks jiggled within its thin material casing. SMACK!! The next landed. Her head shot back and her heels kicked. Left cheek  …., SMACK!….. right cheek …. SMACK! ….,.left cheek….. SMACK! …., right cheek and so on. Moira continued with the Oww‘ s and ouches. The legs continued to writhe and I continued to spank…

I was now beginning to enjoy the feel of her bottom beneath my palm and her reactions. I stopped for a moment. Moira hung her head low, her hair disheveled and falling around her face , she was breathing heavily. I rested my hand on her bottom, the heat evident to the touch. My hand travelled in small circles across her twin mounds, the material smooth to my touch. I looked down at her and said “ You should have never have given her anything that would have got her into trouble.”

Moira’s was still breathing heavily and I detected a very quiet “yes”. I decided to redouble my efforts.  I like to spank quickly at times, not letting one cheek rest before revisiting the  same spot again, this way the bottom continually dances and Moira’s plump cheeks did the spanking dance that day. My hand landed on the crest of both mounds over and over again…. SMACK!!!!……. SMACK!……….SPLAT!…….SMACK! 

Moira responded OOOOOWWWW!!!!! I decided to finish with a volley of spanks landing on the twin peaks of her mound. My palm sank in deeply, flattening both buttocks and no doubt leaving an imprint of my hand. 

By now Moira’s protestations had changed low sobs and moans.. the last six landed on her sit spot .  I stopped. She lay there, draped over one knee, not quite sobbing but almost. She slid off my knee and stood on the floor leaning into my thigh, her hands gently rubbing her red hot cheeks. … she looked up at me.

Her eyes were moist and her hair still disheveled and hiding most of her face, she blew the hair from her  face and exclaimed “ Christ.., you know what you are doing , that bloody hurt ….. my poor arse!”   

I wanted to laugh. I could see by the look on her face that a spanking was at least partially sexual for Moira… for me it can be both and as a young man that spanking certainly registered in that way. She gingerly sat on her chair and we drank tea.  It was the first time but not the last. I spanked her for many years. I banned her from smoking in our house. Every time she did it meant a spanking, or a slippering, or a caning. I think over the years we tried every implement there was , Sometimes we used her house or mine if it was empty.  It did become a sexual liaison too, but that’s another story.  

Eventually Moira moved to Scotland but we remained friends for many years, friends with a secret, I feel I owe her a great deal for nurturing my spanking interest.

Asa’s note…

What a lovely story, I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that I hope she reads this, and realises just how important she is to what made you the spanker you are.

Three Girls and their Spanking Pain Slut – Part 15

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After Charlotte had finished giving their slut a good spanking with the plimsol, they unfastened her.

And moved her on to the next piece of apparatus they had set up.

Kate said, quite matter of factly, “I think the cane might give away what happens next!”

Samantha chuckled, “All you have to find out is who is caning you and how many strokes you get!”

“Over you get….pet.” Chuckled Charlotte.

“Well, you know who now, lets answer the next part!” Samantha said cooly.

“I have not heard you count or thank me yet….slut!”

“Sorry Mistress…..three, thank you Mistress!”

She thanked and counted up to six, and got one extra for not counting the first two. “

It was time to move on to the next apparatus. “Come along slut!” Said Kate as she tugged on her leash…

more to come…


Black and White Set – 19 (this is one of those that is more than a set, but not a story)

First of all, let me just say that my bedroom set in my studio is nowhere near finished yet. Naughty schoolgirls being spanked in their bedroom is a common fantasy, and this is a test of the distance and room I have left for me to shoot in, so I can use it in various scenarios. It is a bit tight, but lets see…

You will see that I have tinted these slightly, to varying degrees. I needed something to bring out the depth with a black wall. A bit of experimenting going on!


Kate has been punished at school, they have sent her home, in disgrace for being caught cheating in a test and not having done her homework, again, as well as being very rude to her teacher. She is excluded for the rest of the week. It is only Monday! They told Kate that they had rung her home, and Mummy is expecting her. The School Secretary has just dropped her off, and has had to verify that her Mummy has her safely at home.

Mummy pulled her in by the ear, and as the door slammed the shouting started. Smiling to herself as she walked to the garden gate slowly, she could hear key words and phrases…naughty girl, I have rung Daddy, your spanking at school with be nothing compared to what Daddy does when he gets home, get up to your room etc…Accompanied by pleading, begging, and many pleas for mercy, and many profuse apologies.

All to no avail.

The School Secretary on her arrival back, (after a coffee in her favourite cafe) has testified with a chuckle that she is definitely home. We have just had tea and a biscuit as she signed the saftey statement, and told me that it looks like she is to get another sound spanking on her already sore bottom. We chuckled, she deserves it.

…back home

The clock has ticked slowly, Kate seems to have waited ages.

Boredom set in and not quite sure why, she has already masturbated twice. Being spanked at school was her main thought in her mind for the first, and the feeling of dread at what was to come was her predominant thought for her second orgasm.

She hears a car door, and quickly removes her sticky fingers from the pulled aside knickers.

She listens intensely as raised voices discuss her crime and punishment in the kitchen. The main words that settled in her brain were……’getting my slipper, she will not sit down for a week!’

The kitchen door slams, she hears loud footsteps coming up the stairs.

The door bursts open, a very angry Daddy with a equally angry Mummy stand at the door. Worryingly Daddy’s right shirt sleeve is rolled up very tightly over his large bicep.

“Right then young lady! Stand up!” Daddy says very loudly.

She wishes she had closed the window, because neighbours are obviously listening and the girls who live close by have now come home from school. She hears distant words…..”Oh my, she is going to get it good this time!” and lots of giggling and chuckles as people old and young strain their ears.

Stood screwing the hem of her skirt up in distress and fear, she gets a telling off of a magnitude and length she has never heard before, all the time accompanied by ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ from outside, with much tittering at the juicy bits of her crime… the formulae hidden on a piece of paper in her sock!

Daddy tells her he wants none of her stupid, silly excuses, and tells her that he is going to give her the spanking of her life with the punishment slipper on the bare, ‘for all to hear!”

Mummy opens the bedroom sash window wide.

Kate begins to cry.

“That won’t save you! You silly girl! You have been a very very naughty girl! Turn around and face the bottom of the bed!” says Mummy as she turns from the window and folds her arms. “…make it a good long hard one Daddy, lets show the street that we know what to do with a naughty girl!”

“Well done Mr and Mrs Cowper, this is just the example that our kids need to hear!” Shouts the next door neighbour to a chorus of approval, and claps.

‘There must be a great deal of them.’ Thinks Kate as she is told to mount the stool and bend over the bottom of the bed.

The gathering outside was now generally quiet, listening closely, imagining the scene in the bedroom, and welcoming every command, sound and whimper.

Every new development was met with a little gasp, an ‘oooh’ or an ‘ahhhh’ and general muttering.

“Lift up your dress!”…was greeted with…..”ooooh the dress is coming up!” and little titters of expectation and excited exchanged glances, biting lips, and raised eyebrows.

more to come…


Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Thirty

This story started off ‘in threes’, something I tried where I put three photos at a time, it was okay, but with so many stories in development, it was taking an age. So now I do it in pretty much my normal style.

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“When these are down, I am going to pick my cane up, and cane your pretty little bottom from cold. So be ready for it. I am eager to start.” The Governess of Spanking Dreams told her Princess Spanky.

“And I am ready for you to begin, I mean, really ready Mistress.” Replied Charlotte eagerly.

She blew on her pet’s bottom. “oooooooooh” shivered her pet in delight. Then she walked to the desk, picked up her cane and began, with no real warning, other than what she had said earlier.



Very soon the welts began to rise, bringing instant delight to both pussies.

Samantha loved to see them, and took pride in her spacing, the sound of both the whacks and her pet’s shrieks excited her to the core.

The pain struck every submissive chord in Princess Spanky’s psyche. From the moment the cane landed, she gasped and squealed, and even at that very moment, she knew how she would be caressing the raised welts during masturbation in her bed, that night, with Samantha doing the same, by her side, naked, as they talked of it, using their favourite key words.

But she knew this was not the only punishment today, what else would the be talking of that night?

The pace quickened, soon rapid fire cracks of the cane echoed around the room, with squeals from Charlotte close behind them, chasing them around the room.

Calmness descended, mutual masturbation orgasms followed, it was time for the bottom to fade, and create a bare blank canvas, for what was to follow with the dragon tail tawse, in just a few minutes time, in the room next door…

more to come…


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Eighteen.

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There was a brief pause as the ‘over the knee’ bare bottom spanking of the naughty boy, before the girls, came to an end.

“Owww, I am sorry Miss, I will never be a naughty boy again.” Said the boy, thinking it was over and pushing himself up.

“Why, my dear boy, it is almost as if you think it is all over. Do you really think a bare bottom hand spanking is enough for a boy who masturbates in class? I am afraid you are sadly mistaken, that was only the beginning.” Miss Kenwworthy chuckled.

The girls giggled excitedly, this was wonderful news and just what they hoped for.

Miss Kenworthy deftly reached behind her for the tawse. “Stand up boy, and bend over there!”

He looked horrified at the sight of the tawse.

The girls slowly got more vociferous, and encouraged Miss Kenworthy.

“Oh well done Miss kenworthy, he deserves this doesn’t he?” Put forward Kate.

“He most certainly does!”

“Are you going to make him squeal Miss?” Asked Suzette.

“Oh most certainly!”

“I bet he will be jumping about by the end Miss.” Added Charlotte.

“Then you girls must restrain him for me if her does!”Miss Kenworthy said, as she stood and made her way to the trembling naughty boy.


Miss Kenworthy checked the area and adjusted her position. Then kicked off her shoes.

“Oooooh you really do mean business Miss Kenworthy, don’t you?” Asked a very excited Charlotte bobbing up and down on her seat excitedly.

Tossing her beautifully maintained hair back, Miss Kenworthy replied, “I do indeed!”

She positioned herself.

Then she began……THWAAAAACK!

THWACK!!! “Oowwwwww!”

THWACK!!!! “Owwwwwwwooooh!”



The girls laughed at his squealing and poked fun at him as he got his spanking. “He is squealing like a girl!” ” Make him jump high Miss Kenworthy!” “Ohh, oh, oh this serves you right you naughty boy!” “Yes, all naughty boys deserve bright red bottoms, give it him good and hard Miss!”

THWACK!! “Yieeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww!”

How the girls laughed and giggled at his plight, poking fun at a very naughty boy getting his bare bottom thrashed before the girls was great fun, ….they loved it, and were bouncing up and down in their seats urging Miss Kenworthy on, and on, and on…

She rose to the occassion magnificently…


” Owwww, oooooh ouch, owwww!!



THWACK!!!!……..She paused for a few seconds and gave him some smacks by hand. “You are starting to jump boy! Girls, … two, Charlotte and Kate, come and hold him still, it is time to show him what a real good thrashing on the bare is like!!”

“Ohhh yes Miss Kenworthy, lets show him!!”

“Oh please, yes, I would love to hold him for you and watch him get the spanking of his life Miss Kenworthy!”

Overjoyed at being asked, and very excited to see a bottom thrashed hard close up, to two girls came trotting up to each side of him.

The poor whimpering naughty boy could do nothing.

“Hold him tight and keep him still girls!”

“Yes Miss!”

“Yes Miss!”

Both girls thought this was the best class ever!!

more to come…