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The School Inspector (You!) Pays a Visit ~Part One

After many years in teaching and being in charge of three respected schools you have taken a job with the Education Board. It is 1962 and the job is going well. You have visited seventy four schools, some you have rated highly, some lowly. Your reputation always goes before you, people are nervous when they find out the Inspector of their school is you.

Little notice is given of your visits, usually just two days, not quite a spot check, but something for the less competent Headmistress or Headmaster to be wary of.

It is mid afternoon, the visit to this well tended, well equipped school has gone well. Laboratories are well stocked, classes bright and engaging, the gardens immaculate, and the girls well behaved. You are walking down a corridor and you decide to do one of your favourite tricks, stop at a random door and ask to inspect the room. You do so and what a shock you get!

You watch in amazement as two girls are in an embrace, kissing, and fingering each other! The Headmistress sees her ten star rating collapse before her eyes…

“What on this Good Lord’s Earth are you two doing in here, why are you not in your classes!!? And as for your actions! This is the School Inspector! You have just let our whole school down! Get out here, and don’t bother pulling your knickers up!”

The Headmistress picks up a cane from the rack, which every classroom has. You had already rated discipline in the school as 9.

“Both of you! Bend over those desks, right now!”

You stand and place your brief case on the floor, to watch the punishment, a chance, first hand, to witness the school’s discipline in progress. You make notes….a) well stocked with plimsols, tawses, and canes in every room. b) quick to take action, girls obey immediately. You ask, “if these girls became boisterous, what would you do?”

She stares at you between the trembling two girls, and answers “I would assemble the whole school, in the hall, have the girls strip naked and give them thirty-six each with no mercy, over the vaulting horse!”

You write down note c) obviously has a total discipline system which keeps the naughty girls in order…..apart from the odd rebels, which every school has.

“Come on Kate, come on Samantha, get bent over and push your bottoms out for Mr.Whippy to kiss them!”

You make note d) out of 850 girls, she knew their names. Her use of strict, slightly unorthodox language, is excellent.

The Headmistress looks at you as the girls arrange themselves. “All my staff have been on the Disciplinary Course, and go for a refresher every year. I myself practise my swing regularly, and use my variety of Corporal punishment implements every day to keep my girls in their place! This is a no nonsense institution, woe betide any girl who puts up even the slightest resistance! I assure you, that this cane will ensure that these girls will be sleeping on their tummies tonight!”

Tapping the girl you now know as Kate, on the bottom she told her to push her bottom right out and not to be a silly girl and hop about. “Keep still throughout young lady! Any silliness and we start again, with prefects holding you in place!”

You write down note e) …obviously gives the prefects responsibility, and threats roll off her tongue easily.

To be continued….

The Visit – Part 11

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…Kate moved into the next room, as always, she was excited about what was to come. I had a special idea, just a bit of gentle rope play.

She sat down to await instructions…

“Lay back and bring your legs up Kate.”

‘yes Mr.Jones.’

“Good girl, now put your hands behind your knees for me.”

“Oh that’s perfect. Now straighten your legs whilst I tie you.”

I only tied her loosely, it was her first time in ropes. After her spanking etc she said she loved the feeling of not being in control.

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The Punishment Dress – 2

They are not connected as in a story, but here is Charlotte in a shoot with the same dress…

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This is a company making punishment equipment, we can pretend that it is the one who supplies mine,

….but this is fictitious.

One of the requisites at an interview is that anyone who gets in trouble has to accept corporal punishment. One such girl is Lucy, who has made a catalogue of errors this working year, and today is appraisal day.

It went badly.

She was caned, and made to kneel outside her managers door, in the punishment dress.

As people walked by they were entitled to smack any girl in shame. She got many. Then the managers secretary came out and told her to stand. It was time to do the ‘walk of embarrasment’

This means that on the half hour she is taken to all the departments where she made mistakes, and made to stay with her bare bottom presented for spanking. So anyone she had annoyed by the error, could show just how angry with her performance they were.

Here is her journey…

At the end of the day she had to stand outside the receptionists office, where everyone filed by to go home…to finish the day off with another hundred or so smacks!


Inspired by ‘The Black Narcissus’

Hello, I do hope this does not offend anyone.

I would never delete a post because someone objected to spanking…but religion is to be respected, so if enough of you complain, I will delete it. I respect my fellow man and their religious beliefs. Out of this respect, this is a mild spanking set.

I saw the t.v. adaptation of this story, and looked up on google about scourging. To be honest I wondered if they ever did it on their bottom. I found lots of accounts about corporal punishment in schools by nuns, and how badly they treated some unmarried mums.

Of course, the great majority of stuff about them is wonderful, and their portrayal on ‘Call the Midwife’ is how I imagine them to be.

But then I was drawn to an article in a British Newspaper about some Nuns in Argentina who were spanked and ordered to use the rod on each other in their penance. Which led to more in medieval times etc

Now me being me, as you know, likes the idea of one woman spanking or caning another..(had you noticed?…lol)….so my mind got to work, with this set.

A naughty nun (Lucy) is sent to wait for Mother Superior.

And yes, Father Superior…me! Gave Lucy a jolly good spanking…


My Inspiring Female Bottom Collection…

If you click here…

You will go to my models page. Scroll down to the first link and go to my page on PurplePort.

Scroll down the page you get to, keeping an eye on the right of the page. Yes! I know you will be focussed on the bottoms, but try, it will be worth it.

You will reach my ‘collections’ section, click on the only one there!

It is my page for promoting models and photographers on PP.

I add to this weekly, there are four pages of bottoms at the time of writing this….


… are a few examples

If you want to see them filling your screen in HD then just pop along and look.


The Spanking Pet – Part 7

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…and her journey continues

The three Mistresses Samantha, Charlotte and Kate took their pet onto the next apparatus. My pride and joy. The Victorian Women’s Prison bed, which doubles into a flogging bench.

The room it is in, is quite stark.

With her already red sore bottom, their pet willingly climbed up, desperately wanting to please them.

Between them they told Lucy the pet, what the bed was. “You mean that real Victorian girls have laid across here for real birchings?”

“Yes, like you are going to get, right now!”

Lucy took a sharp intake of breath as Samantha picked up a hefty birch. The girls had been wanting to witness a birching for years. “If you struggle too much, we will hold you in place, like they did the girls, even tie you in position if we must.” Added Charlotte.

“Keep still!” Shouted Samantha. “How am I supposed to birch you if you wriggle!?”

“Let’s hold her! Like they used too!” Put forward Kate.

Kate took her arms, Charlotte took her legs. Then Samantha gave her six of the best. She squealed, but was held firmly, and Charlotte in particular enjoyed the view. Pushing her bottom out as she did so, as if wishing for the birch herself.

How they loved it!

More to come…

Some suggestions please!


I came across this the other day…

Rather wonderful isn’t it?

My mind got working and thought that a good shoot would be in my school room, featuring a ‘School for Cheerleaders’ …if one makes a mistake in class, they all have to take a spanking in some typical cheerleader pose, like this one for instance.

But knickers down of course.

Maybe a spanking chant with Pom Poms!…





Now there is a thought, where are Charlotte and Kate when I need them?

Then my mind got working! I could do…

A school for maids.

A school for slave girls, teaching slave positions.

A school for spanking models.

A school for pain sluts.

A school for naughty secretaries.

I am sure you could think of some more for the list!

Let me know!

Just go to the contact page.


The Naughty Girl Guide

This is a set of a scenario of a naughty girl guide, away at camp, who has been caught stealing sweets from other tents, bullying others, and generally shirking her duties. It is taken by Peter Birch who appears in my guest section here…

What satisfaction for the other girls to see their nemesis being spanked on her bare bottom in such a humiliating way, howling and squealing whilst swinging away before everyone!

What an excellent little set, well done Peter. You can find lots more of it at his site. Plus loads of other brilliant stuff, just google his name.


A Wooden Ruler Across her Bare Bottom

This is a part of my Roy Tersley Section, click here to see the rest…

This is a nice set from Roy, from the opening of the door to the bare bottom.

Enjoy his photographic skill…

I will try to enhance it with a description of the punishment, with the skill I have picked up over many years of punishing naughty girls bare bottoms.

A great setting isn’t it, and I love the cane hanging on the door coat peg.

A good Headmaster’s point of view shot, imagine swishing the ruler or flexing it.

Nice and tight, can you see the trademark tawse on the Headmasters desk?

Oh what a lovely pert bottom she has. No gravity there, the cheeks are really uplifted which means the cane will bounce off them quickly. With cheeks like this there is no place for the ‘sit spot’ or ‘spankers sweet spot’ to hide is there? So a couple aimed there are a must, they will make her kick and squeal!

Oh just look at those regulation knickers around her ankles, beautiful. The decision now is wether to cut down and glance, or a full blooded swing from the right shoulder.

Two things are very important with a yard stick, or in modern terms it would be 39″ …a one metre rule.

The brittleness of the wood. I think it is hickory, and it must not overhang too much, because it will not wrap around like the cane. I usually give three of the six with a cane forehand from the left. Then three from the right with a back hand, so the wrap around is equal. But with these, you can stay to the left.

The second is, that some old ones have a brass square edge tip, like this one, and they can cut. So make sure they land well. I suggest a three inch over hang of the buttocks, gripping the ruler with the 3-9″ range. And definitely swing in an arc, almost parallel with the floor. If you hit the buttocks true and flat, the smack is amazingly loud. I suggest nine, it will cover the whole buttocks in a red band about nine inches wide.

That middle line is perfect. If you do it well you will almost end up with a bright red 9″ square.