The Punishment Dress – 2

They are not connected as in a story, but here is Charlotte in a shoot with the same dress…

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This is a company making punishment equipment, we can pretend that it is the one who supplies mine,

….but this is fictitious.

One of the requisites at an interview is that anyone who gets in trouble has to accept corporal punishment. One such girl is Lucy, who has made a catalogue of errors this working year, and today is appraisal day.

It went badly.

She was caned, and made to kneel outside her managers door, in the punishment dress.

As people walked by they were entitled to smack any girl in shame. She got many. Then the managers secretary came out and told her to stand. It was time to do the ‘walk of embarrasment’

This means that on the half hour she is taken to all the departments where she made mistakes, and made to stay with her bare bottom presented for spanking. So anyone she had annoyed by the error, could show just how angry with her performance they were.

Here is her journey…

At the end of the day she had to stand outside the receptionists office, where everyone filed by to go home…to finish the day off with another hundred or so smacks!