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Maid Training – No 10

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A few more days passed by, and it was time for another of Mistress Samantha’s appraisals. She had been spanking and caning in the mean time of course, but sometimes she just liked to surprise her. She rang the bell and into the lounge came Kate.

“Time for a test my dear, you like my tests don’t you?”

“Very much Mistress, yes.”

“Well go and make me tea, and bring it to me.”

Ten minutes later she returned.

Kate was shaking with excitement and tea splashed on to the sugar lumps.

“You naughty girl! How on earth can I put a damp sugar lump into my cup of tea. And it’s Wednesday, you know I like the gold sugar tongues on a Wednesday, good grief! You have put Bourbon biscuits on my fine bone china plate instead of Garibaldis! You are getting another spanking young lady, you have failed the test!”

A quick spanking over Mistress’s knee was delivered to her lovely bottom.

Straight after she was told to sit on the green padded spanking bench.

Before she knew it she was up ended on all fours and given five minutes on each cheek!

And so did another beautiful day of spanking drift by in Samantha’s lovely house.

More soon, by for now, look out for updates!

Charlotte’s Seventh Visit to Miss Kenworthy – Part 7/2

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Charlotte submitted for the cane from her Mistress, willingly. Not much writing in this part, you saw her bend over and bare in the last part. Let’s just enjoy her bottom being caned…

Lots more to come yet, keep looking for updates.


The Obedience Stool

This is another commission I got from ‘spankingtheatre’, to illustrate one of his stories. It concerns a stool where naughty girls have to sit next to their Mistress. It is set in Victorian or Edwardian England as I recall. Visit his pages and you will find out….

First of all, I had to make one, this is what I came up with…

Ah ha! Now you see why the obedience stool is a rather different sort of stool to sit on by the side of your Mistress. But which girl would I choose? The naughtiest of course. Kate.

This bit is always a bit nervy to be honest. I treat my girls with absolute respect, if a girl says no to anything I ask…and they do! I respect it. No harm in asking, no harm in saying no. It is just a matter of selecting the right ones for the right jobs, and asking. So….gulp.

“Hello Kate, did you read the story I sent you?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it.”

Hmmm, she is playing with me! So I showed her the stool I had made. “What do you think of it?”

“Very interesting Mr Jones, you are clever.”

“Thank you.”

She continues to look at me….’that way’.

“So will you sit on it like the girl in the story?….please.”

“Oh Mr. Jones, I’m shocked! You want me to straddle it, get one up my cunt and the other right up my arse….yes?”

“You think they will fit? I am very tight….as you know. But, well, you know, you have had bigger things in here!” She laughs.

For Gods sake tell me! I think to myself!!

“Of course I will, I masturbated st the thought last night, I am dripping now, they will slide in easy. I’ll let the front slide in first, then my bottom might have to be slower, it is short and thick isn’t it? Like a butt plug.”

So, she straddled the little stool and lowered gently and excitedly, making the loveliest of noises.

She was now in position, both dildos fully inside. “How does it feel Kate?”

“Good Mr.Jones, I am dying to gyrate on it!”

So she did.

She had a series of intense orgasms, one she said went up her pussy and all around the inside of her bottom hole.

All we had to do now was slide her off, a delightful experience, her legs were like jelly! Then we put the kettle on for tea and cake, another job done!


Three Naughty Schoolgirls ~ Part Three

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I told them to turn around, and slide their knickers down to bare their naughty bottoms for a slippering.

Little moans came forth……”Do you want the cane instead?!!!”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“I should think so too, now show me some respect, or Mr.Whippy will come out and kiss your bottoms a dozen times apiece!”

A stricter louder voice delivering a stern threat had the desired effect…

“Right then young ladies. It was going to be six each with the slipper. But…BUT!!! Because if your dill moaning which constitutes to me as insubordination, it is now going to be a dozen apiece with the size fifteen plimsol! See if that teaches you all some damn respect, I expect the thick rubber sole will indeed do so! Think about that as it strikes your delicate young buttocks. And next time, as I am sure there will be a next time, just accept your punishment without question! I am going to write a not in the punishment book under your names, so don’t think it will be forgotten!”

The girls assumed the position, their trembling bottoms all quivering in a row, as I walked to the implement cupboard, to select the black plimsol, with it’s pale brown sole…


More to come, be patient! You know how easily sidetracked to all my other projects I am! Look for updates…

What a joy it is to know three such willing young submissive ladies!

Kate as a Victorian Domme

I noticed that on Tumblr, that photos of Dommes, just stood threateningly or intimidatingly, were popular. There were none like this. Nobody might follow the link, but who cares, I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Kate in this mood. She s so sweet and charming, yet like this…she looked so powerful and in control.

Well done Kate, you looked fabulous today xxhugxx

A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Crimes and Punishments ~ Part 7

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….so there she was before me, her creamy white buttocks trembling and twitching. Only moments before the crook handle of the cane had been satisfying her slippery little hole, now it was the other end of the cane she would feel…

It wasn’t the hardest of canings, but enough to give her a short sharp shock. Although I could not help but wonder, what was going through her mind when she masturbated with the cane? Had I just given her what she was dreaming of? I will never know, but all the same, a girl should protect her modesty and not go masturbating in a classroom.

I put her in corner time until the bell went. I had numerous visitors, my secretary, the postman, two parents, and a company rep. They all looked at her, sniffing away, and probably felt sorry for her. I did not, a girl needs rules, order and discipline.

When the bell went, I asked my secretary to bring in the letter she had typed to her parents. I asked her to pass it to her. I could see Kate blush and squirm as she did.

I suspect she will get another dose of corporal punishment in the next half hour…

More to come, look for updates


My Girls in Black and White ~ Part One

For ages on Twitter I posted a couple of photos of my dear girls in black and white regularly, I am now doing it here. This will get very full eventually. Probably a few volumes!

I will give alerts when I update.


Samantha, stood in disgrace, and on show to the neighbours, waiting for a spanking. Which will delight them….again!
Charlotte in Victorian mode, and like Samantha above, she is getting punished by the window. This time, an open window so people can hear her squeal as the birch lands hard.
Kate, as a naughty girl who has come home with a bad report.
Stephanie, Charlotte and Kate in my school room all bent over for (another) spanking.
Stephanie, Charlotte and Kate after six of the best each!
I have just pulled up at Charlotte’s house to give her a much needed spanking. This is the naughty girls greeting!
This is the other side of the window above. I sat there and put her over my knee!
Kate, in my school room, by her desk, knickers down, bottom presented for the plimsol!
Samantha with Charlotte on Neddy, giving her a cropping!
“faster you dirty little bitch!”
Charlotte and Kate giggling as Stephanie bends over for a bare bottom spanking.
A naked Charlotte using the senior takes on a naked Samantha.
Kate on Neddy spreading her butt hole for you.
Stephanie, Charlotte and Kate waiting nervously for a dozen with the plimsol on each chee….the naughty girls!
Samantha loves the whack that a crop makes on Charlotte’s pert soft plump rump!
I think Charlotte’s face is saying…”Bloody hell Sam! That was hard!”
I had just given Kate a really good hand spanking and took this as quick as I could for you.
I had just caned Kate here. She makes wonderful noises and her bottom wiggles and bounces perfectly!
It is a strange phenomenon.
… you smack a white bottom and it goes red, leaving a nice red hand print.

…squeeze a red spanked bottom and it leaves a white hand print!
This was the day Charlotte said…”I would like to know what the birch feels like”. Needless to say, she found out. Funny really, she has never asked me to birch her lovely bottom again!


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A predominantly 1930’s spanking artist, from France. He liked enemas too….well…::chuckle:: he might well have done! What really mean is…he liked to draw illustrations of it.

I have included one I found erotic though.

Here is a book cover with his name on…

Here is the enema one…Or is this called ‘purging’?

And here is another, not because of the enema, but the girl waiting with the open apron…

And now the lovely spankings…

And for all you naughty boys out there, put your sailor suit on, bare your bottom, and bend over for a jolly good spanking!