Three Naughty Schoolgirls ~ Part Three

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I told them to turn around, and slide their knickers down to bare their naughty bottoms for a slippering.

Little moans came forth……”Do you want the cane instead?!!!”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“I should think so too, now show me some respect, or Mr.Whippy will come out and kiss your bottoms a dozen times apiece!”

A stricter louder voice delivering a stern threat had the desired effect…

“Right then young ladies. It was going to be six each with the slipper. But…BUT!!! Because if your dill moaning which constitutes to me as insubordination, it is now going to be a dozen apiece with the size fifteen plimsol! See if that teaches you all some damn respect, I expect the thick rubber sole will indeed do so! Think about that as it strikes your delicate young buttocks. And next time, as I am sure there will be a next time, just accept your punishment without question! I am going to write a not in the punishment book under your names, so don’t think it will be forgotten!”

The girls assumed the position, their trembling bottoms all quivering in a row, as I walked to the implement cupboard, to select the black plimsol, with it’s pale brown sole…


More to come, be patient! You know how easily sidetracked to all my other projects I am! Look for updates…

What a joy it is to know three such willing young submissive ladies!