I do not give any info out on ‘my girls’. All info on my models is at my photography site, follow the link below.



it is a public site and has image filters so children can’t see anything, just disable the filter by clicking on any small unavailable image and then allow ‘over 18’ and ‘adult’


…. the most frequently used models are :-

Samantha, everyone’s favourite Domme, she is rather famous in the spanking world, but is excellent at any role sub or DOMME.

Here is Kate, quietly spoken submissive Kate, she’s lovely!

Very spankable bottom, ideal for a victorian rump scene!

Meet Lucy, my brat! She absolutely loves a good hard long spanking or caning, but will not show her face.

Naughty girls need a Mummy, I use these two together sometimes.

Deborah is Charlotte’s real Mummy.

Deborah is seen here spanking Charlotte.


There are girls who come and go, like Carole…

You will see all these girls in my stories…

Along with many others who shoot for me, who are…

Sarah, and…

Danielle, who runs her own spanking parties…Google ‘stinging tails’, but does much more.

Cherry, a very curvy and all round lovely girl. She was my vampire! Remember?

Karen, a great little actress, you will see her legs and feet on t.v. Adverts for shoes!

Here are Amber and Amy with Charlotte…

To compliment them we have leggy Sapphire, who is amazing at masturbating!

As you can see they are all fun loving girls, here they are singing in my classroom,  Charlene  on the left and Raven on the right.

With Samantha and Kate in the middle…..singing George Ezera’s we’ll be riding shotgun!

more are coming, so keep looking!

VINTAGE MODELS… is a sub section about the models you see on my vintage sections, and some studios too

click here…


Vintage Models and Studios

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