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Helen Cavendish

Another Fullarton girl in his favourite directoire knickers! And another Scottish girl, this time from Ayr who likes her bottom bared for a spanking.

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Here is one I colourised… Can you see the edge of her directoire knickers?

I can see the appeal of them actually, they would make great school knickers under a gym-slip to expose for a spanking of a pretty girl. Very embarrassing!

Here are a few more…

She looks nice on the rocking horse doesn’t she? Here are a couple more…

I think she must have been fond of riding, not just a rocking horse either. In the following ones she is riding her friend and smacking her bottom to go faster.

A pretty girl, similar to Charlotte don’t you think?

Certainly acts in a similar girlish way judging by this shot in the dunes!

Fullarton, Bearsden Girls, and Harry Fischer, all in Accord…

Take a walk down a street in Bearsden, Glasgow, in the early 1960’s and shout, “…any girl fancy a spanking, or showing me their knickers?” You might get killed in the crush as lots of nubile young wenches come running, with bare bottoms and swinging their directoire knickers in the air shouting… “me first, me first, spank me, spank me!”

Hmmm, okay, I have descended into the gutter once more, and slipped into the realms of an Asa Jones’ fantasy!…but…it is based on something factual.

James Fullerton was a photographer and producer of naughty magazines, such as Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons, Town and Country etc and my favourite of them ‘Accord’, a magazine that started off with various fetishes, transvestite, fighting women mixtures….and becoming a spanking magazine. Produced in Glasgow, in a well to do area, Bearsden. Using lots of wee Scottish Lassies. And Harry…an artist who did the cover work.

All done by Harry.

By Jim.

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Brenda North

What was it about Glasgow in the mid sixties? so many lovely girls happy to bend over!

Not found many of her in spanking positions, but some lovely ones to look at, very much the Beatles Era…

Just imagine, her Daddy sees a copy of ToCo ( what us in the know call Town and country Magazine ) and says…”Right young lady! If you are that keen to show your bottom, bare it, turn around, and bend over! I am going to spank you before the street!”

Bobby Shaw

Not the most prolific spanking model, but included it in her repertoire, especially spanking related poses, as ‘posh totty’ ( the thinking man’s bit of erotic fancy ) another from the 1960’s, this time from London.

Betty Pauline

From Irving Klaws stable, more of a Spanker than a spankee, which is a shame because of her delightful, more than ample bottom. Working with Betty Page and Betty Bromner etc

If you are a fan of girls fighting, cat fights in underwear etc, you will have come across Betty.

This is one I have colourised…

See what I mean about her lovely plump bottom for spanking? This shows it better…

Here is her other side!

And a few more of her bottom and her spanking…

Certainly a fuller figure and very nice it is too.

Annette French

Another girl from the 1960’s who liked to have her naughty bottom spanked on camera, this time a secretary (and avid stamp collector!) from Glasgow.

She loved to play a girl in a predicament, like this naughty girl caught scrumping, who tries to run away only to be caught up in the barbed wire. She is then caught by the orchard owner who after pulling her panties down…(oh, I ought to say she was a collector of knickers too!)…spanks her!

Here are some more predicaments for her…

If you behave like a spoilt naughty girl Annette, you can act like it before my friends! Now get to the window with your doll’s pram and keep hold of it whilst I spank you before them!

What the hell are you doing on a sledge in summer? Silly girl! Stay as you are, I’m going for my slipper!

What more does a man want? She likes to be spanked, collects underwear and loves to show it off whilst you….well, you know!

This is a wonderful ‘I need a spanking’ look isn’t it?

Yes dear, I do love your bottom and would like to spank it!

Pat and June

Don’t know much about them really, except Pat was a Native American descendant of the Blackfoot tribe, and born in Oklahoma in 1939, and she shot with this lady called ‘June’ a lot!

Here is one of Pat which I have colourised…

I love to see the shape of the pussy in knickers like this, I must take more of them.