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After the Workplace Spanking…

A little diversion…

It is quite amazing just how much spanking role play can affect a woman, especially when in my studio!!…or so it seems to me anyway. Maybe it is because we build up the story over weeks, prior to the shoot. Maybe because I am a story teller, and before and during the shoot, I tell the girls the story, and discuss feelings with them, and ask what might happen in their minds. Who knows what it is, I am just glad it does.

All I know is that we live the stories, we are a team, and feel exhilarated afterwards, like travelling to another world or time. On our return, from wherever we have journeyed, we are full of more ideas for the characters, and want to meet them again…and again. That is why so many of my stories go on and on. We do not want them to end, we do not want to say cheerio to the characters we meet! Sometimes when I say that we are not working on that story for a while, I see a sulky bottom lip come out on a girl or two. But final decisions have to me made by someone, and that someone is me. I try to be as tactful and nice as I can.

Often we sit and chat, such as at the end of this story, ‘I wonder how the bus journey home, for the girl was?…. does she get a spanking at home do you think? ….what about the man and woman, they must have talked and talked about it, and the Headmistress?

I remember this well, …Jersey spoke.

Oh, of course, you might not know the Headmistress’s name. It is Jersey Pearl. It seems that pearls found close to the island are very rare, and beautiful. So she was named after one….anyway!

She spoke…”That’s obvious! She’d find somewhere to finger her pussy as quick as she could.”

Us more common type were quite surprised, “So is that how you feel Jersey?” Asked Samantha.

“Yes, do tell, we often do that after a shoot!” Blurted out Kate.

One thing led to another, and to cut a long story short, she agreed to do so. She was obviously desperate to cum, she sat the way a turned on woman does…squirming and almost grinding her bottom into her seat.

I promised to only to use photos she would allow, if she let me take some. So before me, Samantha and Kate, (Mr Harris had left), she did do. It was quite a sight! Here are the photos she said yes to…


….the Headmistress rushed home, excitedly, her pussy was screaming for attention, as it often did after punishing a girl. Especially a pretty one with such a shapely bottom. Once in her bedroom, she ordered herself to lower her knickers and spank her naughty bottom.

“Yes Miss.” She said to herself.

“Owwwww, Ooooh! I’m sorry Miss…Yeeeow! I’m sorry!”

With a warm bottom, and her eyes closed as she re-enacted the day’s events in her mind, she sat down, opened her legs and massaged her engorged lips.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, until she reached a lovely, long, shuddering orgasm.


“What a naughty Headmistress you are Jersey Pearl….you need a spanking!”

“Yes I do!” she replied.

But I have no pictures of that, sorry.


The Work Experience Spanking – Part Three

To see the rest, click here…


“Right then young lady, ever since the first year you have had a chip on your shoulder, you seem to think you are better than most. Academically, in many ways, you are. But today has proved to me what an annoying brat you can be! Now, you can keep the back of your gym slip up, and your red bottom on show as you walk down the corridor to Miss Cooper and Mr Harris’s Office, where you will make a formal apology. You will also tell them…. That you will be staying here for a further two weeks! During which time, they have my full permission to spank you as often, and as hard as they wish for any more bad behaviour. You can add that at the end of the fortnight, I will inspect the punishment book I am leaving them to fill in, and if I deem fit, madam! I will use a cane on your bare bottom! Now be off with you!”

The corridor which she walked down was long, and always busy. People had heard about her and the visit. She received many comments, gestures and giggles. “Oh this must be her!” And on passing…”Oh God, look at her red bottom, she has had a proper spanking!”…..”OOOH! That looks sore, you’ll be sleeping on your tummy tonight luv!”…. “Don’t let your Mummy and Dady see that red bum you naughty girl, you’ll get it smacked again!”

Eventually she reached her destination, sniffing, and whimpering, rubbing her poor bottom. “Hello Miss Cooper. I am sorry for being so horrid and rude, I will be on my best behaviour from now on. The Headmistress is giving you a punishment book to fill in, and you have permission to spank me as hard as you like on my bare bottom if I am naughty. I won’t be, I promise….sniff.”

She walked over to Mr.Harris’s desk.

“Hello Mr.Harris, I have left a punishment book with Miss Cooper. My Headmistress has given you permission to spank my bare bottom if I am naughty again. I will try not to be, honest I will. I am ever so naughty for being a naughty girl.”

She turned to them both. “I am here for two more weeks.”

As she walked back by Miss Cooper, she shouted her over. “What will your Headmistress do if she sees too many entries in here?”

Samantha winced, and trembled. She whispered…”She will cane my bare bottom Mis Cooper.

“Then you had better be very, very careful!” Smiled Miss Cooper with an evil smile.

We will have to see what happens!

The Headmistress left poor Samantha’s knickers on the desk, and smiled to herself, if she did not get them back, her bus journey home would be interesting, and how would Mummy and Daddy react to seeing her bottom?

Such is the lot of a naughty girl….

Asa’s note….I intend to write more.

An Index to the Inveigle

Here you are just one click away from the chapter of your choice. Each chapter has a link at the end, to lead on to the next. This is a full length photo illustrated novel, (I am still working on the photos, a few of the later chapters are not fully illustrated…YET). It is long, you will not read it in one sitting, so, why not bookmark this page, then come back at any time to pick the chapter you want.


CHAPTER ONE…Click here

CHAPTER TWO…click here




CHAPTER SIX…Click here




CHAPTER TEN…Click here…












You know me by now, this will never really be finished, I have plans. There will be visits from clients. So it is not goodbye…yet.


Saturday Night at the Inveigle

Click here for the visits of various clients of ‘The Inveigle’.

As well as all those special documented visits, there is this one, about the two girls you met in the story, who go to the Saturday Night Shows. They end up shopping at Mr.Trentham’s Souvenier Emporium at the Inveigle.

Click here…

And here is the real shop…


We all die, I will, one day you will come and all this will be gone. Abigail, Charlotte and Samantha will in this story…sad, but true, old age comes to us all. But my next plan is, just after the First World War, Charlotte’s daughter, let’s call her Rosie, decides to re-open the Inveigle, in the Roaring Twenties!

There was a lovely rag time song…’The Black Bottom’ ….Saturday night at ‘The Inveigle – Volume Two’, will start similarity to this one, but with flapper girls, singing, wait for it… know what’s coming, I just know you do!


1920’s eh? What a coincidence, I have a huge vintage section, and the BORS GIRLS PHOTOS are from that era, what with them, and my girls, it will be magnificent. The Inveigle Theatre shop will sell stereoscopic views….’how frightfully modern Millie’, we just have to have a Millie!

It will be something shocking! I think anything goes!

Just like it did in volume one…😊



The Workplace Experience Spanking – Part Two

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The. Headmistress began in a determined fashion, the green plastic ruler was not as flexible as it looked. It cracked loudly on her cheeks, instantly leaving bright red marks. The crisp bouncing contact lasted only a second at a time, but the sharp stinging pain lingered, and sank in…deep.

Samantha was in shock. She never expected it so hard and fast…smack, smack,smack,smack,smack,smack,smack,smack! As regular as a fast running machine, although she was absolutely resigned to not making a noise before the man and woman, her resolve vanished in the first minute.

“Owwwwwwwww, Ooooooooh, Owwwwwwwooooooh!”

The watching man and woman loved every single second, and every single smack. This was exactly what they had hoped for! A proper spanking. The haughty, naughty sixth form girl in a very embarrassing situation, bucking, wriggling, crying and screaming, with her legs kicking wildly, and her bare bottom ablaze.

They did the very last thing Samantha wanted. They laughed, they mocked, they pointed and worst of all, urged and encouraged the Headmistress!

The Headmistress was urged on to a truly magnificent performance, literally swinging the ruler as high, fast and hard as she could, grunting like a tennis pro. She needed more room, so made the naughty, sobbing bare bottomed girl bend over the desk.

“Well done!” “Bravo!” Shouted the man and woman…”Teach her bottom a lesson it will never forget!

And she did exactly that.

Put yourself in Samantha’s shoes…imagine how it feels. The pain growing with no escape, and no sign of stopping. In fact it is terrifying, awful, horrid, you need help, you need to escape, you look up and around frantically, squealing and begging for it to stop. But all you see are people pointing at you, enjoying it, and laughing as they shout for more. Suddenly you fly to your feet, hoisted and bent over….the whacking gets even worse, the pain reaches a level that you cannot stand!!!….yet you must!

Samantha does exactly what she vowed in her mind she would never do, she begged and said sorry between the onslaught of that savage plastic ruler…

THWACK….”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!”…..”YEEEEOWWWWWWWW!”

THWACK…”Miss Cooper, please ask my Headmistress to stop!”….”OOOOOH!”

THWACK…”I am sorry for being a naughty girl!”…..”OOOOH OOOOH OOOH!”

THWACK…”I will never be naughty again!”…..”OWWWWWOOOOWWWW!”

THWACK….”I am sorry Mr Harris, please stop, stop!”…”OWWWWWWWW!”


“Stand up you naughty little girl, look at Miss Cooper and Mr Harris, and say sorry!”

“I’m really sorry Miss Cooper, I am really sorry Mr.Harris, I have been a naughty, silly, little girl….I won’t be again.”

More to come.


The ‘Workplace Experience Spanking’ – Part 1

See here to see the story/scenario so far


Look, can you see the authority in the Headmistress’s face? Ultimate power over her school girls! The Board of Education’ back her, the parents have signed consent forms, for corporal punishment. She knows that if she says “Get over my knee for a spanking!”, the girl simply has to comply. No matter where, no matter when. If in school uniform a girl is under her control. Even here, away from school, on a work placement.

Let’s not forget the two viewers, both annoyed and fed up with the insolent brat. What joy to be able to stand there and see her put firmly in her place! To see her bottom bared, to hear the telling off, and now, there she is, bare bottom up high, having to comply. She knows you are looking, she hates it, really hates it. And that makes you love it even more.

As for Samantha, well, she is at that age where she feels like an adult in a girls body. Dressed in school uniform, in which she shows her defiance with non regulation shoes, and wearing her gym slip far too short. She is desperate to feel and look grown up, in proper clothes. She has make up, and looks like a fantasy adult schoolgirl. Those two…..oooooh they are boring and set in their ways! She will be so much better than them one day, she hates them! Yet here she is, to be spanked like a little girl before them! On her bare bottom…”I am not going to scream, or cry, or kick, and I am not going to look at them!” She thinks.

The ruler the Headmistress picked up is cold as it rests on her bottom.

Ohhhh the shame, the humiliation, the hurt, the embarrassment. She wanted to show the world she was ready for work, all grown up. But here she is, she can feel the Headmistress’s lap, it feels nice. She can feel the cool air on her bare bottom…that feels nice too. She almost wants it to start.

And them, staring at her predicament, seeing her get a bare bottom spanking! She can hear them snigger…yet somehow, impossibly, it also feels nice, and sends a tingle right up her pussy.

More to come…


Photo Set 342 – A Gallery of Kate’s Spanked Bottom

To see more galleries (Photo Sets) click on the menu above, or for later ones click here…

Kate ticks all the spanking boxes! She texts me saying she has been naughty and needs one, and when she gets it….she wriggles, makes lovely noises and never says stop!

I like to pose her close to my desk, in corner time, as I write or edit my photos. Here are a few of my views…

As you know Kate loves to be on show. I get lots of visitors, not just spanking people, but people who work close by, such as the girls in the offices below, or a mechanic from the garage next to us, the maintenance team, window cleaners, postmen, etc etc…she never moves a muscle. Bless her. It is great fun watching them trying not to look, or hold a conversation with me, like the reps. Best of all is when I have to fetch something! I leave them stood there…lol


Disgraced on a Work Placement

You will have seen photos very similar to these in story No-14 ‘The April Fool’, click here…

Similar, but not the same, these are some I did not use. I am slowly going through all my stock, it seems a shame for them to sit in files on my computer, you may as well see them.

The Headmistress had a call, from the local company which makes stationery items. Samantha, a troublesome girl has been getting work experience there. Something all the Sixth the formers did.

The call was bad, Samantha is in disgrace, and ready for collection. She has been extremely rude, and not for the first time it seems, to the two people she had been put to work with. They had had enough, and refused to work with her.

The Headmistress arrived and was sent to find her in the ‘Dispatch Room’.

After talking to the man and woman, it sounded that she has behaved as she does at school…badly. The Headmistress had dealt with her before. She told the two people to go to their work space, and she would deal with Samantha, and then send her to apologise. She smiled as she left the door to where she was, wide open, and went to see Samantha. She was given a very loud dressing down, and then much to the delight of the man and woman, she was told to remove her knickers for a bare bottom spanking! They crept to the open door, to watch.

They watched with glee, as the troublesome girl, already acting meek and mild, fumbled with her knickers, her bottom clearly on view. How different the brat looked now, having been put firmly in her place.

She passed her knickers over.

The Headmistress took them, and told her that she would not be wearing them again that day, even when she went to apologise to the people she had been so rude to.

At the edge of her vision, Samantha saw the man and woman at the doorway, “How embarrassing! Miss, they are watching! Please don’t spank me before them!”

“On the contrary young lady! I think it quite fitting that they should see you dealt with, now turn to me, and tuck your gym slip right up at the back. You know how I like it. She heard the man and woman giggle.

She did as she was told, her bare bottom was now facing the delighted man and woman.

“Now get over my knee young lady!” Said the Headmistress as she picked up a flexible green ruler.

The Spanking.

This is something different I am trying as an experiment. More detail on some of the photos. I seem to get lots of contact about individual photos, so, if that is what some of you want, then that is what you will get 😊

A better view of Samantha taking her knickers off…

Part One of her Spanking…

Part Two of her Spanking…

Part Three of her Spanking…

And afterwards…

Open Doors and Naughty ‘Tease Maids’

Hello, I thought that this strange title for one of my posts might draw you in, I cast my line with a bait of temptation, and….got you! No escape now, so you may as well stay and have a read.

In my photo illustrated novel, ‘The Inveigle’, set in Victorian London, we follow the fate of two orphans, from the orphanage, to a mill, and into service, for the cruel Lady Jacqueline. They escape, into the care of a somewhat risqué photographer, who specialises in spanking. He recommends the girls to his friend Abigail, who runs a fabulous theatre, ‘The Inveigle’, and a bawdy house, for women seeking women, for spankings. They put on spanking shows every Saturday, and in the week the girls offer their services. The girls become stars….but Lady Jacqueline tracks them down.

Enough of the storyline, you see, the point is, that in ‘The Inveigle’ there are girls of different levels, ranks if you like. One of the middle ranks are girls who dress up as maids for clients to use. They are temptresses, they get spanked in public, especially in ‘The Lanes’, which have spanking booths, and rooms around the huge maze of a building….with the doors open. They are gloriously called…’The Tease Maids’.

I thought they would be popular with my readers, so have been through chapters 11 to 17, (after that it is too exciting for tease maids!) and put lots of open doors around the story, where you can see clients, using girls.

Here are some views….

To keep the story authentic, I insert lots of the photographers (Mr.Trentham) images. You see it is his job, to wander around and take them. The theatre sells them as souvenirs. Here are some…

Isn’t it lovely, and both heart and bottom warming, to know that our ancestors enjoyed it too!
This is the real Abigail of the Inveigle enjoying a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ as they used to say. The tickle was not under the armpits, it was gentle and in another warm, yet moist, hairy place!
Mummy Bear spanking Charlotte
Mummy Bear dealing with naughty Samantha

I know that Victorian rumps in bloomers, wiggling bottoms in petticoats, birchings and spankings of naughty maids etc is not everyone’s cup of spanking. But why not give it a try? I have had a few e-mails saying it is a cracking read. It’s not short, but winter is on its way, why not curl up at night in a few mahogany furnished parlours, or sit quietly in oil lamplight, reflecting on brass in boudoirs, or maybe candle light reflecting a well spanked rounded, and ample soft pair of buttocks….tempted?

Then click on ‘Photo Stories’ in the menu above, scroll down and follow Samantha and Charlotte’s bawdy adventure!

If it isn’t your cup of blushing bottom, why not look anyway, and scroll down through naughty school girls, maids, mistresses, and even a spanking vampire…or two…..come on, what ya waiting for? I have been waiting for you to find me for ages! There are about six thousand photos, and getting up to around a hundred stories.

If that has not tempted you….try this…it’s free!!!

I do it all for the love of that most joyous of pastimes….spanking!