The Inveigle – Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16: A thank you and a public spanking

The following morning, it was time to say thank you to Esmerelda and Estelle, along with the four Belgrady Girls. They had come for their ‘reward’ for all the time and effort they had put into training the two girls.

The circus girls walked into the foyer of the Inveigle. Abigail shook their hands, and said that a meal would be waiting for them in about an hour or so. She waved her arm to Charlotte and Samantha, and said that in the interim they would take them to the spanking booths.

The two girls had scarlet chemises, white knickerbockers, and red and white striped stockings on. A gift bestowed upon them by a grateful and delighted Abigail at breakfast.

They walked seductively, swaying their bottoms before the group, all the way down the sexily lit corridor to the booths. They stopped in a group, by an open door, to watch a pair of ‘Tease Maids’ getting a birching.

A birching on their back with ‘legs up’ was a popular treat for the ‘Tease Maids’

They all walked in and the six women were shown to the central ‘masturbation seat’.

Only one booth was lit and the two girls walked into it. They stood side by side and smiled at the assembled group. Samantha stood tall and straight, her honey and ivory banded hair fell over her shoulders. Her eyebrows looked dark and sexy, beneath them her sultry ‘spanking eyes’ stared at the women. She breathed deeply, her bosom rose and her cleavage filled.

“Thank you for the time and effort you have put into us over the last few weeks. We hope that we made you proud last night. Today, we want to show our gratitude with a little show. At the end, we will endeavour to fulfil any requests you may ask of us. But now, it is time to spank!”

A round of delighted happy laughter and claps came from the central circular double seats.

Mistress Samantha instructed Charlotte to get on all fours, to crawl around the middle seats and come back with a leather paddle, in her teeth.

“Yes Mistress Samantha.”

(If I possibly can, one glorious day in my studio, I will produce this as a set)

The women watched as the delightful artiste of the air sunk to the floor, crawled around them, and slid up the wall like a lithe snake to get a thick, shiny leather paddle from a hook. The walls were festooned with spanking implements. As Charlotte crawled back towards Samantha, the women were able to enjoy the sight of Charlotte’s wonderful bottom flesh rolling seductively and invitingly this way and that as she moved slowly along the floor on her knees and hands. The women drooled.

“Stand slave,” ordered Samantha.“Put your hands flat to the wall, arch your back, and push that delightful bottom up.”

Charlotte did as she was told.

Abigail looked through the spy hole with satisfaction and pride.

Samantha undid the red silk ribbon which held the knickerbockers tight around her waist. The knickerbockers appeared to know what to do on their own as they slid slowly down to her ankles.

Everyone gasped, Charlotte’s bottom was indeed very beautiful. Framed between a red chemise and the striped stockings with bows, it looked so spankable….so very very spankable! It was a lovely full and very curvaceous bottom. It looked as though it would be very soft, smooth and highly caressable. The skin possessed an alluring alabaster hue which would undoubtedly colour up beautifully with a sound spanking.

Samantha began by stroking Charlotte’s cheeks with her hand, and then looked at the little ensemble, asking, “Do you like what you see ladies? Don’t you think Charlotte’s bottom is rather beautiful?”

“Yes,” was the unanimous response she received.

Continuing to stroke and caress Charlotte’s bottom, she then asked, “Don’t you think that it is just begging to be spanked?” and then, after a short pause….”spanked very hard?”

To a woman they all replied, ‘Oh yes! Spank her naughty little bottom, spank it hard. Make her squirm and cry out for mercy. We’d really enjoy watching you do it.”

“On your toes Charlotte,” commanded Samantha. “Show the ladies your burning need. Show them the lust you have for a spanking which is now growing in your loins. Tell them how you need this and how a public bare bottom spanking is your greatest desire.”

Charlotte did as she was commandes, her bottom presented for spanking in a most delicious way. She spoke to the ensemble, ‘‘Oh ladies, this is what I dream of…I need to be spanked, I yearn for public punishment. I want to be humiliated and everyone to see how much I enjoy it. My Mistress is wonderful. She knows my needs, she understands my soul. I need a spanking. Oh I need one now, so very, very, much!’

Samantha looked to her new friends raising an eyebrow and smiling. She stood to the side of Charlotte and without further ado, started spanking her proffered bottom hard.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! ….Smack!

The sound of hand slapping soft female flesh echoed around the booth and delighted the group. The acoustics of the booths were wonderful, amplifying the spanking sounds perfectly, augmenting the visual sight of Charlotte’s lovely bottom, sending a thrill through all the observers.

The pace quickened and Charlotte’s bottom started to ripple and wobble with every stinging slap from Samantha’s punishing hand. Her skin started to colour up beautifully, changing from the pristine alabaster to a pink and then to an ever redder blushing colour.

Charlotte started to add her own sounds between the smacks to this ‘spanking symphony’….

Smack! “Oohhh”…

Smack! ”Owwww”….

Smack! “Oh god yes… spank me Mistress”…

Spank! ”Harder please”…

Smack, smack, smack! “Owwwww…please Mistress, please, don’t stop”…

Smack! “owwweee”…

Smack! “ ohhh, yeowwh”…

After a while, Samantha stopped and picked up the leather paddle. Sitting down on a backless chair she patted her knee and beckoned Charlotte to her saying, “Over my knee now young lady, if you please.”

Charlotte complied, lying gracefully over Samantha’s knee for another spanking, her cheeks already aglow.

“Hands to the floor Charlotte. Bottom up high, legs together, and no fingering! Now show them how much you need this, you naughty wanton girl!”

The viewers began to lift their dresses, whilst their bloomers and frilly knickers fell to the floor.

A hard brisk bare bottom paddling followed with Charlotte’s cheeks turning as red as their camisoles.

Finally, she stopped walloping Charlotte’s now very angry red backside. “Stand up Charlotte and fetch me ‘Mistress Strappie’.”

‘Mistress Strappie’ was a black shiny strap-on dildo, with an insert made to slip into the wearer. The insert was designed with small ribs to rub against the wearer’s clitoris, so that both girls could derive pleasure.

“Tie it onto me tightly, Charlotte. Then bend over with your legs spread wide and hold onto that low bar over there near the wall.”

Charlotte did as she was told. She bent over and gripped a small rail that was fixed just off the floor. With her now very red bottom raised high in the air, she started to beg her mistress to use her.

“Fuck me Mistress, fuck me hard, show them what a dirty little slut I am. Oh my beautiful Mistress, give me a good hard public fucking!”.

Samantha stood directly behind Charlotte’s bent figure. She slid the dildo with ease into her now very moist cunt and began to fuck her hard, making Charlotte pant and emit ever louder moans and cries of pleasure. The clitoral stimulator also had an effect on Samantha as she too began to moan loudly as she thrust the dildo in and out of Charlotte. As she was doing this, Esmerelda and Estelle got up and stood each side of her. Estelle opened Samantha’s drawers as wide as she could and then they both started to spank her bottom bringing her rapidly to orgasm as she fucked Charlotte, who was coming for the fourth time…very loudly!

An orgy followed the girls’ display of unbridled sexuality. Nobody was sure who fingered who, or used ‘Mistress Strappie’ on who. The central seat was a seething, throbbing, groaning mass of naked female flesh. Orgasm after orgasm filled the air, to eventually leave sweating slippery bodies entwined over the seats and floor. All the bottoms ended up very red.

Samantha stood and walked to the booth. She now stood completely naked, breathing deeply. “We have just said thank you in The Inveigle way. I hope that you all enjoyed it and feel rewarded for your magnificent efforts in training us to fly. Our hearts and minds now soar free, thanks to you! Our bottoms are aglow and our little tight pussies have been totally satisfied. My slave and I wish with all our hearts that you also feel totally satiated! Thank you all.”

Abigail removed the ribbed rubber masturbation dildo from her slippery hole and sank to the floor exhausted. “Well done girls,” she whispered trying to catch her breath. “Very well done indeed.”

The women thanked them with hugs and kisses. They promised to tell all their friends how magnificent they were and how wonderful ‘The Inveigle’ was. They then all washed and dressed, and sat down to eat a hearty and filling meal. It had to be, as each guest was mightily exhausted!

Thus the girls were baptised into ‘The Inveigle Sisterhood’. They had served their customers brilliantly. It was a wonderful and a very surreal experience for them both.

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