Have you a scene you would like to see?

A special spanking position, or something personal?

Well if you have an idea, ask me, I will sort a price and send you a script.

Cash up front though, sorry!


Well it happened and what a fabulous day!

We filmed the prison video and clips, as well as  theVictorian Mistress and Maid clips.

Charlotte as always was on fire and full of ideas, Fae was realy helpful too and also bursting with great thoughts and suggestions.

We were there all day and I worked them hard!

Sorry girls xxxx but it had to be done.

We had sandwiches for lunch, a picnic in a Victorian Prison lol!!!!

We laughed and talked all day, what a team we were!

A perfectly lovely, sexy naughty day!

Here are some taster photographs, the video and clips are being edited and will be added soon.

When Lady Charlotte meets her Prisoner she finds her in her cell, sat on a stool nervously waiting.

The Introduction

Notice ‘Neddy’ waiting in the background!

She introduces herself by spanking her new slave.

The First Spanking Close Up

She askes her to crawl to her

Crawl to Me

This was a superbly acted ‘Mistress instructing slave scene’,

well done Fae and Charlotte, come here, bend over…

I pat their bottoms, “WEll DONE!!”

They love my scripts , and bring them to life so well!

She tells her she is going to ride Neddy, and makes her get on.

Oh wait until you see her whip that bottom with the crop, wow! it doesn’t half smack and sting, she has to ride faster and faster, and then needs to gallop!

Giddy uo Neddy!

The Introduction

Then the real riding of Neddy in the most exciting way.

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth drools as she fastens the suction dildo on to Neddy, and watches Fae slide on to it, then ride it, hard whilst being spanked and cropped. You’ll love it when Charlotte, with her nose close to the dildo sliding into Fae’s pussy says…

“Hmmm your Mistress is getting jealous!”

That wasn’t in the script! She was jealous and wanted that dildo sliding up and down her wet juicy pussy!

Slide Down onto Neddy

Then it was time to fuck her!

She slides her beautiful Victorian dress up to her hips and fastens her pink, big, swaying strap on dildo around her hips and takes her.

God she fucks her hard and well.

I'm Going to Fuck You Corbin

You’ll love them, just keep clicking on my spanking library and soon they will be there. I’ll let you know on twitter.

I’ll tell you about the Victorian Lady and Maid spanking clips next, come back soon!!!

* * *

Well here I am, back as promised.

Charlotte and I have made three more clips, photo’s coming soon.

I have decided to follow the story a little more.

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth brings her submissive slave home after her sentence finishes, and gives her a job as a maid.

These are up on the main video site now.


The next videos I have done are also in the Victorian Times.

I was a Victorian Master with two very naughty maids indeed!

I went off to town to see about buying more horses, it’s a long ride and when almost there I found a bridge down due to the recent heavy rain, so I turned back.

I had left my two maids, Charlotte and Amber with lots of work to do.

Imagine my shock and anger when I got back and nothing had been done, not even started!

I mean… I clothe them, feed them, pay sixpence a week, educate them and send them to Sunday School. I even let them have evenings off and one day a month. I don’t work them hard either. They have a lovely room which is there’s and is heated in winter.

I am a kind Master, but one who knows the benefit of discipline to a young Victorian rump!

So I spanked them…. very hard too as you can see.

Amber spanked 2

charlotte spanked 2

I gave them both a damn good telling off and made them stand by the front door for all the scullery maids and footmen to see.


One of the girls slapped the young scullery maid across the face for laughing. I was not pleased so both were marched upstairs for the slipper!

This is a leather soled slipper and has a sting to it, my word it does make a real slap when it lands!

But they deserved it, after all the time I have put in to them, they behave like this… I can hardly believe it.

They both lost my respect today and will have to earn that and my trust all over again the naughty wenches.

This is them getting a good slippering!

two bottoms me in middle

two bottoms

Now I have a confession to make.

I was so much into the role that I spanked both Amber and Chrlotte too hard. They told me off afterwards!

So to everyone, I make a public apology. I should not do that, but it was so atmospheric, I felt I had travelled in time and was a real master with two naughty maids.

I have been forgiven now!

We also made a video and a clip about two naughty maids spanking each other in their bedroom.

The same two maids actually, after my spanking they decided they like a rosy pink bottom, and many a night as I lie in my bed I can hear them play.

I masturbate to the sound of it truth be known!!!

Here they are…

amber spanking charlotte 2

amber spanking charlotte

charlotte spanking amber 2

charlotte spanking amber

Very sexy film this, I recommend you buy it!!!


Two more videos were made in October 2014

Both in a cafe of a friend of mine. Oh what a day it was, thoroughly enjoyable by all.

The first one was about two naughty school girls who get caught stealing. The owner of the cafe, Steve (played by me!) catches them and calls their school.

Miss Black, a strict teacher who Steve knows, soon arrives and gives the girls a spanking, after seeing proof on cctv. She orders them to come every night after school and do some free cleaning up.

This goes quite well until Steve has to nip out one day. he forgets something and has to pop back, only to find them eating cake, playing around, and the cafe a mess.

She spanks them again, but Steve does not see it as enough. She offers to cane them in the morning but an upset Steve is still not happy, so to appease him she lets him spank them on the bare with her trusty slipper.

What a thrashing he gives them, here are some photos…

two naughty girls at the cafe 3 low two naughty girls at the cafe 4 low two naughty girls at the cafe 6a low two naughty girls at the cafe low


Do you know, when I have a day like this it’s quite wonderful because it is the culmination of a little idea, first becoming a script and then actually happening. With me in it! I mean what can be better than that for a writer?

The girls were fabulous and we had such fun. We are all friends sharing an interest, and it is beautiful.

The second video we did was all about a naughty waitress. Oh we have all met them haven’t we!!?? The ones who are rude, or just don’t listen, bring the wrong order, you know….that type of thing.

Charlotte played her part so well, she was sulky, miserable and could not wait to finish her shift!

cafe low

To cut a long story short…she got the sack for being very rude to the customers, and her attitude.

But she comes back begging for her job and lets out that she is on probation, which her boss knew nothing about. We make her beg for it alright, and a spanking too! that’s after makeing her strip naked!

Oh she gets a right royal spanking!!

Then behaves much better at the end of the video.

This has ended up being one of my all time favourites!

Here is a full set of snapshots from the video to take you through the story.

wait 1 low

wait 2 low

wait 3 low

wait 4 low

wait 5 low

wait 6 low

wait 7 low

wait 8 low


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  1. Great photos and look’s a fun shoot!! Glad that it went well for you! Charlotte is brilliant at Role- playing as a Mistress and very effective at using any implement on a slaves bottom! lol Also with your creative mind it always going to be a great clip!!

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