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Photo Set 474 ~ part 6/1 – Corner Time

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Samantha, with her knickers on the hook, and sore red bottom on show, moved to where she was told. “Put you hands on your head.” I told her.

I could see she was struggling to hold back tears, and dying to rub her poor red, stiningly sore, bare bottom, as I walked around her.

What a perfect picture of a naughty girl in shame she made. I spoke…

“Now then you naughty girl, you can stay there until I tell you to leave. If anyone comes to see me, you stay where you are.”

She sniffed, and then began to cry, the pain and embarrassment finally got the better of her. Five minutes later there was a buzz on the intercom, the Postman was here. A knock on the door soon followed. The Postman, a young man with a pleasant demeanor entered. “Mornin’ Mr Jones….ohhh.”

“Oh it’s alright, Samantha has been a very naughty girl and has had a good spanking on her bare bottom, as you can see.”

“I can indeed.” Came the cheery reply.

At this Samantha broke down again, through shame and total humiliation.

The lad did his job and left, having another very good look as he did so! This was his last view…

“Awwwwwww, sniff….oooooh, sob, sob, sob.”

Such is the plight of a naughty girl at my school.

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In Threes – Number 15 ~ The Girls and their Pain Slave ~ Part 14

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The dirty little pain slut loved it, naked before three wonderful women having her bottom spanked with a plimsol, and having to say exactly what she already knew inside….but outloud!


“Yeeeowwwww!!” Screamed the slut.

“Tell us again what you are you dirty bitch!” Shouted Charlotte.

“Oooooh yes! I am a dirty slut, a pain slut, who loves being humiliated and used by you three, naked, and I get wet between my legs when I get spanked hard!” cried the pain slave

Samantha and Kate licked their lips in anticipation, as they watched the spectacle of a good hard spanking.

It was time to move on to the next apparatus. Kate unfastened the spreader.

Your colour bonus…

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Just to let you know, I am now on ‘X’

I used to have 7000+ followers on there (Twitter), but got booted off and lost them all. I have been allowed back on, my sentence ( a two year ban ) served….lol

Guilty m’lud!

I finally found out what got me booted off, not all the spanking photos I had, but in my profile picture I put a bare bottom, which was not allowed. All that work and contacts gone, for a bare bottom! Just one mistake and BOOM!!

Shit happens.

I like it on there because of all the contacts and I hope to track some old buddies down. I now have 1…yep! one follower!…lol

A long long way to go.

I am not going to be anywhere near as active as I was, but it is a nice way of directing people here, and it always was a fabulous place to track down obscure vintage stuff etc.

On there, I am Asa Jones @MrJones6ofbest

Come and find me if you like, I have links to Charlotte, Kate and Samantha and it is so easy to leave messages for them on there. So you might like it. I am not daft….You don’t come on for my ugly mug do you?…chuckle.

You come on for these three, who are all on there…

So even if you do go to ‘X’ for me, go and follow them, the deserve it.


Samantha and Charlotte wander around their house ~ No- 8 (in black and white)

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In that garden, on that sultry afternoon, rooks took to the air as Samantha’s smacks began to land on her dear Charlotte’s bottom, echoing around their small courtyard, before rising into the trees like gunshots.

“Ohhh Samantha, this is perfect…oww! oooooh!

Samantha smiled as she carried on, reddening her submissive friends cheeks. Then a little robin landed in the bushes and twittered beautifully.

“Oh!” Said Charlotte. “I love Robin Redbreasts.”

“Its come to see its cousin.” Chuckled Samantha.

“What do you mean?”

“Its come to see Charlotte Redcheeks!”

Their love grew by the hour, and with every smack…and with ever joful giggle….

more to come


Buxiban ~ Part 8, of another lovely spanking story by ‘B’

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Buxiban part 8

Sunday morning first thing, we inspected our bums. “Whoa! Nothing!”

“Peachy butts all around!”

“Lets wear shorts and cropped tops!”

Our cutoff jeans shorts were carefully cut. We modeled them and even further trimmed them!

Over breakfast Lila’s mother just about scolded her father, “You should have caned them! They aren’t made of sugar!”

After having finished our homework, we slowly rode into town. We took the bicycle path by the botanic garden. We soon had a few boys following us. One of them caught up with us and rode alongside. He had hairy legs. “Would you girls join us for barby prawns and French fries?”

Lila answered, “OK, but only 4 of you, others are to get lost.”

We heard them negotiating behind us. The selected four led us into the Botanic Garden, and we locked our bikes near the food stalls by the Symphony Lake.

After our lunch we sat in the grass to listen to a concert on a stage in the middle of that small lake. The boys had their hands under our baggy cropped tops and down our thighs. We also didn’t mind too much the slurpy kisses. He was called Wei, he was Asian and his legs weren’t as hairy as the Anglo boyfriend of Lila.

As the concert was over, we stood and rubbed the grass off our bums. Our boyfriends offered to help. A few of us allowed them. I was one! Wei gave me a caressing rub, and smiled as if in heaven!

When we were leaving we heard, “What is this mess you are leaving behind !” We turned around and saw two wardens kicking empty soda cans and a few wrappers. “One boy protested, “It wasn’t us Sir!” The other warden who was older wouldn’t have any of that. “I see a mess and the four of you! Littering is a serious offence! I will issue a fine for your parents and a punishment request for the Juvenile Correction Center…”

“Sir, please don’t. We are junior navy cadets and it would be so damaging for us…”

“All right! We’ll deal with you ourselves…”

The other warden asked, “What about the girls?”

“Fines for their parents and reporting them for Juvenile Correction…”

Lila and Isa protested, “Please Sir, please don’t fine our parents, please don’t report us to the Juvy Correction Center.”

 “Well… Are you willing to take the belt, young ladies?”

With heads down we whispered, “Yes Sir…”

“OK, follow us…”

The Botanic Garden Administration had two offices. The senior warden with suspenders took us girls into his office. His deputy took the boys.

 I was to be first, and I blanched as he pulled his belt out.

He had me bending over one of his knees with both my hands on the floor. He first belted my shorts and my bum quickly warmed up. Then he must have perfected his aim as he belted my under curves which were well offered by my bend over position and my mini shorts. He also belted my upper thighs. I bawled. I couldn’t tell how many I got, but my butt was on fire. I had teary eyes as he helped me up, “Sniff…”

One by one, my friends got the same punishment. I noticed how our shorts showed we were well smacked. We were let out of the offices and had our hands massaging our throbbing butts. Emma was sniffling as I was. I also saw that our more resilient Asian friends had moist eyes.

We blushed crimson when the boys saw us. They could see that we were well punished and we couldn’t. They were also careful not to rub ! They were real sweet and bought ice cream for us…

Back at Lila’s house, her mother asked what happened. On the way back we had thought of telling her it was nettles. “She’ll never believe that the four of us sat into nettles !”

“And we have obvious belt marks!”

“We best tell her the truth…”

Later, when back home, I also told the truth. Mum said that I was lucky to have been belted because she was going to give me the mamak cane for my drinking misbehavior at Lila’s home…

Amelia and Emma

To be continued…


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Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 – Part Five

Please understand that Suzette does not wish to show her face, she is our spanking club’s submissive, not a spanking model, and wishes her identity to be kept private.

To read the rest, (and you ought to, please do not let the blurred out face put you off. I know you like expressions, but sometimes it is just not possible. I’ll tell you something, its a shame, because it is a lovely happy face. The first part had 745 reads, the last three parts around 200. they usually keep the same, is it because of the blurred face?)… she walks into our studio with the brightest happiest face every time, without fail…a real delight! I respect her wish, and always will of course.

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A shocked Miss Kenworthy coughed again, louder…

They carried on masturbating, all three of them! Her face changed from shock…. to amazement…. and then to anger.

“How dare you carry on and ignore me…..stop masturbating now, all of you!”

She moved to stand before them. They were so close to orgasm that they simply could not stop, and the fact that Miss Kenworthy was stood right before them, made their orgasms even stronger!

They were making such a noise.

As they were gasping in post orgasmic ecstasy, she told them to stand up and turn around.

“You are all going to be punished for that, bend over!

They did, and Charlotte’s gymslip rose up to reveal her bare bottom without instruction, and her knickers were still down from her masturbation.

Miss Kenworthy then made her way down the line of three, getting all bottoms bare for punishment. Her fingertips touching their flesh, in their heightened state of sexual excitement, made little thrills run through their pussies.

She returned to the other end of the row.

“Right then young ladies!” She said sternly.

more to come…


In Threes – Number 22 – Naughty Charlotte ~ Part 2

Another in my black and white series of stories…

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Following on with Charlotte’s real Mummy punishing her…

Mummy read the note that Charlotte passed her.

Much shaking of the head and ‘tuts’ followed. “Good Lord Almighty Charlotte, you get worse don’t you?”

Charlotte began to say something.

“Quiet girl, I do not expect you to answer rhetorical questions!”

Charlotte looked bemused.

“Right, it’s another spanking for you my girl, and a good one too!”

Charlotte squirmed.

Mummy pulled her over her knee…

She looked to the wall, and asked….”Have you anything to say young lady?”

“No Mummy, I have been a very naughty girl and deserve to have my bottom smacked.” Charlotte replied sulkily.

more to come…


Your colour bonus is…..

The first resounding smack on her bottom in tight jeans!

SMACK!!!!! ” Owwwwwwww!”