In Threes – Number 22 – Naughty Charlotte ~ Part 2

Another in my black and white series of stories…

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Following on with Charlotte’s real Mummy punishing her…

Mummy read the note that Charlotte passed her.

Much shaking of the head and ‘tuts’ followed. “Good Lord Almighty Charlotte, you get worse don’t you?”

Charlotte began to say something.

“Quiet girl, I do not expect you to answer rhetorical questions!”

Charlotte looked bemused.

“Right, it’s another spanking for you my girl, and a good one too!”

Charlotte squirmed.

Mummy pulled her over her knee…

She looked to the wall, and asked….”Have you anything to say young lady?”

“No Mummy, I have been a very naughty girl and deserve to have my bottom smacked.” Charlotte replied sulkily.

more to come…


Your colour bonus is…..

The first resounding smack on her bottom in tight jeans!

SMACK!!!!! ” Owwwwwwww!”

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