Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 – Part Five

Please understand that Suzette does not wish to show her face, she is our spanking club’s submissive, not a spanking model, and wishes her identity to be kept private.

To read the rest, (and you ought to, please do not let the blurred out face put you off. I know you like expressions, but sometimes it is just not possible. I’ll tell you something, its a shame, because it is a lovely happy face. The first part had 745 reads, the last three parts around 200. they usually keep the same, is it because of the blurred face?)… she walks into our studio with the brightest happiest face every time, without fail…a real delight! I respect her wish, and always will of course.

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A shocked Miss Kenworthy coughed again, louder…

They carried on masturbating, all three of them! Her face changed from shock…. to amazement…. and then to anger.

“How dare you carry on and ignore me…..stop masturbating now, all of you!”

She moved to stand before them. They were so close to orgasm that they simply could not stop, and the fact that Miss Kenworthy was stood right before them, made their orgasms even stronger!

They were making such a noise.

As they were gasping in post orgasmic ecstasy, she told them to stand up and turn around.

“You are all going to be punished for that, bend over!

They did, and Charlotte’s gymslip rose up to reveal her bare bottom without instruction, and her knickers were still down from her masturbation.

Miss Kenworthy then made her way down the line of three, getting all bottoms bare for punishment. Her fingertips touching their flesh, in their heightened state of sexual excitement, made little thrills run through their pussies.

She returned to the other end of the row.

“Right then young ladies!” She said sternly.

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5 thoughts on “Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 – Part Five

  1. Absolutely no problem Suzette wishing to remain anonymous.
    Ours is a niche and often misunderstood interest; very often condemned or ostracised by those who do not share it. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful person willing to model for our pleasure – long may she keep coming back.
    Many thanks Suzette for sharing what you do. If people want to see more they should endeavour to join the club and visit an event.

  2. Ps
    I love the hint of VPL under Miss Kenworthy’s skirt as she bends over. I would love to be the Headmaster who stumbles across this punishment session, dismisses the girls and then finds an excuse to de-robe and punish Miss Kenworthy herself for no other reason than self gratification and to find out what lurks beneath her professional, corporate attire.

  3. Dear all

    I simply adored having my bottom bared next to the others especially as I had been stroking my secret places moments before. I was very aroused and excited and ready for whatever happened next. I needed to come… Would I hold out long enough? Would I give myself away? I am sure Miss Kenworthy could see I was damp between my legs when she adjusted my school knickers.

    Suzette xx

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