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In Three’s – No 7 ~ The Train Day! – Part 8

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She danced along merrily, and then we decided to move off the track, which was a good idea seeing as we heard the whistle of a steam engine, and saw a plume of steam in the distance. The staff of the Heritage Railway were keeping an eye on us too, I bet they enjoyed that! I know that the signal would have gone to stop in any doubt. We felt very safe.

We moved under a bridge support to hide, which in all honesty did not hide her as much as we thought it would, due to the curve of the track!

She laughed as the train came rushing up, the driver blew the whistle, waving!

I shouted, “Press yourself against the wall!”

More to come….

(I know that there is no spanking or masturbation in this…I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to share our lovely day.)


In Threes – Number Twelve – Two Schoolgirls Spanking ~ In the Spanking Chapel… Part Three

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Charlotte gave her friend a few good smacks, but really, she wanted her over her knee.

“Come on Steph, let me give you a proper seeing too! Get over my knee for a good spanking!” She said to her friend.

Who readily agreed!

More to come…


In Threes – Number Ten ~ The Magnificence of Samantha as a Domme – Part Three

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In this one she is dealing with two naughty girls who are so in awe of her, that they seemed to click into any position she said, within a second…the consequences of not doing as she says quickly enough, are dire.

I can tell I am getting older….lol…..I feel so nostalgic at every photo I post, each one conjures up memories….so many wonderful memories of naughty girls bottoms paying the price for mischief.

I will stick with this sequence for the next few….some nice ones coming up.


In Threes – Number Eleven ~ Two Naughty Schoolgirls Play Truant – Part 4

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The conversation and thoughts of being kept by Mr.Harrison as his schoolgirl pets made them both feel very excited, and sexy. Especially when they next found themselves in a sexy purple and black painted area, just around the corner from where they were.

“Crikey Steph! What’s been going on here? It looks inviting.” Proffered Charlotte.

“And sexy!” Added Stephanie.

Two windows had been blocked up and the window ledges looked perfect for what came to Stephanie’s naughty mind.

“I feel naughty, do you?” Asked Charlotte.

“Yes, very, its sexy here isn’t it?” Replied her friend as they climbed up and settled into position.

They did not need to say anything else, the word sexy was exhausting itself!. The building was huge, there was a risk of being caught….which made it very, very exciting. Simultaneously their navy blue school knickers slid around their bottoms…

They never heard or even saw the cctv camera click into action. Their minds were on one thing…orgasms!

They prepared for masturbation.

The recording in the remote security office would prove to be very interesting. Especially when viewed by their Headmistress!

More to come…


Robyn’s Erotic Words – 29/6 ~ Spanking Furniture, continued…

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Ottomans and footstools also provide excellent supports as shown here from another ‘Real Spanking’ film, the young lady straddling the footstool:

Of course, a lot of spanking play takes places in the privacy of people’ bedrooms, the bed providing an ideal ‘platform’ to place a naughty young lady:

In the collages below Kaela, from ‘Ludwig Rohrstock-Palace’s blog’, illustrates a number of positions  beautifully  – bending over the end of the bed, kneeling on all fours, and lying flat with a bolster to raise her bottom high:

Janus published a photostory ‘Miss Nicola Redway, B.Sc’ concerning a young lady who has an assignation in a hotel room with her boss to fulfill their mutual desires – her boss loves spanking young ladies’ bottoms and she craves to have her own bottom spanked by dominant man. Her desire for punishment stems from her school days when she was spanked in detention by a male teacher, a Mr.Harvey, as featured in the Janus photostory ‘Teacher’s Pet’:

… and subsequent spanking games she plays with her best friend, Priscilla, as featured in the Janus photostory ‘Nicola & Priscilla’:

In the photostory ‘Miss Nicola Redway, B.Sc’, Nicola’s boss first hand spanks her and then makes her lie down on the bed, her bottom raised up by a pile of pillows. He proceeds to delicately pull down her knickers and canes her delightful bottom:

In case I’m giving the impression that it is only women who are on the receiving end of spankings, I thought I’d show you a collage of a young lady disciplining her husband in the bedroom with a tawse and cane. The photos are from a film made by ‘Simply Discipline’. She looks as though she’s doing an excellent job!

Whilst on the FM and ‘boudoir theme’, here are a few more rather nice images:

But we will save them for my next post for Asa

After the Rest of the Class has Gone… by Asa Jones

When a girl has been naughty in class, I put them straight into the naughty corner. As the bell goes, and the other girls file out of the door I say loudly…”Right then you naughty girl, stand here, and bend over!”

I can hear the chatter as they leave, “What is she to get? How many? What with? On the bare?”

Always an exciting time for chattering girls.

I tell the last girl going through the door, to leave the door wide open, and smile as their pace slows down, and all goes quiet as they whisper, in the corridor.

“I am taking your knickers down to your knees, you are getting a dozen on the bare with the slipper.” I say loudly.

Murmuring filters in.


“Owww, OOOOh, Yeeeeowww…”

I know they are listening, and girls outside in the grounds too. I always leave a window or two open.


In Three’s – No-9 -Princess Spanky Takes a Job – Part 8

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Blissfully unaware that her Mistress was now very close to getting home, Princess Spanky lowered herself onto the swaying suction dildo…

The tip tickled the crack of her bottom…”Oh!” She squealed, and moved backwards a little, ready to lower her slippery pussy, and sink down on to the purple shaft… and ride.

more to come…


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Nine

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Samantha picked up the rope leash tide to a Gorean Silver Collar, around Charlotte’s neck, and tugged. “Come to me my delicious little pet, crawl to Mistress for another spanking.”

She crawled slowly, with a deliberate sway of her hips to entice and excite her Mistress.

Samantha watched silently, as her pussy twitched, and her juice began to lubricate her.

“Please Mistress, can I have a spanking?” purred Charlotte.

More to come


Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 9

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Soon Kate was in the position called the ‘wheelbarrow’, with her bottom (and pussy), up high before Charlotte.

“Oh my, what a view! I rather like this position!”Giggled Charlotte, looking eager, as always!

Samantha stood in her spanking apron, drinking the sights and sounds in.

“Ohhh harder Charlotte, and faster…owww!….ooooh!…. yes, that’s it keep doing it like that!” begged Kate.

More to come…


Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland -Part 12

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Princess Spanky’s torment was over, the Governess of Spanking Dreams had played enough. The belly of the Princess touched the cool wood of the punishment desk. Her bare bottom felt the gaze of her Mistress, and the cool air blowing gently from an open window somewhere.

The Governess of Spanking Dreams was consumed by the beauty of the fine upturned bare bottom before her, the light shining on the smooth soft orbs of pleasure delighted every sense.

She trembled in anticipation of the first smack as her Mistress raised her palm, ready to begin spanking.

She began to wriggle and squirm, the wait had almost been too long. But the Governess knew the meaning of slow, in every detail. She brought down her hand with a mighty swing, to land on the soft cheeks with a loud smack, A shock wave rippled, as Charlotte got her first taste of delicious pain.



“Oooooooooooh thank you my beautiful Mistress, thank you!!!” Gasped the Princess.

More to come,,,