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In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Eight

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I had to remember to blink! What a view. My manhood screamed for attention, but the only way to stay safe was to do nothing, but give all the appearance of just doing my job. I steadily wiped the glass.

I heard him shout quite clearly. “Get yourself over, you NAUGHTY GIRL!!!”

She began to cry. I felt a bit sorry for her, but she had been very naughty, and it is just how it is. I was so aroused, and when she got over she looked spectacular!

She settled, her toes just touching the ground, her arms just hanging down, she was completely resigned to her fate.

He told her to grip the other side and present herself. This livened her up, she pushed up.

The telling off went on for ages, she had let herself down, the school down etc etc. He got a cane from the cupboard and continued to admonish her as he wandered around her, swishing it.

Then all went quiet. He spanked her a little and told her to brace herself, ‘…it was time to get the sorry business done’, he said. He picked up a plimsol, and pulled her knickers down another two inches, which pleased me!

She was ready! She was going to get the plimsol and then the cane it seemed.

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In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Seven

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The man sat at the desk below me, whom I soon recognised as Mr.Jones, told the girl to move to the vaulting horse and stand before it.

She did so, resigned to her fate. I have to confess that my excitement at seeing what looked to be my first caning, was huge. My manhood pushed against my overalls. I had a plank arranged again, and with my bucket on a ‘s’ hook, movement for a good view was easy.

I moved to my left, and with cloth to hand, and peered in again. It was as if nobody even noticed me, both he and the girl were looking away from me.

I am just a part of the building now it seems, a man in blue overalls, liked by all, quietly doing his job up ladders and shuffling about on planks.

Little did they know!

I shuffled over to my right, to see if I knew the girl. I felt sure I had seen her often. I could hear her being chastised, but could not get a clear understanding of her crime, it was something to do with sports day. She looked lovely, a well proportioned girl, and her bare bottom was gorgeous.

I found it hard to decide on the best view, and shuffled right over to the left of the plank.

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Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Eleven

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“Put your forearms down, push your beautiful bottom up, for Mistress.” Commanded Samantha.

Charlotte complied.

Her shoulders were now down, her plump inviting bottom was presented high. “Ohhh my beautiful pet, how I love your bottom, how I love you!” Whispered Samantha.

Lovingly, and adoringly, the Governess of Spanking Dreams caressed her pet’s upturned bottom. Then she raised her hand. It was as if they were both in a trance, the same thoughts but on different sides of the divide. Samantha wanting to smack, Charlotte desperate to be smacked.

Her wait was nearly over…

More to come…


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Ten

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Charlotte reached her Mistress, she was excited at what was to come, her Mistress was inventive, and knew what she was doing. The day before her seemed long and enticing, and she deliciously knew that there was not rush…there never was.

“Purrr for me my little kitten, show me you are happy and content with your Mistress.”

Charlotte purred, literally. She made a beautiful noise, just like a pussy cat. “My own pussy is purring too Mistress. I am indeed happy, and truely content. I love everything you do for me, and to me. I am yours Mistress Samantha.”

“Good girl, thank you, now climb up here, on my velvet spanking bench.” instructed Mistress, as she tugged on the leash.

Charlotte knew a spanking was coming. ‘The Governess of Spanking Dreams’ was building up to one, slowly. Up she climbed.

“yes Mistress.” Whispered Charlotte.

More to come.


In Three’s – No-3 ~ Rooms in a Spanking Brothel ~ Part 8

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Almost immediately after tying her to the pipe, I released her…why?

…because I loved her willingness to be used and abused. I was fascinated by the girl. The worse I was, the more excited she got. She loved being used more than any girl I had met.

Here was one of my secret dreams, a reality, a young woman, dressed in a school uniform, begging me to use her badly.

“Hold these.”

She offered her bottom to me again.

“Beg me for a spanking.”

“Yes Sir……please, show my bare schoolgirl bottom no mercy. Use whatever you wish, as hard as you wish, for as long as you wish. Please Master, do not stop until you are fully satisfied. I know no limits, I want no safe word.”

There she was, waiting for a thrashing. Eager, panting in excitement. I picked up a thick heavy tawse, and stood to her side. I was going to use a backhand stroke, for maximum swing. If this is what she wanted and yearned for, I was not going to let her down.

Sadly, they threw me out of the studio I was in, before I could shoot down here for the next part.

Sorry…but ou will have to finish this in your mind.

Maybe write a comment, tell me what you did.

The End.

In Three’s – No-3 ~ Rooms in a Spanking Brothel ~ Part 7

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As you saw at the end of the last part, I am now being guided by your responses to the ‘threes’, you have steered me towards the dungeon, so we will stay there…


I watched my sperm dribble from her bottom, this girl was insatiable.

“Spank me again Sir, and then when ready, use me any way you wish”

The strange dim light, and the echo of her voice in the tunnels enhanced my whole experience. I had never felt so alive, using a woman, completely as I feel, was so exciting. I watched her breath. “Oh I will.” I replied.

The whole scene before me was reminiscent of so many of the Danish Crime Drama’s that I love. Here I was, playing the part of the kidnapper! With my victim.

There was of course a difference, my victim wanted more, and more, she needed this more than me.

“Oh Master. Use me, treat me as the filthy whore I am.”

Who was I to argue?

I placed her roughly on a chair and tied her hands to a pipe.

“Yes, yes….tie me tight!”

More to come.


Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 11

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After her lovely orgasm, Kate moved to the back of the sofa, it was time for another spanking position for our three girls.

“Lets get your legs up Charlotte!” Said Samantha.

“Ohhh lovely.” said Charlotte, ” I love this position, it stings more than the otk!”

“Pass them up to me, I’ll hold them as you spank her.” Volunteered Kate.

Up went Charlotte’s legs.

“Hmmmm, here is another naughty girl with a wet pussy!” Said Samantha, maybe that should have a few smacks too!”

“Good idea.” Agreed Kate.

“Oh if you must! I surrender to your every whim!” Giggled Charlotte.

More to cum!


Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 10

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Kate loved her spanking in the ‘wheelbarrow’ position. She felt exposed and very much on view. “Ohhh Charlotte, I love it that you can see my pussy as you spank my bottom!” She said between the smacks.

Charlotte was indeed focused on her friends pussy and bottom as she smacked, and she replied. “It’s funny that, I was just thinking pretty much the same. And your pussy is dribbling a bit I see! You naughty girl, I think you need spanking a little harder!”

Which made Samantha giggle, “Yes, spank her bottom the naughty girl!”

Which in turn of course, made Kate enjoy it all the more!

Samantha peered over to take a peek. “Oh Kate, you are excited aren’t you. We must all masturbate together again soon I think!”

Kate could not wait, and rubbed her pussy hard on Charlotte’s knees. “Too late for that suggestion Sam! I’m cumming…..ooooooh!”

More to come


In Three’s – No-9 -Princess Spanky Takes a Job – Part 10

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The Governess of Spanking Dreams was feeling pleased with her little pet. She had left her busy at her jobs, and whilst at the shops she had purchased one of her favourite cream buns as a treat. The latch on the gate felt sticky, little did she know that a squirt of spunk, from one of the masturbating men fifteen minutes ago had landed on it.

She frowned and wiped her finger on the hip of her lovely black dress, as she walked up the garden path…”Damn slugs and snails, they leave their trails everywhere!” Muttered the Governess.

Swaying her hips gently as she walked, she hummed a little tune, thinking of how delighted her little pet would be with her treat.

Her eye caught movement and she turned to look.

She could hardly believe her eyes! Anyone could have seen her pet bouncing up and down on a purple dildo in the window, then her mind recalled the two furtive men that had almost run by her. She looked to the gate, and there, in the bushes, still dangling and swinging in the leaves were two huge loads of trickling sperm. One of them in the bush by the gate, above the latch..she looked at her hand, then at the sticky smear on her lovely black dress. “Ohhh no! Yuk….ugh…yuk yuk yuk!”

Then she heard the moans of delight, her naughty pet was having a huge orgasm…..”Yesss yesss, ohhh fuck me….yesss, phwarrrr, blooody hell ….yessss!”

She had no idea that her Mistress was watching, and getting very very angry!

Oh she was going to get a treat alright!!! Said the Governess.

More to come…


In Three’s – No-9 -Princess Spanky Takes a Job – Part 9

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The pink suction dildo felt amazing inside her, the fact that anyone walking down the lane could see if they looked, excited her pussy so much. “Oh I am such a naughty girl!” Princess Spanky said as she bounced up and down at a steadily increasing pace.

Grinding harder and faster, the first sign of a very daring orgasm took control of her mind, she was fucking the purple shaft hard and fast.

Anyone could come by!

And you will never guess who that someone would be! Actually, I think you might…::chuckle::

Little did Charlotte know, all she could care about was bringing herself off, but at that very moment, The Governess of Spanking Dreams pushed down on the latch of the gate, and slowly, she entered the garden path.

More to come…