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Happy New Year to you ALL!

Well, another year gone, I’m 70 now! Plenty of life in this old dog I hope. But I suppose I should think of a successor. If any writer of spanking fiction, who ideally takes photos, fancies having all my photos one day, then contact me. I am not thinking of any time soon, hopefully another decade or two in me. But all the same, one has to plan for the unexpected. Arrrrgh! Uuuugh! …..thump….. See! It could happen just like that….lol

Phew! I am still here, I have never liked tempting fate!

The sad point of the year was a man whom I trusted once, kicking me out of my studio with as much warning and feeling as a falling brick. And with words like ‘your girls might attract undesirables, that sort of girl reflects badly on our business.’

He used to be a nice man, but sadly the woke generation of cancellation has got to him. ‘What might people say? What will people think??’….lol…how sad! Not long ago he was asking me if his visitors could come and watch a shoot, and would my girls like to go to his apartment!!! Perhaps a ‘no thank you very much!’ from the girls upset him.

All in the past now… live and learn. The trouble is, this trusting, soft hearted old soul writing this, doesn’t.

A bit strange….people change I suppose. He was a friend too.

Pastures new have been offered, I am excited for the future. My girls to me are perfect, they are always welcome wherever I am. To me, they are lovely, pretty, and just the ‘type of girls’ I like.

New friends have come into my life with great promise, and faded away, like a blown out match…the smoke fades….that saddens me.

Others have come and stayed, my life is better for having them. They cheer my heart and warm my soul.

Next year I will offer pretty much the same. Despite being looked down on by some, we will soldier on bravely, and happily, FOR YOU. People from all over the world. People I will never know, or meet. You share the love of spanking….and I think for many of you..the love of my dear girls.

Happy New Year! To each and every one of you…I wish you good health, and thank you ALL for popping by. See you again soon…..I hope

Charlotte, Kate, Samantha, Stephanie, Karen, Amber, Amy, Deborah, Miss.Pollard, Robyn and Robin join me in sending a big warm friendly smile, and a warm friendly heart.

And from this daft old lad who sits here typing away, taking photos, and dreaming of spanking 24/7 is a special message to finish….stay safe!

Asa Jones 😜

The Old School Stables

Photos by Roy Tersley.

Model – Ariel Andersson

Roy came across Aeriel quite early in her career, and has sent me this lovely set of her in the stables, let’s see what happens shall we?


Jocelyn was without doubt one of the best dressage riders in the stables, already she had represented the G.B. Junior Riding Team at well known Stately Home Cross Country Events all over England. She has also represented them five times in Europe, everyone was saying that in a year or two, she could quite likely be at the Olympics.

But her strict no nonsense Daddy kept a tight rein on her. She was a strong headed, wilful girl, who needed his hand across her bare cheeks from time to time. To him, she was his daughter in the house, whom he loved dearly. But in the stables, she was one of the team, and treated like all the rest…fairly, but strictly. He employed a Stable Manager, an ex army man, known simply as, ‘Captain’, who had worked with horses all his life. Like Jocelyn’s Daddy, her was strict, and many a stable girl had felt the reins across her bare cheeks!

It was accepted, when girls signed up for the ‘Old School Stables’, they signed up for a regime where corporal punishment ruled. Old School by name, old school by nature.

So far Jocelyn had escaped having her bottom striped, nobody expected her to ever get spanked, she was the daughter of the owner, aloof, haughty, and she knew she was good.

She loves a good time, and let’s her hair down on many occasions, the movement of her lithe hips on the dance floor were legendary, slim of waist, with lovely hips, and a very shapely bottom. Oh yes, she could wiggle her plump cheeks for England too!

But going out late in mid week, and turning up for work late, smelling of booze, was not a good idea. The Captain had noticed as soon as she arrived, “How dare you turn up like this? Do you seriously think I am going to let you near the horses? Definitely not my girl….get yourself down to stable block three, it needs mucking out…go on! Look lively damn it! You might be the blue eyed good missy two shoes in the house, but here, you are just one of the girls! Go on, get to work! You can handle shit like all the rest of the stable girls…and stop sulking! You could use that bottom lip of yours as a shovel! Go on, get out of my sight! And when you have done that there is a tin of saddle wax here with your name on it!”

How the other girls loved her telling off. She fumed off, blushing as she heard the giggles ringing in her ears. Her head ached, her mouth was dry, and now…yuk! She had to shovel horse shit…..”Huh, who does he think he is?”

“I heard that! I am your bloody boss! You are stepping very close to the line young lady! Just get on with it!”

Little miss sulky knickers stomped off to the stables, and picked up a rake and shovel. She had been put in her place, she was literally ‘in the shit!’.

She started in the hay store, which didn’t really need much doing, but it didn’t smell! Hence choosing it to start off in….huh! Start off in, it would probably going to be all she did, thought the other girls, she’ll flutter her eyelashes, smile that smile, and be up in the saddle by tea breaking!

She felt sick, and tired, to her it was very hard work, her pace slowed to a canter.

She went inside, everyone was busy, God! She needed to sleep……”Ohhhh dearie me!” She took a rest…

Tools were laid down, and sleepiness drifted over her.

She fell into a deep sleep, hour after hour went by, as she dribbled and snored her way to 11 o’clock.

The day was in full flow, there was an important, prestigious meeting at the weekend. Captain took a well earned cup of tea, and made one for Jocelyn, he carried it to her, by stable one…two…three, nothing had been done! He carried on..”jocelyn?! JOCELYN!! Have you seen her?”



‘She was in one of the hay lofts when I last saw her.”

He stormed off by the next six stables, all untouched.

The news spread, girls began to gather and follow him, to hay store number six. He stood looking, flabbergasted, “you idle, disobedient girl…”WAKE UP!!!”

Ohhh how the other girls laughed, this was music to their ears!

“Stand up young lady! You have deserved this a long time! You are getting a damn good spanking!”

Then she saw them, a huge group of grinning girls! Stood looking in eager anticipation.

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A Young Lady Visits an Inveigle Domme

Here is another trip back in time to my favourite place, not sure where that is? Ohhh, where have you been? What a treat you have waiting for you! Come and see my girls in their Victorian attire, at the ribald, rude, naughty, sordid, disgracefully elegant….’INVEIGLE’

Click here…

Chou knock on a polished mahogany door. A sign has one word, in gold…


You knock, there is no reply, so you grip the huge, polished brass, octagonal handle. With a satisfying click, followed by a smooth swing on its rise and fall hinges, the door pushes open easily.

You stand and stare.

““Good evening, young lady! My name is Kate…. Mistress Kate to you! …Don’t just stand there staring! Come in, close the door, and get on your knees where you belong!”

“That’s better. Now young lady, I wonder what service you want me to perform for you?… No, don’t answer! Let me guess…”

“Perhaps you want me to tie you up?… No?…Perhaps you want me to sit astride you and grind my pussy into your face?… No? …Perhaps you want me to put on a strapon and fuck you, or even stick it up your ass? …No? None of those?”….

…“Oh, I know! You were regularly spanked as a young child by your nanny and later caned or even birched by your governess. Am I right?”…

…“I thought so!… You crave to relive your childhood! In that case, how should I punish you?….Perhaps I should put you across my stockinged knees, pull down your drawers and then spank your bare bottom with my hand…very hard? Would that excite you? Well, would it? Come on, speak up! Cat got your tongue?…..Hmmm! Judging by the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes, I see that my suggestion does seem to excite you! You are a naughty girl!”…

“Perhaps after I have spanked you, I might make you strip naked, bend you over the end of my chaise longue and thrash your buttocks with a cane or even a birch. I’d make you squeal and howl in pain. I’d make you beg for mercy!…”

“…If you haven’t come by then, I might even be tempted to put you back over my knee and diddle your cunt with my finger whilst spanking your sore bottom with my hand or even with a very stingy hairbrush! What do you think? Does that sound exciting enough for you?!…”

“Well then, I had better remove my dress. I seem to have a habit of making girls gush with their juices, and I wouldn’t want you having an ‘accident’ whilst you’re across my knee, ruining my best clothes, would I?….”

Good! Now I’m ready to get down to business. Remove your dress and get across my knee you naughty, naughty girl! ….No! Leave your drawers on. I just love pulling those down myself to bare your bottom. Come on you naughty girl. I haven’t got all day. I’ve got other clients coming to see me later today. You’re not the only nasty little bitch that I have to deal with!”…
…”Oh, what a lovely spankable bottom you have, young lady. It’s so smooth and round! I’m really going to enjoy dealing with you! Are you ready? Let’s see how long it takes to get you dancing a pretty dance and singing a merry song across my lap?!”


My Experiences at Oaks and Pines…

‘B’ a lady who is going to be a contributor from Jan 2022, has been in touch with me for a while, we have become friends. She is a lovely writer of spanking fiction and if you click on ‘links and contributors’, above, you will find her stories.

The other side to her spanking story site, is an intriguing spanking game, which after some deliberation, I decided to join.

My character is Georgina. I am using photos I have taken of Charlotte for the game occasionally, but on their site, through no choice of their own, we have to be careful what photos we post.

I think out of all the people who come to my site, a few would be interested. Namely my contributors. Not Jean Marie bless her, she us just too busy with work and has almost faded away. Not my Greek friend, he would be far to rude! Nor Ma and Pa, their lilting almost rhyming way, would not suit it. Robyn would be ideal, so would Robin… Robin, or Robyn, if you read this, maybe you will try.

Click here to apply…


After applying I was accepted as a junior girl. Here is a photo of one of their school classrooms.

Some of the rather naughty girls of Oaks and Pines.

At the time I joined, around Christmas 2021 the girls were in Polan, on a trip, I read their posts to get a feel. Then (in the game) my parents got an invite, after contacting the school with a problem. The school rang, saying I could start in the Christmas Holidays on 29th December. You see, in the story my parents work in Bornreo, looking after orang utans, and they had to get back…

These are actual posts, I write for Georgina, (italics), people from all over the world write for other characters….and there are a team of organisers who keep the game going. There is a lot more going on than my little adventure.


“Good morning, this is London City Airport private announcement seven, requesting Miss Georgina A Jones to present herself at gate number one, her flight is about to land…”

Bye bye Mum! Bye Bye Daddy! Bye bye Gran! Bye bye Grandad! Love you! Looooove you!

I have a huge trolley….on it are my suit cases and my bike in a sort of crate. On a film some pleasant young man would say ‘You seem to be struggling, may I help?”

I have told my family that once I say goodbye…that’s it…I am off in my adventure. I can see a sign..’Gate 1’…..puuuuuuush….we begin to move, the trolley must have been made at Tesco, three wheels are touching the floor, one is spinning around like a ballerina, but on we go.

I am now keeping my composure. I made a little flag out of card. I have drawn the ‘O&P’ badge on…underneath I have written Georgina.A.Jones….I arrive at Gate 1 and see the first aeroplane with reverse I have ever seen.

I brush down my clothes, go through a gate and wait. Inside I am scared, and excited. Outwardly I am calm. My Dad told me to stand straight, keep calm, and wait.

Emily, Esmeralda and Clara, legged it up to gate 1. We found a lovely tall blond girl with a big smile. “Hiya! Welcome to O&P, I am Clara the Head Girl and this is Emily, we are going to her home in Scotland, and this Esmeralda, our copilot and one of my minders as Em calls them.”

She blushed as she showed us her carry-on, two suitcases and bike box. Two airport porters came to help. They were accompanied by two security officers and Esmeralda opened her blazer to show that her pair of shoulder holsters were empty. We loaded Georgina’s luggage in the plane’s baggage compartment. Then we boarded, and she was cheerfully welcomed.

I was soon met by Clara, the Head Girl, who introduced me to another pleasing girl called Emily, I discovered that it was the latters house in Scotland we were going to. I looked to Em, the copilot and sort of bodyguard and nodded cheerfully.

They were a great help in getting two porters, and together we got everything on board. All were exceedingly welcoming and I relaxed in their company. Emily asked if I was nervous and I replied ‘Only a lot!’ Which broke the ice, as we chuckled together. They told me that they knew exactly how I felt and reassured me on each little worry I presented.

I did not want to appear too scared, so did not ask too many questions. And within a short time we were chatting as girls do. Emily nodded towards the propellers, ‘They look odd don’t they?’ To which I made her laugh by saying ‘I hope I don’t get sick flying backwards.’… Grandad always said that my humour would see me through.

I climbed the short stairs and was welcomed warmly, I wasn’t sure who was who. My main concern was to act properly…I could hear Gran saying ‘close your mouth, you are not a cod fish!’…so did not start gawping at everything. My mum’s voice drifted in….’stop giggling like an idiot at everything dear, I know you are nervous, but just keep calm, listen and breath!’…I tried my best, and succeeded.

The first meeting with my new life, and new people was done. I was sat on an aeroplane with what looked like a really nice group of people.

I thought if my mermaid in my suitcase…and sent her a wish of good luck. I was pleased that thoughts of my family kept washing over me with advice…I knew they would be with me.

So, there I was, facing forwards with propellers facing backwards….buy hey ho, so long as they don’t drop off and do their job, all will be well….Scotland beckoned…I thought of one of my favourite T.V. Programmes, ‘Outlander’…I thought of the Derbyshire moors and heather where I had walked many times with Daddy, looking at the deer…he had said it was very much like Scotland. I thought of tartan, whiskey, kilts, and towers…then turned to Emily and asked…”What is haggis like then?”

And here I am on my first day, in a Lodge in Scotland. Having met the Head Girl, a bodyguard, a strict Miss Szabo, two girls who do the cheerleading and who talked about teasing boys as they showed their knickers.

Things are picking up, their is a party and a pantomime to look forward to.

I have a beautiful room….and have fallen asleep after stroking my bottom, my bare bottom with my knickers at mid thigh poking out!

Let’s see what happens!

I will keep you posted…lol

Quite enjoy being a young girl….looking like Charlotte!


Friday – Part One

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The end of another week, it is Friday, 6 o’clock. All the loose ends of the week are tied up, work for Monday morning has been put in her drawer, all the teaching staff and non teaching staff have gone home. She can hear distant caretakers and cleaners. She can hear distant traffic, and her clock ticking….the next thing she hears is her door bolt sliding, she has locked herself in, again.

With her eyes closed she thinks back on the week, and recalls the spankings of her favourites. She slips into her naughty mind…

She imagines her three favourite girls, standing before her. “Are you thinking of being a naughty girl in here again Mrs.Pollard?”


“I am going to finger myself again, thinking of you and your naughty bare bottoms!” She said out loud.

‘Go on then.’ said the imaginary girls.

She imagines the girls walk in…”Oh Mrs Pollard, you naughty girl! You need spanking. Fancy doing this in your office, bend over…spank yourself before us…hard!”

“Oh I am a naughty girl!”…..SMACK, SMACK, SMACK….”Spank me! Spank me!”

More to come…


Odds ‘n Ends…Retro Style!

You all know and love my vintage version, see here…

I come across retro ones too, here goes…

What a lucky passer by!
I think that their Mistress is going to make them bend over for a bare bottom spanking each in the street!
Spanked last night and admiring her bottom…
just as Mr.Jones (the window cleaner) appears at the window!
At the next house on my window cleaning round, I see a Mistress taking her pet for a walk. She smiles, and the pet blushes! …me?
I now have somewhere to hang my bucket!
As well as my window cleaning, I have a drive through car wash! I love it!
Just another car to clean, and now the window has gone down….a bottom to spank and a pussy to polish!
Been doing this windscreen for half an hour now!

If you want to submit….(wry smile) …any photos! Then feel free, but they need to be from Kodak style film, and a bit Polaroid looking, like these.