The Old School Stables

Photos by Roy Tersley.

Model – Ariel Andersson

Roy came across Aeriel quite early in her career, and has sent me this lovely set of her in the stables, let’s see what happens shall we?


Jocelyn was without doubt one of the best dressage riders in the stables, already she had represented the G.B. Junior Riding Team at well known Stately Home Cross Country Events all over England. She has also represented them five times in Europe, everyone was saying that in a year or two, she could quite likely be at the Olympics.

But her strict no nonsense Daddy kept a tight rein on her. She was a strong headed, wilful girl, who needed his hand across her bare cheeks from time to time. To him, she was his daughter in the house, whom he loved dearly. But in the stables, she was one of the team, and treated like all the rest…fairly, but strictly. He employed a Stable Manager, an ex army man, known simply as, ‘Captain’, who had worked with horses all his life. Like Jocelyn’s Daddy, her was strict, and many a stable girl had felt the reins across her bare cheeks!

It was accepted, when girls signed up for the ‘Old School Stables’, they signed up for a regime where corporal punishment ruled. Old School by name, old school by nature.

So far Jocelyn had escaped having her bottom striped, nobody expected her to ever get spanked, she was the daughter of the owner, aloof, haughty, and she knew she was good.

She loves a good time, and let’s her hair down on many occasions, the movement of her lithe hips on the dance floor were legendary, slim of waist, with lovely hips, and a very shapely bottom. Oh yes, she could wiggle her plump cheeks for England too!

But going out late in mid week, and turning up for work late, smelling of booze, was not a good idea. The Captain had noticed as soon as she arrived, “How dare you turn up like this? Do you seriously think I am going to let you near the horses? Definitely not my girl….get yourself down to stable block three, it needs mucking out…go on! Look lively damn it! You might be the blue eyed good missy two shoes in the house, but here, you are just one of the girls! Go on, get to work! You can handle shit like all the rest of the stable girls…and stop sulking! You could use that bottom lip of yours as a shovel! Go on, get out of my sight! And when you have done that there is a tin of saddle wax here with your name on it!”

How the other girls loved her telling off. She fumed off, blushing as she heard the giggles ringing in her ears. Her head ached, her mouth was dry, and now…yuk! She had to shovel horse shit…..”Huh, who does he think he is?”

“I heard that! I am your bloody boss! You are stepping very close to the line young lady! Just get on with it!”

Little miss sulky knickers stomped off to the stables, and picked up a rake and shovel. She had been put in her place, she was literally ‘in the shit!’.

She started in the hay store, which didn’t really need much doing, but it didn’t smell! Hence choosing it to start off in….huh! Start off in, it would probably going to be all she did, thought the other girls, she’ll flutter her eyelashes, smile that smile, and be up in the saddle by tea breaking!

She felt sick, and tired, to her it was very hard work, her pace slowed to a canter.

She went inside, everyone was busy, God! She needed to sleep……”Ohhhh dearie me!” She took a rest…

Tools were laid down, and sleepiness drifted over her.

She fell into a deep sleep, hour after hour went by, as she dribbled and snored her way to 11 o’clock.

The day was in full flow, there was an important, prestigious meeting at the weekend. Captain took a well earned cup of tea, and made one for Jocelyn, he carried it to her, by stable one…two…three, nothing had been done! He carried on..”jocelyn?! JOCELYN!! Have you seen her?”



‘She was in one of the hay lofts when I last saw her.”

He stormed off by the next six stables, all untouched.

The news spread, girls began to gather and follow him, to hay store number six. He stood looking, flabbergasted, “you idle, disobedient girl…”WAKE UP!!!”

Ohhh how the other girls laughed, this was music to their ears!

“Stand up young lady! You have deserved this a long time! You are getting a damn good spanking!”

Then she saw them, a huge group of grinning girls! Stood looking in eager anticipation.

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  1. Thank you B, yes, very Janus….how I remember going into the shop to buy those magazines….soooo sexy, the old woman behind the counter frowning at my choice, stood at the rack selecting it….the tantalising glimpses, the anticipation. I always walked out with my hand in my pocket!

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