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Photos Set ~ 514, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Boarding School Punishments – Samantha ~ Part 2

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Despite her promises, and my warnings, Samantha found herself in my study once again…

As always she was beautifully turned out, it has to be said that she takes pride in her appearance.

I asked her to explain her actions and why she has ended up back here after her first spanking and corner time. She struggled with anything other than that she had been naughty, been caught, put on report, and then she became quite glum.

As at her last visit, when I announced that she was to be spanked, she fought back tears.

“Now come on, don’t be silly, you will get spanked whether you make a fuss or not, it is up to you. Put your bag and hockey stick down over there please.

I put her into the place I intended to spank her, and told her to bend over. I made her clasp her hands and grip them between her knees.”Do not remove your hands at any time…understand?”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.” Was her sorry reply.

I raised her green gymslip.

Then I lowered her navy blue knickers, to reveal a fine bottom for spanking.

It came as quite a shock to her when I picked up my size fifteen plimsol and delivered four resounding whacks to each cheek. She squealed loudly begging me to stop and saying how sorry she was. To her credit, her hands did not move.

I stood as if watching a sunset, as the red shiny glow on her grand orbs grew and grew. She whimpered and cried, and sniffled, but remained in position as a chastised and punished girl should. I saw the stingy redness reach its peak, it must have been stinging immensely but she did not try to rub, much to her credit. Many get an extra few for doing so.

Once again I put her in corner time, there was just one visitor during her ten minutes, and that was the school caretaker asking for an order for some consumables to be signed. I could see her cringe, and him smile as he looked. It is all part of the punishment.

There was another knock on the door, after my secretary had buzzed the arrival of the next naughty girl to bare. So after saying “Enter!!!”, they passed each other, and the day’s conveyor belt of fresh pale bare bottoms to turn spanked blushing red, continued.

Just another day in my Study.

More to come…


Another Superb New Spanking Story from ‘B’ ~ Victoriana – Part 1

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Victoriana – Part 1  

The dream had taken me back in time, Daddy had pulled me over his knees, raised my pleated school skirt, pulled my knickers deep into my valleys and vigorously spanked my bare bum.

I had a long cooling shower before getting dressed for my day at the bank.

After a short bike ride to the nearby market town the tellers of the local Barclay Bank greeted me with courteous, “Good morning Miss Alicia!” I returned their greetings with a warm smile. They again seemed to compete as to whom would wear the shortest miniskirt. At 22, only a few of years older, I would have loved to join the competition, but I am their supervisor.

I dropped my bag on my desk and climbed the stairs to poke my head into the office of the manager’s secretary. As usual she was having coffee with the deputy manager. I was offered a cup. A few minutes later we were joined by our manager. He poured himself a cup and point blank questioned me, “How’s your French Alicia?”

“Average… Sir.”

“You are due a promotion and London is offering the position of deputy manager of the Calais branch.”

“You would have a leave to beef up your French. Your language coach or whatever program will be paid by the bank. You have a week to think about it.”

On the way back home I was milling over that proposition and almost missed the opening of a newly renovated shop. A rare occurrence with the local supermarket having killed most of the small shops of our residential suburb.

The name and the purpose was interesting, Victoriana Vintage Fashion and Haberdashery. I attached my bike to a nearby lamppost and examined the window. There was of course plenty of haberdashery supplies and a strange mix of dress patterns from the 70s  and a number of Enid Blyton’s books.

I also spotted inside the shop a mannequin dressed with a lovely tartan pinafore.

I pushed the door, a small bell chimed, I was welcomed by a middle aged lady behind a very modern sewing machine. After a polite exchange I asked if I could have a look around. “By all means! Please don’t mind me, I already have plenty of work.”

The shop was set up so that visitors could browse without being under the eyes of its owner. I could discreetly satisfy my curiosity. The tag on the pinafore read, ‘Made to measure, £107’ That wasn’t cheap! There was a wooden bookcase with more books by Enid Blyton and an assortment of school like cotton knickers and woolly knee high socks. Several clothes racks offered a selection of dresses and skirts similar to those pictured by the patterns in the window. Most tags read, “Made to measure, please ask for a quote.”

Those dresses and skirts weren’t as short as those of my bank tellers, it was only the fashion of the 70s, the start of the miniskirt revolution. I suddenly remembered my first mini, Mom had smacked my thighs, “Now you have a choice, wear that brazen skirt showing that you were spanked or wear a proper one!”

I did wear it a few years later when they retired by the sea after having sold their business. I did also wear it at the bank as it isn’t too short contrary to Mom’s ideas.

I spotted a cute set of a short tartan pleated skirt with a white long sleeve blouse and a black sleeveless sweater. The tag said that it came with white cotton knickers and knee high socks for £70. Somehow it reminded me of my old school uniform. Although I didn’t know if I will ever dare wear it, I tried it on. The stretch waist was an easy fit, and the lady asked how short I want the skirt, “Not to short please.”

I collected it Thursday late afternoon on the way back home. I tried the skirt on. I loved that it was quite short without being too short. It felt flirty. I imagined testing it on a few dishy guys at the local coffee shop. I again remembered Mom having smacked my thighs.

Then I was surprised to find a small leaflet in the pocket within the waist band.

“Would you like to learn French ?

Old fashioned method

Guarantied results !”

There was no address, no telephone number, nothing. With the Calais offer in the back of my mind, and the intriguing promise of guarantied results I was very curious! I returned to the shop to show that leaflet to the seamstress. She gave me a card,

Ecole Ecarlate 

Enseignement tradionnel du français

 Birchwood Manor

Upper Switchingham

There was an address and no telephone number. I didn’t know that manor, but I knew the picturesque village. With a beguiling smile the old lady said, “You already have the uniform.” I raised both eyebrows, and she added with a somewhat admonishing tone, “Be sure to wear it when visiting.”


To be continued…

B keeps her own fabulous blog, and runs a comprehensive, realistic spanking game on line…

Various things! and…I touched 5000 visitors in a day for the first time….woo hoo!

This is actually for Asa Jones Spanking Club Members, but it is nice for the casual visitor to see what is going off, and what will be happening in the future.

There will be no comments to this post allowed I’m afraid, CLUB MEMBERS have their own way of responding.

Note to club members, without being too blunt, I am fed up of continual e-mails saying ‘what’s the password?’, ‘how do I get into the forum’, how do I e-mail other members, where are the photos for the ballet dancer and swimsuits shoots, mentioned in club postst?’ etc etc….so no e-mails about this post please, I won’t answer them, so from now on, unless its an e-mail between us discussing a story, a photo, an event or project between us etc, use the Club Main Page….it is why I spent many hours of my life creating it!!!

So go to the club page for information on all this below, and find out about…


The Re-Opening of the Studio and invites.

A bit of disappointment.

How to get to spank Charlotte and Kate within our club.

The all women school at our club.

New events team suggestion.

Spanking Parties.

and last but not least….The most beautiful model who loves spanking, and will take a long caning without limits, even in public, working for us.

So no e-mails about this, just go through the club channels which I have been telling you about regularly…. sarcasm, synicism? ME??? No, not from me….lol


Saint Helena Correctional Institute for Unruly Girls ~ 1965 – Part Six

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Miss Kenworthy moved on to Suzette’s bare bottom, leaving Charlotte’s a pretty shade of red.

Not much to write in this part, the girls are getting punished in turn, so enjoy Miss Kenworthy spanking Suzette…

And finally she moved on to Kate…

more to come


The Entry I missed…for competition 6

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This was the late entry from Alex… (my fault I should have made a closing date…but…then I would never have seen it!)

So, to make amends, just for this entry. Go and fetch the cane Alex, and indulge yourself.


Charlotte walked in to the kitchen and stopped, something was wrong; her mother was sat at the kitchen table, her head in her hands, her father was stood gripping the back of one of the chairs, his hands filled with so much tension that it looked as if he was about to tear the red leather back from the aluminium frame. Then her beautiful blue eyes alighted on the brown envelope laying at the centre of the table and at the centre of their collective woe.

“They’re for an art project..” she stammered, “at college…Samantha took them… it was her idea!” Charlotte’s voice rising with each utterance, the last a shriek of futility.

“DON’T LIE!” roared her father, a voice he had once used to great effect as a Sgt Major in the army, cowering aspiring soldiers and forcing them to great feats of endurance.

He strode from the far side of the table to her at the door, grabbing her upper arm in a vice like grip, “With me now” he stated in a flat tone, his anger plateaued.

He led her past the sitting room to his study, reaching behind the door he pulled out his military drill cane from its leather sheath; the polished brass cap flashed in the late afternoon sunlight coming in the hall window.

“Outside now” he menaced in her ear as he dragged her to the back door. Once outside he continued to stride up the concrete path to the garage towing his daughter behind him. He opened one of the large double doors enough to push the petrified young girl in, he followed close behind.

“Put your hands on the bench and bend over” he said.

“No Daddy, please no!” Charlotte wheedled.

“Do it now you disobedient little girl or it will only take longer”

Charlotte looked at her father, pleading with him to change his mind and offer clemency for her foolish actions. The cane rose above her head and quick as a flash the brass cap hurtled down like a miniature comet striking the back of her left leg, she yelped first in surprise and then in pain as the fire of the first stroke spread through her nerves.

“Lean forward you terrible child!” he pushed her upper body down with his left hand causing her round posterior to rise, his right hand whipped down and the cane tasted it’s first bottom in many years.

Asa’s note…

…well done Alex, brilliant writing, the image it created in my head was fabulous, I could hear and see it all. I do hope you try again.

A note on competitions…

In future, I will give competitions a time scale. I was just looking back to find comments that need moderating, and found a lovely entry to the Charlotte and the Photographer competition, and of course I have just displayed the winners.

I should have thought of it before, but…sigh…I didn’t.

But good news! It won’t happen again.


Attention Women!…. especially those who like spanking!…top or bottom.

Suzette has had an idea.

She is a bit lonely here, she is friends with my girls, but all the rest of the club members are men.

If we put a Taster Day on at my studio, where you can come in complete safety, to meet Charlotte, Kate, Samantha and Suzette, would it be of interest?

No pressure, feel free to take selfies with the girls, maybe spank one or two or get over your favourite’s knee. But again I say…. NO PRESSURE, NOT EVER, NOT FROM ME, or the girls.

So be brave, be bold, be adventurous, come and have an all girls spanking day. I will be there of course! But honestly…. you can trust me. You will be safe, and of course, tea and cake will be on offer.

It could become a regular thing…..we could have themes, perhaps with a school classroom day to start?

Me and my studio might be the only offer you will ever get to come to a safe all girls spanking day.

Contact me.

go on….some of you must be curious…be brave. Come and try the victorian maids outfit and bloomers, or try a school uniform, come and sit on Neddy for a giggle….make your own school name up and come, just for fun….it has to start somewhere….the first all female spanking club….with the possibility of joining our mixed club one day. The only drawback is me, I have to be there, it is my studio…..but I am a nice enough old bloke, so come on!



Princess Spanky Takes a Job – Part 12

This is the third adventure of Princess Spanky and the Governess of Spanking Dreams…

First we saw them in the punishment room..

Then in the conservatory…

And now, in part 3, Princess Spanky has been caught masturbating once again, instead of doing her chores. To see the rest, click on ‘Photo Stories’ in the menu bar above, and scroll down to 87, in 87 you will find another 20 or so stories….just scroll through, you’ll find them!


…we left Princess Spanky in a now familiar situation! Getting ready for yet another bare bottom spanking from the Governess of Spanking Dreams.

“Every time I regain my trust in you, you let yourself down don’t you? It is a good job it was me who caught you imitating a fiddler’s elbow with a carrot up your pussy isn’t it?”

Poor Charlotte could not help but snigger at her Mistress’s choice of words.

“QUIET!!! You stupid girl, I am being serious, what if it was my Mother, or a friend, even worse a friend with a child or two? Have you no sense at all girl?”

Charlotte quietly got into position, thinking it best to keep her silly mouth shut.

Samantha moved to her side.

“I am seeing more of this broad smile than the pretty one on you face!”

Again Charlotte giggled.


Her Mistress delivered a few warm up smacks, by hand on her pet’s upturned bare bottom.

“Oh I am not warming you up any more, why should I? You do not deserve kindness today you naughty girl!” Samantha said as she walked to her cupboard. To get a leather paddle.

“Right then girl…..brace yourself!”

The Governess of Spanking Dreams began to spank her with the leather paddle, making her pet wiggle and squeal…

Just at that moment the gate opened, and into the back yard walked you! You look through the window, the Governess of Spanking Dreams smiles at you….her pet continues to wiggle and squeal….

So a little competition….


to see the rest, click here…

So tell me…..what happens next….mail me.


As usual at this part of the story, either me or Samantha spank Charlotte to get a nice red bottom for the photos . I did in this case, but then we noticed the time, it had run out, and I have not done any more with this series ……..yet.

So…….THE END… more to come in this one, for now.

I wrote to a lovely old museum, a mill, a bit like where my studio is, all white paint and wood, but alas, they said no. I fancied having her working in a mill next you see.

I will think of something for her, and it isn’t as if I have not got enough to be going on with. But they will return….so…

more to come!


Winner(s) of Competition – 6

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Two winners, but because this one stuck to the remit of what I asked…..

what did the parents say /do, when she came home?’

It should be first…


From Old Codger.

Mr and Mrs Charlotte where at a complete loss as to what to do.

Their beautiful daughter was a handful. She was quite the flirt and always seemed to revel in the attention she recieved from men and boys of all ages.

And now she’d chosen to capitalise on it.

Well it was legal the pretty 6th former was almost 17 at this point but knowing her parents wouldn’t consent she had sought the services of the disreputable photographer of her own volition.

But what of her future? Oh the shame of it all! What when the neighbours find out? Oh what a fix what a little minx!

There was only one thing for it and that was to call old uncle Asa he’d know what to do!

A pillar of the local community he was both feared and respected in equal measure and in no time at all the dodgy photographer was handing over the negatives and returning his fee.

“I’ll make sure you won’t ever work in this town again” he had been sternly warned.

The magazine was easier thankfully it had not gone to print and the editor was quick to assure that he had not recieved any photos and that if he did he would return them asap…To uncle Asa.

It was a blessed relief to Charlottes parents.

Picking up the envelope containing the photos Charlotte had already had taken uncle Asa turned and looked her in the eye.

“Now I shall take these and put them on the fire you silly girl” and for good measure, he added “I think you deserve a good hard spanking!”

The words sent a tingle through the rather contrite looking girl.

Crafty old uncle Asa put the photos in his jacket pocket as her relieved parentsthanked him. “I will spare you from having to see these dreadful photos again” he added benignly as he left.

For years to come the old boy would often stroke his rigid member while viewing the photographers work and now all these years later here they are in all their glory.

There were some good, really good tries, and please look at them, by clicking the above link, and scrolling down to comments. This one deviated from the idea of what the parents said, and I thought did I ought to make it a winner, it was so good, I decided to give it 2nd place.

Well done David.

 “Do you intend to daydream through all of this detention young lady,” Mr Jones said in a mock exasperated tone.

 “You don’t understand Sir.”

 “No I don’t! Although I hope you understand the reason why you are here in detention. Well Miss Paris, do you?”

 Paris sighed, “Oh yes Sir. Well, I imagine it’s something to do with the photos taken of me in my school uniform.”

 “It most certainly is and the Headmaster is so incensed that he has had to sit down in a darkened room. I on the other hand, and with his mumbled approval, am able to inform you what is due to you now that you have wilfully broken school rules.”

“But all I did was to have a few photos taken Sir. What’s wrong with that?”

“Absolutely nothing wrong with a few well-posed portraits young lady. However, you were in this photographer’s studio without permission, and in school time. Not only that but the photos were hardly portraits were they?”

“Artistic, the photographer said, Sir. Have you seen them then?”

“Oh yes, I have definitely seen them Miss Paris,” Mr Jones said incredulously, “And so has the rest of the world thanks to your posts on the internet. But I would describe them as…..well, certainly not ‘artistic’. A state of nudity and flagrant display of private parts does not equate to art. So, my task now is to bring you from your realm of daydreaming to the real world.”

“What do you mean Mr Jones?” Miss Paris asked innocently.

“Absent from school without permission has earned you a sound spanking over my knee; Being outside school grounds in school time without permission has earned you a slippering at my discretion; and Bringing the school into disrepute by your display of nakedness linked to various stages of disrobing school uniform, has earned you twelve strokes of the cane.”

The recalcitrant schoolgirl thought about this for a moment.

“Yes, I think that all seems quite reasonable Sir. I just have two questions,” Miss Paris said with a sensuous smile on her face.

“Yes young lady, what do you wish to know?” Mr Jones asked.

“Oh I was just wondering if after my spanking, slippering and caning, whether you will be taking any more photographs of me? After all I imagine you will lower my knickers and probably remove my skirt. And I was also wondering if the Headmaster knows you have your own studio in town Sir? He may want to join in with some of our shoots.”

Asa’s note….

Full of surprises and well written, well done David.

More competitions on their way, both writing and photography/art.