Photos Set ~ 514, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Boarding School Punishments – Samantha ~ Part 2

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Despite her promises, and my warnings, Samantha found herself in my study once again…

As always she was beautifully turned out, it has to be said that she takes pride in her appearance.

I asked her to explain her actions and why she has ended up back here after her first spanking and corner time. She struggled with anything other than that she had been naughty, been caught, put on report, and then she became quite glum.

As at her last visit, when I announced that she was to be spanked, she fought back tears.

“Now come on, don’t be silly, you will get spanked whether you make a fuss or not, it is up to you. Put your bag and hockey stick down over there please.

I put her into the place I intended to spank her, and told her to bend over. I made her clasp her hands and grip them between her knees.”Do not remove your hands at any time…understand?”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.” Was her sorry reply.

I raised her green gymslip.

Then I lowered her navy blue knickers, to reveal a fine bottom for spanking.

It came as quite a shock to her when I picked up my size fifteen plimsol and delivered four resounding whacks to each cheek. She squealed loudly begging me to stop and saying how sorry she was. To her credit, her hands did not move.

I stood as if watching a sunset, as the red shiny glow on her grand orbs grew and grew. She whimpered and cried, and sniffled, but remained in position as a chastised and punished girl should. I saw the stingy redness reach its peak, it must have been stinging immensely but she did not try to rub, much to her credit. Many get an extra few for doing so.

Once again I put her in corner time, there was just one visitor during her ten minutes, and that was the school caretaker asking for an order for some consumables to be signed. I could see her cringe, and him smile as he looked. It is all part of the punishment.

There was another knock on the door, after my secretary had buzzed the arrival of the next naughty girl to bare. So after saying “Enter!!!”, they passed each other, and the day’s conveyor belt of fresh pale bare bottoms to turn spanked blushing red, continued.

Just another day in my Study.

More to come…


8 thoughts on “Photos Set ~ 514, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Boarding School Punishments – Samantha ~ Part 2

  1. What a great set.I love the way the broad straps of Samantha’s suspender belt are stretched so very tautly over the expanse of her buttocks.Marvellous.The blushing of her bottom after the onslaught with the size 15 slipper is also very satisfying.Sometimes less is more isn’t it? In this set Samantha is only said to have taken four whacks-but if they where good hard ones..Well that’s all it needs.
    Usually if I use a slipper it will be for twelve moderate whacks with the last few on the heavy side.Last time I used one was very recently and it was a size 10 not a 15.In that young ladies case she was bent over a foldable spanking stool so her bottom was not as vulnerable as Samantha’s.Some lovely bottom wobble though (I wish I could see in slow motion in real time sometimes).

  2. You really are a man out of my own heart Old Codger. I purchased three suspender belts the same, so sooner or later you should see C,K,S, all together. They have put my rent up £100/month at my study, I pay the girls a £100 each a shoot, even though dear friends they are models earning a living. The only way I can save money is to do more one or two girl shoots, so it cold be a bit of a wait for three.

  3. Fabulous…I think this is quite probably my ideal spanking scenario. Images and words – and model and photographer – deserve my heartfelt gratitude. Just wished I could have been there!

  4. You will be by my side one day David…trust me. Time is flying too fast, I am getting and feeling older…..too many ideas, not enough days….but I think you will come. As you know I am nursing my wife too….time for me is in a bucket with holes in….I just can’t get enough. Onwards and upwards though…still here….still bloggin’ away!…still making plans for the future years. Concentrating on my studio though….it needs time….time….lol….fucking time!!

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