News Bulletin 4 ~ From Broadley Bottom College

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Once again my friend and Headmaster of Broadly Bottom College, had been writing to me, if you click on the link above, you will understand more of why we do so.

Do you remember the two girls who did a line dancing display, in the last letter he wrote, well it inspired him to take some girls to a visitor attraction, which includes a mock up Wild West town. In the curriculum they have covered everything from Native Americans to the Battle of Little Big Horn and all else in between. It has been quite a comprehensive coverage of the Wild West, so this was a reward.

He took a coach and with him were 38 young ladies from his College, all were in fancy dress for the day. Most of it went very well indeed, but of course, there were a few who got carried away, and had to be dealt with in the old fashioned way.

The Headmaster himself looked excellent in his cowboy outfit, the staff at the Theme park said that his chase of a girl he caught smoking was worthy of any cowboy chasing a steer with a lasso…

You might find it hard to believe, but his girls are as bad as any in my ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, he even caught one girl as drunk as a skunk in the Saloon called the ‘Wild Wild Women Saloon’. The girl, Sharon was wild, because her dragged her out and spanked her over a barrel for all to see, then left her on show bent over for quite a while afterwards!

But the naughtiest girl of all was one who went as a Wrangler, she had a pair of ‘chaps’ over some jeans, but when they all set off for the visit from the coach, he never noticed what she had done to her jeans!

After a series of complaints he went to find her.

It appears he pulled her up onto a stage coach, and spanked her as it was pulled all the way down the main street, slowly, much to everyone’s amusement. It was said that it brought forth more cheering than the afternoon rodeo!

I am sure he will be writing again soon.

More to come…


8 thoughts on “News Bulletin 4 ~ From Broadley Bottom College

  1. I have to say I do look forward to seeing Tradcp’s latest offerings.These are excellent especially the last one of the batch.There is certainly something very alluring about the female bottom clad in drum tight trousers.The last pic offers a cutaway view that gives us the best of both worlds as it were.A.I. is a remarkable development it? And there are all sorts of virtual glamour models starting to show up on places like ‘Only fans’ so I am told.I do wonder what will happen though when the technology eventually becomes better than the real thing?
    A worrying moral dilemma indeed.However as discussed elsewhere on the blog it could lead to very interesting developments for a site such as this though that may be some way off.Imagine whole photo stories featuring stunning young women and stern chastisers all of whom are difficult to discern from the real thing.

  2. Does it matter? If in an AI future game…(think Red Dwarf when they went into the masturbation room to play with AI girls)…you could fall in love, have an affair almost, with no guilt, they will never die, hardly ever say no, be forever young and easily dumped with no bad feelings when ready for a swap! harsh but true. My friend Brigitte, a lovely French woman, who runs the Oaks and Pines Spanking game used to say to me….a man can be a woman and a woman a man,….etc I always fancied being a dominant lesbian….lol..whilst on line. So I played her on line game as girl, got in trouble and taken to the chat room for spankings from the headmistress on a few occasions…and relieved my tensions in her company. Made me a better writer from a subs point of view, especially as a school girl. Bring it on! In ten years time I could be 82 and still spanking young girls who to me look real.

    I agree with you, his work is fabulous. He is very busy on his own X page, I hoped to do some stories of my girls with exaggerated bottoms…but think he will be too busy, and it matters not a jot….he is fabulous on here just as he is… you mate….in the last two months you two have made a lovely difference to my blogging experience….thank you both.

  3. Well I can see where you are coming from Asa and it’s a very seductive idea.I suppose one could dip in and out of the virtual realm from time to time if one had ones feet firmly on the ground.It is when it has the potential to be more real than real that I could see problems.
    “you could fall in love”? Well yes that’s it-fall in love with what exactly?Did you ever see the film ‘ex-machina’ ?
    With regards to the Oaks and Pines spanking experience you mention.A while back I confided to one of the ladies that I spank on a regular basis that I had never been caned before.I know that she switches and does in fact do a lot of Fem dom work.Anyhow she looked at me thoughtfully and asked if I would like her to cane me.I took 12 strokes that day with the last ones being very hard! The point is it was very real and I felt it for days afterwards.Now that certainly helped me understand a subs perspective lol! My curiosity is now satisfied.

  4. Great images from TradCP. Hands are really tricky in AI and usually come out freaky. This reminds me a little of the WestWorld series …..only for spankers. Now that would be quite something.

  5. Such kind words!!! Thank you both. It will be a pleasure to work on some stuff of your girls Asa. I am finding my way around this hybrid program fast now. I hope I can do them justice. I want to try and put something of their personality in there to. AI will move fast. I won’t take away my love for real people or the real spanking world but if it can enhance it then that’s got to be a good thing. My problem has always been feeling guilty about plagiarising other people’s work. This way I don’t have to worry.

  6. In your own time Trad, you know what I am going to say… pressure, not ever, not from me. And you are welcome, your work is at the forefront of technology, impressive and good. Did you see what i wrote about the man who generated an AI model, she now gets contracts and £5000 for some posts on Instagram?! I want some of that! That is why I am being so nice to you….I want to hang on to your shirt tails, get rich, and then be dragged somewhere sordid and exotic before I die by my sugar baby!!

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