The First BBC News Update on Spanking Emporium…and subsequent BBC Bulletins!

The BBC News? Hell no! I would rather gnaw my own nut-sack off than be made to report on politics and wars etc

Allow me to elaborate…

Deep in rural England, not far from the Cotswolds is a little frequented area called the Broadlands. Wide sweeping meadows, pretty and quiet country lanes, meandering rivers, quaint villages, ancient woodland, an all round quintessential picture postcard of England, pretty much like Constable would paint in his day.

,The Main Market towns are Broadmeadow, and Broadleigh. Broad seems to crop up everywhere, and in one clutch of villages, full of pretty little thatched cottages and country pubs, not that far from Broadleigh are Upper Broadley, Nether Broadley, and Lower Broadley. Close by Lower Broadley is, or was, to be precise, Broadley Manor, in an area known as Broadly Bottom.

It is a huge house with carefully tended gardens. But in the 1930’s things became a little tight for Broadley Bottom Manor, as it was then called, and they moved to a more modest 50 acre 75 roomed house.

It was a tough decision for Lord and Lady Broadend, they worried and fretted over it for two years.

A lot of people were quite pleased to see them go, they were reputed to be quite immoral and in the late 1800’s the family had seven sons, who gave the local girls a great deal of fun and money. People now often comment that the body shape of people, especially the women, living in the area (2000 square miles of this glorious England) is quite peculiar to the area.

Namely, a good firm broad bottom. “A lass from the Broads in broad by name and broad by nature, especially in the arse department”, was often said by the men in the area, as a shapely girl passed by.

It was evident then, when Lady Broadend declared to her husband, “I think we have a buyer! Who ticks every box!”

It is still very evident today. The people who purchased the property turned it into a College for Girls.

Broadley Bottom College….BBC.

Our BBC.


Please allow me to digress from this lovely story of the beautiful broad bottom, and tell you how this came about. It is funny how things happen. I told you recently of a post on ‘X’, that I put up, with Charlotte in jeans being spanked. 5000 views in no time at all. people started writing to me, saying there is not enough Clothed Bottom Spanking.

So I went in search, and came across an advert, on ‘X’ by TraditionalCP (@traditional44), it read…

” I am looking to find a model, professional or amateur that would like to pose for some clothed spanking photos to illustrate a few stories I have written….”

To cut a long story short, he is sending me stories, I have allowed him to use mine in return for using his very clever AI images. I think we have a new contributor and I have a new spanking friend. I am arranging a shoot with him, and cannot wait to see what he does with ‘my girls’ bottoms!!!!


So you will now receive regular bulletins from the BBC.

Let me show you some of the girls and staff…

Purple and Grey are prevalent in the school, all clothing seems tight and shows off the broad bottoms of Broadley Bottom College to advantage. Especially when bent over for spanking…

Not just the trousers, all clothing seems to be a tight fit on the Broadley Bottom Girls…

Yes indeed, it has to be said, that all the Broadly Bottom Girls are always a picture to look at.

Like many boarding schools, navy blue knickers and gym shorts are a requisite.

As I have just alluded to Broadley Bottom College for Girls is a Boarding School, and don’t the girls look lovely in their pyjamas?

So, a little like my ‘Incident Log’ at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls,

Click here…


You will get them from here too, by all accounts it seems that spankings here are as common as there!

Oh….news alert, two girls who have been naught have been sent to the Study, to wait for their bottoms to be spanked….must go!

Broadley Bottom College For Girls ~ Bulletin 2

Click here…

Bulletin 3

Click here…

more to come…


8 thoughts on “The First BBC News Update on Spanking Emporium…and subsequent BBC Bulletins!

  1. The BBC – how delightful, what a start to the week, such detail in setting out what this involves, yes our essential, girls and boys, Mutual Interest

    Illustrative and illuminated pictures too

    And yes, yes even ‘more to come’ we are promised

    Indefatigable, I’ve the word before and how appropriate….

  2. An amazing introduction thank you! I have always had a fascination for the broader beam especially when encased in tight trousers. I hope the images please a few and I will definitely producing more and would be delighted if a few more appear here. As an avid Spanker myself I have luckily had opportunities to practice what I preach. I am sure the girls of the BBC are used to not sitting comfortably.

  3. Well Trad, I wish you every success here. A little tip…..if you use the names of my girls, your comments left by my visitors will be much more. It is my site, they are my stories, and they are my photos….but lets be honest, the don’t come for me!

    I would very much like you at some point, (don’t let me take you away from what you do, that is the last thing I want, I never stifle!)……but if you would be so kind, could you do some of your fabulous work on some of my photos.

    Not just for stories, but photo sets.

    We can chat about it when we meet for our first shoot together. I have not told the girls yet…lol… I can imagine their faces when I say I am getting someone in to make their bottoms 50% bigger….at least.

  4. Oh my – I had always thought skirts and dresses were the best, but I think I stand (in all senses of the word) corrected. Bookmarking this page.

  5. Yes, I have been educated too! I am organising a shoot with Trad, so you should see m girls with the same soon!

  6. Yes, I think a Bletchley Park story would be great – with the Wrens, although thinking about they probably did all wear skirts.

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