Three Naughty Teachers Share a Passion

I would guess, that you can guess, what their passion is.

Yes, of course, it is Spanking.

I have put a couple of trial posts up, just to see how you reacted to teachers meeting to spank each other, and they went down well. Also, it has been pointed out to me, just how much people like to see girls spanked in jeans and leggings, so the story will start with that…I have only been on ‘X’ for two months, and a few week ago I put one of Charlotte in jeans, being spanked by her Mum…over 5000 views already….I have just put another up.


Anyway….there I go again, rambling on! The story :-

Three teachers who work at the same Girls School got talking yesterday, about how they like it when they get the chance to spank a girl. WHICH IN A SCHOOL OF 800 GIRLS IS MOST WEEKS! They decided it was a bit risky talking in school about their guilty pleasure, and have met this morning, the day after, a Saturday, for coffee. Their talk was sexy and exciting. They touched on various ideas, like spanking each other, or acting out the best spankings they have given. They were pleased that all three like to receive as well as give a spanking.

One of them, is Samantha, the Deputy Head, and as such, has the pass code to the senior car park, the code to the alarm, and of course, keys to her study.

What would be more natural than going in to school to discuss something or other. So the following weekend, off they went, and found the school almost empty, just a couple of caretakers and a gardener.

Soon, feeling safe and more relaxed, they began to share spanking sites and chat room information. They all agreed on the best site around for chat, and realistic role play. All three agreed to sign up for the Oaks and Pines Spanking Game, where they could be the naughty girls for a change. They could even plan how to get a spanking in their fabulous chatroom they host.

Note…this is a real game.

All three enrolled on their phones, and picked the names of the girls the like to spank most for their characters names.

I think they have room for a couple more, either teachers of schoolgirls, just click on ‘Links and Contributors’ above to visit them. I used to play and loved it, but alas, this has all got too big and takes my free time up.

They made themselves comfy, and Kate said she had brought something along to show them, and fished in her pocket.

Charlotte and Samantha looked on, curiously, and were both delighted and surprised to see her pull out a beautifully crafted model of a naughty girl with her bottom red and striped.

They loved it. It appears that one of her her hobbies is making dioramas showing cats in all sorts of situations, but secretly, in her garden studio, she makes spanking dioramas of spanking scenes too.

They really admired the model, and agreed to go around to see the dioramas the very next day!

Kate although very modest, and humble, felt quite justifiably proud, she knew her creations of classrooms, buses, shops, school stage etc were rather good, and could not wait to show them off. They would be a secret no more!

Samantha suggested that they could set a web site up, showing the dioramas and that maybe Kate could make some dioramas of their favourite spanking positions. Ideas were flying, they even discussed a fictitious school name, and teacher’s names too.

Kate was excited. “We could yes, I’d like that idea of different positions very much, because mine are nearly all over the knee ones, I love spanking a girls bare bottom over my knee!”

Without thinking she did a little demonstration, which made Samantha and Charlotte giggle, naughtily.

Both Samantha and Charlotte agreed that they loved it too.

Samantha then added, that she had just started using the baton method.

Kate and Charlotte spoke together, “Whats that?” they said in unison, with wide pretty eyes.

“Allow me to demonstrate…..anyone?”

Kate felt bold, and pushed herself forward, “…me please, all this talk has made me desperate for some stingy smacks on my bottom!”

Part Two…

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more to come…


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