Three Naughty Teachers Share a Passion ~ Part 2

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Samantha picked up a piece of wood, around 14 inches long and 2 inch diameter, it was well battered and worn, it had come with the flogging stool. “I was curious about this when I found it about two months ago, and I looked on line for vintage flogging stools like this one we have. It seems they were made by ‘Masons’, a well known stockist, manufacturer and supplier of corporal punishment equipment. Lots of Headmasters and Headmistresses Studies had them. Some were sold with this attachment. I think at one time it had brass ends, because in the catalogue they did.

Charlotte and Kate listened with interest, the history of spanking fascinated them all, and little jewels of information like this intrigued them. “I must show you the old Masons Catalogue I found here, dated 1934, there is one of these, exactly the same, it was only about £4!” Samantha informed. “Let me show you how it works.”

She rested the baton across two staves, a perfect fit.

Then she stood before it, and placed her knees in the middle. “Now, when the knees go inside, the batton slides behind them, Simple and clever eh?”

“All we need is a willing bottom Charlotte!” Samantha said rolling her eyes towards Kate.

“I prefer unwilling ones, it’s more fun!” Laughed Charlotte.

“I can be unwilling!! Oh God I love it when they make excuses and plead for it not to happen!” Kate added.

“Then the tears……ooooh no no no, please Miss no!” Charlotte laughed again.

The mood changed. “Right then Kate.”

Charlotte pulled out the baton.

Samantha said….”ooooh she is wondering what she has let herself in for!”

“No honest, I need it…hard and fast!” Giiggled Kate.

She squeezed easily into position.

“Oh wow!” Charlotte exclaimed, “I can see the position and the gap for the baton coming already!”Then gently she slid the baton into position.

Kate gripped the holding bar.

“How does it feel Kate?” Asked Samantha.

“My word, somebody put some thought into this, simple, quick and as easy as you like, and I am trapped. My bottom feels so presented and vulnerable. I bet it is so scary when bare and you pick up the plismol, tawse or cane!” Kate replied eagerly.

Samantha moved to the spanking side. “Can you see the position though, it is just perfect for it!

They all agreed. Silence fell, as anticipation rose.

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