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I have been studying the faces that Tom Paine does in his art…

As you know, Tom is my Studio Artist. You can see his work here…

His faces on his naughty girls are wonderfully drawn, here are some as the girl Mary is chastised and told what is to happen to her. I will do the spanking faces later. I have not enhanced them as much as his full drawings, because they would look too red, the blush like his originals are perfect…

Quite something aren’t they? I do hope you click on the link, his work is brilliant and will soon be seen everywhere I am sure.

I have much more of his work to post, but you know me, slow and steady in everything! Apart from spanking a bare bottom that is!


My latest spanking art…

If you look back a few posts you will see a photo I took of Samantha after a spanking.

I am using it to create one of my drawings. I am colouring this one in dry watercolour crayon. I hope to put a complicated background on.

I have started with the caned bottom, if that is not right, it is not worth carrying on.

I will keep you posted on its progress…


A Scottish Island with a Spanking Castle…

This is another article about a spanking artist, to see the rest lick here…

Maybe I should have posted this for Hogmany!

Since joining the game at Oaks and Pines…

…a name has cropped up in conversation, it is that of an Artist and spanker extrodinaire, named Eilean Biethe,, you will see his signature on the art below.

But there is the mystery in itself…if you type the name into google you end up with lots of information about a Scottish Island, and believe it or not, the island of that name means ‘Birch Island’. Our first clue to what happened there!

The artist is rumoured to be a Professor from a University. But the name Alex pops up. Maybe Alex is a person who owned or owns the island, and the professor used the name of the island as a pseudonym.

It s not for me to pry, as you know, I try to respect privacy, so let’s just leave the identity at that, and leave him or her at peace.

It seems that Scotland’s tourist people were not pleased with a holiday attraction labelled a spanking castle on the island, used as a private spanking play space.

Read this article…

Thank you to Oaks and Pines for these illustrations, you can find out more at their site, including colour.

I must say that I love the artists portrayal of fine plump young bottoms!


Nikolai Endegor

Nikolai Endegor

Country: France 🇫🇷

Was born in 1953 in Leningrad, USSR. After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute in 1976, he worked at the Institute of Informatics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1994 to 2019 he was the leading developer of Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (Paris). Currently retired.
In 2005 he became interested in photography, being a self-taught amateur. The main characters of his photographs are Paris and its inhabitants. Favorite genres: urban environment and architecture, street photography, photo-art. Awards in photo contests: Best Photographer (Russia), 2009; Le plus grand concours photo du monde (France) 2014; AdMe Photo Awards 2014, 2016 (Grand Prix); Paris Pthoto Prize 2015 (Silver), 2020 (Gold); Black & White Spider Awards 2016, 2018 (Photographer of the Year – 2nd place); Trierenberg Photo Supercirqiut 2019, 2021 (Gold). Exhibitions: Vyborg, Russia (2017); Linz, Austria (2019); Paris, France (2019); Oudenburg, Belgium (2020).

If you type his name into Google, you will come up with some excellent photographs. Like it says above, his views of Paris are excellent.

For other bottom related artists/photographers/sculptors, click here…

My favourites are his shadow play…

But by far, my most favourite of all are his mixture of marble and flesh….

So please, go and give him some love! I have gone and put a comment on his Instagram Site.