Sharon is Caught Smoking ~ Story N0-1 by TradP

TradP is another rather interesting chap I have met through the interest of spanking, who has become a contributor, and also a club member.

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Sharon, a pretty girl with shoulder length brown wavy hair had never been considered as  a model student at her school but she was a diligent worker, respectful to her teachers, and well-behaved most of the time.

On this particular morning, her image amongst her peers at least, was about to change. She had only been at her new school for a few weeks after moving to the area. It was a much better school, the rules a little more rigid but she liked that, her previous school was very laid back. She settled in well in her new school and had made friends quickly and easily. 

On this particular morning as she walked to school, her mind was consumed with thoughts of rebellion, she wasn’t sure why she felt this way. She had been feeling suffocated by her perceived goody-two-shoes reputation and craved a taste of rebellion. And so, she decided to sneak out a cigarette that she had acquired from a friend  and smoke it along the way to school. She had seen some of the other girls smoking and she had tried a few in the park .

This is TradP’s thing, a full figured woman with a glorious bottom in tight fitting trousers.

Little did she know, her actions would not go unnoticed.

Her headmaster, Mr Stevens , who up until this point  had never even spoken to Sharon, was on his regular morning walk to school when he spotted Sharon taking a drag from her cigarette. Shocked and disappointed, he immediately challenged her, told her to extinguish the cigarette and to report to his study straight after assembly. 

Trembling with fear and already regretting the cigarette Sharon entered the headmaster’s study . She knew she was in serious trouble and her heart was beating out of her chest. As soon as the door closed behind her, she was met with a stern scolding from her headmaster. His voice was calm and stern, this only emphasised to her how much trouble she was actually in 

She hung her head in shame, knowing she had disappointed. Her headmaster’s voice grew louder and more authoritative as he scolded her for her reckless behavior.

Just when Sharon thought she had reached the peak of her humiliation, her headmaster uttered the words that she never thought she would hear: ‘You need to be taught a lesson, young lady.’ And with that, he marched over to his desk and pulled out a wooden chair.

Sharon’s heart sank as she realised what was about to happen. She had never been spanked in her life, and the thought of being bent over her headmaster’s knee was enough to bring tears to her eyes.

With trembling hands, she slowly made her way over to his desk and bent slowly over his knee, her tight thin grey uniform trousers stretched over her plump rounded bottom emphasising the target area, she felt like it was the biggest thing in the room and could feel herself quivering over his firm lap. 

itHer headmaster wasted no time in starting the punishment. His large hand struck her bottom, over and over again, each strike gaining more force and causing her bottom to flatten, wobble and jiggle under the pressure of his palm. 

Sharon couldn’t help but cry out in pain as her bottom turned a bright shade of red under the thin material. She could feel the heat radiating from her tightly trousered bottom, each cheek a separate mound of heat and pain, she couldn’t believe how much it stung.

As the spanking continued, her headmaster scolded her for her disobedience. He reminded her of the no smoking rule she had broken and how disappointed he was in her. The spanks kept coming, Sharon’s bottom was now bouncing under his heavy hand. Breathlessly she blurted out that she would never smoke again. This had no effect as his hand kept landing with precision and effect. Her cheeks were now a mass of stinging and scorching. 

When the spanking was finally over, Sharon was standing on shaky legs. Her bottom was throbbing and felt it like it was on fire. She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and they streamed down her face as she rubbed her burning bottom. The headmaster dismissed her with a final scolding and told her to return to class 

But as she walked out of the headmaster’s office, something unexpected happened. She felt a rush of excitement and a sense of enjoying the spanking. As she made her way to the girls’ toilets, she couldn’t help but look at her tightly trousered bottom in the mirror. The grey seat of her trousers stretched tightly over her swollen cheeks showed tell tale signs of his hard hand landing. The nap of the material gave away the fact that she had been spanked. 

Despite the pain, she couldn’t deny the shapely and plump appearance of her bottom. She admired how the trousers hugged her curves and how hot they felt from the spanking. Her hands cupped each cheek and she slowly squeezed to ease the pain. Curiosity got the better of her and she lowered her trousers to get a better look.

And there it was, her bottom was red, blotchy and visibly sore, but there was also a sense of satisfaction. She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying the pain, but she couldn’t help it. It was then that she realised  she was hooked on spanking and the feelings it aroused in her. 

From that day on, Sharon’s behavior changed. She no longer feared the headmaster’s office, in fact, she found herself getting in trouble more often just to experience the thrill of the spanking, slipper and eventually the cane. 

The girl in the story is my sister and although slightly embellished in places, this is pretty much how it happened. She was slippered and caned until she left school (which is in the home counties) Today she still has a big interest in CP and is an avid practitioner. 

Story Number Two will appear on his art page…

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9 thoughts on “Sharon is Caught Smoking ~ Story N0-1 by TradP

  1. Great story – looking forward to more to follow, and a great picture – I think that is one of my things too. Tight fitting trousers over a full bottom, beautiful.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. Plenty more to come. Many of the stories are true and there will be photos to accompany them.

  3. Dear TradP

    I enjoyed your naughty story.

    Perhaps your sister should join our club too. It might be fun to be punished with her, together. Of course I am a jolly good girl most of the time and never cheeky..,

    So where on earth did you get that TradP name from? If this is a trend shall I be SuzP?

    I am never cheeky though so I won’t say anymore!

    Suzette xx
    Ps I have a pair of tight jodhpurs.

  4. I’m also a huge fan of anything tight stretched taut across a girl’s backside- great picture!
    Getting the cane for smoking very much a thing back in the day!

  5. Thank you Suzette and Ben for you lovely positive comments. Jodhpurs are very close to my heart. I gave my first disciplinary spanking in a stable to a woman wearing jods lol. When I have been hear a bit I may well get my sister to say hello. She’s had an interest as long as I have. She’s quite shy but would love this place and Ben she still gets the cane for smoking!

  6. Thank you Suzette, this is just the encouragement TradP needs, I wish I had got it when I first started. It is so wonderful when people share thoughts on your writing. Especially a woman, when us men write, I can see a journey to your stables coming on for Suzette, but of course, I would expect photographs!

    Well, slowly slowly….who knows?

    In time, your sister and your friend might be bending with Suzette, whilst I, Suzettes partner, and you attend…..hmmmm… that means I will be punishing your sister then!!

    Happy days! ::Chuckles::…a triple caning, how wonderful!!

  7. Such a delight when Miss Suzette contributes she brings an interesting slant to our ‘Mutual Interest’ we have the French connection of course and she really is naughty if not downright perverse, bless her

    But what of you myriad lady lurkers, now lean forward, wipe your sticky fingers and keyboard tap in expressing yourselves !!

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