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The Slave Girl – Part 1

For many years Charlotte has fantasised about having her own submissive pet, a slave girl, to use and spank as she wished. She had read every one of the Gor books written by John Norman, and dreamed of using a red silk, a pleasure girl, in a Paga Tavern.

A few weeks go whilst browsing her favourite sites that she used for looking at during masturbation she saw an advert, for a Gorean style Slave auction, to be held, unbelievably in a town only twenty miles away. The venue being an old office block.

Submissive girls willing and needing to serve had paraded on the slave blocks, showing themselves off provocatively to attract a buyer. One called Samantha had caught her eye. Slim of waist, good hips, proud breasts, pert spankable bottom, long legs with vital ankles, and a pretty face.

The bidding had been ferocious, and she had spent much more than she wanted to, or could comfortably afford. But she had out bid her rivals. The girl was hers.

Dressed in her scanty Mistress outfit, she was shown to a set of dimly lit stairs. “She is in the slave pen down here, you have spent well.” Said the brute of a man who had taken her money…it was cash only. “Good luck, hope to see you again one day. She’s yours now, goodbye.”

As simple as that, she was now a Mistress, and had her very own slave girl. She took a deep breath, walked down the scary, cold and damp stairs to the pen. She pulled the wooden peg out of the rusty hasp, and opened the squeaking door to claim her.

Stood proud and tall, naked, apart from pink high heels she was nervously waiting for Mistress. Her eyes widened in delight when she saw her and she smiled nervously, ‘Hello Mistress.’

Charlotte put a bright shiny Gorean collar around her slave girl’s neck. It was attached to a rope which she held in her hand. In her other hand was a walking cane, she looked magnificent.

“From now on girl, you are called Spanky.”

Spanky beamed with pride, she loved her new slave name.

She tugged on the rope, and said simply, “Follow me Spanky.”

Their adventure began….

More soon….