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No-2 -A Full Blooded Thrashing – part 6

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The naughty girl’s beating carried on relentlessly. The small crowd of fellow sixth formers stood quietly now, watching the rhythmic swing of the cane, the thuds landing as if timed by a metronome, and the squeals hardly dying before she had to count out the next.

Swiiiish, thwack….”oooooooooooooh! Thirteen Miss!”

Swiiiish, thwack….”yeeeeeowwwww! Fourteen Miss!”

Swiiiish, thwack….”owwwwwwwwwww! Fifteen Miss!”

Legs kicked…

Knickers stretched…

And her bottom bounced and wiggled on the stool.

It was very much a spectacle!

Part 7

More to come…


Marie and Jean met Lucy and George – Part 6/10

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Marie and Jean met Lucy and George part 6/10

A few weeks later it was the monthly report card, and mine was so so. I was happy with my 10/20 average till I read Miss Fritton’s comments.

“Marie has improved her grades with consistently reaching the minimum average, but I want my girls to do more than successfully complete their exams. I want them to do so with honors. I demand an average grade of 12/20.

Marie should be punished for that lackluster monthly report card, and since it is never too late to do the proper thing, she should also atone for her poor baccalaureate grades. I am suggesting a good belting of no less than 16 strokes.”


I didn’t say more. Lucy was having me reading her log book.

“Lucy was punished a month ago with 12 strokes of the belt for not having met my standard of 12/20, and this month, although having improved her standing, she is still quite short with only 11/20. Therefore, I am advocating a severe belting of no less than 20 strokes.”

She had read mine and summed up. “We are toast!”

I was dumbfounded. I hadn’t imagined that Miss Fritton could be so severe. Lucinda grabbed my log book and read for everyone. “A good belting of no less than 16 strokes.”

Amy echoed. “Whoa! sixteen! I never got more than fourteen.”

Amelia chimed. “That’s going to warm up your arse!”

Lucinda gave her a high five. “On Monday, we will know if softy Frenchy makes second base!”

I guessed that first base was the hairbrush, and I didn’t dare ask about the third one.

For the ride back home, Lucy was still her exuberant self and tried to reassure me. “Even if the belt is quite stingy, it won’t be more than a few minutes!”

I couldn’t help laughing. “You’re probably used to it, but it will be a first for me!”

Back home, I found that Jean was having a beer with George and Lucy soon joined us as she must have found a message inviting her. The boys asked for our log books. We were red face as we handed them.

They echoed each other’s after having read them. “Oh, boy!”

Jean asked, “You’re ok with that Pussycat?”

“Yes! Whatever it takes, and as severe as Lucy gets it. I am not a softy Frenchy.”

Jean asked. “Is that how they call you in that school?”

I nodded with a blush.

George warned. “If you want it as severe as Lucy, it will be twenty strokes.”

“Well, it isn’t only for my poor report card, it’s also for the lousy grades of my baccalaureate. I deserve the same as Lucy.”

Jean turned to George. “I have never done that. I don’t want her to be injured.”

George reassured him. “I’ll show you, and don’t worry, she won’t be injured, but she will have a well reddened bum.”

It was agreed that we would be belted next morning at Lucy and George’s place.


I immediately saw the belt on the cleared dining room table. Both ends were tapped with black tape.

Jean again asked me if I want to go through with it. I repeated my determination.

George lightened the mood with, “It will hurt him more than you!”

I laughed till George ordered. “Take off your skirts and knickers, and dropped them on that chair.”

I had quite a blush as George saw my curls.

The next order was to bend over the table and grab the over end. I kept my legs as tightly closed as I could.

I heard two meaty smacks echoed by Lucy. “OH! AH! OUCH!”

I also heard George telling Jean. “Hold the belt from where both ends were taped together. You don’t need to smack her bum as if you were going to ax a tree.”

Jean held the belt, and swung it to and from, to get a feel for it. He eyed my bottom and raised it, then…


I offered a couple of very convincing. “AIE! AIE!”

Jean sounded nervous as he asked. “You’re ok Bébé?”

Lucy laughed. “Bébé! That’s cute!”

Her teasing was cut short with. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Which she duly acknowledged with. “OUCH! OUCH! OUCHEE!”

I was next with. SMACK! “AIE!” SMACK! “AIE!” SMACK! “AIE!”

I no longer could keep my legs closed, and my bum was too fiery to care about what I was showing the boys.

George announced. “The last four across the top of her thighs. Try not to stop each time, keep swinging, almost like a big figure eight. Lift it, smack it down, let it crack but keep control of it, let it swing back. Then as it downs, bring it back to where it was before, and round in an arc…then down. Get a rhythm going, as if to music.”

Jean practiced on a cushion.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
“It’s like tennis!”

George nodded, “Yes, that’s right. Doing great!”

Jean stared at my bottom, and swing the belt like a man with a scythe.

George thought that it was poetry in motion.


Jean again asked. “You’re ok Pussycat?”

“I am not made of sugar!”

Jean probably didn’t appreciate the humor, and those last four had me dancing from foot to foot.



My bum and thighs were on fire, and George ordered. “No rubbing! Face that wall with your hands atop your heads!”

We obeyed, and I saw that Lucy’s eyes were dry while mine were teary. I felt my butt throbbing and my thighs were burning.

I wanted to rub, but kept my hands atop my head. I no longer felt ashamed of having almost flunked my baccalaureate. After all, I hadn’t flunked it, and I was well punished for my poor grades. I mused. ‘Dear Papa was a softy. He should have given me that belting, but thanks to Jean you now got it. Ouch! and Aie! it stings! You have to admit that it’s well deserved, and same with having to stand cul nu au coin exposing your well belted butt to the world.

I looked over and George was patting Jean’s back. “Well done, you are very adept, a natural!”

B and Asa
To be continued…

Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/1 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Adult Schoolgirls

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Part One

Adult School Girls

Whilst spanking someone stripped totally naked can be very erotic, I believe that it is more fun if the spankee starts off fully clothed. The spanker can enjoy removing whatever items of clothing are worn, bit by bit. It’s a bit like unwrapping a birthday gift! Excitement surges at the moment when skirts are flipped up and underwear is slowly drawn down to reveal the bare bottom, the prime focus for both the spanker and spankee. However, there is always the agonising decision for the spankee to make – what exactly to wear? The spanker will of course also have their own preferences about what they wish their spankee to wear.

Spanking games/role plays invariably involve participants dressing up to play their parts. It helps them get into character and adds to the eroticism of the scene for both participants enormously. To enjoy having your bottom spanked your mind must be in the right place, otherwise it just hurts! Wearing a costume can help you to get into the right mindset, although what the spanker says is also important. After all, spanking is as much a verbal fetish as a physical one: ‘I’m going to spank your bottom, young lady… I’m going to take your knickers down and bare your pretty derriere… I’m going to give you a damn good walloping….Get across my knee…NOW!… Howl, kick and wriggle as much as you like’ etc…

The variety of costumes that turn people on are bewildering, some fairly predictable, whilst others I find downright bizarre, such as the current trend to buy onesies with a bum flap!

I have to confess I have amassed a number of ‘spanking costumes’ over the years, all very much treasured and stored in my special ‘naughty wardrobe’, along with my collection of spanking implements. In this and in following posts I intend to briefly examine some of the ‘uniforms’ that frequently feature in spanking images and films. There’s nothing new about doing this, but you might enjoy the images! I’ve tried to acknowledge the sources wherever possible. Apologies where they remain unidentified.

Naughty adult schoolgirls

A rather fetching model from the St.McKenzie’s website –

Her skirt is certainly not regulation length and would earn her a trip to the headteacher’s study!

Probably the most appealing outfit as far as male spankers are concerned is the spankee dressed as a schoolgirl. Such an outfit usually involves a tartan or plain pleated skirt, white blouse and school tie, with either traditional full school gym knickers (dark blue, green or sometimes maroon) or more skimpy plain white knickers. Either short or knee length white socks are worn, with black Mary-Jane shoes. Senior girls may, of course, be permitted to wear suspenders and black stockings! Long-haired girls usually wear their hair either tied up in a ponytail, in bunches or in pig-tails to accentuate their ‘girly youthfulness’. A boater may also be worn, but isn’t essential and has the annoying habit of falling off when you bend over!

A delightful sequence of schoolgirl pictures from Janus Magazine:

Another nice sequence with Leia-Ann Woods dressed as a schoolgirl

The Japanese seem to prefer sailor suit school uniforms, particularly when it comes to spanking. The uniforms certainly possess a similar appeal to the British version:

The collage below comes from ‘Cutiespankees’, a Japanese spanking website, showing two mothers spanking their errant daughters dressed in sailor suits. It’s an interesting variant on OTK

Another set from the same source with a mother caning her daughter dressed in a sailor outfit.

Miss Kenworthy delivers a very sound caning to Miss Carter’s knicker-clad bottom in an ‘Institute of Discipline’ video:

A classic caning over the headmaster’s desk from the ‘Girls Boarding School’ website. The short tartan skirt is carefully folded over the girl’s back and the white kickers are firmly lowered to her knees in preparation for her caning – six or possibly more of the best judging by the marks?!

The unmistakable Rosaleen Young (even from the rear!) in a red tartan school skirt and tight plain white knickers from a ‘Spank My Bottom’ film called ‘Just a Caning’. Her knickers don’t stay on for long! After each stroke she counts and thanks the lady teacher caning her in a lovely schoolgirl voice… ‘Three …thank you, Madame’!

Miss Brown caning a girl dressed in a more traditional-style ‘St. Trinians’ pinafore school dress with a coloured sash in a film called ‘Caned Everyday’, a ‘Miss Marchmont’ production:

Lucy Bailey, wearing suspenders and black nylons, is spanked and caned by the fearsome headmistress, Miss Brown in a Redstripe Classic/Strictly English film called ‘You Two Again’. She is one of the few regular left-handed spankers on the scene:

A rather lovely sequence from an early Janus magazine of a young schoolmistress spanking and caning a girl in a slightly unusual school uniform:

Part two to follow soon.

Three’s – No-1 – three spanking friends…Part 5

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Reading the spanking book, and looking at the naughty pictures, Charlotte and Kate had a lovely hard orgasm each.

Samantha studied them coming, especially when Kate spurted love juice on her thigh and knickers freely.

If you zoom in, Samantha is pointing to where her juices squirted, it ran down her inner thigh.

Then it was Samantha’s turn, both her friends twiddled with her pussy.

They held her wrists, and gripped her open thighs wide between theirs as they rubbed, and fingered her sopping wet cunt.

More to come…


By Order of the Peaky Blinders!..another little adventure with Asa.

I suppose a lot if you have no idea what that means. It’s a British T.V. programme, one of my favourites, which has just had its final episode ever, after four brilliant series. There might be a film.

Near the end Tommy Shelby sits, as a gypsy caravan burns…

The scene was shot about half an hour away from where I live. I have walked the peaks and dales of the ‘Peak District’, in Derbyshire, England, all my life. It is what I call my ‘home stone’.

If you look over his left shoulder, you will see ‘Dragons Back Hill’ (also known as Parkhouse Hill) to the right is Chrome Hill. In my youth, after being a ‘mod’, with a scooter (think Quadraphinia), I went through a Hippy phase. There is a fantastic thing happens on these hills, once a year, every year, on the summer solstace. Hippies used to gather on the Dragons, to look at Chrome Hill as the sun set. It hits it bang on the top, and the light reflecting from the hill is bright, like chrome, it’s reflective…

It’s even better after a smoke of weed….”hey dude, it’s cosmic!”

But what happens is almost unbelievable. The reflected light, reflects the sun. It creates a mirage. The angle of the hill, and the path of the sun line up, it looks like it is a ball of fire, running down the hillside…BUT…the reflection (mirage) rolls down the other side.

Some years it’s not much more than a pale reflection, but I was lucky…or was it the weed and the girls hand wrapped around my cock as we smoked? Who knows, but what I saw was ‘other worldly’, two Suns, rolling down a mountain, (as we had a sort of orgy I suppose), put it this way, lots of hands were very busy in warm places!

Anyway….when I was fit, and young, I used to go climbing. I could almost run up these hills. Now, I am 70. …..excuse me, but when I say that I have to follow it by saying ‘fucking bastard twat!!!’….and not so fit. But I do okay.

Today I went to an old blacksmiths shop, now a hikers cafe, and stocked up on fuel…human fuel…(an English Breakfast)

Here I am…the aged old fart who entertains you!

God, I enjoyed this brekkie no end…it was smashing!

Still got it at 70!!! Have your knickers dropped off? I have that effect…

Then, I set off, on my old route. I climbed the first hill (fuck me! They might call it a hill, but it is like a mountain at my age!)

I had to rest more than I used to, but I reckon I had burned off half the breakfast! So now it was the Dragons Back!


After doing the first hill…::sigh::…sadly my 70 years and the breakfast took its toll, I got 3/4 of the way up and had to stop. In my youth I would be running here!

Defeated maybe….a bit sad…definitely.

But I looked back at the hill I had just walked over and smiled. “Not bad old lad! Good try.” I steadily made my way back, to a Honesty Shop.

I love where I live, we are nice people…spanking addicts maybe…but basically good, kind, and honest. You never see proprietor in a honesty shop, they sell tea, coffee, cakes, ice cream….and out of honesty you pay, either by money or card. If money, you drop it in a box, if a note, you take your change. They are open for 12 hours, 7.30 to 7.30. We all pay, nobody steals it.

Bend over, and we might smack your bottom, but steal your money…no!

Here I am, with my trusty 30 year old (self made) walking stick and 60 year old haversack, (the leather straps creak more than my knees). I chose a salted caramel ice cream.

Walking back to my car my mind went to my blog, and decided what to write. THIS!

I don’t do this often, last time I took you down some spookey tunnels I explored.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me, we are friends aren’t we? Please come with me again….but now, it is time to get back to spanking!


A Glimpse Into ….My collection of Spanking Curios.

My emporium is quite a mix isn’t it? Come and have a look at some of the curios, here are just a few, to tempt you to come and see more…

Got you a bit interested? I hope so. There are loads more, and not only in this section. But it’s a good place to start! Click here to view more….

And that is only the tip of the iceberg!


Lady Charlotte’s Punishment Room ~ Part Three

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Lady Charlotte was in no hurry to begin Samantha’s second punishment session and instructed her to remain standing by the wall whilst she sought some refreshment. The wretched girl could wait and contemplate the circumstances that had brought her to the punishment room. Making the wretched girl wait was her prerogative and would no doubt add to the girl’s apprehension. Before she left the room, she made sure that the tawse she had decided to use next was visible on top of the spanking horse.

Once Lady Charlotte had left and closed the door, Samantha breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She knew that she had more to come, but at least she didn’t have to endure the stern gaze of her Mistress every time she so much as moved. Her bottom was still throbbing and very sore, but the burning sting was beginning to subside, slowly transforming into a pleasant warm glow that was now spreading towards her loins. She carefully reached under her skirts and gently rubbed her chastened cheeks which still remained uncovered, her drawers dangling precariously around her knees. She then moved her right hand around to her front and guiltily felt her pussy. It was distinctly wet! She felt a strong urge to rub herself, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk. What if her Mistress suddenly returned and caught her? Quickly she removed her hand and clasped them together across her apron to avoid temptation. How was it that she had found having her bare bottom spanked by Mistress so ‘stimulating’? It was a mystery. The spanking had certainly hurt, but she had inexplicably found being across her Mistress’ knee rather exciting and definitely arousing. It was all very strange!

Charlotte decided to leave Samantha waiting for quite a while. She wanted to give the girl’s bottom time to stop ‘blushing’ quite so hotly so that she could enjoy laying fresh bands of red heat across it with her special tawse. In an ideal World, she would perhaps have preferred to have spaced out Samantha’s punishments over several days, since she preferred starting a punishment with a ‘fresh unblemished canvas.’ However, this would have been impractical given the need to deal promptly with the three incidents Samantha had committed. Better to nip the problem in the bud straight away!

Finally, after about half-an-hour or so had elapsed, Lady Charlotte returned to the punishment room. She moved the long wooden bench out into the centre of the room and then stood behind the spanking horse again like a judge presiding over a courtroom.

Charlotte stared intently at Samantha for some minutes before abruptly pronouncing sentence for her second misdemeanour.
“Now we come to your second offence – that of helping yourself to my Sherry. Whilst you probably experienced a nice warm feeling inside consuming my best Sherry, I think you’ll find your next punishment distinctly hotter when applied to your bottom! I propose to give you 12 strokes with this strap. It’s called a Devil’s Tail or Dragon’s Tail tawse. As you can see the end of the strap is split into two tapering tongues, which broaden out at the end forming a triangular shape, a bit like a tail. It’s a heavy strap and I’m told really stings like the Devil when well applied to a naughty girl’s BARE bottom! If you thought a hand spanking hurt, think again, young lady!”

Samantha’s eyes stared mesmerised by the sight of the strap as though it was a venomous snake. It looked really fearsome. She gulped, her stomach somersaulting at the thought of that instrument wrapping itself around her naked buttocks.

“It looks really scary doesn’t it, young lady?” said Charlotte, “I’m sure you will find that it lives up to its name, but I expect you to accept this punishment with as much grace as you can muster. Try not to wriggle around or squeal too much.”

“Yes, Ma’am, it certainly does look VERY scary,” Samantha whispered nervously, wondering how on earth she would be able to stay quiet and still with such a strap lashing her defenceless buttocks.

Lady Charlotte pointed imperiously at the low bench, “Kneel down on the floor in front of that bench. Bend right over it with your hands on the floor and stick your backside out as far as you can.”

Samantha complied and Charlotte quickly raised Samantha’s skirts again to bare her backside. She sat down next to Samantha enjoying the sight of her prone form, carefully inspecting the buttocks of her ‘chatell’. She was pleased, observing that Samantha’s bottom now looked far less red than it had done immediately after she had finished spanking her. It gave her a nearly fresh ‘canvas’ again on which to work. Just lovely!

“Now young lady, in a moment I’m going to thrash your bottom with my strap. It’ll sting … a lot, but you must remain in position. I want you to keep count, thanking me for each one. If by any chance you should attempt to evade the strap or miscount, then I shall start again. Do I make myself clear?”

Samantha ignored the question and started pleading, “Oh Ma’am, do you really have to strap me? Wasn’t the spanking you’ve just given me sufficient? My bottom is still very sore.”

“I hardly think having your bottom hand spanked is anywhere near sufficient punishment for your several misdemeanours! Before I’m finished with you, your backside must be well whacked and welted with my tawse and cane. Only then will you have paid for your misdeeds.”

Samantha kicked up her right leg and stamped it down on the floor, unwisely shouting out in her frustration, “Oh, it’s so unfair!”

“Temper, temper, young lady. You’ll pay for that little outburst. I expect total submission from my staff. Just to make the point, I think I’ll add three more strokes to your dozen.”

Samantha let out a loud groan of despair, “Oh Ma’am, Nooooh! Please don’t. Please be merciful.”

“Certainly not! You must be taught unquestioning obedience. You’ll soon learn under my pliant leather strap!”

“Oooohhhh!” came Samantha’s response.

“Now, returning to my original question, I hope that you understood the need to remain in position and count each stroke… unless of course you want even more strokes?”

“Oh no, Ma’am… I’ll count and try to remain in position,” Samantha whimpered, now feeling totally defeated. Tears had already reformed in her eyes. She glanced at her Mistress. Her face looked very stern, but she noticed that her eyes almost seemed to gleam with pleasure. Was her ladyship actually enjoying thrashing her bottom? Was she somehow ‘getting off’ on doing it?

Before she could ponder this question any further, Lady Charlotte stood up and strolled over to the spanking horse to retrieve the wicked looking strap.

She slapped it playfully across the palm of her hand, a look of sheer bliss on her face as she relished the thought of strapping her maid’s bare bottom so beautifully presented for her over the bench. I’ll make sure she feels every single stroke. I’ll make sure she dances and howls before I’ve finished with her! Oh yes!

“Right, young lady. Brace yourself! You can cry out and squeal as loudly as you want. No one will hear you… but DON’T forget to count!”

Lady Charlotte took up her position to Samantha’s right side standing astride the bench so that she was immediately above her maid’s bottom. She raised the strap and steadied it with her left hand whilst she decided where to strike first.

Samantha closed her eyes and held her breath. Suddenly she heard the strap WOOSHH through the air before landing with a loud THWACKKK! across the crown of her quivering buttocks.

Immediately she experienced an intense burning sting. She gasped and screamed loudly “YEEEOWWHHH!”, frantically waggling her bottom from side to side as she tried to absorb the sudden blaze of heat that enveloped her soft mounds.

Lady Charlotte examined the broad red smear she had imparted extending right across the centre of Samantha’s jiggling buttocks.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, young lady?” Charlotte enquired in the ensuing silence.

Samantha suddenly remembered what she was meant to do. “OH! Sorry, Milady. That was one! Th..Thank you, Milady.”

“That’s better. I won’t prompt you again, so be warned …unless, of course, you want me to start again!”

She then aimed the next stroke low down across the join where Samantha’s round cheeks met her thighs. The strap landed with a tremendous THWACKKK! as it ‘lovingly kissed’ the soft tender flesh. This was extremely painful and Samantha yelled lustily in response, her buttocks writhing in a most obscene manner.

“NEEYNNNG! YEEEEOWHHHH! ….Oh, Ma’am… it b…burns so! OH! OHHHHH! ….T..Two, thank you, Ma’am.”

Charlotte chuckled, “Well, I did warn you this tawse ‘stings like the Devil’! Now, prepare yourself… here comes your next stroke.

So saying she raised the strap up high and brought it slashing down landing with yet another loud THWACKK!, again across the lowest portion of Samantha’s buttocks.

YEEEEOWHHHH!” Samantha howled, tears now pouring down her face. God, how that strap stung, far far worse than her Ladyship’s hand…. and yet, this was accompanied by a resurgence of that wonderful feeling of warmth spreading insistently through to her loins.

Samantha looked round at her Mistress through the blur of her tears. Lady Charlotte looked magnificent, almost regal, despite that wicked strap that she held firmly in her right hand. For some inexplicable reason, Samantha almost welcomed the harsh treatment that was being meted out to her naked buttocks from this woman. She could see that the woman was really enjoying herself which in turn seemed to be triggering off her own feelings of arousal.

Lost in thought, Samantha almost forgot to count until Charlotte tapped her bottom lightly with the strap.

Quickly Samantha whispered, “Three, thank you Ma’am.”

“Try not to lose concentration, young lady,” commented Charlotte. “I’m sure that you don’t want me to start the count again!”

Samantha remained silent, breathing heavily, as she awaited the next stroke. However, Charlotte was in no hurry to continue and spent a while stroking the strap up and down Samantha’s bottom and, at one point, lightly drew the tail up between Samantha’s thighs slowly brushing against her cunt lips and then over her anus. Samantha let out a quiet moan of pleasure and parted her legs slightly, revealing her swollen moist pussy lips.

Charlotte observed Samantha’s reactions. ‘So, young lady,’ Samantha thought, ‘your bottom may be stinging and smarting from the strap, but it’s clearly not all pain for you! Very interesting indeed. Let’s see how you cope with the remaining strokes?’

This time Lady Charlotte delivered two strokes in quick succession that left little time for Samantha to respond.


“Four, th…”


“OOOHHHH! F..Five th..thank you, Ma’am.”

And so Charlotte continued to relentlessly apply the strap, stroke after stroke, painting Samantha’s bottom and thighs a beautiful deep red colour. Samantha howled and struggled to maintain her position, but just managed to retain control of her wits to count out each stroke. She had no desire to push the count beyond the allotted fifteen strokes, despite the contradictory feelings of pleasure that seemed to accompany the pain.

Finally she called out, “F…FIFTEEN! Th..Thank you Ma’am!” She lay across the bench exhausted, sobbing for some time whilst Lady Charlotte stood back admiring her maid’s well-strapped buttocks. Charlotte had found it a most invigorating session and felt incredibly aroused herself. Her right hand slipped down her dress and pressed between her legs. She clearly needed to find release for her arousal, but that could wait just a while longer. She was very strict with herself and managed somehow to resist the temptation to pleasure herself at this stage. She still had a caning to deliver, the final part of Samantha’s punishment.

Lady Charlotte placed the strap down on the bench next to Samantha and admired her handiwork yet again. ‘Not a bad job, if I say so myself!’ she thought.

Right, young Lady. You took that punishment extremely well. You may stand up now and resume your position standing by the wall. I’ll leave you for a while to recover, but I will be back. There’s one more punishment due before your slate is finally wiped clean….the cane!”

Once Lady Charlotte had left the room for the second time, Samantha wasted no time. She quickly gave her well-heated cheeks a quick rub. The pain had been indescribable, but so also had the bright flashes of pleasure that somehow penetrated to her now thoroughly moist cunt. Unlike her Ladyship, she hadn’t the will to resist her urgent demands any longer. She just had to seek relief now before her mistress returned! Quickly, she inserted her hand through the front split of her drawers finding her stiffly erect clitoris and frantically rubbed herself to orgasm with her fingers. It didn’t take long as she slumped against the wall desperately trying to stifle her screams of pleasure as the spasms rippled through her….OH! YES! OHH! YES! YES! OHHHHHHHHH!… MMMHHH! She had never ever experienced anything quite so intense in all her life!
It took Samantha some time to fully recover her senses. Despite the fact that her bottom now felt extremely sore and throbbed, she felt elated. She wiped her hand on her apron and then straightened her dress and petticoats. Her breathing gradually slowed as she tried to compose herself for her next and final session – an appointment with her Ladyship’s cane!

In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Three

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What happened next was almost unbelievable. Surely the two naughty schoolgirls realised that you were watching. It was obvious, your ladder was against the wall, resting just above the window. You were cleaning the upper panes behind the blind…but maybe not, perhaps because they could not see your face, they thought you could not see them.

Anyway…they began to masturbates hard and fast. This made you think even more that they thought you could not see, they were trying to cum before you descended.

First the girl on the left was fiddling with her pussy.

Then, both together the naughty schoolgirls fingered themselves, it was a wonderful sight.

But what happened next realised a dream. You heard a booming voice!

“Charlotte! Samantha! You naughty naughty girls, stand up and pull your knickers up right now! Turn around, and bend over the desk, you disgraceful, naughty girls!” Said a very strict older woman’s voice.

Your dreams had come true, they were going to be spanked.

More to come…