Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/1 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Adult Schoolgirls

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Part One

Adult School Girls

Whilst spanking someone stripped totally naked can be very erotic, I believe that it is more fun if the spankee starts off fully clothed. The spanker can enjoy removing whatever items of clothing are worn, bit by bit. It’s a bit like unwrapping a birthday gift! Excitement surges at the moment when skirts are flipped up and underwear is slowly drawn down to reveal the bare bottom, the prime focus for both the spanker and spankee. However, there is always the agonising decision for the spankee to make – what exactly to wear? The spanker will of course also have their own preferences about what they wish their spankee to wear.

Spanking games/role plays invariably involve participants dressing up to play their parts. It helps them get into character and adds to the eroticism of the scene for both participants enormously. To enjoy having your bottom spanked your mind must be in the right place, otherwise it just hurts! Wearing a costume can help you to get into the right mindset, although what the spanker says is also important. After all, spanking is as much a verbal fetish as a physical one: ‘I’m going to spank your bottom, young lady… I’m going to take your knickers down and bare your pretty derriere… I’m going to give you a damn good walloping….Get across my knee…NOW!… Howl, kick and wriggle as much as you like’ etc…

The variety of costumes that turn people on are bewildering, some fairly predictable, whilst others I find downright bizarre, such as the current trend to buy onesies with a bum flap!

I have to confess I have amassed a number of ‘spanking costumes’ over the years, all very much treasured and stored in my special ‘naughty wardrobe’, along with my collection of spanking implements. In this and in following posts I intend to briefly examine some of the ‘uniforms’ that frequently feature in spanking images and films. There’s nothing new about doing this, but you might enjoy the images! I’ve tried to acknowledge the sources wherever possible. Apologies where they remain unidentified.

Naughty adult schoolgirls

A rather fetching model from the St.McKenzie’s website –

Her skirt is certainly not regulation length and would earn her a trip to the headteacher’s study!

Probably the most appealing outfit as far as male spankers are concerned is the spankee dressed as a schoolgirl. Such an outfit usually involves a tartan or plain pleated skirt, white blouse and school tie, with either traditional full school gym knickers (dark blue, green or sometimes maroon) or more skimpy plain white knickers. Either short or knee length white socks are worn, with black Mary-Jane shoes. Senior girls may, of course, be permitted to wear suspenders and black stockings! Long-haired girls usually wear their hair either tied up in a ponytail, in bunches or in pig-tails to accentuate their ‘girly youthfulness’. A boater may also be worn, but isn’t essential and has the annoying habit of falling off when you bend over!

A delightful sequence of schoolgirl pictures from Janus Magazine:

Another nice sequence with Leia-Ann Woods dressed as a schoolgirl

The Japanese seem to prefer sailor suit school uniforms, particularly when it comes to spanking. The uniforms certainly possess a similar appeal to the British version:

The collage below comes from ‘Cutiespankees’, a Japanese spanking website, showing two mothers spanking their errant daughters dressed in sailor suits. It’s an interesting variant on OTK

Another set from the same source with a mother caning her daughter dressed in a sailor outfit.

Miss Kenworthy delivers a very sound caning to Miss Carter’s knicker-clad bottom in an ‘Institute of Discipline’ video:

A classic caning over the headmaster’s desk from the ‘Girls Boarding School’ website. The short tartan skirt is carefully folded over the girl’s back and the white kickers are firmly lowered to her knees in preparation for her caning – six or possibly more of the best judging by the marks?!

The unmistakable Rosaleen Young (even from the rear!) in a red tartan school skirt and tight plain white knickers from a ‘Spank My Bottom’ film called ‘Just a Caning’. Her knickers don’t stay on for long! After each stroke she counts and thanks the lady teacher caning her in a lovely schoolgirl voice… ‘Three …thank you, Madame’!

Miss Brown caning a girl dressed in a more traditional-style ‘St. Trinians’ pinafore school dress with a coloured sash in a film called ‘Caned Everyday’, a ‘Miss Marchmont’ production:

Lucy Bailey, wearing suspenders and black nylons, is spanked and caned by the fearsome headmistress, Miss Brown in a Redstripe Classic/Strictly English film called ‘You Two Again’. She is one of the few regular left-handed spankers on the scene:

A rather lovely sequence from an early Janus magazine of a young schoolmistress spanking and caning a girl in a slightly unusual school uniform:

Part two to follow soon.

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  1. Great photo stories.I really enjoyed the spankings especially the otk ones.great collections and stories as well.very well done.Thanks

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