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More Tunnel Exploration….

You might have come across my story set in the Spanking Tunnels…

To wet your appetite, this is the type of thing that goes on….

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But either before you do, or after you have had a peep…. Have a look at these, please.

I have been doing some further exploration.

All my life I have searched for the curious and used to have a Facebook page of my exploits….most are simple curiosities, but many are spiritual places, like stone circles.

But eventually my mind turned to the macabre, many were witches caves, ghostly place, hermits caves, Druid stones of sacrifice, old deserted houses…..and tunnels, there are so many tunnels!

I did Tarot readings for people for years, and surprisingly a lot of my interest arose from that…until something scary happened, and I stopped, abruptly. Best not to dabble is my advice. I got quite good at it, and let’s say…”the other side noticed.” I wrote a novel based on it, in paperback and e-book, and it all stemmed from that…but that is another story, for a dark night with candles. I can tell a good ghost story!

That book is ‘The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves’, by Asa Jones…

But for now, let’s get you to the tunnels, I have done my photos in black and white…for atmosphere….yes these are my own photos, taken just three days ago.

I managed to get an old Victorian map, it showed all the tunnels. Now, most are all overgrown in a huge forest…dark and forbidding. The tunnels have skylights, to light them up, but over the centuries of lying undiscovered, many skylights have fallen into the tunnels, and the three foot circular openings are covered in growth…one step and, down you go. So..we walk with long sticks, prodding before us. We are here in January because the forest floor is clearer.

There are over fifteen miles of tunnels, and the skylights are every twelve feet. The tunnels join and pass, under the forest floor, there must be around a thousand skylights…many now…a death trap. Who would find you? Some of the tunnels are rumoured to have mud, several feet deep.

So, we do not go alone, and we walk in single file, armed with torches, flasks of tea, and fully charged phones.

We find a brick lined gulley, leaves and trees fill it, but it is passable. We lower ourselves, it is around eight feet deep, twenty feet wide. I have never seen it before, I am excited, my voice shakes and I tremble. I can see where we are on the map! After only half an hour we find an opening, a huge opening, with a curved roof.

The ‘Prince of Silence’ as he was known had some tunnels built where two stage coaches could pass.

Oh, a note of caution, do not smoke, in World War II, ammunition was stored in some, and people say, not all of it has been cleared.

I am searching for the ballroom, and the library, which he had underground. Some of the art in the library were reputed to be old masters. I have been to the museum, found a painting of him! And lots of his treasure on show, he must have been fabulously rich.

The numbers on the walls are from the war, this must be one of the ammunition stores…it is clear. People might have been, it is littered with debris, but just looks less crowded than my previous visits. “Come on! Keep close.”

We walk and find a metal ladder leading to another level…

We climb and slide through, into a courtyard! Of sorts, it is the hub! To me, a fantastic place I have only read of, so it still exists!! Fabulous!

I am in tunnel heaven! Secret passages and tunnels lead everywhere. From my reading, I count three from the north corner, it is only fifty yards long and we soon come to the ballroom!

I can imagine the orchestra, ladies in fine gowns, masked spanking balls…(yes they did happen here)…illuminated by jets of gas…huge flickering flames.

We went down the one on the right, to the library…

Ivy and rhododendron grow everywhere, it is spookey yet beautiful. The only noise is a Robin.

Light was starting to fail, but I wanted to find the fabled pleasure rooms. Time for another tunnel! We took number nine, I had worked it out from my old books…

Light began to fail, yet down here are the spanking rooms, the dungeons, and the Torture Gardens. I so wanted to carry on, but that is all for another day.

If it goes dark, and we get lost..ooooohhhh, it does not bare thinking of.

But I have found them, I know the way in. I might be one of the only people who does.

I will go back one day. Next year, when the vegetation is dead again. In a few weeks it will be overgrown and too dangerous.

I’ll keep you posted.


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Part 3

You can find parts one and two by clicking on ‘PHOTO STORIES’ above.

Introduction …

Having devoted parts 1 and 2 of the St. Helena ‘chronicles’ the two naughty girls, Charlotte and Kate, it seemed only right and proper that this third part focused a bit more on Miss Tamara Kenworthy, my Head of Discipline. Her arrival at St. Helena’s was recorded in Part 1 of the chronicles.

Tamara has now been with the school for over three years and has managed to ‘keep a lid’ on some of the worst excesses that a bunch of naughty schoolgirls can generate. I have lost count of the naughty young bottoms that she has spanked and thrashed, although an inspection of the School’s official leather bound punishment books (now running into four volumes) might enable me to put a precise figure on this statement. However, I have far more pressing things to do than idly trolling through these, interesting as the exercise might otherwise prove to be!

Miss Kenworthy was both respected and feared by the majority of girls in the school. If a girl ended up in her ‘Report Room’, they knew that they would be punished. She was never sadistic, but her punishments were always proportional to the seriousness of their offence, ranging from a simple over the knee hand spanking to an all-out ‘flogging’ with a senior strap or cane, the culprit being firmly held down over a gym horse. She insisted that her punishments were always given ‘on the bare’. As she would often say:

“A girl’s skirt and knickers don’t need spanking. It’s the bottom that resides within them that needs it!”

I shall start this volume by recounting how Tamara first developed and honed her skills as a disciplinarian when she was Head Girl at Lady Anne’s School for Girls at the age of 18. Rather amusingly, these skills started to develop not across the soft bare bottoms of naughty younger girls, but across firmer, more muscular male buttocks – those of one of her own teachers, a certain Mr. G.Reece!
Mr.Asa Jones MA (Oxon)

St. Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls

Chapter 1: The making of a disciplinarian

In her sixth year, Tamara was appointed Head Girl. She was a very well respected girl at her school both by her peers and by the school’s staff. She was always very diligent and dutiful in her work, as well as being a fun and loving friend to know. She was quite rightly a very popular girl.

During her time at school, she had seen a lot of girls punished, quite often on the bare bottom over a teacher’s knee, bent over touching their toes or bending over some form of punishment furniture. When she was a younger pupil, she too had been subjected to such punishments, so had experienced what it was like to be on the ‘receiving end’.

Ever since the day that she first saw a girl punished, it intrigued and excited her. Many a night in bed, before sleep, would be spent with her fingers working in her warm, moist pussy as she imagined punishing another girl, or, more often, one of the boys from the school on the other side of town. How she wished her school was mixed, instead of being all girls. She would love to have seen a naughty boy, bent over, pants down and squealing like a girl, as some master thwacked a rattan cane across his naughty cheeks. It was well known that the boys’ school had much harder punishments than the girls’. Some were even administered in front of the whole school! The number of strokes awarded were often much higher, up to 24 strokes on the bare in extreme cases.

So it has to be said that, even in her formative years, spanking was often on her mind.

So how did Tamara develop into the formidable disciplinarian that I appointed to be my Head of Discipline at St. Helena’s?

It all began on an April day. One of the history teachers, Miss Cooper, had asked Tamara to collect some photocopying she had done for her. It was for a project that she was doing on the ‘Tunnels of Welbeck Abbey’. She had left it in a locked study room for her to collect. One of the other teachers, a Mr.G. Reece, overheard Miss Cooper asking Tamara to fetch the photocopies.

Mr. Reece was a well respected member of staff, but a lot of the girls found him a little too much at times. He often stood too close to them, invading their personal space, when he was describing something on a one-to-one basis. It made them feel a little uneasy.

The truth of the matter was that secretly Mr Reece was very fond of girls’ bottoms. Using his phone camera, he had amassed quite a collection of ‘up-skirt’ photographs of many of the sixth form girls over the years.

It was no surprise then that he seized his opportunity to take some photographs of Tamara, when he heard Miss Cooper ask Tamara to collect the photocopies from another unoccupied classroom. He raced to the room in question to find the photocopying and hid it right at the back of the bottom drawer of a small cabinet. Every teacher had a master key for study rooms and detention rooms.

Then he waited in the room opposite for Tamara, who had gone to the janitors to pick up and sign for the key. She returned with the key, unlocked the door, entered the room and started searching for the photocopies…

He walked in stealthily and watched. He reached for his phone, his hand brushing by his erect manhood. The prospect of seeing this girl’s knickers excited him. He had been waiting for an opportunity for ages to get sight of her knickers and take a few snapshots of her. He could feel his penis rapidly swelling and stiffening.

He coughed, “Hello Tamara, what are you doing in here?”

“Oh I am just looking for some photocopying Miss Cooper left in here for me.”

“Oh right, I wondered why the door was open. Last time she left something for me in here, it was in the bottom drawer of that cupboard over there in the corner.”

“Oh really? I’ll have a look,” she said as she bent over and reached down to look.

He swiftly moved in, phone at the ready.

She bent over, to reveal her tight, white school knickers, stretched across the firm ripe cheeks of her plump bottom.

“Oh it’s that blasted drawer again, Tamara. It seems to scrape papers right to the back if the drawer is full. Push your hand right inside and try to reach to the back,” suggested Mr. Reece.

“Okay Mr. Reece…uuuuuuurgh!”

Oh what a sight! It was the best he had ever seen. He moved in for the perfect shot.

Unfortunately, he had left the volume on his phone set to an ‘outdoor setting’, so that the click of the sound like a camera shutter shouted out…” I’m taking a photo of your bottom!”

Tamara spun around in a flash, just as the phone camera flashed! He had his settings to ‘auto’ and with her bending down in the darker corner had made his camera flash. Poor Mr Reece, known to his fellow teachers as ‘Meticulous Reece’ had slipped up, simply because he had acted on the spur of the moment without thinking things through. He was very flustered. He had never been so unprepared! Always…ALWAYS! he had carefully planned his shots. In an instant, he could see his life, his reputation, and his pension begin to crumble before his eyes.

“Mr Reece! You’re taking photos of my bum and knickers, aren’t you? You dirty beast!”

Unfortunately, he had left the volume on his phone set to an ‘outdoor setting’, so that the click of the sound like a camera shutter shouted out…” I’m taking a photo of your bottom!”
Tamara spun around in a flash, just as the phone camera flashed! He had his settings to ‘auto’ and with her bending down in the darker corner had made his camera flash. Poor Mr Reece, known to his fellow teachers as ‘Meticulous Reece’ had slipped up, simply because he had acted on the spur of the moment without thinking things through. He was very flustered. He had never been so unprepared! Always…ALWAYS! he had carefully planned his shots. In an instant, he could see his life, his reputation, and his pension begin to crumble before his eyes.

“Mr Reece! You’re taking photos of my bum and knickers, aren’t you? You dirty beast!”

“I was, er…..I …I….I…,” spluttered the panicking Mr.Reece.

“Pass me that phone!” shouted Tamara.

He was like a spectator at his own downfall. The evidence was there before him. He knew she was to see it any second, but his feet were rooted to the spot. He was speechless and froze, totally incapable of movement.
His chance of survival was gone in a second, as Tamara swiftly moved in and saw herself there on the screen…

That, Mr Reece, is my school knicker-clad bottom! On your phone! Kindly tell me why it is there…hmmmm?” she said staring angrily and indignantly at him.

He was still rendered speechless by her discovery, unable to respond to her question.

“Furthermore Mr.Reece, I suspect there are many more! Come on, it’s too late now, show me! I think Mr.Jones, our Headmaster, will want to see this! And, the police! You are finished Mr.Reece, you disgusting perverted old man!”

Mr.Reece fell to his knees, to beg. Tamara was surprised and delighted. To have a man of Mr.Reeves stature begging for mercy, on his knees before her, was like a switch being turned on in her head. She loved the feeling, and joy spread across her face as the sniveling grovelling man said…
“Please, please Miss Kenworthy, don’t report me. Do anything you like, anything at all. I will comply with any request. Just don’t report me! I beg you, please Miss, please!”

“Okay Mr.Reece. I won’t. However, after school, you will meet me here. I will decide on your fate as the day goes by, AND REMEMBER…you said ANYTHING! Now leave!”

Chapter two….

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Chapter three…

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Chapter four…

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Chapter Five…

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Chapter Six…

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You now know how Miss Kenworthy became a Domme, and her journey to my school. What she did there, to many naughty girls bottoms, will follow next.

CHAPTER TWO – A Warm Welcome for a girl called Karen

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CHAPTER THREE – Three naughty girls get their comeuppance

Part One

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Part Two

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Part Three

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Part Four

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Part Five

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

More chapters to come (and volumes) all photos taken, all written, just be patient whilst I load them up.


I am filled with desire…

I can’t play a guitar, but I can strum! If I put my fingers in a few different places ….guess what? The notes go up and down….magic!

I can’t sing, although I gave been known to belt out ‘Cracklin Rose’ on Karaoke….the Landlord at my local pub seems to like it, he always asks me to sing it when he is trying to lock up and send the last customers home to bed.

I have written this, I’ll sing it for you….::cough cough::


strum strum strum strum

The Sky is all aglow

As the sun is settin’ low

And I think of all the bottoms that I’ve spanked….

strum strum strum strum

I am filled with desire

As I look at the fire

And I think of all the bottoms that I’ve spanked….

strum strum strum strum

The fire gently flickers

As I think of the knickers

Sliding down all the bottoms that I’ve spanked…

I hum….and the noise like army boots on broken glass (my voice) gently fades away.

I rest my guitar against the Victorian blue tiles by my log fire, there is a chill in the air tonight, I pick up my glass of port and have a swallow.

Bit of a long introduction wasn’t it?

This is a photo link to some of the favourite places on my blog….the pictures you see are what are in my mind as I drink my port, and look into the fire. I tend to do this more and more as I get older. Sit with me if you want, you’d be most welcome.

Here we go…this is going to grow….Click on the link under the photo, to find out more, it could be a link to anywhere on my blog, in no specific order.

strum strum strum strum

There is much more to come

If you want to see a bum

And see all the bottoms that I spank!

…good eh? I reckon I ought to contact ‘Cold Play’ or somebody with this one!



The Red Tennis Knickers – Part Four, and Epilogue.

To read the rest of this story, click on the ‘Links and Contributors’ button above, then click on ‘Contributors’. You will find her as ‘B’. She has more stories on her blog, which you will find under ‘Links’.

The Red Tenns Knickers- part 4 and epilogue…

A week ago, Miss Grizzly Umpire had walloped my derriere for having suggested that she needs glasses. She promised me a pair of red punishment tennis knickers for the competition with the London club. I vividly remembered her words. “For the games, next week, you will wear the red punishment knickers I’ll be giving you later. Everyone will understand that you have been a naughty girl even if your bottom has mostly recovered its natural colour.”

She hadn’t delivered those red knickers. I prayed that she forgot, my derriere was still decorated with fading medals, and my frilly tennis knickers were doing a great job of covering the evidence of my naughtiness… Insulting an umpire, what was I thinking!

Jeremy had approved my punishment, but he enthusiastically massaged my bum with Arnica mornings and evenings. I have to say that I had enjoyed that, and one morning I was late at the bank.

A week later, the Birchwood Tennis Club had hired a coach, and we were now in the changing room allocated to us by the London Club, we were challenging. Suddenly, Miss Grizzly Hildegard stood in front of me. “Take off your tennis knickers!” She handed me a pair of flaming red satin knickers. “Put them on and be quick about it unless you want another spanking!” I didn’t argue! They felt tight and once they were up, I realized how skimpy they were. I tried to adjust them.

I was still in front of the tall mirror, tucking my shameful knickers left and right, when Miss Coach Davenport entered the locker room. “Lets get them girls!” She added, “Come on Josy, those punishment knickers are well deserved, and you’re not going to declare forfeit on me!” My team mates chanted, “Don’t be a chicken, Josy!”

I entered the court with quite a blush and hurriedly sat while our names were pulled out from an old fashioned top hat. Nancy was first. I kept my skirt tightly around my thighs. She won, and I applauded, without jumping up and down as my teammates.

We were tied when I was called on the court. There was only one more player after me. I could win the competition for our club. For my first service, I heard part of the crowd mouthing a surprised, “OH!” I knew that they had discovered who was our club’s naughty girl.

My opponent did well with returning my service, but I whacked it back with a vengeance. She didn’t have a chance. I massacred her. It was a knickers down defeat!

We won the tournament and my teammates and our crowd applauded and chanted. Jeremy had climbed on the bench to cheer.

Later, when I carried the silver cup back to our locker room, our coach was beaming with a strange smile.

“Josy, I’m impressed. It’s been a while since I saw someone at this level play with this kind of focus. After your laundry, you are to return those knickers to me instead of Miss Hildegard. She has agreed to donate them to our team, as they seem to do wonders for motivation. Speaking of which, that paddle is wasted with decorating my office. It will see good use in the coming weeks and months.”

We must have looked apprehensive at this prospect. Miss Davenport laughed. “Don’t pretend that you haven’t felt it! I do know of your secret team initiations. With help from that paddle, I will make sure that we win the nationals!”

A few girls hissed. “Thanks a lot, Josy!”

Nancy sarcastically added. “I’m so looking forward to feel that paddle again.”

Miss Coach echoed, “No pain, no gain, they say!”

The following Sunday, Nancy and Adam were coming for lunch and I was wearing a miniskirt almost as short as the one of Nancy. She teased me by whistling like a boy. I had prepared salmon Wellington, and I suitably blushed for the compliments.

After lunch Jeremy told. “I had an interesting visit on Friday. Our Constable came asking if I knew a young lady riding one of my new white bikes. He said that she was speeding on a sidewalk to discreetly run a red light. He further described that bike and I told him that I do know the naughty young lady. He gave me the fine to be delivered to her.”

I was blushing as red as a red light, when Jeremy dropped the fine on the coffee table and added, “Josy, you have indeed been a very naughty girl, and I am going to teach you a good lesson.”

He stood and unbuckled his belt while ordering. “Raise your skirt, drop your knickers, hands on the coffee table.”

I pleaded, “Oh please not in front of our guests.”

“Why not! They were there when I told you that you would be tasting my belt for your next traffic offense.”

My goose was cooked! I slowly raised my mini and lowered my knickers. With my hands on the coffee table, I realized how I was shamefully exposing my curls for Nancy and Adam.

There was a loud SMACK, and I echoed it with a louder “OUCH!” as I felt a stripe of fire across my derriere.

Another SMACK was followed by “OUCH! OUCH!” and I wriggled my fiery bum.

I had received ten strokes and my butt was throbbing when I got two more across the back of my thighs. I danced on the spot, rubbing my butt and thighs while chanting, “AIE! AIE! AIE!”

“You will have to ride slower not to show those two stripes to the whole village because you will be wearing one of Nancy’s miniskirts !”

I carefully pulled up my knickers and adjusted my skirt, and Nancy gave me a high five. “Welcome to the naughty girls’ club!”


‘B’ also runs a very realistic, elaborate spanking game which I play with my girls. Click on the link below…

Kate’s Story – Part Sixteen – Part D – Jealousy and over the knee!

This is the final part of volume two of ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.’

Coming next is Miss Kenworthy’s Story.

To see the rest of Kate’s story, click here…


Kate is summoned to the punishment room again. It is only a few days since her caning. It seems that she has been falling out with Charlotte, saying that she is Miss Kenworthy’s favourite not her!

“I am allowed two favourite pupils Kate. I cannot believe that you are being so childish,” said Miss Kenworthy sternly.

“Get over my knee right now young lady! I am allowed to have two favourites you know! Any more of this silliness and I will give Charlotte permission to spank you! As I watch!” Shouted Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy then gave Kate a jolly good, over the knee, bare bottom spanking!

Miss Kenworthy was pleased to have two favourite girls, both of whom like to have their bare bottoms reddened! All the way through Kate’s spanking, images of the two girls spanking each other floated through her mind.

This was quite strange, because as Kate jiggled, bounced and squirmed over Miss Kenworthy’s knee, she was imagining pretty much the same thing!

An account of Kate’s ‘Maid Training’ is published in a separate book, all photos taken, all written….just me being me! It’ll get posted…one day!


Kate’s Story – Part 16 – Part C – The Cane

To read the rest of this story, which is volume two of ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, click here…


Miss Kenworthy lived alone, and after school she often thought of the girls she punished and the sights and sounds of those young round cheeks being spanked or caned…

Two girls out of the hundreds she had to punish in her job as Head of Discipline at Saint Helena’s came to her mind frequently. Lying down on her bed, she raised her skirt, removed her knickers and rubbed her wet pussy.

The two girls which she had in mind, whilst she masturbated, were Charlotte and Kate. She imagined owning them, like maids in frilly outfits, to punish and use.

Unbeknown to Miss Kenworthy, Kate felt the same, and she too masturbated whilst dreaming of Miss Kenworthy spanking her bottom.

Usually at her desk, the smell of the school and cool wood on her bottom made her think of her spankings.

Charlotte had another year to go, but sadly Kate was leaving soon, and unusually had asked if she could come to see Miss Kenworthy a week or so before she did. So, after school, Miss Kenworthy waited at the allotted time for Kate’s meeting with her. A knock on the door was followed quickly by Kate, who burst into the room crying!

“Oh Kate! Whatever is the matter?” asked Tamara

“You! You are the matter!” She sobbed. “I have fallen in love with you….and..and…”

“And what?”

“I love my punishments! I don’t ever want them to end! I need them so much. I think I am going mad. I’m leaving the school soon and feel like my life is coming to an end! I am so sad,” Kate spluttered through her snot and tears.

Miss Kenworthy sat her down and explained her own feelings and offered her the post of live-in maid! Kate was dying to get her own place and leave her home, so she said,

“Yes, yes! Fucking hell! YESSSSSS!” So, in the briefest of moments both of their wishes came true.

Tamara’s face suddenly changed from a smile to a dark frown. She picked up one of her canes and said,

“First, you need a bare bottom caning for bad language!”

“Oh yes please Mistress! Can I call you Mistress in my job?”

“You may. I will pay you, but I shall expect jobs to be done correctly, perfectly…or else!”

“I will make sure that I am very lax in my duties then Mistress!”

Miss Kenworthy laughed. ”Cheeky maid! Get over there and bare your bottom!”

With her bottom presented high and bare, Miss Kenworthy laid the cane on hard and fast.

No matter how much a submissive wants it, the pain of a cutting cane never fails to surprise and shock, especially when given full force and at speed. However, both were in spanking heaven…

More to come…