Kate’s Story – Part Sixteen – Part D – Jealousy and over the knee!

This is the final part of volume two of ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.’

Coming next is Miss Kenworthy’s Story.

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Kate is summoned to the punishment room again. It is only a few days since her caning. It seems that she has been falling out with Charlotte, saying that she is Miss Kenworthy’s favourite not her!

“I am allowed two favourite pupils Kate. I cannot believe that you are being so childish,” said Miss Kenworthy sternly.

“Get over my knee right now young lady! I am allowed to have two favourites you know! Any more of this silliness and I will give Charlotte permission to spank you! As I watch!” Shouted Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy then gave Kate a jolly good, over the knee, bare bottom spanking!

Miss Kenworthy was pleased to have two favourite girls, both of whom like to have their bare bottoms reddened! All the way through Kate’s spanking, images of the two girls spanking each other floated through her mind.

This was quite strange, because as Kate jiggled, bounced and squirmed over Miss Kenworthy’s knee, she was imagining pretty much the same thing!

An account of Kate’s ‘Maid Training’ is published in a separate book, all photos taken, all written….just me being me! It’ll get posted…one day!


One thought on “Kate’s Story – Part Sixteen – Part D – Jealousy and over the knee!

  1. This was a fantastic spanking.I enjoyed the costumes and the otk positioning.the story was excellent.I do love a story where the spankee does instruct the spankee as to what is expected.very well done.Thanks

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