Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls (Kate’s Story)

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…the first part was devoted mainly to another of my favourite pupils, namely Charlotte. So let me reintroduce you to Kate in this second part to the St.Helena series.

Mr. Asa Jones MA (Oxon)
(Headmaster of St. Helena’s High School)

Sweet Kate!


Here is a picture of Kate looking all sweet and innocent, as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth! However, don’t be deceived! She can be a naughty and wayward little minx requiring frequent spanking to keep her on the straight and narrow! Then butter would certainly melt on her hot bottom!

You wouldn’t believe what mischief she can get up to when she is left unattended for too long, as you will see. Until the arrival of Miss Tamara Kenworthy as Head of Discipline, the task of ‘dealing’ with her inevitably fell to me, Mr. Asa Jones, as the Headmaster of St. Helena’s. Whilst trying to curb Kate’s wayward behaviour could be utterly exasperating and annoying at times, I developed a real liking for the girl. In my presence, she was always very polite and more than willing to do anything that I asked. The girl had a real joy for life. Nothing that she did was ever malicious, but her behaviour sometimes fell far short of what was expected of a well brought up young lady. To say that I didn’t enjoy punishing her would be a lie. She accepted whatever I ‘dished out’ without complaint, even if it was one of my more severe thrashings with a cane or strap. Her bottom, like Charlotte’s, was a joy to spank.

What follows is a series of examples of Kate’s ‘wayward behaviour’ and the consequences of that behaviour.

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Kate finds herself in detention and ends up being soundly strapped over the vaulting horse

As so often happens, Kate has been naughty, but not enough to earn her a spanking (although she would much prefer it to detention). So it was that on an afternoon in early September, that she found herself sitting in the detention room writing one hundred times:

‘I must not make noises like breaking wind when Mr Brocklebank is teaching history.’

Kate in the detention room writing lines

She was on line 85 when boredom and an aching wrist became so irksome that she decided to relieve it by seeing what else she could get up to. I had left her there alone because I was short of staff to manage the detention and I had much pressing work to do. Silly me! I should not have trusted her at all really, although my office was only just two doors away.
In my absence, she caught sight of a fleet of delivery vehicles and their drivers in the yards next door to the school. Many of them were handsome young men in their early twenties.

To begin with, her antics were quite innocent, blobbing her tongue out and waving at them. They shouted back noisily. I heard them, but didn’t think much of it. I had heard them before you see, usually playing a game of football at lunchtime or in their afternoon tea break.

Kate waving to the work men

However, I noticed the noise getting louder and stood up to see what the commotion was all about. Their gaze was aimed to my right, I opened the window slightly and could then hear them quite clearly…

”Get ’em down luv! ….”

“Show us your cunt!…”

“Get your tits out you naughty girl…”

“Lovely arse!…”

“Strip off, show us what you’ve got!”

“Kate! What the hell was happening?” I stood up and set off to the Detention Room where I had left her.

Unbeknown to me, she was flashing her bare bottom at them, and was just starting to shove her fingers up her bottom and into her pussy. One of her most common crimes was masturbating in stupid places, sometimes with ridiculous insertions!

Kate playing with her bottom for the work men

I flung the door open and caught her red handed! “What on earth do you think you are doing? You naughty girl!”

A huge cheer went up, with much pointing, laughter and jeering, when they realised that she had been caught!

Don’t bother pulling those up, young lady! You know what is going to happen! If you are so fond of showing your bottom to all and sundry, you can damn well show it to me as I lay a strap across it! Follow me!”

…”Follow me! Like I said, do not bother pulling your school knickers up, they will be coming straight back down anyway!” I said loudly as I marched quickly to my office, with Kate struggling to hold her green regulation school knickers up and keep up with me! As we passed other girls, they clasped their hands to their mouth in surprise, then giggled and pointed at her sorry plight. News always travels fast, and the latest spanking of naughty Kate would be hot news.

I reached my office and she waddled in, quite comically behind me.

“Yes young lady, you may well look sulky and nervous! I am going to thrash your bare buttocks over the vaulting horse! How dare you show your bottom to all those work men, and shove your fingers in various holes whilst they shout obscenities? Hmmm? Well if you are so intent on displaying your bare bottom, let’s show it to the school shall we?”

With a flourish I drew back the long curtains and opened the French Windows onto the quadrangle, where numerous girls were gathered.

They soon began to clamour for a good view, the air filling with chatter and excitement.

“Get to the horse young lady! Let’s teach that bottom of yours a lesson it will not forget in a hurry….AND! THERE WILL BE A LETTER TYPED FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME TO YOUR PARENTS!”

A knowing ‘Oooooooh’ rippled through the gathered ensemble. They all knew that this would result in another thrashing at home.

“Very impressive mounting, you stupid girl! Did I say get on it? And will the girls be able to see your quivering buttocks getting the strap that way around? GET ROUND HERE NOW YOU SILLY DISOBEDIENT GIRL!” I angrily shouted.

She was in a real tangle and hardly knew what to do. She was scared and crying. I pointed to the spot I wanted her in, feeling a little harsh.

“Right, calm down, stop dithering about. Stand here, and when I say get over, get over, facing that way. You know very well that you have been an extremely naughty young girl, and at my school, naughty girls go home with bright red sore bottoms. It is for your own good, I get no pleasure from it! I am here to put you girls on the right path to being responsible adults. You, my dear girl, are a very long way from that path at present!”

“Get over, present your bottom!”

I picked up the heavy thick, unforgiving, senior strap, and placed it beside her and watched her wiggling soft bottom settle into position. I knew that the sight of it would shock her. It is a terrifying piece of tanned leather.

Then I began. Between every whack across those well rounded, soft cheeks, I loudly scolded her….

THWACK, “Ooooowwwwwwwww!”

”You naughty girl!”……. THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwowwwowww!” …

“How dare you…” THWACK! ”Ooooooooohhhhh!”

“….bring such disgrace to our school?” THWACK! “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeooooowwww!”

“You have let yourself down…” THWACK!

…”The school down!” THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwwoooooooohhhh!”

…”Your friends down!” THWACK! “”Yeeeeeeoiiiiiooooooww!”

…“Me down!” THWACK!

“Your parents down!” THWACK! “Ohhhhhwwwwwwwowwwww!” …

And so I continued to leather her steadily reddening, writhing young bottom cheeks.

It was a magnificent beating, with her legs kicking wildly, much screaming, begging and apologising too. Some of the watching girls made noises of shock, but a fair number mocked her and even encouraged me to lay into her harder!

“Come on Sir, you can wallop her bottom much harder than that!”

‘ Make her squeal and beg you to stop.”

“Her bottom is in no way red enough yet!”

There was nothing like watching a public thrashing to bring out the sadistic side of some girls! Perhaps I should have called them in and given them a dose of the strap as well to see if they liked it, but I was far too intent on thrashing Kate to take that action.

Finally I stopped strapping her. She lay across the horse blubbering uncontrollably, a shaking wreck of a naughty girl! Her bright red bottom was a swollen and blistering example of what happens to a naughty girl. The other girls stood looking, then slowly, after changing places to get better looks, they dispersed.

As her crying slowly subsided I told her to dismount, and stand with her hands on her head by the vaulting horse until home time….. in disgrace and shame, a silly sniffing spectacle of naughtiness. I shut the French Windows, but left the curtains wide open. A steady trail of girls between classes and in breaks came to see…Some to giggle and point, others to just stand and stare.

Slowly the redness of her bottom calmed.

Various visitors to my study came and went, her arms must have been numb when I passed her the letter for her parents and dismissed her.

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