Kate’s Story – Part Eleven

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Kate is caught smoking and slippered

Having been caught masturbating twice in detention and punished both by me and her parents, I really thought that might be the end of Kate’s wayward behaviour. However, that was not to be. Seemingly there was no limit to her naughtiness.

One day, as I was walking down the corridor I smelled tobacco smoke coming from an apparently empty classroom. I burst in, to catch her with her knickers around her knees and smoking!

“Kate! What on earth do you think you are doing? Stand up!”

“Do you think me stupid!? It is no good trying to hide things behind your back….show me!”

She produced a cigarette lighter and a cigarette.

“Your knickers sliding slowly down your legs make it obvious that you have just masturbated and followed it with a smoke young lady. You should be in class! Yet here you are…again being naughty! Just how many times have I got to cane your bare bottom?”

She stood looking down in shame. “Come around here you naughty girl!”

“So yet again you have left class, or probably missed a class altogether! To come and masturbate where you should most definitely not! And…AND….finished off by smoking! You have broken a serious rule! You are not old enough to smoke anyway, so you have broken the law young lady! Get here….stand there! You are going to smoke one cigarette after another, and then, on the last one, I am going to cane you all the way from start to finish, the cigarette will not leave your mouth, your bottom will be as red as the end of your cigarette!”

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I suppose you ought to see what happened before you entered the room! Here is our dear naughty girl Kate, masturbating before she had a smoke…

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