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For the New Visitor ~ No 6

Each week I put something for the new visitor, who has no idea what is here, and I try to tempt them to look, and maybe, with luck, they become a regular visitor, a follower.

There are getting on for 500 photo sets now, and over 100 photo illustrated stories. All my own work, as well as vast vintage and art sections. Not counting all my contributors.

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This week I will tempt you with this…

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Enjoy, and remember, this is only a tiny weenie ickle bit of my huge vast emporium, with lots of hidden secret corners, all blushing with lovely pink wobbling spanked bottoms. What’s not to like?

Asa ::warm friendly smile::

ASSUME THE POSITION: SPANKING FURNITURE : Part 2 ~ (31/5) – by Robyn Jones

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Saw horses often feature in ‘visits to the woodshed’ in American spanking stories and films. Whilst they seem ‘fit for the purpose’, many of them certainly don’t look remotely comfortable for ‘the victim’! The one below has a rather nasty looking strap laid over it:

Some rather poor quality images from ‘Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Spankings’. The sawhorse has a round log across it to provide something to bend over:

Coming back to the ‘Classic Spanking’ film ‘Naval Discipline’ starring Vida Garman, at one point she is bent over a trestle and spanked with a heavy two-tailed tawse by a WRNS officer on a stage in front of witnesses. She is permitted to retain a white thong for ‘modesty’s sake’ in this position as her legs are spread wide apart either side of the horse’s legs:

‘Blushes Magazine’ featured a number of photostories and photoshoots which revolved around sawhorses/trestles:

A rather interesting set of pictures from a Nu-West photoshoot showing two women secured to a wooden trestle with ankle and wrist cuffs being birched by a man dressed in clerical clothing. He doesn’t look as though he held back – he was clearly intent on delivering  ‘the wrath of God’ to their bottoms!

This looks even more uncomfortable secured lying astride a sawhorse!  

Now this well-padded version looks a lot better, ideal for a long sensual spanking don’t you think?!

Finally two collages from films made by the German film company ‘Spanking Server’ demonstrating two young ladies  secured to sawhorses, one being birched and other strapped. Note the padded top adds a degree of comfort for the spankee:

More to come…

In Three’s ~ Number Seventeen – Single Naughty Girls in Black and White – Number 19

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Once her knickers were off, my command was simple, “Touch your toes Charlotte.”

Which she did perfectly, as I went to the implement cupboard.

I walk back round to her, so she can see the cane hanging in my hand.

Then I stand behind her, to concentrate on the target.

Beautiful…a beautiful soft target.

More to come…


Samantha and Charlotte wander around their house ~ No-3 (in black and white)

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After checking the pond, they do a little dead heading in the garden.

They decided to make their way to their private patio, but on their way, they have some washing to hang out…

“Oh it’s warm for this time of the morning isn’t it?” Charlotte says to Samantha. As if by magic, a gentle breeze blows right up her pleated white skirt, and lifts it.

“Oooooh that’s better! A nice draught around my bottom and pussy.” She giggles.

“Naughty! I might spank you for that later!” Samantha says playfully.

“Oh yes please! Come on Mr.Wind! Do it again for me, and blow up some trouble for my bottom!”

They both giggle.

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More to come…


Welcome to another Black and White Set, Samantha in her Apron (continued)… No-5

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Having made her choice of apron, (see above) Samantha decides to strip off the bottom half of her clothing, and let you watch her doing some chores and things. (I think you will like the things!)

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My three top girls…and more.

The other day after our shoot, we were stood talking, whilst they were polishing off the last of the Victoria Sponge buns I treat them to at every shoot. I am watching them transform back from school girls and naughty young girls from a Victorian Finishing School, which we had just shot, to their normal selves. To drift back to our normal lives, until the next time.

The whole room felt perfect, warm, and cosy. It felt ‘spanky’.

I said….”Thank you, I really mean it you know, to have found three girls like you, all living within a few miles of each other, me in the middle, all into spanking and happy to bend over in any position or outfit I ask, is miraculous. It really is. I am so glad to have met you. You are perfect for me.”

They all thanked me and giggled pleasantly. I am a soppy old bugger! I felt a tear and turned away, to put something away.

I am a lucky old man, I know it, and even luckier now, to have found Suzette, who is going to join us regularly. And her partner, Stuart, who is going to assist me at shoots. Both from my club. How glad I am that I set it up. Chromlech, our resident naught boy, the only man brave enough to answer my call for a man to bare his bottom before my girls and be spanked, he too is another new member of our team, from my club. Not forgetting my dear Reverend J, the vicar, and technical whizz kid….but older than a kid! Also a club member.

And now Miss Matthews is joining us, and Samantha is looking for new guests from her team of models willing to join us as guests. Amber has decided to stop working for us, and Stephanie is pregnant you see.

Through my club, and through years of hard work and slow build up, with our new studio taking shape, I think we are now all assembled. To produce even better spanking magic for us all.

I only shoot once or twice a month now, my age and other hobbies, along with my grandchildren etc make it so.

Stick with me, my merry band of followers and precious club members.

A bit like the ‘Avengers’, at long last, we are assembled.

My apprenticeship is over! I think I am now a ‘Qualified Spanker!

I have passed all my spanking exams…..I am now Asa Jones QS…..

I need a certificate! Come on somebody, make me a certificate!…chuckle


Photo Set 474 ~ Part 2

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You have seen each girl arrive at their allotted time and knock on the door. Lets see what silly excuses if any, they make. Always an amusing moment in a punishment, some of the fantastic stories concocted by naughty girls are quite amazing.


At their allotted times each girl came in after I said ‘Enter’. It was exactly 2 0’clock, Kate was as always precise.

“Stand on the carpet, hands by your side, no slouching. Well Kate, have you anything to say for your ridiculous antics? What they thought of you and us, and our school, at the Museum I do not know.” I frowned.

“It was Charlotte and Kate who….”

“Stop right there Kate! I am not asking who is to blame, I know that already, you silly girl. The whole incident was recorded as you know! I want to know why!” My voice raised and I spoke sternly.

This threw her.

“I …..I…er…we thought it was funny Mr.Jones.”

“FUNNY!!!! Blasted funny!! I will show you what funny is you silly, stupid girl!!….you jumping around as you get ten of the plimsol on each bare cheek of you bottom!! Yes you have heard correctly, TWENTY, and you will come back on Friday afternoon for six of the best with the senior cane! Also on the bare!” I boomed angrily.

She dare not meet my gaze and stood trembling.

“You naughty girl, you are a disgrace to your house and school! I am deducting 50 house points. Get over to the vaulting horse and remove your knickers!” I said sharply.


We are leaving Kate there, I want you to see each girl at roughly the same stage. After her punishment was over it was Charlotte’s turn, at 2.17, two minutes late….again.


“Good Afternoon Charlotte, late again I see!”

“Am I Sir? Well I never, my watch must be slow.” She sort of smiled, going for her usual charm attack.

“You are not even wearing a watch you silly girl, if you must talk like an idiot, at least try and make things make a little sense at least! ” I shouted.

“Now then, have you anything to say?”

She always seems to be somewhere else in her head, by all accounts her English literature is a definite A+ or even star and today was no different. Even here in this serious situation, she was in a daydream. As if passing the time of day with a stranger on a railway station she uttered foolishly…”It’s a nice day Mr Jones.”

“NICE DAY???!!! A NICE BLASTED DAY!!! Good grief, I am talking about your stupid antics at the Museum yesterday!!!! I am not asking you to start a conversation with me!” I was exasperated.

“Oh…that, well, it was Kate and Samantha who…..”


Why does she think she is here the stupid bloody…I breathe. I regain my composure, really, these three girls would test the patience of a Saint.

“Enough, you are getting ten on each bare cheek with the plimsol, And on Friday, you will come back for six of the best with the cane! Now take off your knickers and place them on the desk! You are losing fifty house points too.” I pointed to my desk, by the wall.

“I am very sorry about yesterday Mr.Jones, we just got carried away.”

It will be me who gets carried away in a box one day, I thought, tring to keep this lot in control.

“Yes Mr.Jones. I will take my knickers off for you.” Her pleasant voice drifted in.


Sometimes it is like banging my head against a wall. I spend more and more of my time punishing the bare bottoms of naughty girls, and Miss Kenworthy is busy with it every day too of course, being Head of Discipline. But I suppose that is what we are, the corrector of wayward girls. But for now, lets see the next of the three musketeers come in.


It was time for Miss Prim, Samantha walked in.

“Stand on the carpet girl, and tell me what you have to say for yourself. Your conduct yesterday was appalling.”

“I do apologise for that Sir, Charlotte and Kate…”

“Shhhh, this is about you.” I interrupted.

“Yes, Mr.Jones. I am very sorry for my actions, we were having such a wonderful time by the smashing trip you put on for us, that our high spirits got the better of us, we wanted to challenge ourselves scientifically and the robot was there to be programmed Sir…and…”

“That’s enough young lady. Flattery will not work on me. There is no excuse for your action. Take your knickers off and place them on the rack on the wall to your side.” I spoke calmly.

“Yes Sir, Mr.Jones.”

She was nervous, she takes her spankings badly, and does not have the pain threshold of her two partners in crime. “You are getting twenty, with the plimsol on the bare, you will come back here Friday Afternoon for a jolly good caning, six of the very best, also on the bare.”

She took a sharp intake of breath at the news.

“Your house will also lose fifty points.”

“Sniff, yes Sir.

More to come. the removal of their crisp, tight, white school knickers next.


Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Seven

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To read the rest, click here…



Miss Kenworthy and her deputy, Charlotte, took the naughty boy over to the high hard backed seat. Miss Kenworthy sat down, and Charlotte stood close by, to watch (which she loved) and be ready to help restrain, if needed.

“Get over my knee you naughty boy!” Said Miss Kenworthy strictly.

Over he climbed, and he settled himself over her lap, for his first spanking.

She began by giving him some on the seat of his short school trousers.

It was only a few smacks and then it was time to bare, which Charlotte found most exciting and studied the event closely,

The baring of the bottom was a particular favourite of Samantha too, and between them they enjoyed every second of the unveiling.

His bottom was bared, ready for them to punish as hard and long as the wished, using any implement they liked, they savoured the moment and looked at each other in triumph. “Lets punish this bottom hard on behalf of all the wronged ladies.” The look between them said.

And she did!

Her hand was raised high.

The familiar sound of a stiff palm cracking against the soft cheeks filled the room. The bare bottom spanking of the naughty boy over Miss Kenworth’s knee began, hard and fast. He tried his best not to give in to shouting out, but it was hard not to.

How the two ladies enjoyed themselves, especially when he could stand the pain no more and had to let out yells of anguish!

Smack, smack, smack, smack!

“Owwww, oooooooh!”

The two women shared the experience of spanking their first naughty boy’s bare bottom, and loved it. Charlotte could hardly get close enough, as she studied every ripple, every smack, and every squeal.

Smack, smack, spank, smack…

“Yeowwwww! Owwwwwwwww! Ouch Ouch Ouch OoooooooohhhHHH!!”

How he yelled and kicked!

The hand spanking came to an end, they were eager to use implements on his bare bottom. He was made to stand and the went over to one of the racks, to choose.

The size sixteen thick rubber soled, navy issue one almost jumped off the rack, shouting use me!

It had only just begun, his bare cheeks were about to feel fire for the first time.

NOTE TO CLUB MEMBERS…the video of this spanking will be in your mail soon.

More to come…