Photo Set 474 ~ it’s a bit more than a photo set!

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In this set, you are going to follow three naughty school girls, Charlotte, Kate, and Samantha, as they visit my study for punishment.

I am Mr.Jones, the Headmaster. My study has a rather friendly entrance, and if you are a good girl, coming for a pat on the bottom and some reward, it is welcoming.

However….::I frown and cough:: if you are a naughty girl, it is a place to be feared.

I have had a busy day, as every day are. Towards the end of the day I have got these three girls coming, one at 2.00 p.m one at 2.15 p.m. and another at 2.30 p.m.

Yesterday they went with the rest of their year on a school trip to a Science and Technology Museum in our nearest City. There was a robot, which would do actions and speak.

They are clever girls and soon got the hang of it, but what they did not know is that through the eyes of the marvelous invention is a camera. At the end of the trip, as you leave, certain recordings are shown. The Museum is at fault, they should vet them.

Can you imagine the horror of the teachers who took them on the visit, when they saw these three, grinning like Cheshire Cats, and then the robot, by their side in a split screen….it measures 3m x 6m !!! Asking them to ‘suck it off’ and doing male masturbation gestures!

Naughty girls!!

They are all getting the Plimsol, on the bare, for the language and actions. and then on Friday they are all coming back for six each with the cane! For letting the school down badly.

The photos in this set will come in groups, showing all the girls….you will see what I mean…

A note on uniforms, my school has six houses, each with their own distinct colour uniforms.

So they come to my door at the times above…

First is Kate….

knock knock knock…

“Enter!” I shout.

Then comes Charlotte, at her time slot…

knock, knock, knockity knock


And last but not least, Samantha.

A not very enthusiastic Knock…..knock…………..knock.


And that is how this set is going to be, each girl at the same stage. On different apparatus etc.


Part Two…

The tellings off.

Click here…

The next part is of the girls removing their knickers, this comes in a few parts, each one with three photos of each girl in the process of.

Part 3/1

Click here…

Part 3/2

Click here…

Part 3/3

Click here…

Part 3/4

Click here…

Part 3/5

Click here…


Part 4/1

Click here…

Part 4/2

Click here…

Part 4/3

Click here…

Part 4/4

Click here…

Part 4/5

Click here…

Part 4/6

Click here…

Part 5/1

Part 5/2

Pat 5/3

Part 5/4

Part 5/5

Part 5/6

Part 6/1

Part 6/2

Part 7

Part 8/1

Part 8/2

Part 8/3



6 thoughts on “Photo Set 474 ~ it’s a bit more than a photo set!

  1. What a build up, such anticipation and one just has no idea what is going to happen beyond the ‘rainbow door’

    How can we control ourselves in just imaging the thrills these girls experience as they cross the threshold – the threshold of delights, well for us your ever hungry audience…..

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