Photo Set 474 ~ part 6/1 – Corner Time

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Samantha, with her knickers on the hook, and sore red bottom on show, moved to where she was told. “Put you hands on your head.” I told her.

I could see she was struggling to hold back tears, and dying to rub her poor red, stiningly sore, bare bottom, as I walked around her.

What a perfect picture of a naughty girl in shame she made. I spoke…

“Now then you naughty girl, you can stay there until I tell you to leave. If anyone comes to see me, you stay where you are.”

She sniffed, and then began to cry, the pain and embarrassment finally got the better of her. Five minutes later there was a buzz on the intercom, the Postman was here. A knock on the door soon followed. The Postman, a young man with a pleasant demeanor entered. “Mornin’ Mr Jones….ohhh.”

“Oh it’s alright, Samantha has been a very naughty girl and has had a good spanking on her bare bottom, as you can see.”

“I can indeed.” Came the cheery reply.

At this Samantha broke down again, through shame and total humiliation.

The lad did his job and left, having another very good look as he did so! This was his last view…

“Awwwwwww, sniff….oooooh, sob, sob, sob.”

Such is the plight of a naughty girl at my school.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Set 474 ~ part 6/1 – Corner Time

  1. There’s a lovely, well warmed, bottom. I dolike it when naughty girls stand, withhands on head, after punishment. I wonder if Charlotte finds it erotic, particularly the thought of being seen?
    Has there been a flood of applicants for postman jobs in your area?

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