I love to paint as you can see, and not everything has to be naughty. I’ll paint anything, but lets be honest you are not here to ask for a painting of a steam train or a pussy cat are you?

I have done naughty paintings for prostitutes, whore houses, slave girls, and lots of illustrations as well. maybe you want your book illustrating?

So ask me to paint anything and it will be yes!


Depends on the size and complexity really, and oils? pencil? water colour? All are different, but for a very rough idea

Think of a piece of A4 paper with a not too complicated scene.

That would be around £30 to £50

….so just keep doubling up.

A large canvas could be £100 to £500 who knows, so ask me.

You could always pay with a spanking ::wink::


It has been my best ever year with art.

My exhibition at Chelsea Town Hall on Kings Road was a success and I have been asked back next year. My exhibition at Buxton Art gallery was also a success where everything i put in sold! I have sold more prints and originals than ever before, This last month alone I have sold four originals!

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