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Kate is made to sit on the Naughty Stool

Poor Kate gets a lot of spankings as you know, usually for masturbating where she shouldn’t and getting caught. But today she has been caught cheating in an exam. I have come to the classroom in the lunch hour, and spanked her, quite hard, with a plimsol. A few tears, but Kate is a tough girl.

“Right! This is not the end of it young lady!” I say to her as she sniffs, trying her best not to cry. But I can see she is in pain and really wants to rub her bare bottom..

“Stand up straight, before the projection board, and no rubbing your bottom. You can put your hands together in the small of your back.”

And there she stands until the class comes in, from lunch. “Sit quietly! You all know she was caught cheating! Now she is in disgrace.” I pick up the naughty stool and place it before the class. “Sit on there Kate, let the class see your shame and disgrace.”

Much to the other girls amusement, she winces as she sits, saying…’ow, ow, owww, ow!’

‘She does not look ashamed’, I think to myself.

So I pull her gym slip up. The class giggles, but she is not phased. She just looks at them, almost with contempt.

I decide to turn her around, the class are looking with a sort of admiration, almost hero worship! So I tell her to turn.

I position her with her red cheeks hanging over the edge of the stool, and tell her to lean forward, elbows on knees. This displays her in an embarrassing way and once again the room is full of giggles.

The class goes quiet, and sit working with the occasional titter as one of them looks up. I stand at the back of my class, behind them all. I look at her bottom. I put my hand in my pocket, it has a convenient hole. I move my fingertips over my manhood, pulling my handkerchief down. They have no idea I am wanking, not even when I shoot my load into my handkerchief.


Kate and Samantha display their bottoms for you.

Sometimes, just sitting and looking at the beautiful shape and soft form of the female bottom is enough…

It was at this point I punished them, because they did not wear the correct socks and shoes. Discipline has to be maintained, even in a nice friendly bottom shoot at the studio.

I am rather proud of those evenly spaced cane lines!


Brat-busters – Part Three

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Part One

Part Two

Here are other ways we can help, as you watch your naughty brat put through her paces. Any time she needs the threat…something ‘more than you’ to keep her in line…”Now behave! Or I will arrange a visit to Miss Kenworthy!”

And don’t forget, we can sometimes include a naughty boy if Mummy or Mistress thinks he needs to be taught a lesson.

A good caning on the bare, we have a variety of lengths, style and thickness. Will soon put your naughty one back on the right path.

For extra humiliation we can include a class of girls to giggle, point and make fun of your brat as she jumps, leaps and squeals!

Don’t forget, we have an headmasters office with a desk, and vaulting horse. We various rooms to humiliate, like our dungeon. Lots of implements like butt plugs etc, even a board ruler across the bare bottom!

So if you have a naughty one who needs a sore bottom and a threat to use in the future, bring her for a dose of this…

We have a variety of tawses, birches, carpet beaters etc too. You might want to look at these to help your decision. It does not have to be Miss Kenworthy, Charlotte also deals with naughty bottoms.

Click here for Charlotte dealing with a naughty boy…

And here is another naughty boy being dealt with, by Miss Kenworthy…

Or why not both? Imagine an errant husband bent over our vaulting horse with these two at each side…begging for your forgiveness!

More to come…


William ~ Part Five

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Charlotte moved her slave boy to the next apparatus, he was now very subdued and extremely submissive…’yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” we’re about the only words he could mutter….very quietly. For such a barrel chested man it was strange, especially as I thought of the volume of his high pitched squeals and howls. I continued to act as a fly on the wall, not interfering, not speaking. Just silently moving, and clicking my camera.

She made him sit on the back of Neddy, Charlotte’s little flogging rocking horse.

“Ooooooh I love to see a naughty boys bare bottom all red and sore sticking over the edge of my Neddy’s saddle! Good boy! We are going cross country, I will be satisfied with nothing less than a constant gallop! I want you to rock this sturdy little horse as high and fast as you can.” She said as she picked up the crop.

THWAAAAACK! On my word, the crop whistled and then cracked like a pistol shot.

“Come on boy! Giddy up !”

He rocked for England! Squealing and howling like a girl at every severe cutting whack!

Over hills and down dales….

She laughed cruelly at his ridiculous antics. “Ha ha!!! that’s it my boy! Gallop! Come on, jump the fence!” WHAAAAACK! WHAAAAACK!

Charlotte was in heaven, this is just what I wanted. It was her and her willing plaything…I had vanished!

“Come on Neddy! There’s a river…faster, faster or you will not make it! Come on boy, what’s the matter with you?! I said gallop…come on, work you idle boy…come on!!” Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!

She was so in the zone, her boy puthering sweat and tears, trying his level best to go like the clappers!

He cleared the water, he galloped on the track through the woods keeping his head down. Then she let him slow to a trot….

She saw me materialise and laughed…”God I enjoyed that! I’m worn out!”

I remember thinking ‘What about him?’ And then a bit of the devil rose in me…I wanted more. “You were fantastic, but your jockey is to heavy for that little horse, he came last, and they are laughing at his efforts.”

She looked genuinely annoyed….”What!? Last?! They are laughing…at me!? You useless article! I’ll teach you! It’s the birch for you…come on, quickly, run, over here…now!”

For a whole second I felt a bit guilty, but at the end of the day this is what he wanted…exactly what he wanted. I knew it was.

Come back soon to see the birching of William!


Sat in Disgrace

It is the early sixties, the left hand row of desks in a traditional classroom is reserved for the naughty girls to sit, on display, as an example, in disgrace. Yesterday they were told to report to the Headmistresses Office ‘first thing’ this morning, which they have done.

They have been soundly punished for their naughtiness yesterday and have been sent to the classroom in question, crying, rubbing their bottoms.

In this school, after every ‘period’ the classes change. So after assembly, a group of second years come in for history, then a fourth year for geography…and so on. The two girls have to sit in shame, bare bottoms on show, all day. Only allowed to go for toilet breaks and lunch must be eaten at their desks. At the end of the day they must go back to the Headmistress and make a formal apology, whereupon a letter for their parents will be handed over, to be returned the following day, signed.

This will almost certainly mean a good slippering on the bare tonight. Hence the sulky looks…

Naughty girls…my naughty girls.

Kate and Samantha, two bottoms I have spanked, caned, slippered, tawsed etc many time. Aren’t they lovely!



Caught Smoking

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…having had her orgasm, Kate is Then really naughty! She has a cigarette in the classroom! Is there no limit to her naughtiness?

As I walk down the corridor I smell the tobacco smoke and burst in, to catch her with her knickers around her knees and smoking! “Kate! You naughty girl….stand up!”

“Do you think I am stupid? It’s no good hiding things behind your back is it? Show me!!”

She produced a cigarette lighter and a cigarette. “Your knickers sliding slowly down your legs make it obvious that you have just masturbated and followed it with a smoke young lady. You should be in class! Yet here you are…again! Being naughty! Just how many times have I got to cane your bare bottom?”

She stood looking down in shame. “Come around here you naughty girl!”

The caning is next….


Mr.Reece gets the Senior Tawse…

The senior tawse is a stout, quite inflexible, long leather strap. Formidable and scary to look at. Empowering to hold and use…

I purchased it from

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Exhilarated, moist, and wanting to punish him more, to listen to his noises, and see his bottom bounce. Tamara picked up the senior tawse.

And thrashed him…

NOTE: watching Samantha in full glow is magnificent. To me it is better to watch her work on a female bottom, but all the same, it is quite a spectacle!

…she showed no mercy at all to the tightly clenched bottom of Mr.Reece, swinging from way behind her back, thudding down, and following through like an expert.

She took a photo as a keepsake. Telling him that if ever he does it again, she will put it on social media…

“Was that a sigh of relief? I don’t know why….you have the cane next!”

She watched his bottom tremble for a while…

so…….The cane next!


My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin ~ Part 7

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Our walk in the solitude of our very own ruin, continues…

We left the lower outside area and began to climb to the roof top, what a place this is, so quiet, as if it has been in lockdown for a century…

The little path up an almost secret stairway is behind Kate, I will photograph her there on the way down, as you will see later…

How lovely it is to walk in such a place, all quiet and secret, but most of all, safe, the huge heavy gates are locked…just us….perfect!

God! I have spanked and caned that bottom so many times…

Careful Kate! There are some big drops here with nasty landings…

Looking up at Kate from down here, I felt like some country Squire about to go up and ravish one of his maids!

I walked back through the tunnel to the portcullis and came back out to find Kate dancing in the sun, high up on the roof top…

I fetched the bag from the car because I had brought a picnic in a cool box.

Kate can be hilarious at times, but she shocked me….I walked back up to find her crying. “Whatever is the matter Kate?” I asked.

She laughed….”My life is in ruins right now Mr.Jones!”

Funny yes…but it earned her a jolly good spanking! And a lovely picnic in the sun, naked.

More to come…


The Dragon Tail Tawse

It might not seem like it, but this is another part of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls…

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Have you ever seen one? They are fearsome beasts. Longer than the average tawse with the split heads having what resembles spear heads, giving the appearance of a dragon tail…

After the green padded spanking bench, Miss Kenworthy took Charlotte to a chamber, keeping her knickers pulled down. Where she secured her arms on a suspension bar.

Look at the ‘beast’ on the floor waiting to wrap itself around the bottom of Charlotte to leave its dragon tell tail sign!

She made sure her bottom was nice and bare so she could present it well.

She picked up the dragon tail tawse and spoke to Charlotte…”Dance for me, my pretty princess….dance!” …THWAAAACK!

And dance she did, whilst squealing a merry tune to the roof tops!

“Yes Charlotte. That’s it…dance, whack! Dance!! THWACK!! DANCE FOR ME!”

Just look at Charlotte, pushing her bottom up to meet her bottom’s tormentor, wanting more…and more! Look at Samantha…totally in the zone, excited, hungry…whacking and whacking the bare willing bottom offering itself to her.

How wonderful it is for me to know such beautiful people to illustrate my stories so willingly. I am in heaven…absolute heaven! Listening and watching the kiss and lick of leather on soft ripe bottoms is the best thing in the world!

More to follow, on the cross next…then a little rocking horse! What fun!