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The Slave Girl ~ Part 3

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Charlotte, the Mistress of ‘spanky’ her slave girl, began to educate her in the ways of Gorean life. “Do you know anything of Gor?”

‘No Mistress.’

“Good. I am pleased, I want no pre conceived ideas. All you need to know for now is that I am your Mistress, I have absolute power, I have an addiction to punishment, and will punish your beautiful bottom often, wether it is needed or not. It is done at my whim.”

‘Thank you Mistress. Good…I am pleased.’

Mistress smiled at her mimicry. ” …you need to learn basics. First, you must understand that slave positions exist, and all have names. You will learn every one. Once learnt, you assume them instantly, no matter where we are. Understood?”

‘Yes Mistress.’

“We will begin with Nadu. The position of a pleasure slave. You are my pleasure girl Spanky. Kneel down, and place your bottom on your heels. Knees wide apart.”

The natural way she slid into position pleased Mistress.

“I will use you sexually, I will expect you to pleasure my need often. I am going to feel you moistness, I hope to find you slippery.” She knelt and felt at Spanky’s pussy.

She was delighted to find that her slit was as wet as it could possibly be. She fingered her gently. You like?”

‘God! Yessss! I find everything you say perfect. I am so excited and cannot wait to pleasure you.”

If you look under her arm in this photo, you can just see Mistress. If you look between the slave’s legs, you can see Mistress’s fiddling fingers burying themselves in Spanky’s wet cunt.

Her first orgasm at the fingers of Mistress rattled through her body, her muscles from neck to thigh twitching and convulsing, as she gasped and moaned erotically.

Charlotte was pleased with her choice, she made lovely noises and had a fabulous orgasm face.

She gave her two minutes to compose herself and then showed her how to do ‘Ko-lar’ a position of submission, a position to take the collar. “I will do a ceremony with you one day. I am going to have your collar engraved. It will say ‘Property of Mistress Charlotte’, you will be owned.”

Spanky smiled proudly, still red in the face and dribbling lightly from her slit.

“When I put the collar on you, you need to take the correct position.”

“It is very similar to Nadu, but with arms extended”. She instructed her once more.

Mistress Charlotte told Spanky that at the ceremony, she will have to put her hands together in a particular way, lift them above her head, and look down.

But that was all for now, next, it was punishment time…

Kate’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy

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…Miss Kenworthy was not at all surprised to see Kate again a few days after she put a lovely pattern on her bottom with the plimsol. She had been caught smoking, twice in a week.

Actually Miss Kenworthy was pleased to see her as she came through the door, and smiled. Kate smiled back…”I have been naughty again Miss Kenworthy.”

“Yes I know Kate, that is why you are on report!” Miss Kenworthy could not help but giggle.

She turned serious, and told Kate that she was not old enough to smoke and that it damages a person’s health.

“You can get yourself bent over the spanking rack, and feel two dozen of the strap on your bare buttocks young lady!”

‘Yes Miss.”

She bent over. The thought of Miss Kenworthy baring her bottom by pulling down her knickers sent a thrill through her pussy. As the knickers were pulled down by her, she saw a trickle of excitement running down her inner thigh.

Which was quite a coincidence, because she felt one run down hers too. Without delay twelve blistering cracks were expertly delivered to her welcoming cheeks. She screamed and jumped, but wished it was 36 not 24, or even more.

She will be back soon no doubt, I hope you will be too. Nice to have you along!

Want to know a secret?…’s the cane next!

The Slave Girl ~ Part 2

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…they reached the top of the stairs, and Mistress Charlotte told Spanky to wait at the door to a large room.

Nervous and excited, the slave girl ‘spanky’ did as she was told and waited at the door.

Charlotte had previously left a collection of implements to use on her slaves bottom, at the door. Earlier in the day she had taken two pieces of apparatus too, and positioned them. Spanky watched interestedly as Mistress picked up the implements, and walked to the far end of the room which was on the top floor and had windows all the way around, it felt like you were outside, it gave Charlotte a feeling of being exposed.

She went to fetch her slave girl, and led her to a mat and a cushion she had placed close to the punishment apparatus and implements. As ‘spanky’ walked by, she looked at them wide eyed.

She stood her slave before her, and began to speak…

To be continued…

A Perfect Blend

Tamara, or Samantha? It has to be both. Domme or sub, she does it right, and is all the better for it.

As you know I am a Dom, being born in 1951 it seems and feels natural to me. I have no disregard for a male sub. To be honest I often fantasise…of being a woman, a submissive one. Sent to see Miss Kenworthy!

She understands, she can use empathy. I have had her over my knee, like all my girls. She is lovely to spank. I have filmed and photographed her as a Domme, and seen her deal with both men and women.

Like a perfect blended whisky or cocktail, she is just right. As a stand alone fine wine, red or white, she satisfies the palette. Let’s have a look at her…

Just like Mary Poppins, but without the ‘practically’…she is perfect as she is!

Up in the Purple Boudoir – Part Two

This will take you to part one…

….after an enjoyable prelude to sleep, they were left alone for the night. I went to my room and settled down for the night, and went to sleep listening to giggles and other noises.

Next morning, as always I was up early…lots to do! Eventually I heard a sound or two and went up to see them, with a cup of tea each and a biscuit, to see what they wanted for breakfast. I put the tea tray on an old table by the door and knocked..”Are you up?”

“Yes! Come in!”

I opened the door slightly, picked up the tray and walked in…”Bloody hell! That’s what I call a welcome to a new day! Slept well?”

We sat and talked…do you really expect me to remember what about?

I started telling them about their roles in the shoot I had planned, which seemed to excite them.

They asked for a full English breakfast each, something told me they would be ravenous when I got back…

The Slave Girl – Part 1

For many years Charlotte has fantasised about having her own submissive pet, a slave girl, to use and spank as she wished. She had read every one of the Gor books written by John Norman, and dreamed of using a red silk, a pleasure girl, in a Paga Tavern.

A few weeks go whilst browsing her favourite sites that she used for looking at during masturbation she saw an advert, for a Gorean style Slave auction, to be held, unbelievably in a town only twenty miles away. The venue being an old office block.

Submissive girls willing and needing to serve had paraded on the slave blocks, showing themselves off provocatively to attract a buyer. One called Samantha had caught her eye. Slim of waist, good hips, proud breasts, pert spankable bottom, long legs with vital ankles, and a pretty face.

The bidding had been ferocious, and she had spent much more than she wanted to, or could comfortably afford. But she had out bid her rivals. The girl was hers.

Dressed in her scanty Mistress outfit, she was shown to a set of dimly lit stairs. “She is in the slave pen down here, you have spent well.” Said the brute of a man who had taken her money…it was cash only. “Good luck, hope to see you again one day. She’s yours now, goodbye.”

As simple as that, she was now a Mistress, and had her very own slave girl. She took a deep breath, walked down the scary, cold and damp stairs to the pen. She pulled the wooden peg out of the rusty hasp, and opened the squeaking door to claim her.

Stood proud and tall, naked, apart from pink high heels she was nervously waiting for Mistress. Her eyes widened in delight when she saw her and she smiled nervously, ‘Hello Mistress.’

Charlotte put a bright shiny Gorean collar around her slave girl’s neck. It was attached to a rope which she held in her hand. In her other hand was a walking cane, she looked magnificent.

“From now on girl, you are called Spanky.”

Spanky beamed with pride, she loved her new slave name.

She tugged on the rope, and said simply, “Follow me Spanky.”

Their adventure began….

More soon….

My Light Box

As time goes by, I hope to put all my girls and some guest girls in here, it shows curves and shadows beautifully, especially bottoms. So, no spanking in this one, just Cherry.

Kate’s First Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Ever wondered how Kate became Samantha’s maid? Well, it all started here, at the school I write of often. Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls. Miss Kenworthy is Head of Discipline.

There are many sets and little stories about the school. One glorious day, they will all be joined together, with the choicest of the photos, in a full length illustrated novel. Which is started, I am pleased to say.

However…let me tell you about them. Kate was Head Girl, and very much in favour. But as with all the girls, in the school, mistakes were punished.

Like the day of her first spanking, she had cheated in an exam. Not terribly, she just wrote down the formulae for quadratic equations on her wrist. She just could not remember it. But all the same, it is cheating, and that means two dozen on the bare with the plimsol, at this school.

The thing is, right from the first whack, she said exactly the right words…exactly….perfectly, softly, submissively. She took it perfectly too.

“Yes Miss Kenworthy, I am sorry for being so naughty, I do need a good spanking. I think it will do me good.”

She bent over with no fuss at all. Her short gym slip rode up to reveal perfect white school knickers…

She let out a delightful gasp when they were lowered, she pushed her bottom up for every whack, eagerly, making such gorgeous squeals as the plimsol landed.

Without being asked, she counted out loud, every one, and said ‘Thank you Miss Kenworthy.’…loudly, as if she wanted the girls out of the open window to hear.

And when she heard giggling and laughter from a fast growing crowd, she screamed it louder and louder, pushing her bottom up to meet every single blow.

No matter how hard she hit that bottom, it pushed back, up, and out. In other words, she loved it.

Right up until the final whack, which was as good as Miss Kenworthy could give, Kate loved it, and needed it.

Maid Training – No 8

Eggs and toast! To be precise, boiled egg and soldiers.

Mistress Samantha, you will not be surprised to know, is very fussy about her breakfasts. Eggs should be just runny enough to dip a soldier in, and the toast, brown, not from a sliced loaf, but hand cut to half an inch thick and golden brown with Irish butter. It must be hot.

Kate failed today, the toast was a little overdone and the egg too runny. She has had a spankng and a few strokes of the cane, for the toast. She has been made to wait for her next punishment. Her pussy is dripping more than a lightly boiled egg as she waits.

She can hear Mistress coming upstairs, she is so moist and excited.

Mistress walks in with a leather soled vintage shoe, it is shiny on not very supple. “Push your bottom out for another spanking you naughty girl.”

‘Yes Mistress.’

The sound of stiff old leather whacking soft buttock flesh fills the room, accompanied by a crescendo of screams. But it is not over, another six strokes on the top of her already caned bottom follows…

Rest assured her training will continue in ernest.

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Mr.Reece Gets the Plimsol

You ought to read the previous post and the story attached to it, so please click here in order to understand what is happening here…

…Samantha stopped spanking him by hand, and he breathed a sigh of relief for the respite. Bending over she spoke to him. “Well your bottom is looking rather hot Mr.Reece, oh look, the naughty boy is really trembling! Are you scared Mr.Reece, do you want the nasty burning in your bottom to stop? Awwww, poor ickle Mister Weece.”

He was trembling, he knew without doubt that this was only the beginning, and his bottom hurt so very much already.

“I think it’s time that jolly old Mister Plimsol here, with his really heavy rubber size thirteen thick sole, ought to kiss that poor little bottom better.” She whispered into his ear.

“No, not the heavy plimsol…please…no….not the plimsol!”

“What are you Mr Reece?” THWAAAACK!

“Ooooooh a naughty boy, a naughty boy!”

THWACK THWACK THWAAAACK! “A what? I didn’t hear you?”

“Owwwwwwwoooowwww owwww oooooh a naughty boy, a very naughty boy!”

The sound of rubber on soft buttock….’WHHHHUUUUUPPPPP!?’ Filled the room repeatedly, as Mr Reece hopped and jumped about screaming “I’m a naughty boy Miss….ooooh I’m a naughty boy!”

With a fast flurry of full blooded swings Samantha gave hell to the Crimson cheeks of the ‘galloping on the spot’ Mr.Reece

Whack….owwwww, thwop…..ooooh….he screamed like a girl.

To be continued, what next for the poor old teacher? Just a minute, what are they on the desk, is it a strap, and is that a tawse, and look….a cane! Oh dear Mr Reece, what a torrid time you have to come!