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Knickers Removal – Set Four

Samantha’s first turn to bare her bottom before the class.

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“Samantha! Pay attention! If you are drawing one more picture of a horse, you are getting a spanking! I thought so! Your talent in art, and your ability to ride are well known, but this must be the tenth time I gave told you this week. What have I just said about the repeal of the corn laws…eh? …eh?”

A blank stare greets me.

“What date are we talking about?”

“Errrr, the fifteenth?” She says hopefully.

“I mean the year! Stupid girl. Bring that bit of paper out here…NOW!”

She squirms in her seat…

“As I thought, another blasted horse. Well trust me young lady! After a couple of dozen with the plimsol you will not be bouncing on your saddle tonight! Bend over! Bare your bottom!”

“Awwwwwwww, yes Sir.”

“Bend your knees Samantha, present your bottom for a spanking properly!”

She did not ride for two days! And when next asked, she gave the correct year! A wonderful aid to the memory is a plimsol.


Knickers Removal – Set Two

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“Have you learnt nothing from yesterday’s spanking Charlotte?! You seem to be behaving just the same as yesterday….a troublesome noisy nuisance! Come out to the front, right now!” I say firmly, pointing to a spot on the carpet.

As always, when a class is about to witness a spanking, all heads turn, and a general muttering takes place….”QUIET!” …instant silence descends, as Charlotte steps into the gangway.

“Take your knickers down to the floor young lady, and touch your toes!”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

Fumbling nervously, Charlotte does as she is told to, before a class full of interested and somewhat excited class. She is a popular, bright girl, with a very curvy pretty bottom. The rest of the class watch intently.

What a glorious sight greeted me as I turned from the implement cupboard armed with my size thirteen plimsol. “Right! Let’s see if a firm dozen on each cheek help you to learn how to behave!”


The Removing of a Naughty Girls Knickers in Preparation of a Spanking.

Soooooo many of these!

When I do a shoot, I often take close ups, not just of red bottoms etc, but artistic (well I think so…blush) ones of my girls knickers coming down. As well as bare bottoms prior to a spanking. This will grow to colossal proportions! I might have overdone it a bit. As well as new close ups, a few are cropped images from other sets, so rather than see the bottoms in the distance, they are all nice and close up for you….why not give them all a smack?

Set one. At the desk.

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Set Two. In the gangway.

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Set three. In my Study.

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Set Four. Out at the front of the class.

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Set Five. All in a row, bent over a school form.

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Much more to come!


Knickers Removal – Set One

Charlotte is at her desk, being a nuisance! “That’s it! I have had enough! Stand up where you are, slide your knickers down, and bend over! You are getting another spanking young lady!”

I pick up my trusty size thirteen plimsol, and hold it aloft, and make my way with a determined stride, and strict frowning face.

Glamour shots and Photo Sets ~ Part Two

Once a page gets full, it slows down and becomes tedious to work on, so this is the second part / continuation of…

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And so, to continue…with more photo sets, casual glamour shots and more.


Even when getting ready, or possibly the opposite, for or after a spanking shoot, Charlotte has the ability to look sexy and invite a smack on her bottom…

I have so many of my photos of red bottoms that I have taken, I have decided to put them all in one place, this will be updated often…

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As wonderful as a well reddened naughty girl’s bare, sore, wiggling bottom is. There is something very special about baring a bottom for a spanking, hence…

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More general shots…

Guess why Samantha, Kate and Charlotte look so pleased here….

Because on this day I presented a pain slut for them to play with, with no limits. They all had a lovely time.

Photo Set 343 …concerning a banana!

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Photo Set 344 …an unusual orgasm for Samantha.

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In part one of this section I had two links to show you things like ‘In between shoots’, where the girls are getting changed or sat chatting on a break. This time I am just going to put them here.

We had just done a wonderful shoot of a birching in Victorian England for one if my stories…’The Inveigle’.

Here they are getting ready, and also after the shoot, getting changed. Like travelling in time, from Victorian England to a 1960’s detention room, and spankings!

Isn’t it lovely, being a fly on the wall with such beautiful women, almost as nice as the posed shots I put them in. I know you like them, and I love taking them!

Lots more to come!


Red Bottomed Girls

Us spanking lovers adore a red well punished naughty girls bottom. Here will be an ever growing collection…

Some will be in sets, like this…

Kate’s Beautiful Bottom on various apparatus. Click here…

Others will appear as little groups, like the girl below. So call back often, and of course I will let you know when I add any.

I have told you before that for many years I ran a spanking service for needy women. I still have a few, but mainly my girls have taken over. This girl came a few years ago, and said, ‘Shout at me like a real naughty girl, and give me the plimsol at the front of the class, on the bare, hard and long, just as you would in a real situation, no limits, and no matter what I shout, squeal or do, do not stop until YOU decide it is over.

She did not expect for me to arrange a class of girls, but she got exactly what she asked for….before the class!

Here are the devastating results of the plimsol on a bare bottom from cold, I gave it full force, fast…at least 30 whacks! She jumped, cried and squealed, but I held her firm and did not listen to her pleading…

Can you see the imprint of the pattern of the sole of the plimsol!

I put her in corner time and had told the girls before she came to whisper abuse and mockery at her. I did nothing about it and had to tell her not to rub as pellets of paper from rubber bands etc peppered her sore bottom! It’s all part of a traditional school punishment. She loved it and came back quite a few times for a repeat performance.

I have written of another client of mine, Molly, a few times. A petite girl (just right for the naughty schoolgirl she loves to be) with a pert bottom, who loves a good hand spanking. She gets very sexually excited! As you can see by the swollen lips of her pussy!

Here is a young woman from the Czech Republic, who came to see me and the girls many times for canings, birching said and the tawse.

A naughty daughter’s red bottom…

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