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SPANKERS GALLERY ~ No 12 Continuing our Roue Magazine Tribute…

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The More or Less Naked Civil Servant’s Daughter

From Roué 13

This month Gallery is back in school. And where better to find tight knickers slithering down bare thighs and twitchy young bottoms at the mercy of whatever providence may bring.

New drawings, perhaps accompanied by an account of the background to the scene depicted by the artist, will be gratefully received and published if suitable. The criterion is not technical excellence, nor even expertise. Much more important is the involvement of the artist in his subject matter. Readers may have noticed in other issues that the most pleasing pieces of work have been those where a freshness, or a well-thought-out idea, have been evident in the artist’s work. Some, of course, have been both well-executed and erotic at the same time, yet it would not be too high-flown to say that even in those illustrations where draughtsmanship has not been of the best, there is that sparkle and down-to-earth straightforwardness that in other spheres has been called ‘Primitive’ and has been thought of as on a par with twentieth-century art in general, and worthy of exhibition in galleries all over the world.

Perhaps Grandma Moses wouldn’t have approved, and maybe the Royal Academy wouldn’t have hung them on their hallowed walls (though who knows these days) but we think drawings on a spanking theme can be art, and with our readers’ acquiescence we will continue to publish those which have something bright and original to offer.

Yes, he had to admit it. There had been a time when even he would have said that the most accurate description of him would have been ‘dirty old man’. Ah, but since those days he had matured considerably, perhaps even mellowed — though he doubted whether that young lady wrestling with the problems on the blackboard would have thought of him as ‘mellowed’.

The piece of chalk which the little sweetheart was clutching in her fingers squeaked nerve-tinglingly across the board. He shuddered at the sound.

‘If you don’t stop squeaking my chalk across that board, my little angel, you’ll be squeaking yourself — across my knee!’

‘Sorry sir, but — well, it just does it sir.’

‘Nonsense. It’s the way you scrape it.’

‘No it’s not sir! It’s the chalk sir —’

‘Don’t argue, you imp.’

The girl made a ‘heavens above’ face and turned back to the blackboard. He considered the delicious way that her little skirt flounced out from her waist across her hips. The way her thighs touched lightly together as she stood on tip-toe to erase a miscalculation with the tip of a chalky finger.

‘Come here and find yourself a couple of paper clips on my desk.’

‘Sir?’ She turned from the board and made a ‘what-the-hell-have-I-done’ face.

‘A couple of paper clips. You can pin your skirt up — perhaps if you spend the rest of this evening with your knickers on view it’ll remind you of what happens if I have to take ‘em down.’

‘But I haven’t done anything sir —’

‘Dumb insolence. ‘Eyes up to heaven —’ all that stuff. You’re a cheeky little minx — come here and find some paperclips.’

‘Eyes up to what, sir?’

‘Just do as you’re told — or do you want to be on duty this evening.’

The girl pulled another face.

Clearly she didn’t fancy the idea. Petulantly she came across to his desk and sorted through the odds-and-ends tray for the clips. When she had found them she eyed him peevishly over the desk.

‘Well come on then —!’

‘Oh, sir —’

‘Come on girl — do as you’re told!’

She pouted her pretty lips, but reached behind her for the hem of her skirt and passed it up behind her back until she could reach it over her shoulder with her other hand. The skirt curved up from the front of her thighs. The side of her knickers came into view, snugged around the firm smoothness of her leg. She fumbled for a moment or two, then changed hands and passed the other side of her skirt up her back. The skirt being on the short side anyway, it was unavoidable that the silky-skinned conjunction of her thighs and the seductive pout of her pubis tucked demurely inside her pants should peep out below the hem. She watched him watching and tried to tug the skirt down a little in front. The pinned-up skirt came unfastened and the paper clip pinged onto the floor.

‘Oh —’

‘You’re hopeless. Come here — I’ll do it.’

Hesitant for a moment, she came round the desk and stood unhelpfully in front of him.

‘Well turn round then —’ He smacked her impatiently on a bare thigh.


He smacked her again. She spun round, anxious now not to provoke him further. Obviously he was in one of his moods.

He fiddled with the paper clip, then took the hem of the skirt and pulled it up, the back of his hand brushing soft yielding warmth and the knap of her thick school knickers. Her round little bum teased him with its youthful plumpness, bold and pert and almost insolent. She stood sulkily as he failed to clip the skirt to the back of her blouse, easing her weight onto one leg, then onto the other, in a demonstration of mock impatience. The pull of her snug fitting knickers tugged a pucker of navy blue up between her saucy cheeks and the line of the leg elastic curved up round each buttock to emphasise the youthful roundness of her bottom. If ever a schoolgirl’s bum asked to be smacked, hers did. He gave up with the paper clips and settled for tucking the skirt up into the waistband.

‘Now go on —’ He slapped one bouncy buttock cheerfully, ‘— back to work.’

‘Oow —!’ She looked ruefully at him as she rubbed at her bottom, then she stalked back to the blackboard with a reddening splotch up under one partly-bared cheek and her bum jiggling as she walked.

As she got on with the problem on the board a little more earnestly, he lounged back in his chair and teased himself by picturing the wriggles that young backside would execute if he got round to spanking the little cherub this evening. This pleasant flight of fancy properly savoured, he then began to consider when it would be safe to have her ‘on duty’ again. Tonight it was Sandra’s ‘duty night’. Perhaps next weekend. The other two permanent members of staff were going up to London for some concert or other. All he would have to do would be to get rid of Matron. Perhaps she could be persuaded to go and visit her sister again. This week it was her mother’s turn. Yes, she might be prevailed upon.

His ‘duty night’ idea had been a superb one. The ‘Duty Girl’ was on call, whenever the rest of the staff were safely off the premises, from after supper, at seven, until lights out at ten thirty. She would come to his house, which was detached from the school buildings, and change into her duty ‘uniform’. Not that there was much of it. It was then her task to fetch and carry, make tea, toast crumpets — all that sort of Tom Brown’s schooldays stuff — and in the meantime she had to remember to play ‘the game’, whatever it happened to be that night, or she got her bum smacked. Last ‘duty night’ it had been fun. Stupid, but fun. The girl had to add an extra ‘sir’ every time she spoke to him. Like ‘Your crumpets are toasted, sir, sir.’ Giggling was an extra spanking, saved up for the end of the girls’ duty. He liked to get them giggling — they didn’t seem to be able to help it. The Damoclean Sword of that extra, always prolonged, spanking, seemed to provoke a fit of the giggles rather than the opposite.

The chalk squealed gratingly across the board. ‘Sorry sir —’ she said, over her shoulder. Her knickers looked charmingly close fitting around her bum. Really very nice.

Tonight he’d decided that the Duty Girl would not call him sir — she would address him as ‘Mickey Mouse’. That ought to guarantee a nice bum-squirming conclusion to the evening.

‘You squeaked again,’ he announced resentfully.

‘Sorry —’ She stopped working and turned towards him. The sweet plumpness where her knickers dipped between her bare legs absorbed his attention.

‘Hmm — well, you can just take your knickers down for that!’

‘Oh, sir — I couldn’t help it sir’

‘I can’t help it that I want you to take your knickers down, so just get them down.’

‘But sir — it’s not fair sir —’

‘And you’re Duty Girl next Saturday — for being argumentative.’

‘Oh sir —!’

‘Want to do your ‘duty night’ with or without your knickers on?’

‘Oooh —’ She looked confused — ‘— Knick — knickers on, please sir.’

‘Right — well stop arguing, and get your pants down!’

She tucked her fingers into her knickers and slipped them hesitantly down. She looked up, eyes on his. The tops of her thighs now nestled on either side of a small blonde ruff of pubic hair, knickers halfway down her thighs. She looked away and turned dubiously to the blackboard. Her saucy little bottom with its pink splodge on one cheek began to look even more smackable now that it was quite bare.

‘Dirty old bugger,’ he said to himself. Yes, that’s what they’d said when they sacked him. But what else would you expect from Civil Servants. They could hardly be expected to approve of a man in his position spanking his secretary, could they. Security risk and all that.

The chalk squealed gratingly across the board. ‘Sorry sir —’ she said, over her shoulder. Her knickers looked charmingly close fitting around her bum. Really very nice.

Tonight he’d decided that the Duty Girl would not call him sir — she would address him as ‘Mickey Mouse’. That ought to guarantee a nice bum-squirming conclusion to the evening.

‘You squeaked again,’ he announced resentfully.

‘Sorry —’ She stopped working and turned towards him. The sweet plumpness where her knickers dipped between her bare legs absorbed his attention.

‘Hmm — well, you can just take your knickers down for that!’

‘Oh, sir — I couldn’t help it sir’

‘I can’t help it that I want you to take your knickers down, so just get them down.’

‘But sir — it’s not fair sir —’

‘And you’re Duty Girl next Saturday — for being argumentative.’

‘Oh sir —!’

‘Want to do your ‘duty night’ with or without your knickers on?’

‘Oooh —’ She looked confused — ‘— Knick — knickers on, please sir.’

‘Right — well stop arguing, and get your pants down!’

She tucked her fingers into her knickers and slipped them hesitantly down. She looked up, eyes on his. The tops of her thighs now nestled on either side of a small blonde ruff of pubic hair, knickers halfway down her thighs. She looked away and turned dubiously to the blackboard. Her saucy little bottom with its pink splodge on one cheek began to look even more smackable now that it was quite bare.

‘Dirty old bugger,’ he said to himself. Yes, that’s what they’d said when they sacked him. But what else would you expect from Civil Servants. They could hardly be expected to approve of a man in his position spanking his secretary, could they. Security risk and all that.

But that’s where they’d made their mistake. They hadn’t known it at the time, but he had been in the department to check on them. He was Security. And one way and another he’d got the dirt on plenty of them.

‘If you don’t get that one right, you’re going to get your pretty little bum smacked my girl.’

She looked at him sulkily.

‘Oh yes you are.’

She turned away and reconsidered her working-out, bare bottom cheekily asking for it. And likely to get it.

Which was how he’d managed to swing this job. One of his ‘investigations’ had turned up something really juicy on the bloke who was responsible for this school, an establishment which, though small, catered very nicely for the educational needs of the daughters of Civil Servants posted overseas. It was amusing how, once one’s scruples had finally been abandoned, it had been easy to get the right ones posted abroad — using his ‘influence’ as a man who knew all the guilty secrets. The ‘right ones’ were those who — and he’d researched it very carefully — who had school-age daughters, and something to hide. It didn’t take much ‘persuading’ to get them to send their girls to ‘his’ school — and hardly any more to obtain, in writing, ‘parental permission’. Permission to take the young ladies’ knickers down for a spot of ‘old-fashioned discipline’.

‘You’ve got it wrong.’

‘Ooh —’

‘Yes, I’m afraid you have. I think you’d better take your knickers right off, my sweet, and I’ll come and smack your naughty bottom for you.

‘Oooh — please sir — can’t I do it again?’

‘Knickers off, my pet.’

She slipped them down and over her feet. Her bottom trembled as she stood up — it would do more than tremble in a minute!

Not all the girls were candidates, of course. About half a dozen this year. But enough.

He had her stand beside him while he went through the problems one by one.

‘This is wrong!’

‘Oh —’ Smack, smackitty, smack. ‘Ooow — oooh — aaah —!’

Her cheeky little bum danced itself crimson. She was crying her ‘Please-don’t-smack-me-any-more’ tears when Sandra came into the classroom.


‘Um — it’s seven o’clock, sir — I’m Duty Girl tonight.

‘Oh yes — so you are.’

The daughter of the Assistant Under Secretary to the Governor of Balongaland stood self-consciously inside the door in a pair of white satin shorts which simply couldn’t have been any tighter — no, not a fraction. A shiny split-peach nestled at the base of her belly, the legs of the shorts cut away high at the sides — and higher at the back, as he well knew. Bare-bummed was this daughter of the Assistant Under Secretary or more or less. She’d be a pleasure, an absolute delight. Meanwhile there was the daughter of the Assistant Adviser to the Shah of Whereveritis to be dealt with. Her bottom squirmed as he planted another hefty spank on a lewdly bouncing cheek. Oh yes — revenge — even if a sort of second-hand revenge — was very sweet indeed.

more to come…


Black and White Set ~30 – Mistress and Her Spanking Pets…

When my studio opens up again fully, you will see a lot of my friend Claudia, and her pet Matilda, they are joining my team. A while ago she met my girls, and they got on rather well…


ring ring…….ring ring…..ring ring….

“Hello girls, it is time for my night time therapy, come up to see me.”

Claudia waits with their rope leashes.

The four spanking pets come crawling in to see their much loved Mistress.

Mistress puts their ropes on…

She talks to them constantly, praising or admonishing their actions of the day. Each time a girl has her lead put over her head, she receives an appraisal for the day, at the end of the week, they pay. It is Claudia’s reward for housing them and caring for them.

At this point it looks like Charlotte has been a good girl, and Kate has been a naughty one. (By the way, this is Kate’s Studio) They will all get their nightly spanking, but at the weekend, it is ‘Mr.Whippy’ the Cane’s time to come out and play with their naughty bare bottoms.

“Come along girls.” Claudia says as she tugs their ropes, time to comfort me.

They settle down on their haunches to listen to their nightly spanking story. Where they all rub their pussies to orgasm. Delightful moans and groans soon fill the air.

Then Mistress sits back and beckons her girls to her.

The girls gently caress their Mistress to bring her a relaxing relief, and release.

Tonight it was Kate’s turn to diddle her Mistress’s pussy to orgasm.

“I suppose you all want a ‘nite nite’ spanking do you?” Asked Claudia, knowing their answer would be yes of course, and up they all got.

They all got on all fours for their night time spanking, wiggling their bottoms in anticipation and then taking their loving, but crisp and hard spankings.

Once again the girls settled on their haunches.

She got her cane and went along the line telling them how many strokes they had earned so far.

It was looking very much like Kate’s poor bottom was going to be the sorest.

She told them to stand up, bend over and grip their hands between their knees.

“Gather around me girls and lets say goodnight.” She said as they straightened and grouped around her, stroking the cane and her.

They slid down her body and gathered around her ankles, it was time for a bare bottom rub, for MIstress. Their hands crept up and pulled down her directoire knickers, and her plump bottom got a goodnight caress.

Can you guess which one is holding her knickers at her knees?

Hands rubbed up her thigh, inside and out, bottom cheeks were kneaded and stroked, her pussy was played with again until her second orgasm made her squeal out loud.

And the next day would end in a similar way, like every day.


Photos Set ~ 526, this is part of photo set 510 ~ Boarding School Punishments – Samantha ~ Part 4

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This is shorter in quantity, but I feel confident that the quality will make up for it. In the last part, Samantha was put in position at the punishment desk, we left her with her suspenders and navy blue school knickers on show to you. What a sight it was.

“Samantha, pull your knickers well down your thighs and resume your position.” I told her sternly.

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.” She replied with a voice full of respect and nervousness. Then she did so, and here she is back in position.

Have you ever spanked anyone in this position? If not, let me assure you it is very good, quite wonderful in fact. I get the girl to crouch over the desk and move her bottom far back so it overhangs. Her pussy should be hanging over, like this…

My preferred techniques, are to either bend over and deliver good swinging whacks, (As my club members saw in the little video I sent of me doing that to Charlotte) or, my very favourite, is to get down on one knee, as if to fire a rifle, and do a good hard upper cut, as if trying to put top spin on a table tennis ball. I sort of let the plimsol roll around the bottom on impact and slide off. That is where the overhang is important.

My girls tell me it is very sensual, because obviously at this stage of a spanking a pussy is engorged with excitement, as Samantha’s full little lips show us. It seems that as they wiggle, the corner of the stool, and the wobbling of the buttocks sends very sensual shock waves through the buttocks and pussy.

Hence the dramatic overhang shown here, this is just before I spanked Samantha…she is ready and primed so to speak.

I kneel on the other side and leave room for a good upper, rolling swing of the plimsol.

Here are two more, showing the right amount of overhang and the position for ‘pussy shock waves of spanking.’

If you get the chance, try it, I assure you that you will not be disappointed, and of course, a good ‘Study Setting’ for atmosphere and authenticity, coupled with a good quality real vintage Girl’s School Uniform.

Sometimes….well, nearly every time, I feel like I have gone back in time to a 1950’s, 60’s Headmaster’s Study. It really is so important to get things right. Oh and don’t forget a good loud ticking clock, nothing quite like it to set the scene in my opinion!

more to come…


The Riding School’s Headmaster’s Wife…Photo Set 525 ~ With a story by David…

Imagine a Riding School, where the Headmaster uses a crop, not a cane, on the girls who come for his highly respected, costly, and valued training. Misbehave.

Imagine too, he has a wife, who loves him to use it on her.

Suzette, from one of our recent events, playing the part of the wife.

A follower and dear friend, David sent this story about Suzette to me and I knew instinctively where to post it, and here it is, at the end of a set with Suzette on a vaulting horse.

My compliments to David, you will have seen his work in competitions on here, I congratulate his writing….it is beautiful.


The Exclusive Girl’s Riding School has been running for years and many Olympic Champions have come to hone their skills in their early days, before their medal successes. The horses are kept on a tight rein with a grueling schedule of fitness, although treated especially well in all respects. The riders are expected to match their standards in horsemanship.

The Headmaster uses a crop in a simulated ride on a specially constructed vaulting horse, to correct any girl who falls below this standard.

The headmaster’s wife is nearly always the witness at these occasions, keeping records of wrongdoings and the delivered punishment.

One such girl was punished ten minutes ago. She left sobbing, with her jodhpurs down to her knees, to trot back to class, cropping her own bare sore bottom as she did, as is the tradition in the school. Girls trotting back to class with a red bottom get hoots of derision and much mickey taking…it is the way.

Suzette loves to watch, and also, participate, by receiving the same punishment herself. The naughty girl left at 4.30 p.m. and Suzette whispered to her husband, I have a need darling, I will be waiting at 5.00 p.m. for you.

She prepared herself and climbed up on the horse.

She was sat in the pose that her husband loves to find her, but as with her taste in decor, she always likes to add a little extra, so she climbed down and picked up the crop, and placed it strategic, and suggestive manner, near her bottom.

First behind her, resting on the horse.

She heard the clip clop of her husband’s heels on the oak parquet floor of the corridor getting closer, and pushed her bottom up, arching her back. This inspired her, so quickly, only seconds before he entered, she rested in on the top of her bottom, demanding it to be picked up and used….hard.

He entered….”By Jove Darling, I think you are going to have a good gallop tonight!”

“Oh I do hope so Sir, take me on a cross country, and make me jump twelve good high hedges!”

The ‘Cross Country’ was reserved for the most serious of naughtiness! Each fence or hedge being a very hard thwack of the senior riding crop, shown here, across their rumps!

“Come on, faster! or you will not make it!” The Headmaster shouts as a girl is galloping on the horse, her bottom bobbing wildly. “JUMP!”…THWACK!!!”

“Yeooooowwwwww!!!” And on to the next fence or hedge.

At our event, this was delivered firmly across the filly’s rump, making her gallop very smartly, clearing each obstacle in fine style!

She was made to display her bare bottom after dismounting, and put in to corner time.

The headmaster moved up to his wife, admiring his work. “I hope that has satisfied your need my dearest.”

“A bit more would not go amiss kind Sir!” She giggled.

This is Suzette all over, she can take a real, no holds barred, bare bottom thrashing, and soon after, ask for more!

So he duly administered some more…

He knew what was needed, so picked up the phone and dialed the Stable Office, “Ahhh Millings my good man, my wife needs a little help!”

“On my way Sir!” Said the head Stable Boy.

He helped the Headmaster take her on another ride, it was done at quite a spanking pace!

And afterwards, they rubbed in some top quality cream, because she was a little saddle sore!

The Story, by David…

Suzette’s Déjà vu

It was a sunny, sleepy afternoon and journalist, Suzette Pierce, was already feeling lethargic as she was shown into the Headmistress’ study by the school secretary.

“Apologies, Miss Pierce,” the secretary said, “but the Headmistress should be no more than ten minutes. An unplanned visit by one of our Governors, I’m afraid. Please take a seat and do pour yourself a glass of water should you require it. I’ll just close the door behind me.”

As the solid oak door closed with a dull click, Suzette sat on the visitor’s chair knowing another drink and she may need a trip to the ladies restroom! Perhaps she should not have had those two large G&Ts at lunchtime.

Her eyes lazily scanned the room, briefly pondering on the motes of dust dancing in the streaming rays of sunlight before they found the small vaulting horse. That seemed odd, Suzette thought, so stood up and went over to examine it. Her hands began instinctively feeling the soft suede-covered top and sides, and the yielding firmness hidden below that covering.

What a strange piece of furniture to be in here, Suzette considered, and wondered abstractly if the gym may be close by. Enthralled by this find she considered it quite a sensuous, tactile material and it looked a little care worn in certain places, especially so across the top. Returning to her seat, Suzette removed a notebook from her soft leather shoulder bag, and flipped to a new page.

Interviewing the Headmistress on the school’s revised Disciplinary Policy, was the reason for Suzette’s visit. They had spoken briefly on the phone and this interview was in advance of the proposed abolition of corporal punishment in schools across England. It was to be Suzette’s last interview as part of a piece on the county-wide views of Headships in light of the removal of a sanction employed by former generations of Educationalists.

The effects of the alcohol and warmth from the sunlight now made her feel drowsy again. Her eyelids were drooping and it became too easy to place her forearms on the desk and rest her head on them. Just a few seconds to clear my head, she thought……

“And what, may I ask, are you doing young lady,” a stentorian voice startled Suzette into semi-consciousness.

Confused, Suzette struggled to find coherent thoughts let alone adequate words to form a reply.

“Why are you not in school uniform? You do know the penalty for uniform infringements, and yet you, a senior girl, seem to consider a school uniform superfluous for. Well? Words failing you, are they?”

“I…I’m sorry Headmistress…I,” Suzette spluttered.

“You most certainly will be sorry young lady! Stand up this instant you impudent girl. Now remove your jacket and skirt, heaven knows where they have come from,” the Headmistress ordered.

To Suzette, even in her befuddled state, something didn’t feel right. The clothes the Headmistress wore and her hairstyle seemed dated, almost beyond recognition.  As Suzette began numbly to obey the commands to strip, she watched the Headmistress ominously lock the study door. Without another word the Headmistress moved the vaulting horse into a space and then selected a cane from an umbrella stand.

Now Suzette was really confused because she saw neither the canes nor the stand when she had first entered the study and scanned the room. When she now looked at the vaulting horse it seemed newer, and did the colour look brighter than before? There appeared no signs of wear at all now on the top section of the suede cover.

Spotting her visitor’s eyes looking at the suede-covered item of furniture, the Headmistress said, “Yes, young lady. My newest acquisition and you will have the enviable honour of being the first girl to be caned across it.”

Still dazed, Suzette was lost for words as her mouth opened and closed without uttering a sound.

“Bend right over. The tariff for contravening school uniform rules, as you should know, is six strokes. You will receive an extra three on your bare bottom for such a flagrant breech. Now do as you are told, at once.”

As if in a trance, Suzette reached over the suede horse and was told to balance on her tiptoes. Still not completely alert to what was happening Suzette complied. Seconds later she received the first stroke of the cane and suddenly Suzette felt more alive and awake than ever. Yet despite, or because of this, she made no attempt to move.

No sooner had the sixth, stinging stroke landed than Suzette felt the Headmistress easing down her panties. Arousal was not what Suzette had expected but she could not deny that it was happening. The last three strokes, over in a matter of seconds, had no discernable pause between them. Suzette let out a weak whimper of protest, and yet once the initial pain subsided a pleasing, tingling sensation took over adding to her arousal……

Still she did not move for quite a few moments before realising the study was now deathly quiet. After less than a minute of contemplation and grinding herself into the horse, Suzette dropped onto her feet and stood upright before turning around. To her amazement the room was empty.

Suzette quickly pulled up her panties, crossed the small room to try the door, and it opened without her need to unlock it. Closing the door before turning around, Suzette could no longer see the canes or umbrella stand, and the horse was somehow back in the corner.

Hurriedly she slipped back into her skirt and jacket as her brain frantically worked out what had happened. Then, hearing voices outside the door, Suzette rushed to sit back in the chair and winced as the memory of her caning seemed to be all too real. The door opened and in came the Headmistress.

“Hello Miss Pierce, I’m Amanda Kane, and with that surname I couldn’t be anyone else but the Headmistress,” she said with amusement.

“Pleased to meet you at last and apologies for the delay,” She added, holding out her hand.

Suzette stood up and took the proffered hand but was again momentarily lost for words. Wasn’t this the same woman who had minutes ago berated her attire before soundly caning her – only now wearing modern clothes and hairstyle?

“Hello Headmistress, I….I was just admiring the piece of furniture in the corner. I’m quite sure I could guess what is was used for,” Suzette said with a grin, subconsciously rubbing her tingling bottom.

The Headmistress smiled, “Indeed. It has been in this study since about 1930, and has been used most effectively, aided by slipper and cane, to deal with naughty schoolgirls.”

She looked at her watch and sighing heavily, added, “And in less than an hour it will, alas, along with my canes and slipper, be consigned to history.”

“Forgive me for saying so, but you sound quite disappointed, Headmistress,” Suzette said, still feeling the confusing effects of her drinking and whatever had happened a few minutes earlier.

“How perceptive. As a matter of fact I am somewhat disappointed Miss Pierce. You see – and this is off the record – I rather enjoyed having a girl bent over the horse and raising her uniform to administer a jolly hard stroke or two of the slipper or cane. Often more than one or two, and with knickers lowered. Sadly it has been a while since a naughty girl has presented me with such an opportunity, and I cannot see that happening now, can you?”

At first Suzette shook her head, then surprising herself and the Headmistress, announced, “I could… I suppose, as you say Headmistress, off the record, volunteer for the honour of being the last girl to be caned over the horse. It would have to be a punishment that fitted such an occasion, say, six strokes. Oh but I see no cane for you to use anyway Headmistress.”

The Headmistress’ eyes widened and her eyebrows arched beautifully at this unexpected offer. She gave Suzette a long, searching look before making a decision.

“Very well, young lady, I will take up your kind offer,” and with that she moved the horse to the same spot as Suzette recall was done previously.

This time Suzette realised there were hidden castors under each foot which could be engaged or locked by the toe of a shoe. Then she watched as the Headmistress turned the key, locking the door just as before. Without being asked, Suzette removed her jacket and skirt, and then slipped off her shoes.

The Headmistress nodded towards the horse and gave the words that sent a shiver down Suzette’s spine.

“On your tiptoes please and bend right over the horse. Oh, and I always punish on the bare so please lower your knickers first.”

Complying, Suzette draped her body over the horse just as she had done before. This time she knew what was to come and her whole being seemed to embrace it and what would follow. The sun’s rays were still making their presence felt inside the study and Suzette smiled as she felt their warmth bathe her lower back and naked bottom.

The cane tapped twice and then the first stroke sent a wave of pain through her lower body. As the pain faded it was replaced by other, more intimate sensations.

Instinctively Suzette knew her decision to place this particular Headmistress last on her list of interviewees was correct. She knew this caning was real, not déjà vu, and she also knew that she would always want this to be part of her life….want to be caned, spanked, and slippered.

More to come from David, I hope!!


Mr.Lamont ~ 2

Carrying on with Mr.lamont’s work on….Knickers!

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So what about films? 

The 50’s

Well, the first film I found was a precursor of the St. Trinians franchise starring Alistair Simms and Joyce Grenfell, titled ‘The Happiest Years of Your Life’. It was released in 1950 

It’s a farce set in a post-war boarding school that has to accommodate both a boy’s and a girl’s school while trying to hide the fact from Ministry of Education inspectors. It’s all very innocent jolly-hockey-sticks stuff, and the girls rush around in P.E. Kits.

Recently re-released on Prime is ‘Death Goes to School’, a who-done-it set in a girl’s boarding school released in 1953. The film opens with girls in respectable gym slips running around and playing rounders. All very innocent.

The body of a murdered mistress is found, and the police are called. At this point, four girls in gym knickers walk through the scene for no apparent reason. 

Then, while questioning the teachers, Sam Kydd, playing the bagman cop, a quite well-known actor in his day being bored, doodles a cartoon of a schoolgirl in a short gym and stocking tops. So not quite so innocent. 

Finally, the two coppers are searching through the girls’ games bags with the excuse of looking for shoe sizes when Sam Kydd extracts and brandishes a big pair of school knickers. I’ll let you make up your mind about that one. 

St Trinians

The next was a far less innocent affair, “The Belles of St Trinians” 1954, starring Alistair Simms in and out of drag and some old favourites from the Carry on a team like Sid James. There is a scene at the end where a bevvy of gym knicker-clad lovelies are posing and pouting in their hockey kit, which consisted of short bloomer-type type knickers, white polo neck sweaters and, slightly bazaar, high-heeled court shoes with no socks.

 Alas, the rest of the St Trinians series had no overt display of school underwear.

In the 1960s film “The Pure Hell of St Trinians,” the girls lounge around in tight white shorts.? They are quite cute, I suppose, but hardly school uniforms.

There was a relaunch in 1980 with “The Hellcats of St Trinians 

The flyer promised great things, but alas, no!

Ok, there are lots of very short gymslips/skirts and brief glimpses of knicker legs, but they are hardly satisfying for the enthusiast, and the franchise is, after all, pretty much sold on the schoolgirl uniform fetish.

There was one noticeable clip in this film, but it’s off-topic, where a couple of girls (I think they might have been teachers) strip and go skinny dipping only to have their clothes stolen by the girls. It is a nice view. 

There was another relaunch in 2007 and again later, both pants, but sadly, no pants.

We have to wait for 1969 for an actress who is very much still on our screens to see her don a pair of big school knickers. 

…who could it be – answers on a postcard. 


I love my contributors, all very clever and quite diverse. So? Who is it in the knickers?


More to come…


The Portcullis… Black and White Set 29

I have never been rich in money terms, but I have been rich in friends and imagination. I seem to have the ability to get to know people and be granted favours!

I have shot in many interesting locations, as you have seen, most of them obtained by becoming friends with someone, being as nice as I can, and when the time is right, asking for a favour, and if the answer is no, I assure them it makes no difference and we move on in our friendship.

I used to play at the side of a big old house as a boy, it had a reservoir next to it, and we made rafts. I have some funny tales, and scary tales, to tell of those days, one involves a witch!…but another time!

Later in life a good friend asked me if I would do a favour for her, and look after an old house she had on her portfolio. Nothing special, just go around it a few times a week and be visible, so people do not think it is unattended. I was delighted to, I love things like that. I got paid too!

Imagine my surprise when she gave me the set of keys and took me up for the first time….it was the same house, but now overgrowm, the reservoir silted up, and quite derelict and forlorn.

About six months later, I asked her if I could take some photos there, with a girl. She happily agreed, and added that she knew the request was coming one day. Hmmmmm….must have known me better than I thought!


So, that summer, on a perfect day, still, not even a breeze. bees hummed, birds tweeted, the sun shone and I took the girl….it was Kate.

We took a picnic, and on route I told her of the house’s history and some stories, and then described how safe it was, how she could be alone, make as much noise as she likes, and be naked. I told her I wanted to tie her up at the portcullis to its dungeon, and spank her. She looked at me quite amazed…..and asked…”Is this real? Are you kidding me?”

What do you think? It was real of course…I am lucky like this. Win on the lottery? No chance! Get to take a girl to a secluded ruin….yep!

We arrived, it is huge and I will show you more. But this day was about a Portcullis.

I said I would show her around next time, and we went in the front door, straight through and out of the back, she was determined to see a real portcullis and I was still not sure she believed me!

But sure enough…

I showed her where I wanted to tie her up and spank her. She was so turned on, I have never seen a woman like it! She told me that the more I talk naughty the more it gets her going, and listening to me in the car was sexy. I can talk…bloody hell, can I talk! I never shut up to be honest!

But it came in useful that day, it had turned her on and she likes the tone of my voice too it seems……God what a show off I am……I am ever so sorry….this is not an Asa Jones Tribute Page is it!!!….lets carry on!

I asked, “How does it make you feel, being here, in the country, in an old ruin. Scared? Adventurous? Curious?”

Now sometimes Kate takes my breath away…..’cross my heart’, she said… “It makes me feel as randy as hell and want take my knickers down to have a good fingering session!”

Welllllllllll…you know me, I am an obliging sort and told her to carry on, not to worry about anyone coming, hardly anyone even knows it is here nowadays. When I lived near as a kid I played there with friends, but by the looks of it…..nobody goes now. I don’t think it is even on a map…just a black square. I got my camera out…

So she did…

Have a look…

I remember being amazed at how fast she diddled her clitty and the noise she made, but most of all, how much she squirted.

She was worn out and collapsed, so we opened the picnic hamper, took out some beers from the coolbox, and had our picinic.

Then I shot the set I wanted. But before she started, she said….”Have I been a naughty girl Mr.Jones.”

I said….”Well, yes, you have masturbated instead of working and delayed the shoot! But I don’t mind.”

“I need a jolly good spanking…..naked, in this ruin don’t I?” She laughed.

I agreed….

I went to cut a switch, she had been very naughty after all.

Then I spanked her, with my hand and the switch, it was lovely, but I could not take photos….sorry, just me and her you see.

more to come….


SPANKERS GALLERY ~ No 11 Continuing our Roue Magazine Tribute…

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Slip Your Knickers Down

From Roué 13

Asa’s Note…

What a coincidence, very much like my girls in their new outfits! Could be useful!!



‘Slip your knickers down.’

What a wealth of meaning in those few words! ‘Slip.’ How casual — how nonchalant! The work of a moment, a quiet sibilance of navy pants against smooth bare thighs. A knickered bottom a moment before — now a shivery pair of bared buttocks, quivering as the cane is swished with deliberate ritual, its springiness tested with the likely resilience of the denuded buttocks and their probable reaction to the cane clearly in mind.

“Legs wide apart!”

He lets her know it, doesn’t he! ‘Wide apart.’ She hides her flushed face and stretches the elastic of her knickers to the utmost.

‘Bottom up higher.’

Her tummy nudges against the desk. The muscles in her legs tighten. The cool air dandles its feathery fingers in private places. The cane rests lightly across the crown of her defenceless bum.

‘Stand in the corner.’

It’s over — or at least the caning is. She was lucky to get only four — but My Word! they stung!

More to come…


A New Contributor ~ M.Lamont

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…because they both share a passion for navy blue school knickers!

I know, I know….don’t we all. But these two are the acme of the subject on my blog.


The Media and School Knickers

Navy blue school knickers have been the stuff of many a male fantasy, and I think it’s fair to say that one either loves them or hates them. They certainly will be the first experience that many British boys or young men had of the female form, growing up in 1950-60-70.

Obviously, there is a plethora of spanking mags and movies where many school uniformed lovelies are divested of their school knickers and spanked, but first, let’s look at mainstream media, books TV and film.

There are comparatively few books that really celebrate school knickers. One that comes to mind is ‘His Lordship,” written by Leslie Thomas of the “Virgin Soldiers” franchise. It was first published in 1970. The cover came in a number of versions.

Here is one (my favourite).

But another version is quite cute.

The story is set around a posh girls’ boarding school where a series of just underage schoolgirls seduce the tennis coach. It wouldn’t get published today, but it ticked all my boxes as an adolescent.

It’s available on eBay and some archive sites.

Two more covers…

It obviously sold well as it went to four additions with four covers each one slightly less provocative than the original.

Of course, there is my recently published book on
Kindle, which was intended to make up for the deficit. (Shameless plug) ‘Worst Birthday Ever’.
Featuring photos by the amazing Asa Jones and the gorgeously figured Katie in traditional 1960’s gym knickers.

Asa’s note…

Sorry the above is centred and a bit small, I copied and pasted it from his original document, which he mailed to me, and it came out like this, yet all the rest copied fine….

computers eh?…strange little beasts with a mind of their own, mine has anyway, or is it what they call….’Operator Error’….probably so! here is the cover…

” Thank you for choosing me as the photographer.”

Another book worth mentioning is Knickers: An Intimate Appraisal by Rosemary Hawthorne, which has a brief section on school knickers.

Next, we will look at Cinema – yes, of course, St Trinians but also some surprising stars.

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more to come…

Photo Set ~ 523 ~ Part Two of ~Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ Photo Set 521

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Her knickers were down, it was now time to get her bent over the vintage flogging stool.

I stood patiently watching her, always a pleasant task, and full of expectation, and anticipation.

My apologies, I had only spanked her ten minutes ago for another set, and her bottom is still glowing a bit.

She was ready for her spanking…

I removed my bunch of keys from my pocket and sorted through to find the shiniest key of all, which of course fits my implement cupboard. I unlocked it and put the large brass padlock and key on the vaulting horse. I looked to the implements, and back to her bottom. At this moment, it is almost as if they can speak, and tell me which one. It was the junior tawse, a soft supple tawse with the ability to wrap between the cheeks if one does a cheek at a time.

What a fine target she offered me. Slightly trembling, it was perfect.

I walked over to take up my position.

I delivered a sound spanking and to her credit she hardly flinched, and the ooooooh’s, owwwww’s and ahhhhhh’s! She let out were a delight to hear. Beautiful spanking music.

I then put her in corner time for fifteen minutes, and as with all my girls she was told to remain thus, no matter who, or how many people came in.

I made sure she bent her knees and placed her hands on her thighs.

Her bottom poked out in the most humiliating way.

Her nose was not touching the wall, so I told her to make sure it does all the time. This is an exacting position to be in, ‘she will be glad when the fifteen minutes are up’, I thought.

I sat at my desk and had two visitors. A sales rep, with a box of senior canes I had ordered. And the cook, asking for a signature on a food order.

I looked over a few times, and she never moved.

One of the reasons I like this corner time position so much, is the gentle way the inner thighs kiss.

After the stated time, my timer rang, and I sent her on her way.

more to come…


I would like to do an event where I spank all three girls behind closed doors, and the people attending pretend to be visitors. Anybody? Club members only of course.