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Naughty school girl Charlotte showing her Bottom and More!

Back again! Last time we left her…

The next day you meet her again.

“Hello.” She says gleefully, expectantly hoping for more of the same. ” will you wank yourself off again as I show myself to you?”

What a surprise….you reply…”Yes!”

And so, she does…

She swivels slowly in her desk, and your eyes follow her long legs up…

She stands.

“Open your legs please, show me your pussy.”

Your eyes focus on her slit and slightly gaping hole of her bottom.

She wiggles her bottom and you are fascinated as you see her lips engorging, becoming full, ripe, and plump. “Get on your knees Charlotte.”

You stand, wanking your cock hard and fast. “I am going to squirt all over your bottom, and when my spunk is running down your cheeks and pussy I am going to spank you!”

“God yes! Do it, do it! Spank me hard and with the other hand finger my cunt until I cum!”

“You dirty little bitch!” You say as it squirts all over her bottom.

“Oh yes, keep calling me that as you spank and finger fuck me! Oooooh yes, yes, yessssss mmmmmmmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSS, OH FUCKING HELL, YES!”

The Spanking Pet – Part Two

For part one, click here…

The three Mistresses, took turns to redden the bottom of their new pet, Lucy. They made her take up the diaper position.

They wanted to humiliate their girl, and with her nearly naked, they hoisted her up to put her hairy pussy on show. “Oh look at all her hairs!” Said Charlotte. “Look at her pussy everyone! Maybe we ought to make her display her pussy at the window!” Added Kate.

“But first, let me spank her bare bottom! Present her girls!” Said Samantha.

And so she did…hard!

Samantha sat back and admired their pet’s red bottom. “Right! Who is next?” ….you will find out in part 3

The Visit – Part Two

You ought to read/look at part one first, here it is…

One of every girls favourite is ‘Neddy’, my little rocking horse with a saddle. It has appeared in many shoots and is quite a favourite with my followers on Twitter and Tumblr. I tend to use it on the more seasoned spankees, because I make it a rule that I use a riding crop on their bare bottom, if they sit on it.

I have many techniques, but more often than not I get them to rock it as if galloping on a small horse. I use the crop to make them go faster and jump over imaginary fences, hedges, streams, gates etc… “Come on! ….WHACK! You can go faster than that, gallop you naughty girl, gallop! WHACK! …there is a fence coming up, come on, jump high…CRACK! Owwwwwww!”

One of my clients, I never give names, always comes in her bright red suit, which she has to wear for her job. She looks wonderful galloping away, skirt up high knickers down! She asked that I never wipe the saddle, so I don’t. Some girls don’t want to go on because of that, but some want to go on just for that! Some like to put a wipe down on it, to sit on. I remember Samantha saying as she stood frowning, looking at the stains…”A lot of your girls have been very excited on this saddle Asa!”

It’s true! A lot have had an orgasm and their juices have run freely. Here is Kate, showing you a typical scene…

“Ohhhhh Neddy! Hello, I have seen you a lot. So, let me get this right, if I sit on there, I have to bare my bum whilst you whack it with a riding crop, yes?”


She sits on. “Tally-Ho! then Mr.Jones, make me gallop!”

‘That’s it Kate, now start rocking, and when you have a good rhythm, bend right over and push your bottom right over the edge of the saddle for me.’

‘That’s it, keep it going…now faster, come on Kate, faster, make it rock high!’

This is my view as I put one hand on their back and whack their bare bottom!

This is Kate in the position I spoke of, her bottom right over the edge. Kate had a fabulous orgasm and said..”Bloody hell Mr.Jones! That saddle makes contact in just the right places.”

Charlotte’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy – Part 3

The humiliation of having to remove her knickers completely and pass them to the attractive Head of Discipline was over, now stood with her pussy and bare bottom on show, it was time to bend over the high spanking stool, to receive a spanking, on the bare. Not by the hand, but with a wooden ruler.

Miss Kenworthy reached for the beech ruler. Twelve inch long, one and a quarter inch wide, a quarter of an inch thick, and not flexible. This can deliver a shap sting at the best of times, but in the hands of this lady, it was a wicked painful instrument of discipline.

She stood for a minute, examining the bottom and girl she was to punish. This was her dream job, she had loved everything about spanking a naughty bottom since being a young girl. And now, she is paid to do so, in a school full of naughty girls. Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.

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She rested the cold beech wood on Charlotte’s beautiful plump buttocks, and smiled as Charlotte took a sharp intake of breath.

And then, the silence was broken with the glorious sound of a fast hard spanking. The sound of flat wood on soft skin echoed around the room, quickly followed by squeals and screams…





On and on….

Swiftly, firmly and clinically the spanking was delivered.

Charlotte’s Third Visit to Mss Kenworthy – Part 2

The chastisement was over, and Miss Kenworthy ordered Charlotte to the high spanking stool.

She told her to bare her bottom. Now, before we proceed, think about it. When I was at school this happened for real. in the privacy of the Headmaster’s offices, or like my school, a punishment room, bottoms were bared. Knickers were removed.

Total authority, the backing of the education board and parents. If a teacher or Headmaster/Mistress told you to bare, you had no choice in the matter. If you tried to resist, you would be held by P.E. Staff, maybe the school matron, or prefects and the punishment increased, quite likely tempers would rise and anger would deliver a less controlled punishment.

I remember that our vaulting horse had leathers straps with buckles, to fasten your legs wide. I never saw it used. But one day I remember it threatened in assembly…” When I find the culprit who did this, I shall flog them …on the bare buttocks, WITHOUT MERCY BEFORE THE WHOLE SCHOOL!”

That sent a shiver down everybody’s spine!

So Charlotte has no choice, the Head of Discipline, Miss Kenworthy only in her late twenties, Charlotte would be only ten years younger, but a woman in all senses of the word.

Miss Kenworthy stands and watches her squirm and tremble to reveal her private parts, she would smile at her torment. Enjoying knowing that after this ritual a whacking of her lovely bare bottom would happen.

Let’s enjoy it…

“Why have you stopped, take your knickers right off and pass them to me.”

What a moment of absolute submission, authority, and Domination this is.

Charlotte’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy – Part One

Too many photos to put in one set, so am breaking it down into 3 parts.

The Chastisement…

“Here again young lady?” Frowns Miss Kenworthy.

‘I – I…. I was…. err ..I mean I…’

“Quiet! It s better to say nothing than stand there uttering nonsense!”

“Today Charlotte, I am going to use something other than my hand on your bare bottom, and….you can bend over the stool to give me a higher, longer, harder swing!”

Charlotte gulps.

“Now get yourself over here and bare that bottom for me you naughty girl…”

Kate’s Bottom

Just a little one that s one.

Kate and I were chatting by this window, in the room we make tea, there is a road not far away and she said she had an urge to show her bottom.

So she did, and I took photos oh her doing so.

No matter how many times I bear it, spank it, and stroke it, I am always amazed by its beauty…

A Very Pretty Good Girl… gets a spanking!

My favourite spanking is not overly hard, but enough to generate a red bottom, with lots of squeals and kicking legs. But what makes this a perfect one in my eyes, is the fact that it is a good girl, who has done something wrong, for the first time, after many years good behaviour, and earns herself her first real spanking, on the bare, before the class, and is left with her red bare bottom on show before them.

In one of my favourite shoots with Charlotte, we role played this. Me the strict teacher, her the girl described, in her pristine uniform and straw hat. She plays this role so well…her sulky look, her head in shame, her noises, and ability to take a good spanking.

Come and share my good fortune, in my school…

You can decide what she has done, you are sat in class, you can hardly believe that the posh girl, the ‘never do wrong’ is going to be punished.

“I am both surprised and disappointed in you Charlotte. Stand up and make your way to the front.” I open my implement cupboard and take out my trusty size thirteen, heavyweight rubber soled plimsol.

NOTE … What I write is exactly what happened.

She stands, tears in her eyes, ashamed and humiliated. She knows it would be worse if she answered back, or pleaded. Slowly she walks, in shock and shame to the front. Her nervous quaking voice says ‘yes Sir.’

“That will do Young lady!” I say sternly, patting the plimsol against my hand.

“Remove your knickers, you are getting twelve of the best with the plimsol on the bare. Today you will learn a valuable lesson. Which is, ‘not to stray from the straight and narrow path of righteousness.’ Now say that out loud!”

‘I will not stray….sniff….from the straight and narrow path of righteousness again Mr. Jones … sniff…Sir.”

“You will write that out 100 times in your best hand writing and bring it to me in the morning.”

‘yes Sir.”

“Knickers off girl!”

She is dazed, and nervous, she fumbles, almost overbalancing. The class giggles at her plight, and I do nothing to stop them. Ridicule and humiliation help.


‘yes….sniff, sniff….yes Sir.’

I slowly walk around her, slapping the plimsol into my hand threateningly.

I walk back, and take my position beside her. Her bottom is presented well, she is breathing quickly. I then deliver twelve good firm whacks of the highest order from cheek to cheek.


She holds her position well, screaming loudly, bottom wiggling…

‘Owwww, ohhhh, eeeeek, owwwww, ooooooow, awwwwow, owwww, ohhhh, oooooooh, aiiiiieeeee, owwwwowwwwwowwww, ohhhhhhooooowwwwww!

I put her in position. “Now stay there, with your spanked bare bottom on show to the whole class until the end of the lesson.”

Sobbing, she replied. ‘yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

“Apology accepted. Once you have delivered your lines, the matter will be considered dealt with.”

In real life, I went to sit down and watched her whimper for five minutes.

The bell went, and the matter was closed. A good old fashioned bit of school discipline.

The Violinist

Another set I have done for the story set in the Victorian Bawdy House and Theatre called the Inveigle.

One of the stars of the show is Scarlet, with bright red hair. Here is Kate playing the part for me.

On stage, she usually performs naked.

When she walked to the front of the stage to pick someone from the all female audience to spank, they went wild!

The Ring Mistress – Part 1

I have taken these photographs for a story I am working on called, ‘The Inveigle’, which is a bawdy house for women in Victorian England. It specialises in spanking, and yes, they did exist. I appreciate there are electrical items in some photos, these will be doctored before inserting into the story.

The Ring Mistress is one of the establishments favourite Dommes, and is also the compare of the ‘Saturday Night Spanking Shows’ that the Inveigle girls put on at their theatre.

Here is a visitor to her boudoir…

She is asking the girl what her tastes are. The girl is quite star stuck, because Eleanour is rather famous, and she is a huge fan. The Ring Mistress just takes over the situation because of the silence, and as always with the girls, the submissive does as she’s told.

First she deals with the visitors urgent need of an orgasm at the fingertips of her idol. Then, the spanking begins…

The girl was in heaven!

The Ring Mistress told her to grip the headboard. We will come back to see why…