Photo Set ~ 501 – Mr Maxwell’s Chair

As with Mr.Maxwell’s Desk, click here…

…this will be much more than a photo set. Eventually he will have a page on my ‘Contributors Page’ and all these completed ideas of his, will go there, click here to see the rest…

This is how it works….I notice people who put intelligent comments on my posts, and e-mail them. We get to know each other, and I ask them to join my club. Once they have been there a while, contributing, e-mailing, and putting ideas on the club suggestions page, I invite them to an event, to meet my girls.

This time he sent me a short story about the ‘Dean’s Chair’, I am going to develop it slightly, and put up in posts, in numbered parts, like I did with 479


To make the story a little longer, I am going to group with an idea I had, which was Mr.Jones’ Baton.

We need a very very naughty girl, who has disgraced herself badly and let the school down. A disgrace to the uniform.

Enter Kate.

She has just knocked on Mr.Maxwell’s Study door. He has opened it and told her to stand on the carpet. He gently closes the door…with menace.

She stands still, and hears the brass bolt slide easily into its locking mount. That is not good news, a locked door means it will be a severe punishment, using one of his famous disciplinary techniques, like her previous visit to the infamous ‘Mr.Maxwell’s Punishment Desk.’

He turns and tells her calmly, but with great authority, where to stand.

The wise girl does exactly as he says, in silence.

He stands behind her. She can hear his breathing. All other sounds vanish, like some mantra in meditation, the breathing takes control, it seems to go on for an age.

Slowly, like a hunting animal. he walks around her, still not a word is said.

She watches him.

He stands before her and raises his arm, with a pointed finger, like some kind of spectre about to pronounce some portent of doom.

She tries to swallow, but her mouth is dry.

“Pass me the baton from the hooks.”

With trembling knees, and butterflies in her tummy, she walks to the small rack.

Part 2

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more to come…


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