Photo Set ~ 506 – Mr Maxwell’s Chair (Part Two of 501)

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Kate walks to the small rack as instructed.

She could feel Mr.Maxwell’s eyes drill into her, and could sense that everything about this punishment was different to what she had had before, it felt much more serious.

She stood next to the rack and turned to him.

“When you take the baton, pass it to me, and then stand before the flogging stool.” He said before walking slowly to the centre of his study.

He coughed. “I am waiting for the baton.”

“Oh yes, sorry Sir.” She said meekly, and turned, awkwardly, to take the baton from the rack.

Both the stool and the baton had arrived at the school decades ago, and showed signs of wear. Their appearance suited the mood, she knew that this must have happened many times over the years, for the more serious punishments.

She took it, and could not help thinking of who had held it before.

Some strange logic in her nervous head told her to smile politely as she passed it, perhaps being a good girl and doing as she was told, might make him think of lessening the punishment.

Her timid smile evaporated, it was obvious by his face and raised eyebrow that it had made little or no difference to the proceedings.

With difficulty, being at such close proximity to the strict authoritative man who was to punish her, on her bottom, she swallowed. The gulp almost echoed in the silence.

“Thank you. Go to the flogging stool.”

She did as she was told.

She stood at the stool and awaited instruction.

The instructions shocked her, she gasped…

“Kate….you have been a very very bad girl. You have been exceedingly naughty. You are a disgrace to your uniform. TAKE IT OFF!”

more to come…


5 thoughts on “Photo Set ~ 506 – Mr Maxwell’s Chair (Part Two of 501)

  1. Gosh one boggles – what’s to come ?

    She does tease……..

    Don’t you all love Asa’s “more to come” knowing indeed there is er, more to come

  2. What is particularly great about these pictures is the way Kate is holding her dress, slightly nervously (picture 2 for example). It’s that sort of detail that changes a good photo into a great one.

  3. An excellent introduction Asa …I wonder what on earth might happen to poor Kate …as we know only the naughtiest end up astride the flogging still ….and as Mike says some excellent photos there too…

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