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Lucy and her Pegged Breasts and Pussy

Lucy does not want to show her face, which of course I respect. Let me assure you it is a big eyed, happy, smiley, friendly one.

She prefers to show her bottom, especially spanked, and pussy, especially pegged…

Rather exotic don’t you think? Look at the juices running and dripping from her excited pussy.

…she is very brave!

The Punishment Dress

In my studio I keep a special dress, it was inspired by this book cover…

I went off to search for one suitable, and cut a hole in the back! Now, whenever a girl is naughty, such as being late, leaving props and clothes in a mess, etc etc… they have to wear it for a spanking, and then to serve us all for the rest of the shoot.

Here is Charlotte showing it off…

It is proving quite effective, in fact, I suspect they are naughty on purpose, just to be spanked and humiliated before the others!

The Little Town of Spankington

You have by now come across ‘my girls’, my main four models.

Alphabetically they are Charlotte, Kate, Lucy and Samantha.

You are now going to meet them in miniature!

You see, apart from spanking, the love of the female bottom, writing, painting, antiques and the study of antiquities, I have another great passion. Steam trains!

I am making a train set, I love the modelling more than running the trains. My train set is set in and around the fictional little town of Spankington.

The Girl’s School in the town is Saint Winnifreds, run by the very strict Miss Kenworthy.

Four girls in particular were very naughty indeed, and this never ending story is to concentrate on their exploits. There was hardly a week went by with at least one of the naughty girls ending up with a red, bare, sore bottom.

Let me show you an example…

Only last week, Charlotte and her three friends went to the chip shop at lunch, it was called ‘Grandad’s Chip Shop’, run by an elderly man called Malcolm. He knew very well that the shop was out of bounds, but he was usually an old softie and let girls have a bag of chips, so long as they only came once a week.

Today, for some reason only known to naughty Charlotte, she succumbed to temptation and put a bottle of cherryade in her satchel, without paying. Malcolm saw this in the mirror as her put some chips on a bag for them to share. He asked if she was going to pay, but she began to run!

He grabbed her collar, looked in her satchel and before witnesses, took it out. Along with an exercise book, which gave him the girl’s name. He rang school and within a quarter of an hour, Miss Kenworthy was strutting by the shops on Station Lane, brandishing a cane.

Malcolm said a spanking in the back room would suffice, but ‘Oh no!” Shouted Miss Kenworthy, for this, a hard dozen with the cane outside the shop was the deemed punishment!

Within a minute, the girl was on public view, squealing and struggling as a very firm dozen strokes of rattan cut into her bare young buttocks. Malcolm stood watching along with a gathering crowd who said it was what she deserved, and it ought to be two dozen!

It was a day Charlotte would not forget for a while, and to add insult to injury, her three friends watching were told they would each get a bare bottom spanking on their return to school! For going ‘out of bounds’

Kate was the next one to get in trouble…big trouble, she got caught smoking, under age, and fare dodging on the local bus. Upstairs on a double decker, she hid behind a seat, to save paying and having her fare to spend on sweeties. But she was smoking, the sill girl! The smoke trail led the bus conductor straight to her!

How the passengers laughed at her plight and swift justice as he dragged her by the ear, bent her over the high back step, yanked her knickers down, and with a stout stick he keeps in the luggage compartment, gave her a good hiding before them all.

Let me tell you of some more of their notable exploits as time goes by, so call back, often….bye.

The Spanking Book

This follows on from ‘The Welcome Home’, please remember that as in that story, there are explicit pictures of Samantha. Her Mum follows her on Twitter so please do not copy and use any open leg shots, thank you.

and so it begins…

After being spanked by her disciplinarian Samantha always felt relaxed and happy. The only thing she wished for in a spanking way, was for her friends to know more and maybe even share the experience with her.

Her two best friends, Charlotte and Kate were broad minded and very trustworthy. They already knew she liked to be spanked, because many of their conversations, especially after a couple of glasses of wine, had become very naughty, and on three occassions, they had masturbated together.

Their last meeting over coffee, in a city coffee bar, had once again turned to the risqué side of life, and Samantha had asked them outright if they got spanked at all. To her delight, both had confided pretty much the same, they had tried it, liked it, and wished for more, but like her, before she found her Disciplinarian, it was not something they had regularly in their lives. When she told them of her last spanking, with her neighbour watching, and having to put her bottom on public view, they wanted every detail, and some details more than once.

All were successful in their own fields in a variety of careers and their time was generally their own. Their conversation was quite beautiful, and the bond between them took another step towards the inevitable…in short, they arranged to meet at Samantha’s house, to take the subject from conversation to reality. Their fantasies had overlapped, from school girls to maids to a hundred or so more. But first, they simply decided to spank each other.

However, Samantha took a risk, she had rung her disciplinarian, and asked him to come. Saying that at the very least she would like to be spanked before her friends, but ideally for all three of them to be spanked by him.

And so it was, that when the day came, Samantha felt both excited and nervous. She had a plan in mind, and wrote a note in her jotter for Mr.Jones to read on his arrival.

Just as she was putting a ‘full stop’ at the end, she heard the gate and after a tuneful little knock on the door, Charlotte and Kate entered the porch.



“Hiya”, said Samantha, “come through, the kettle is just boiling.”

“We come baring a gift, a spanking gift!”

Samantha’s eyes widened with curiosity, as she imagined canes, paddles and similar items.

They burst happily from the porch into her study, with ‘Peter Birch’s Big Bad Book of Spanking Positions.’

“Look at this Samantha!” Said Charlotte.

“If we are doing this together, we thought this would be a good start! We got it this morning, you should have seen the man’s face!” Laughed Kate.

They bent over to look at some pictures with Samantha, and soon, they all  became enthralled with it.

“Oh wow! This is getting me going already! Let’s have a good look in the lounge, I’ll make tea, come on!” Invited Samantha

Soon, they were all settled down, side by side on a sofa. The book on Samantha’s lap as she sat in the middle. A little like a Mexican wave, shudders ran from pussy to pussy along the cushions as each page was turned.

Within minutes, the girls sat each side of Samantha began to wriggle and make sexy little ‘hungry for attention’ noises. They both drew their legs up.

Their Vulva’s already swollen and nipples hard, the girls hands soon began to rub their moist panties.

“Oh God, you two are so horny! I love it when you do it and I can see, ooooh get your knickers off!”

“I can smell you!” Said Samantha, and soon their knickers were down, and fingers were delving on lovely squishy flesh, making the most delightful, and slowly accelerating noise.

Before long Samantha was sat between two masturbating girls on the verge of orgasm.

As their orgasms hit their clitorises, Samantha grabbed their knickers by their damp crotches and looked intently at their fingering and rubbing techniques. Both her friends came together, making the most arousing, and delightful noises.

Afterwards, as her two friends relaxed in a post orgasmic blissful state, the room became serene, a beautiful little haven of friendship, lust, and naughtiness. Samantha’s own cunt was wet, her vulva and nipples swollen, she felt a trickle as she turned the pages slowly.

Her friends began to adjust their positions, and Samantha felt like screaming out loud, ‘For God’s sake I need to cum, finger my cunt and help me!”

Much to her delight, the girls said. “You must be desperate! Why not take your knickers down?”

“I haven’t any on.” Blushed a shaking Samantha.

“Oh you naughty little girl!” Said Kate.

“You need your bare bottom spanking you do!” Added Charlotte.

Just the word, that beautiful word ‘spanking’, being spoken by Charlotte as a threat, made her pussy have a little spasm. Whatever inhibition she had left flew to ‘who knows where’, as she said…”Talk about spanking and finger me until I cum!”

This was music to her friends ears.

Simultaneously they parted her thighs. “Tell us you are a naughty girl who needs a spanking on her bare bottom Samantha.” Whispered Charlotte.

“I am such a naughty girl Charlotte, I need to have my bare bottom spanked!” She gasped and thrust her wet slit hard against her rubbing Palm.

The girls gripped her wrists and took over the rubbing as Kate said. “I think you ought to dress as a naughty schoolgirl for us, and let us spank your naughty bare bottom in turn.”

“Oh yes Kate, and really hard making my bottom bright red and me scream!”

Her bottom was bouncing in a frenzy as their caress quickened.

Samantha almost squealed, she came so hard, as she shouted. “I’m a naughty girl, I’m a naughty girl, I neeeed, oh God! I neeeeed SPANKING!

She came very hard and wet, and Charlotte shouted. “oh God! You have just squirted on my palm!”

Which made her cum again, wetly.

Kate then said the magic words they all wanted to hear. “I think it is time we all took a turn at being spanked.”

..much more to come, and not just this story, I expect to write a whole series about these sexy spanking friends….so be sure to call back often.

The Mysterious Monsieur X

I associate with this man. I probably should be ashamed of doing so, but I am not. I like who I am, and can understand this man. I admire his work.

No spanking as such in here, but obviously these girls were spanked often. Paris was the centre of the spanking world in the 1930’s, and brothels were legal. Hundreds of them, some with over 100 rooms and often with queues outside.

Nearly all the girls here are prostitutes, but some are friends, ladies who were willing to disrobe for our illustrious mystery man. An amateur who amassed many many thousands of photographs taken by himself, who at the age of 80 walked into a book shop, to donate them. In turn they ended up with the perfect keeper. One of my heroes, Alrxandre Dupuoy.

Yes Monsiuer X befriended prostitutes, and took photos of great quality.

These girls, with names like Fan-fan, Gipsi, Jo-Jo, Mimi, Nanette all worked at a brothel in Pagelle. 

Lets go and look at them, imagine getting to know them. Imagine photographing them as you chat in warm sultry rooms, erotic, full of scent, and away from spying eyes.

No judgement of your feelings or tastes, just you, the girls and the only limits are your imagination.

I love spanking most of all, but the female form, with a naughty cheeky mind and character inside, showing their femininity to me, comes a close second, followed by female masturbation…that’s me!

…so come on, enough talking, let’s go and look

Naughty, cheeky, little french Devils aren’t they? On top of that, they talk in a french accent…”Ohhh Mr Jones, you naughty man, you mean, show my pussy like this…yes?”

Good God, knowing they are prostitutes, you would just have to…you know! Sometimes, wouldn’t you! God I would!

And forget the sometimes! Lol…

Let’s look at a few more…

Paris by Night – 1930

I have come across two more photographers, a man and a woman, .

They were called ‘Brassai and Krull’.

Both did excellent naughty photography, bottoms a plenty!

However, they did something else, they went out into the streets, the same streets which the BORS moved in, going to their clubs, like the Cocoa Club etc…and taking photos.

So we can have a peek into their world, into their circle.

So, come on, let’s go to the opium scented streets of the centre of the spanking world, Paris, in between the war years, before that twat with the little moustache fucked it up.

{ Biederer ended up in a concentration camp and was never seen again, Yve Richards just faded away, as did so many. Them and more just vanished from records. I dare not guess at the reasons.}

But let’s not dwell on that, let’s put our coats on and drift back to the happier naughty times they enjoyed…

You will recognise which are which, Germaine Krull did the lesbian stuff, and the dancers. Whilst Brassai did the street stuff.

Here we are in some risqué clubs full of dancers, models, prostitutes and girls who loved spanking! Listen, can you hear them talking in that ever so sexy french accent? The girls asking who is going to spank them, and what roles have they got to play?

The girl in blinkers is going to trot as she pulls the other girl in a fancy little trap, having her bottom cracked with a little stinging whip to keep up the pace. They are waiting for other competitors, other teams. The dance floor is to be a circuit. Five laps. The losers get spanked and a martinet laid across their cheeks, by the other teams.

This man has two teams, the two dressed girls have two naked ‘pony girls’.

Here are some spankees, being told of their roles for the evening…

They have to be naked waitresses, and must not spill a drop, even if guests smack their bottoms as they pour.

Meanwhile, as the dance floor is readied, some dancers, ready for the can can, sit provocatively on the stage.

Just imagine, people sat drinking cocktails as they watch. Couples of mixed sex, or same sex, transvestites, Dommes with subs etc. And of course ‘ordinary couples and groups of friends’ out to see the shows and the people parading the boulevards in their own particular styles. Think of all the mirrors and lights making it all seem like a sexual, spanking, fairy land!

Of course, the dancers, the models, the Spankers and spankees were all of the same group, including being prostitutes. Each night a different role, often induced by their ‘chasing the dragon’…opium.

The dancers would be everywhere when not dancing. Showing themselves, signing autographs, or going to private rooms with their admirers.

It was said in one article I read, that many a can can dancer had a freshly spanked bottom!

These two two beauties are Germaine Krull’s favourite models and friends.

Here they are sat above a bar, showing their frilly knickers and bare thighs.

You would bump into dancers anywhere, all willing to show their femininity for a few coins.

Especially those two! But even groups would do just the same…anywhere!

Like I mentioned, cocaine, drink and opium were rife. Opium Dens and opium parties were commonplace. Inside such opulent places, and many bars, you would find many a star of the clubs and stage…

I wonder what opium fuelled dream she is having? Pretty much the same as what happens to her in life I suspect!

Oh look, here are the great aunts of Kate, Charlotte and Samantha, with their little dog… I bet it is called Lucy!

The same girls would be seen in exotic bondage shows, and of course the cine film was making it’s mark. There are plenty to find if you search! Very naughty too, and some lovely old flickering frame spanking ones!

I’m enjoying my stroll through the heady nights of Paris, are you? Let’s find a girl and go to a seedy little hotel to spank her.

You look for a girl with her bottom on show, that means she likes a spanking. There are lots, oh look, as if by magic. There is one. Let’s go and see.

“Hello, I am looking for a bottom to spank, I will respect limits. Are you free?”

“Limits? What are limits?” She winks. “And no.” She giggles. “I am not free, you have to pay!”

She sounds funny, and perfect.

So I will be back with you in an hour? Walk the streets alone for a while, but do not go down any dark alleys! See you soon!

I have a lovely time with Tellulah, and thank her very much, before leaving.

I trot down the stairs, feeling happy and fulfilled, now then….where are you?

I find you. ” Come on, we are not far from Germaine’s house. Let’s pay her a call, she will make coffee and give us cake! I know her.

She is doing what she does best, with her friends.

On answering the door she smiles…”Perfect timing as always Asa, where have you been? Long time no see!”

We go up to her dimly lit studio, a light is illuminating a girls bottom. “Just click that for me dahling! I know I can trust you to make the best of a bottom!”

She goes to the kitchen, I peer through the lens, and frame the scene, and click.

We sit and drink coffee, laced with rum. Then rum, with a dash of coffee. We eat cake…hmmm me thinks a special ingredient is added! We smoke and watch as the lights dim.

Like me, she prefers low natural light. But in studios you do what you can with drapes and small lamps.

Her two friends smile, and perform what she is best known for. Photos of pussy play.

…we collapse, stoned and drunk. My last memory before sleep are the glorious thighs of Germaine’s friends, as they get ready to go to the clubs.

Oh to be young again….Nite nite



Guile and Hobbs


I HOPE YOU DON’T, I LOVE THEM AND WANT TO SHOW MY FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART….with a little story of mine added to them. I hope you like what I do. 

I just want to say that more than anything it is the beautiful bottoms and expressions on the naughty girls faces that attract me so much to these.

I am using the names of ‘my girls’ in the stories.


My dear Lucy loves to be spanked outdoors and is quite a brat at heart, so…


Lucy has been picked up from her school for the weekend. She is surprised to see her feared Uncle at the gate, instead of her Mummy.

On the way home he asks if she has homework, and on nervously digging into her satchel to show him her homework log book, a packet of cigarettes was discovered! Next to that was some scrawled drawing, obviously by Lucy…her signature was in the corner!… of the Headmistress depicting her in a state of undress with the gardener!

She is a personal friend of her Uncle and it was her recommendation to Lucy’s parents, that they should try a fresh pair of hands with her boisterous ways.

It was obvious by various comments written on the paper that the drawing had been passed around her friends.

“You naughty girl! Smoking?! My word young lady! And this, I am going to post this to Miss Kenworthy! Now bend over…right here! Bare your bottom!”

He walks into the park’s well kept shrubbery and picks up “A Handy Switch’

“Oh Uncle please don’t, not in the park, the Boy’s Grammer School will be turning out soon! They will all see my bare bottm and you know what a silly spectacle I make of myself when you punish my bottom…please Uncle, let’s go to your home, I will be good all weekend, I promise!”

“That my dear niece is the very reason I am punishing you here! I think a liberal dose of humiliation will help correct your naughty ways! Your Mummy and Daddy are to send you to me every weekend, from now on, because you are proving difficult to handle and a blasted nuisance! Your haughty and naughty ways do you no favours! You my dear, are the quintiscential spoilt brat! And I, am the quintiscential strict uncle! You are coming to me until I am confident that you will behave in a manner that befits the benefits your wonderful parents have bestowed on you!”

The building over the wall is the Grammer School, the bell rings and loud voices are heard as the boys rush into the park…

The first bunch of boys, from the fifth year stumble upon them and stand wide eyed, soon others are swelling the crowd.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! Six of the best land hard and true as Lucy hops and jumps, squealing. “Owwwww, ooooooh, eeeeeek!”

“Right young lady, hold your skirt up and walk to the car”….THWACK! 

‘He’s whacking her bare bum all the way!” Shout the boys as they follow, giggling and pointing.

I don’t think she will have to visit many times do you?


For the next story, seeing as she likes steam trains, I will use Charlotte, whom you have seen spanked in her lovely school uniform and hat many times.


(Glad to see the name there, I have seen this with his name deleted and another name there!)

It is a lovely sunny day, things bode well for the walk you have planned. You have just purchased your railway ticket and walked down the platform to the waiting room. The hissing and clanking of a beautifully presented steam engine slows down to a halt, and a big hiss of steam announces its arrival to the platform opposite..

Striding happily into the waiting room you see that brat of a girl again. Once again she seems to think everyone wants to listen to her, as she yet again seeks attention. In your mind the only attention she needs is a hairbrush across her bare cheeks!

“I have told you Daddy, I am NOT getting on the train, and NOT going back to that stupid school, I hate it, it is rubbish, just like the teachers.” Shouted Charlotte rudely, as she stamped her foot and folded her arms to look to the sky.

You also look to the sky, the embarrased father of the girl notices and blushes. “Now, now dear, don’t make a fuss, it is a lovely school.”

“It’s shit Daddy! It is falling to bits and the teachers are as old as the damn school. I want to go to Saint Brideswells, like Rosalind!”

“shush dear, don’t be rude.” Whispers her Daddy.

You shake your head.

The girl storms towards the door just as three matronly older ladies dressed in tweed walk in. She tries to push by them, but the first woman stops her.  “Excuse me young lady, where are your manners?”

The father whispers again. “Now now dear, say sorry.”

“Shan’t.” Says Charlotte, as she sits.

Daddy blushes and squirms again.

The stout lady tuts again as she stands waiting for the girl to give up her seat.

Being the gentleman you are, you offer your seat. Which the woman takes gladly, then scowls at the girl …who blobs her tongue out.

This angers you. “Damn it man! Are you going to let this slip of a girl make you look ridiculous forever? She is always the same! Get a grip of the situation, show her who is boss!”

The women agree.

The gauntlet has been thrown!

To your delight and surprise, the man takes your advice and grabs the girl, pulling her over his knee and yanking her knickers off. He throws them to the floor in contempt. Years of anger and acute embarrasment are thrown like chains from a slave! He takes to his task with great gusto. Just as the door opens and in walk three girls from the same school! Her rivals! Girls who, just like you, have prayed for this moment. Charlotte knows there and then that the whole school will hear of this!

Charlotte makes a real spectacle of herself taking the spanking badly! Legs kicking, struggling and screaming like a whirling Dervisher!

The audience love it and encourage him! “Well done Sir, what a man you are! Make sure she does not sit for a week!”

He spanks her hard, very hard. He does not let up for a full ten minutes!


Imagine it! The three girls laughing, pointing, making fun!

The girl in great increasing pain can see everyone loving her ‘getting it’!

The old women clapping and chuckling!

You, staring at that firm ripe bottom, getting redder and redder, bouncing and wobbling. Listening to her Daddy chastise and her screaming!


Look at her face, she has stopped screaming. Why?

Her Daddy has just heard her train arrive, yours too, and the ladies.

He says, “And don’t bother putting your knickers on! You can go to school with none on today, and every day I have to spank you!”

Listen to the girls…”She has to go to school with no knickers on, ALL DAY! Everyone will see her bright red bum!”

Listen to the ladies…”Bravo Sir, just what she needs!”

Her Daddy looks to you. You applaud him!

…she leaves the waiting room rubbing her bottom crying as she rushes to the train, trying to hold her gymslip down as the girls keep tugging it up, shouting ‘Red bum, red bum!’

She will be different from now on. Better. So will her Daddy.

You look forward to the journey and push into the same carriage…



Oh dear Samantha, what a terrible thing when lies and deceit fall apart, and just like a naughty bottom, everything is exposed.

Now let’s be honest Samantha, you had not really thought it through had you? And Mr Jones is no fool.

Your class work at best could be described as very average. Your report always said ‘more effort required’, ‘too fond of day dreaming’, ‘seems to lack the ability to concentrate’ and so on.

Yet, just like your older sister, Katie, you are excelling yourself in homework, and projects. But best of all, you have just passed each end of term exam with distinction.

Mummy and Daddy were…WERE, so pleased with you. Until the day you came home with a well striped bottom, and all your exam marks were  reduced to zero. 

You see, this happened…

Mr Jones could understand the home work and the projects, some students thrive at home and worry at school, but how had you done so well in the exams Samantha? Fortune favours the brave, Mr Jones knew that you must have cheated, and decided that somehow you had got the exam papers! He opened your locker with a spare key from the caretaker, and two prefects stood by, and there they were, a copy of each one. Somehow you had got into his study, and stole a full set!

Confronted with the evidence and threat of expulsion, which would take place immediately after a public, naked flogging before the whole school…without mercy.  Samantha had confessed, and begged forgiveness.

Mr Jones did not really expect to carry out the threat, but would have, and she knew that. So, instead of a flogging before the whole school, he arranged a gathering in THE DETENTION ROOM, that afternoon, for her whole class and a full contingent of prefects. It would be cruel to make her wait over night.

He prepared a punishment desk in the corner by the blackboard. He told Samantha to remove her pleated skirt and knickers and sit down on the buttock rest, with her buttocks well hung over and accessible. He opened the door and in they all came. One row sat, another stood, and one row stood on the desk seats.

They watched quietly. Most of them curious about how she feels, and how Mr Jones feels, how hard will he cane her, how many? Some almost crying, this will be horrid. Some smiling, feeling sexy, ‘let’s get started, I want to see her bottom thrashed and hear her squeal.” Her friends felt sympathy, her rivals and enemies felt amusement and excitement.


…look at the picture, imagine her first, with no striping on her posterior. Just smooth, soft, ample flesh, rounded and pleasingly firm. Watch her legs twitching, her heels bobbing up and down nervously. Peer into the crack of her slightly open bottom. Imagine, if you will, that you are sat on the floor, dead centre. Try to imagine how you feel, as the class settles. You hear the clock tick, you can hear her pant nervously, you can hear Mr Jones fidgeting with the cane. A cough, another cough….then deadly silence.

…to continue

“Right young lady! You are a cheat, a thief and a liar! You have let the school down! You will have the badge removed from your jumpers and blazer. You have let your friends down, and me, along with the rest of the staff. You have shamed your parents, I have spoken to them on the phone. You have let yourself down! Have you anything to say for yourself?”

“Yes Sir…sniff…I know I have let everybody down. I will endeavour to win back your trust and respect. Also the right to wear our…sniff…your..sniff sniff sniff, school badge. I am very sorry for my actions. I deserve a very sore bottom Mr Jones.”

“Let’s begin then!”

A murmur ran around the room and settled as Mr Jones unfolded a piece of paper. “You got 100% in every exam last week. Let us test the validity of those  scores shall we? I have taken six questions from each paper, the very same ones. Let us start with English Language. In particular, spellings.”

A few giggles soon subsided.

“Spell unnecessary.”




“Spell Mississippi.”




…and so it went on through maths, geography, languages etc.

Until her bottom was well striped.

She was sobbing, and shaking. But her torment was not quite over.

Mr Jones announced that she had failed every one, and produced the humiliating ‘Dunce’s Cap’.

“Put this on you silly girl!”

“Yes Sir”

(Yes I know she is dressed differently…but go with the flow)

“Stand up straight Samantha, you can hide your modesty, but turn your head to face the girls….All of you, let this be an example! As you leave, one by one, pause. Take a good look at her swollen welted quivering bare bottom. Then look into her eyes and see her shame. Samantha, you will say sorry to each and every one.”

“Yes Sir. But I need to wee badly Sir.”

“Then we had better hurry. If you wee on the floor you will get another six! And clean it up with a mop and bucket before everyone. Out you go everybody. You are dismissed!”

Your turn comes…imagine it…picture it.

* * *

…come on Kate! Get your bottom ready! It’s your turn now…


The pretty english country village of Lower Stingingley had a lovely old pub run by a couple in ther early sixties. The ‘Old English Birch’ was a traditional establishment, full of polished brass, and old pictures of hunting scenes. Not just traditional decor, but traditional ways too, Tom and Florrie were used to the ‘old ways’ of behaviour and standards. Visitors would often remark that it was just like going back in time, to the ‘good old days’.

All except one. 

Kate their niece had come to stay, she was as modern as they were old. Her tablet or phone were glued to her fingers and her ear phones were almost a permanent fixture. Tom’s sister had undergone surgery and was nicely on the mend. But their demanding daughter was just too much, she expected to be looked after and her parents to do everything for her, as always. She was 16, but looked more like 26. A fine figure, with pert breasts and bottom.

“God! Have I got to go and stay with them? Bloo-ody he-ell! Shoot me now!”

On her first day, rules were laid down. Her Aunty Florrie had taken her tablet, and earphones saying that she could have them in her own time, but in the day she would have to earn her keep, by doing chores.

These included polishing brass, collecting glasses, taking meals to tables, watering plants and mowing the lawn.

Reluctantly she agreed, but only if she could keep her phone, ‘just in case’.

The old couple were surprised just how much she liked the outdoor jobs, she was always outside,  watering, weeding, and just keeping things tidy.

But in truth, it was the chance of talking to the young lads in the village, and the fact that her phone got a good reception near the lawn, that lured her outside.

Aunty Florrie went to check on her on the fourth day, just as she often did, and got the shock of her life! Around the back of the potting shed, she found her, with knickers down and two boys! One fingering her, the other with his     cock in her right hand, and sperm dripping from her wrist. “My turn next, do me!” The other boy was saying.

“Just wait your fucking turn you daft cunt, I’m coming myself, finger me faster, hurry up before them two old twats come looking. I’ll suck yer fat prick then, I fancy a gob full o spunk! Press on me clit whilst yer rub…at the front o me cunt..ooooh fuckin ell, yeah, that’s it oh yes, yes YESSS FUCKINNNNNNELL!”

Aunty Florrie shooed the two lads away and grabbed Kate by the ear!

Running like a penguin, with her knickers and jeans around her ankles, Kate was pulled through the yard to the back door, where Uncle Tom stood in amazement at the sight. Aunty Florrie told him of her antics and foul mouth, and sat down feeling very upset.

He grabbed her wrist and took her to the bathroom where he washed her mouth out and stuck a bar of soap in. “Look at all this dripping down your clothes, get stripped off young lady!”

Once in the nude, he beat her bottom with the bath brush as she stood on tip toe. “Now go and put some clean clothes on, but only on the top half you naughty, foul mouthed girl, I’ll bloody well teach you!”

Her bottom was ablaze!

Still crying and rubbing her bright red bottom she appeared back in a red and white top, with trainers and socks. ” Go and put a hat on, it’s hot out there.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Just do it Kate, now!”

“Yes Uncle Tom, sorry Uncle Tom!”

Back she came. He grabbed her arm and pulled her downstairs, to apologise to her aunt. Which she did. “Right the Flo, what was you going to tell her to do next?”

“Mow the lawns in the beer garden, it’s almost full, we can close a lawn at a time and let them use the other two.”

Uncle Tom took her to the beer garden, where the locals laughed at such a sight. He got the lawn mower out and set her to work with a mighty slap on her bottom. “Now, don’t come back inside until all the lawns are cut. One wrong word young lady and you can trim the edges of the lawns too, on your hands and knees!”


There you are, a tasty pint and a ploughman’s lunch on a lovely sunny day, watching the embarrased girl go back and forth!

She stayed for three more weeks and was as good as gold. 

When Daddy collected her, nothing was said, but a week later her rang Tom to say…”I don’t know what happened at your place Tom, but she has come back like a different girl!”

Tom laughed and said. “Well, if ever she starts to slip, send her back.”

Funny that, thought her Mum and Dad, whenever she is naughty, all we do is start to say that we will send her back to Aunty Florries for a week, and she behaves!


* * *


The Inveigle – Chapter Two – The Interval

As I write other chapters, be aware I might have to come back and alter things, this is not the final draft…

The intervals during an Inveigle show are grand affairs. A chance to visit the beautiful exotically tiled bathrooms, the bars, private rooms, and a walk down the lanes.

The lanes are like a small indoor town, with rooms to rent, private rooms to visit, courtyard bars, and most famously, the spanking booths. Most of the booths are three sided, with the front open to the lanes where crowds gather to watch. Perfect for humiliation. Some were totally enclosed, like a lounge room in a house, for the more privately minded.

Our two liberal minded girls who went to the theatre together, decide to walk the lanes and visit the booths. Melanie and Emma love to watch each other enjoy themselves, Melanie sat on an opulent studded leather chair to watch her friend, before she went to her booth, where Emma would watch her.

Emma had just been entrusted with the discipline of the maids at her fathers house. In her mind he had been far too lenient with the pretty girls, and they could twist him around their little finger.

Only a week earlier, Emma and her Papa had returned early to find their two maids asleep, and very little work done. She had pointed out to her dear Papa that he was too soft with them. He knew very well that she was right, and agreed that from that day on, they were in her charge as regards to duties and discipline.

They had both received their first spankings there and then! Her Papa had sat on a chair opposite her, and knee to knee they had both simoultaneously spanked the bare, red, wriggling bottoms of the maids. Papa had enjoyed it, he confided afterwards.

She had been reading articles by Mrs Beeton, of the cookery book fame, about the discipline of maids. She was a great advocate of spanking, and her articles in the ‘Tatler Magazine’ were fast becoming a Spanking Bible, specialising in the punishment and humiliation of maids.

She knew that very soon she would have to punish her real maids again, and tonight was a rehearsal. She was also going to buy straps and canes from the Inveigle Shop. The maids at home were going to lead a very different life from now on!

The booth she picked had a lovely glowing fire, and two maids. Naughty maids, which she soon set about baring their bottoms and punishing. To great applause and encouragement from the gathering crowd. “Mrs Beeton would be proud of you love!” Shouted a stout, severe looking woman. “Make sure you spread their arseholes for everyone to see! That makes them blush, especially if you do it before girls younger than the maids!”

“Like us! Shouted a group of young ladies who had stopped to watch.

Emma soon had the Inveigle Spanking Maids bent over, with bare bottoms on show, and was using a hairbrush on them, much to the delight of the young ladies.

They were wriggling and kicking in the cosy warm glow of the fire in the grate.

“Make their bottoms glow brighter than the embers Emma!” Shouted Melanie. Which brought forth great mirth.