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Up Skirt Evans – 2

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My editor Robin is going to do her excellent work on these U.S.E. posts, (once we have a few posted), she will make it into ‘a proper story’. You see, in ‘Up Skirt Evans’ at the moment, I am concentrating on feelings, and emotions. Whereas Robyn, will write something quite magical (I know, because I have seen her start) as a traditional spanking story, which will be illustrated with black and white images, in keeping with the rest of ‘The Glory Days of Spanking’. Which this is a part of, click here…

So….lets sink back into the office. Let’s consider the implications. Here we are in a Headmistress’s Study, in the 1960’s when the cane, plimsol, tawse, and hand were used freely on the bottoms of naughty schoolgirls.

At some time, the Headmistress and her Secretery, Miss Evans must have had a wonderful conversation or two about spanking. I suggest that both found it a ‘turn on’, something to savour and enjoy. I am asking Robyn to elaborate on this at the start of her interpretation. Not as it was in reality, (which would be magical) but in the world of the story, where bare bottom spankings with implements took place. Can you imagine them fondling tawses, and canes, discussing roles and how many strokes with what, for this offence and that. Almost a story in itself!

And Karen, discovering what the strange arousal in her tummy and pussy meant when told off, having her knickers tugged at by Miss Evans, and her skirt lifted. The tap of the cool rattan on her cheeks before WHACK!

And Miss Evans in her dream job, lifting skirts, lowering knickers, and watching spanking on the bare. I bet she masturbated every day! Maybe I should let the Headmistress catch her!

All for the future, for now, let us enjoy this beautiful moment in time, based on reality, and described to me by the real Karen. I hoped she would come to help direct the shoot, but alas, it was not to be.

Oh my word, the atmosphere, and the emotions.

Karen feeling the Secretaries fingers in the waistband of her knickers and tugging them down.
Miss Evans, her first time after all those deliciously naughty conversations with the Headmistress..
The Headmistress, watching the bottom being bared, like theatre curtains opening!
Karen feels the rush of cool air over her bare bottom, knowing it is on show.

Miss Evans, has bared her first bottom, her hands have brushed the skin, she has been close up and personnel with a naughty girl’s bare bottom.

The Headmistress, in the zone, knowing that she will soon be spanking, with her audience of one, her dear friend, and maybe illicit lover?
The Spanking Takes Place

Karen feels the pain, and the humiliation of being seen and heard. Her involuntary squeals and her wiggling are so embarrassing!

Miss Evans, almost in a trance, her fingers pushed against her pussy, gently thrusting as she watches her first bare bottom spanking.

The Headmistress, spanking a naughty bottom, making her squeal and wriggle, her authority is causing her pussy to dribble.
The Bottom Reddens as Cheeks Wobble

…the speed and intensity increase.

Karen is now squealing all the time, begging for it to stop and screaming ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’

Miss Evans is totally enthralled, savouring every moment, memorising ever sound for her self spanking and masturbation tonight.

The Headmistress is in full flight, spanking fast and hard, from cheek to cheek, “…you naughty girl! keep still!” She is loving it, drinking it in, like ambrosia.

To be continued…


Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Nine

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Samantha returned painfully to her place, and stood looking very serious, and rather red faced, before Charlotte, whom I now told to go to the flogging horse.

Samantha’s bottom must have been stinging and throbbing, but she managed to stand almost to attention, her cheeks were wet, and she kept sniffling. “Get up on to the horse Charlotte!”

Her grey pleated school skirt rose slightly, her plump young bottom stuck up proudly underneath it. I walked slowly to her, other than the ticking clock, and our breathing, along with sniffles, the room was quiet. The floor board creaked as I moved, to lift her skirt.

There she was, on tip toe, her tight white school panties stretched across her inviting soft, round, young buttocks. The horse displayed her perfectly. A very well presented bottom needed to be bare though, so I leaned in close and pulled down her school knickers.

“Oh my word!” I thought. “What a sight!” My manhood already stiff, now resembled an iron bar. I decided to thrash her young buttocks with a back hand swing. “God! She looks so fuckable like that.” I thought.

In my mind I was closer than I was in reality, moving in to lick her wet schoolgirl cunt out…

“Get a grip man!” I told myself, and back in reality I moved to her side.

…and thrashed her bottom!

Rhymin’ Robyn – No 5

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Riding Stable Discipline

Some horsey girls are really very haughty
Whilst others can be ever so naughty

Whatever category she falls in
Escort her to the stables for some discipline

Pull her skin-tight jodhpurs right down to her heels
Baring her ripe rump, ignoring her loud cries and squeals

Bend her over the saddle horse
And spank her pert bottom with some force

Then take up her long thin dressage whip, ever so swishy
And thrash the bared buttocks of the naughty young missy

Whip her as long and hard as it takes
To produce genuine tears of contrition and not just fakes!

By Robyn

Rhymin’ Robin – No 4

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Oh please Sir, no,
Please do not my bottom cane

You will be caned you naughty young miss
Lift up your skirt and bend over my desk right now

Oh please Sir, no,
Please do not pull down my knickers

I will do what is necessary you naughty young miss
Your bottom must be bared to receive the cane

Oh please Sir, no,
Please I would be so embarrassed and ashamed

No argument, bend over the desk right now
You naughty young miss

Oh please Sir, no,
I will in future behave, I beg you spare me the pain

No argument you naughty young miss
Over you go, count the strokes and thank me for each one

Oh please Sir, no, not so hard I pray

THWACK! You haven’t counted and thanked me yet,
That one will not will not count, you naughty young miss

Oh please Sir, no…THWACK! OUCH!
One thank you Sir, I promise to be good

Five more you naughty young miss
Plead all you like, I will not stop until your bottom is soundly thrashed!

THWACK! OUCH! Two, thankyou Sir
Oh please Sir, no more

THWACK! OUCH! Three, thankyou Sir
Oh please Sir, no more I beg

THWACK! OUCH! Four, thank you Sir
Oh please Sir, no more can I take

SWISH! OUCH! Five, thank you Sir
Oh please no more Sir, my bottom is on fire

THWACK! OUCH! Mmmmm…Six, thank you SIR!
Oh please Sir yes, please do not stop
I am so close, but not quite there yet
Pray continue, the pain is such pure pleasure

By Robyn

Rhymin Robyn – No 3

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Fetch the Martinet

Young Mademoiselle
You have gone too far this time
Bring me the martinet and remove your dress
Your pretty young derriere must be soundly whipped

I beg your pardon Madame
Do not whip me this day
I promise to be good and behave
Madame just shakes her head and picks up the whip

She forces the naughty young miss down across her lap
Her hand opens the slit of her white cotton split drawers
As though drawing the curtains back at the start of a theatre play
Revealing the beautiful round rump upon which the action must be staged

Swish, swish, the martinet rises and falls
The thin leather lashes splay across her bottom
Curling sensuously around each reddening cheek
Leaving a tracery of fine red lines

Again and again the whip visits her writhing buttocks
Stinging her flesh and bringing forth howls of pain
Stop Madame, please stop I implore you
I will be good from this time on

Madame takes no notice of her urgent cries and pleas
This naughty young miss must be taught a lesson that she will not forget
That soft curvaceous bottom must be thoroughly whipped
Until it is reddened with not a trace of whiteness remaining

Swish, swish goes the martinet
Curling around her bottom from left and right
Occasionally kissing her soft young thighs
And straying into the crack that divides her pert young bottom cheeks

The young mademoiselle kicks and wriggles to avoid the whip’s smarting lashes
But Madame just holds her more tightly around the waist
Chastising that errant young bottom again and again
No mercy is shown, the whipping must continue

Swish, swish goes the martinet
Playing its fiery tune
Swish, swish, goes the martinet
Leaving its distinctive red marks on mademoiselle’s once fair rump

Madame stops at last, her eyes shining with passion
The young miss now lies limply across Madame’s knee
Sobbing and crying, her eyes full of tears, all resistance gone
The martinet has delivered a salutary lesson that will certainly be remembered

By Robyn

Rhymin’ Robyn – No 2

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Spanked to Orgasm

Skirts raised up and knickers slowly peeling
Down over soft white curves onto the floor pooling
Bared bottom revealed to the eye most arousing
Hand contacting naked flesh stroking and caressing
Then slapping and smacking
Pert buttocks bouncing and squirming
Meeting each slap, rhythmically rising and falling
Legs kicking, scissoring and revealing
Gasping and yelping, howling and screeching
Pretty derrière bucking and wriggling
Long blonde hair tossing and flying
Eyes shining and glistening
Tears now freely flowing and to the floor falling
Round rump now writhing and reddening
Smarting and stinging
An endless torrent of slapping and smacking
Landing on each flaming cheek alternating
Wetness and tingling between legs growing
Until finally surging to an ecstatic peak and climaxing

By Robyn

Rhymin’ Robyn – No 1

You have already met my lovely editor and young spankaholic, Robyn…

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As well as Being an educated expert on the normal written word, she likes to pen the odd verse, ode, poem, or unusual writing, here is her first…

Women have such lovely bottoms:

Soft and smooth

Plump and pliable

Cute and creamy

Curvy and caressable

Pert and pleasing

Lovely and luscious

Ripe and rosy

Pretty and peachy

Bare and blushing

Warm and wobbly

Jutting and jouncy




Beautiful and bouncy

Fair and fleshy

Exquisite and erotic

Fleshy and fondlable

Round and ravishable

Strokable and, oh yes,…..highly spankable!

By Robyn

Photo of the Day – 41

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