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Three Spanking Friends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 12

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Charlotte chose the cane, and Samantha took one too. The three women were armed and dangerous. They were off to track down their quarry.

Samantha deftly closed the pastel blue painted pine drawer with her bottom. The others looked on admiringly, Samantha seemed to do everything so sexily, and elegantly.

As soon as the drawer slid to a close, the three girls stopped smiling and the whole atmosphere changed. The maid had spied on them spanking each other, she had masturbated as she did so, when caught, she did not stop, she ran, she disobeyed them. She needed teaching a lesson.

Do you remember the thrill of hide and seek as a child? The fear and excitement of being caught, trembling and listening to your heart and your breathing?

Well….imagine Suzette, wherever she is, hiding from these three. And after hearing their voices and a drawer slide shut, hearing footsteps, determined angry eager footsteps coming her way! Imagine the fear!

The chase was on….”Tally Ho!”

Like a tired fox behind a bush. Suzette was keeping still, in the distance, like the rumbling hooves of thoroughbred horsed, and the yelping of hounds, the three girls were on the hunt. Each one uttering threats.

They looked very serious.

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In Three’s ~ Number 14 – Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Eighteen

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Mistress Charlotte kept to her promise, and punished Samantha’s well presented bare bottom with six or seven fast whacks with the crop. which Samantha found difficult to stand, and yelled out loudly.

She tried to stand the onslaught, but couldn’t, and jumped up, clutching her cheeks.

“How dare you!? If that was me, you would thrash my bare bottom black and blue.” Said Charlotte as she rushed forward, brandishing the crop. “Now move your hands quickly, I won’t stop if they are there or not!”

She quickly moved them, as you can see in your colour bonus picture…

She placed her hands on her upper thighs, pushed her beautiful bottom out, and took a few more…

more to come…



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Half-Past Four

Analysed illustrations from Roué 11

Smacked-bottom drawings have one enormous advantage over smacked-bottom photographs — the artist can serve up the most delectable dishes time after time and be sure that the girl is his ideal on every occasion. He can make her a feast of everything he finds most appetising. He likes his girls young? Fine — he can have a sixteen-year-old any time he wants. He likes them pretty — plump — blonde — brunette? No problem. And if the artist’s ideal happens to coincide with our own fancies — we too can savour the extravagances of his palate.

These drawings, especially the first, offer us a girl whose charm embodies pretty well everything the smacked-bottom gourmet might want. Have you ever seen a prettier, rounder, saucier bottom? Have you ever seen a better-fitting pair of shorts on a cuter backside — a more sexily presented bottom offered up to the slipper in a more titillating way? And isn’t she pretty? Aren’t her young breasts the very nicest, her nipples the cheekiest. Wouldn’t she get her delicious little bum smacked every single day if you were the gym-teacher?

Asa’s note….

Of course in my version the teacher is female!


She is so charming in her gym-shorts and vest that it seems a pity that she should have to be undressed so completely in the second picture. Still, we can’t know what the artist has in mind for her. Perhaps it’s something which makes this denudation necessary. Her tears have dried, though we can be sure that her bottom is still smarting nicely from the attentions of teacher’s slipper. Perhaps it isn’t a punishment at the end of a gym lesson. Perhaps it’s Sunday morning at some girls’ boarding school in Sussex and everyone else has gone to church. Perhaps there is a nice swishy cane in the locker. Perhaps Little-Miss-Innocent is going to grow up between now and Sunday lunch. Perhaps……….

Funny how my two girls in a gym story ended up naked too!

more to come….

Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Seventeen.

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For ages I searched for a male sub, asking repeatedly on here, I never thought that finding a submissive man, willing to be spanked by my girls, and before the girls on his bare bottom, and by visiting well known Dommes, would be so hard to find.

Eventually, (I was on the verge of giving up) one asked me about it.

He is now one of my greatest treasures, and you will see him over the coming months being caned by Miss Iceni and Clara Matthews. Two of London’s top Dommes.

I have to protect his face of course, finding a man willing to show his face was impossible. Finding a man to show his bottom and visit us was almost impossible….but here he his, in this continuing story.



I have some lovely photos to send to the boy, of him being dragged out to face the class, but it would betray trust, if I put them here.

…the boy was dragged by his ear to the front of the class as his sperm trickled down the desk top and dripped onto the flat oak wood bench attached to the metal frame.

The girls giggled at his plight, and found it both amusing and arousing. They had never seen a boy’s bare bottom, nor seen a boy punished. The sight of his erect manhood, ejaculating before them was also a first, they were excited by it, and could not wait to tell their friends and see him squirm in embarrassment as the did so.

Miss Kenworthy had admonished him every step of the way, She made him put his still erect, dribbling manhood away, and sensibly delayed making him bare his bottom until it had gone limp. She stood him beside her as she sat down.

“You naughty boy! I have lost even the slight trust I had in you. I am going to punish you at every possible occasion of naughtiness from now on! Starting right now with a bare bottom spanking before the girls you have just abused! HOW DARE YOU PULL THEIR KNICKERS DOWN AND MASTURBATE IN MY CLASS? YOU DISGUSTING DIRTY BOY!!!! GET OVER MY KNEE…..NOW!!!!!!”

“Spank him really hard Miss!”

“Make him squeal like a girl Miss.”

“What a naught boy he is Miss, doing that in your class, and to us!”

The girls did their best to throw fuel on the fire, to enrage Miss Kenworthy more and more.

The boy pleaded…”No Miss, please Miss, no, no, no, not on my bare bottom before the girls!”


He dropped his short trousers to his knees and bent over her knee.

The girls looked closely at his face, and his embarrassment.

They watched intensely as Miss Kenworthy tucked her thumbs into his pants and pulled them down, excitedly giggling and urging Miss Kenworthy on. She thought that their baying was a good thing, it would add to his disgrace, she thought.

And it did.

Then, his pert upturned bottom was bared before the girls!

The spanking began, and the girls fell silent at first, all of them fascinated by what they could see, and hear as the boy began to shriek, and the smacks began to echo…

more to come…


Black and White Set ~ 14

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‘The Spankettes’, in black and white, why have I not thought of it before?

All together now…1,2,3,4,5,6, grab a girl, grab an implement and keep time on their bare bottoms, form a semi circle and watch the show, …here we go!

smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, ……that’s it, keep together!

Phew!…. a bit fast at the end, but we kept together well, I think we did a good job!

More black and white sets to come…


Black and White Set ~ 13

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Unlucky 13 for this naughty girl who was caught smoking, and is now over Miss Kenworthy’s lap, getting a good bare bottom spanking with another ‘good’ girl sat close by.

Good old fashioned OTK discipline, in a classroom setting. Kate seems to take the proceedings in quite a matter of fact way, just another normal day at my school, with lots of bare bottom spankings to witness.

More black and white sets to come…


Black and White Set ~ 12

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Come on girls, it’s been a long day, and you both have five spankings each in tomorrows shoots, I want you looking fresh.

“Goodnight Mr Jones.”

“Goodnight Sir.”

I turn, and add, “… I was just thinking, the four poster is lovely, comfy, and warm, but the room can be chilly. Would you like me to come and warm your bottoms up, before you snuggle up together?”

Both nod and agree, then trot up giggling.

I go for my slipper….


more black and white sets to come…


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Twenty Nine

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Excitement for Charlotte increased as she was positioned by the Governess of Spanking Dreams, the cane, cool and smooth on her thigh, pushed her lightly, slightly to the right.

She stood looking at Princess Spanky, and drank in every bit of her looking so spankable, dressed in her school outfit. The thin pleated skirt had risen up to reveal a pair of tight fitting, cheek hugging, white school knickers.

She knew exactly where her Mistress would be looking, and it thrilled her pussy. So much so, that she began to rub her thighs against each other, exciting her stiff little clitty.

Then her Mistress moved in close, she felt her fingertips searching for the waistband of her tight knickers. It would not be long now before the cool rush of air would caress her cheeks, meaning that the Governess of Spanking Dreams had her face within inches of her bare bottom…she quivered in sexual excitement.

Both pussies twitched with sexual excitement at the same time, spanking was close. you could cut the atmosphere with a crook handled cane.

More to come…


I have been updating my vintage adult schoolgirl model section…

Remember my favourite vintage adult schoolgirl model, Susan Douglas?

I have found some more of her in my vintage searches…

I adore this woman, look at her bottom and its graceful, spankable curve hanging over the step. The act of drinking and smokimg in school uniform, so brazen! Oh she does need spanking! What with her pigtails in ribbons, the gymslip, the stockings, and the straw boater….she is perfect for spanking.

I wonder if she is still alive?

You can see a lot more of her and other vintage spanking themed models here…

Why not browse around my vintage section, I have been developing it for years and years. I think ou might like it.