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LUPERCALIA ~ More wonderful spanking research from our resident plunderer of spanking ephemera….

Hello Everyone, Asa has told me that my reports are getting more attention and comments from you are coming on a more regular basis, which is nice. But think of me as a nerdy librarian with a very naughty hobby…spanking history and ephemera.

Thank you for your intro Robyn. I asked for a few words, and true to form, our dear Robyn did exactly that for me. I will sing her praises, she hides her light under a bushel, a pretty shrinking violet with a huge interest in spanking. A very occasional visitor, to my studio, but a regular contributor. I think her invaluable.


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Lupercalia was a pastoral festival of Ancient Rome observed annually on February 15th to purify the city, promoting health and fertility. Lupercalia was also known as dies Februatus, after the ‘purification instruments’ called februa (leather thongs), the basis for the month named Februarius (February).

The origin of the name Lupercalia is derived not only from the Roman Fertility God, Lupercus but also from the name given to the cave where Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were alleged to have been nurtured by a she-wolf.  

The festival of Lupercalia was in itself a very violent and sexually charged affair that was carried out in two separate locations, firstly in the cave itself and secondly in the Roman, open-air, public meeting place called the Comitium.

At the Lupercal cave, a dog and one or more male goats, to represent sexuality, were sacrificed by the Luperci, a group of priests. Strips of the freshly sacrificed goats were then cut to form what are referred to as thongs or februa. The festivities then transferred to the city. Naked, the Luperci ran around using the februa to whip all women who were in striking distance. This was a fertility rite, welcomed by many of the ladies present who often bared their skin to be lashed in the hope that it would help them become pregnant. Lupercalia was intended to ‘stir up’ the virility and fertility of Roman citizens!

Here is a sculpture of a Luperci brandishing a goat thong lash by a C19 sculptor, Conrad Dressler:

A Roman mosaic depicting a woman exposing her bare bottom buttocks as she awaits the Luperci’s lash!

Whipping still plays a major part in spring fertility festivals around the world today. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, for example, a tradition of whipping is still performed at Easter. In the morning, men arm themselves with a braided whip called a pomlázka, and go from door to door, spanking women on the bottom. The pomlázka consists of four to twenty-four withies (willow rods or other twigs), is usually from half a metre to two metres long and decorated with coloured ribbons at the end. 

Legend has it that women who are whipped like this will enjoy greater health and fertility for the coming year. Here are the men in action:

For those who prefer a bit less modesty:

more to come…

Photo Set 474 ~ Part 4/8 ‘Bending Over’ – A part of Naughty Girls Knickers Removal

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Continuing with Kate, preparing herself for a bare bottom spanking over the vaulting horse…

So here we are, all three are now in position.

I know I am a very lucky man to have these wonderful girls who happily bare their wonderful bare bottoms for me to spank, in my studio. I hope that you consider yourselves lucky, that you are the ones I share it all with.

More to come…


Buxiban ~ Part 1 – Another delightful spanking story from ‘B’, who is a lady who writes spanking fiction.

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Don’t forget, she runs a vast, immersive, realistic on line spanking game, and her new term starts on 3rd September….SO ENROLL NOW!!!



Buxiban part 1

I am eighteen, and my name is Amelia. I have flunked my A-level. Needless to say that my parents aren’t too happy. I was to retake them after a year at a cram school, but Pop was offered a great expatriate job in Singapore, and Mum suggested that I come with them.

We discovered an amazing seaside city with wide avenues, surprising high rises and superb parks. It is also hot and humid, but there’s huge air conditioned shopping malls with all the shops opening onto giant indoor atrium with fountains, and glimmering suspended mobiles. 

It was also quite surprising to find very clean streets, and no graffiti. Everyone speaks English. People are courteous and disciplined, there’s no jaywalking or illegal parking. During the week all youngsters wear school uniforms, even girls my age!

Pop was allocated a suburban semi detached house near the local silicone valley. It is located in a condominium with a huge pool and three tennis courts.

Almost next door, Pop’s colleague and wife, who arrived a month before us, invited us for lunch. I wasn’t too keen, but Mum announced, “Amelia you are coming, they have a daughter your age.”

Their house is a carbon copy of ours with two parking spaces in front and a garden in the back. It is tastefully furnished, and I was introduced to Emma. We were both wearing jeans miniskirts, and we exchanged shy smiles as our parents chatted. I blushed when Mum mentioned that I flunked my A-level. Emma’s mother chimed, “Same with Emma! We have registered her at a local girls only, private junior college to retake her A-level. We were told that they have excellent results!”

Her father added, “No boys, and strict discipline with the strap and cane!” I saw how Emma blushed crimson. Pop echoed her dad, “Excellent we will register Amelia as soon as tomorrow!” It was my turn to blush.

Emma’s mother told her, “Please show the brochure, and your school uniform to Amelia.”

She led the way upstairs to her bedroom. We hadn’t reached her room that I was asking, “Is it true about the strap and the cane?”

“Yes, and it is clearly mentioned in the brochure.”

I discovered her lovely room. She invited me to sit on her swirly chair, and handed me that brochure. I read, “All girls, no exception, will be wearing the school’s uniform, and subject to corporal punishment for misbehavior or poor results. According to the offence or shortcoming, a spanking with or without a leather paddle, or six to twelve strokes of the strap, or four to eight strokes of the cane. All punishments will be administered on the bare bottom. It is also to be noted that punishments might be administered in front of the culprit’s peers.”

“Oh boy! I have never received more than a few hand smacks from Mom.”

“Same here.”

“We are in for a rough ride!”

“For sure! Do you want to see the uniform?”


She displayed it on her bed. I picked up the grey pleated skirt, and held it in front of me, “It is quite short!” I also noticed the white collared blouses, the navy  cardigans, and sweaters for the few colder days.

She added. “White ankle socks in the summer and knee high in winter, with black leather shoes!”

“Oh! My…”

“And navy burumas…”


“Sports knickers.”

“What! Only knickers for sports? No shorts!”

“Last but not least, white cotton knickers.”

I slumped back on her chair sighing, “We even have uniform knickers.”

Her mother called, “Time for lunch girls!”

We rejoined our parents, and Mum asked, “How’s the uniform dear?”

“We are going to look like twelve years old.”

Her father mentioned, “All girls your age wear a school uniform.”

Pop asked, “What about discipline?”

I sighed, “Leather paddle, strap, and up to eight strokes of the cane.”

I loudly added, “And bare butt!”

Mum protested, “Language Amelia!”

I again sighed.

Mum hissed, “Its about time that you get what you richly deserve!”

“Soz Mum!”

Pop also sighed, “Its a pity that I couldn’t bring myself to tan your hide…”

Emma’s father added, “Same here… We are guilty… and our mamby pamby education system hasn’t help.”

Later at night, I mused, “I have never worried about my school work. It was smooth sailing till my O-level. I got them by the skin of my teeth. It should have been a warning. I ignored it and failed my A-level. I hate to admit it, but Mum might be right about getting what I deserve…”

Amelia and Emma

To be continued…

NB : A buxiban is a cram school in Asia


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In Three’s ~ Number 14 – Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Fifteen

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The slender body of Samantha was trembling, she was not good at pain, she was much better at giving pain, and the reason for that?

It was because of this, her thrashing happening right now. She uses all her discomfort, her pain, her fear, her uncomfortableness in positions, her humiliation….everything. Regularly she takes a beating, to remind herself of how it feels to submit and be under another persons control. She tells Charlotte to enjoy it, and not fear a reprisal.

So…Charlotte does, as much as her pet for the day endures the pain, Charlotte enjoys her experience, it releases her deep rooted dominant side.

She raised the cane high….swiiiiiiish….thwack!

Samantha howled…..”Owwwwwww, ooooooh, two…thank you Mistress.”

Charlotte watched, fascinated, as she saw the welts rise.

she took careful aim, concentrating on the new welt rising. Aiming an inch below. Almost on top of the first mark.

She realised that Samantha was whimpering already, it was going to be a long session, she was aiming true, and striking hard…very hard.

more to come…


In Threes – Number 15 ~ Part 11

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After Kate had finished spanking their new pet, and the girls had examined the marks on her bottom, Charlotte put a slave collar on her neck, and attached a rope. “Follow me, slave.” She said simply as she tugged the girl’s leash, and obediently, the girl crawled behind her.

Samantha and Kate watched the swaying red bottom of the slave girl and looked to each other. Kate, pointing at the magnificent wiggling vision before them said. “I think I am going to enjoy watching Charlotte with her slave.”

“Me too.” Replied Samantha.

Charlotte led her little spanking pet to another room, and told her to stand near some apparatus that she had set up earlier. Kate tied the girls ankles to a spreader and Samantha tied her wrists to a suspension bar.

From now on……if I remember! Please remind me if I do not. I am going to add one colour one to the end of each black and white post…

More to come…


Samantha’s Apron Day ~ Part 14

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Mr Gibson armed with his wooden spoon and Stuart with his spatula decided to fetch Mark, another huge fan of Samantha’s bottom. “I say, Mark old boy! Would you like to deliver a few smacks to Samantha’s bottom, she has just eaten a bun which was meant for us…well, bit the bottom off it actually. She is bent over waiting for us, bare bottom up. Quite eager for a spanking I think!” Said Mr.Gibson in his upper crust accent.

Mark’s eyes widened and a huge smile spread across his face. “Oh yes please, can I just use my hand, I rather fancy touching her skin.”

Samantha was listening, and decided to treat them, she quickly changed position, making sure her bottom was facing the door they would approach her by.

Samantha thinking naughty thoughts!

She placed herself in position and listened to the approaching footsteps, wondering what they might say on seeing her presented…

With spatula and spoon smacking expectant palms, and Mark rolling his right arm’s shirt sleeve up, the gentlemen made their way to the door, briskly…

More to come…