Photo Set 492 ~ The Day Samantha met Amelia

Samantha got to Punish Amelia Jane Rutherford lot long ago…

She has worked with lots of top models and between us we hope to bring a few to meet my club members…at our events. First up is Clara Matthews, hopefully before Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Photo Set 492 ~ The Day Samantha met Amelia

  1. A delight to see Amelia, not unknown to me, under the ‘control’ of Samantha.

    Both clearly enjoying themselves the imps……

    yes a delight

    Thanks Asa – how do you do it?

  2. Not sure really…lol
    I think of a lot of ideas in bed….then it sort of logs in….then eventually I do them all!

  3. What a great set.I really do think she is one of the best spanking models especially otk.really great that you were able to get her for a shoot and to have Samantha have the honor was outstanding ( now the only question was if she got to spend a little otk time with you?) I also wonder if Amelia gets a return spank Samantha.very well done bravo and have a great day.

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