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Out to the front!

Now then, before scrolling down these lovely photos of Samantha, get yourself relaxed, and if you are going to masturbate, get ready.

In this school, girls who have been very naughty get sent to sit with a class at least two years below them. Either to sit in shame, and maybe do some work, feeling silly as the younger ones giggle and point, knowing that at play times or lunch, ridicule will fly towards her. Or, if more serious, they read out an essay on why they deserve to be spanked, and then are spankedin public before them all. Finally to stand in the corner, hands on head etc etc

You are sat in your desk, and in comes Samantha. She is told to sit quietly and get some work out.

She pretends to be reading a text book for English. But in actual fact, it is a naughty novel.

She gets so engrossed in it, she does not see Mr Jones slowly walk around the class to stand behind her and read what she is reading. He walks back, and then, once more, deftly and slowly he walks towards her. You can sense what is going to happen.

“Miss Kenworthy! Would you like to read a sample of the book you are so interested in, out to the class. So they all know what interesting work awaits them in the sixth form?”

“Err, no Sir.”

“And why is that Miss Kenworthy? Please stand up and tell the class why!”

“But Sir, please…I…I…erm….it’s not school work it’s…..” She says squirmingly as she stands.

The whole class turns to look at her, her discomfort is magnifying by the second.

“Well girl?”

“It’s a naughty novel Sir.”

The whole class laughs.

“Silence!!! Sit up straight, and sit still. Face the front, and stop fidgeting!”

The class goes perfectly silent. The clock’s deep ticks seem louder than ever before. The water running through the large old cast iron heating pipes, being pumped from the boiler sounds louder. The pipes seem to creak and click more, also louder than usual.

After a minute, which felt like ten, Mr Jones speaks again.

“Out to the front of the class young lady!”

Samantha, resigned to her fate, her tummy in knots, her knees shaking tries to walk as bravely as she can. Trying to act as if she is not bothered, she goes to the front. Thirty three pairs of eyes following evey tormented step.

On reaching the front she hears the words she feared…

“Keep facing the projection screen you naughty girl.” Mr Jones says quite matter of factly. “And BEND OVER, with your hands, palms together, gripped tightly between your knees.”

This is my favourite bending over position, it forces the bottom out and up, whilst the girls pussy is forced on show, which adds humiliation.

She has no choice in the matter, any defiance would lead to a sound thrashing with the cane. She bends over.

“That’s it. And that is how you will place them after pulling your knickers down. YES, THIS IS TO BE ON YOUR BARE BOTTOM BEFORE THIS CLASS!”

I turn to face the class, nobody moves, all are facing her bottom, sat straight.

“Now, knickers down and then replace your hands.”

There she was, exposed to the class. “Hands between your knees all the time, bend your knees.”

She bent, her pussy pushed through, her lips full and soft. The air blowing gently by felt cool. It wasn’t, her engourged lips were wet, being exposed before thirty young scholars excited her. She could feel her wetness.

What a sight. It was as if you had the ability to zoom in, the image imprinted itself on your mind. And as you lay in bed that night, it came to you perfectly.

You will see her blushing red spanked bottom and often, in and around my site.

But for now, just sit and enjoy the glory of her arse!

Naked Shopping – Part Two

The girls left the cafe and started to explore ‘Asa Jones Antiques Emporium’ in Derbyshire. It did not take long for them to find something spanking related!

Charlene found a walking stick and pretended to whack Kate’s bottom with it.

Pretending did not last long!

The sound of a whack on flesh, and a little yelp soon alerted Raven!

Raven saw a lovely old telephone and asked Kate to pretend to use it.

Kate bent over to pick up the receiver…a big mistake!

“Now ask your Mistress for another caning you naughty girl!” Instructed Mistress Raven.

“Awwww….please Mistress, my bottom needs attention, will you punish it?”

THWAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! The severity took her breath away! The second followed….THWAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

“Yeeeeeeooooowwwww! Owwwwwoooooowwwwwwowwwwowwww!”

Kate bravely still tried to smile at the camera, but could not disguise the sting in her bottom. Mistress Raven cuddled and soothed her, and all was well. So…..

“Bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye!” All happy again and Kate is very happy with two beautifully raised new welts to stroke in bed tonight, as she masturbates.

We will see them again soon….

The Antique Dildo

You will probably have picked up by now that I dabble with antiques. I come across all sorts of things, one particularly interesting find was a Victorian female masturbation / lesbian aide…in other words…

A smooth wooden dildo.

I want you to imagine you are a mirror. Kate is going to act the part of a young ‘Victorian Mistress of the House’, who likes to look at herself using one.

She has two, one short and stubby, to concentrate on opening and closing her vaginal lips, or anal lips. The other, longer and smoother, with two different bulbous ends, for variety of sensation when probing the depths. So in actual fact, she has three choices. Let’s see which one she chooses today shall we?

She climbs on to the chaise lounge, and positions herself before the mirror. She keeps her two dildos in her obedience stool (you can see it in use in one of my free photo illustrated stories).

She rubs her clitty with a finger and then wiggles her bottom in the mirror.

She removes her split back bloomers, and sits looking into her mirror.

She opens her legs wider and wider, exposing her cunt to the mirror, she feels decadent and rude, imagining herself on the stage, like some old time music hall. Full of men and women watching her every move.

She makes her choice, depth, with the smooth end, not the ribbed…

Experience has told her that lifting her legs allows easy entry, so she does so.

Oooh Kate, that slid in easy, you are wet.

Gasping and constantly looking into her mirror, she fucks and rubs herself.

She cums…

Naked Shopping Part One

I deal in antiques and collectibles, and at the centre where I sell my wares, I took Kate and two friends, Raven and Charlene, shopping…naked!

The shopping trip started with a drink, not tea either!

As you can see…

Just a little set to get this series going, more soon….

Gentleman Kate

Did you see that wonderfully atmospheric programme about the real life victorian lesbian, ‘Gentleman Jack’, strutting around in her top hat and such? What a woman!

Note to God…. If ever I can come back, can I be a lesbian please!

::chuckle::…. Anyway, I thought that the ‘Inveigle’ needs a similar character, so…

Say hello to

Gentleman Kate…

Now then, I know I am addicted to spanking…but…if Gentleman Jack didn’t spank a few victorian bare rumps, then I’m a Dutchman!

Be back soon, just going to make an Edam sandwich….lol

Anyway, when I write her into the story, she will be a spanking switch. Imagine a meek and mild victorian lady crawlng to her naked…

And of course, she would then offer her bottom to you to be spanked…

She is giving her bottom a sharp little cropping for you, are you tempted?

If you said yes, she looks down submissively, and waits, ready to pass you the crop…enjoy!

Serving up a Spanking

It’s the weekend, Saturday morning to be precise. Mistress uses a system similar to that which many old english schools used to use, a merit/de-merit system. Good deeds are recorded, bad deeds are recorded. On Friday night the totals are summed up. This week it was in the negative by twenty. So, it is twenty smacks.

Last night, the maid was told her score, as she always is on a Friday night. This morning, after serving breakfast she has to bring her Mistress a cup of tea, and ask for her own spanking.

“Please Mistress, permission to speak.”


“I have been a naughty girl again and need correction. Please may I have twenty smacks on my bare bottom Madam.”

“You may. Come to the edge of the breakfast table. I will leave the door to the breakfast room from the hall, open, the postman is due, and he likes to witness your bottom being seen to.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

There is a knock on the door. It opens and the postman shouts…”Good Morning, your post is here.”

“Oh hello!” Shouts Mistress. “Bring it through, I just have six smacks to deliver to this naughty bottom. Would you mind waiting as I finish?”

“Of course not.” Replies Postie. And he stands there waiting and watching as six very hard, crisp, painful, smacks are delivered.

Lady Jacqueline and Her Mask

I don’t know if you read my stories or not, they are all free and photo illustrated, but I know the majority of my followers prefer just to view my pictures. That’s absolutely fine, it’s nice that you take time out of your busy lives, to come and look, and share my hobby.

But you must think….”What’s he on about? This is Kate, not Jacqueline!”

Ahhh, but you see, my girls are not just pretty ladies taking their clothes off. They are actresses and dancers too….that sort of thing.

For me, they bring my story characters alive!

In one story set in Victorian London in a spanking brothel and theatre (which puts on fabulous spanking shows) is Lady Jacqueline. The wife of an industrial entrepreneur and doctor. Whilst he is in London, she entertains herself using her maids in her dungeon. Some maids are never seen again.

She is sexy, but cruel.

Famous for whipping her maids tied up, whilst she is naked, in her mask.

If this intruiges you, go to stories and look for the theatre…it is called, ‘The Inveigle’

Meantime, follow me into the candle lit victorian boudoir of Lady Jacqueline…

Happy with her make up and trimmed bush, she puts on the mask. And…

Prepare yourself, she is going to give you her famous stare, from her beautiful green eyes, and say…”You have been a very…bad..girl.”

“You….have been, a very, very naughty girl. I am going to put a collar on you, and with a red silk leash take you to my room.”

She kneels on her black little boudoir stool, moving seductively.

You tremble.

Taking Turns

This was a lovely shoot. Both girls, Raven and Charlene took turns to cane each other…

Charlene pushed her bottom up eagerly for each one, and the stance of Raven, in that tight knee length pencil skirt is wonderful isn’t it?

We moved to another area of my studio and Raven also stripped off. The way she pushes her bottom out for the cane is so sexy.


A rather naughty young woman called to see me one day, Danielle. She took such a caning and spanking, really hard. Her bottom hardly striped or reddened.

She was a joy to work with.

Cheerful and chatty from the start, and straight into role play. God!..She needed a spanking so much! So I duly obliged, as her Headmaster.

I knew when she spread her legs wide, then insisted I was harsh…not letting her heels touch the floor, keeping her on tip toes, and not letting her fingers leave the floor throughout the 24 stroke caning. That this was going to be unusual, and at the high end of spanking…..

She lapped it up and obviously turned on, we did a lovely naughty shoot. She is lovely and has come back for another shoot.

Two Naughty Victorian Maids

The old vicarage is now home to a mother and a daughter. Two very severe, harsh women, who expect total obedience from their maids.

The spoilt daughter is jealous of the two pretty young maids, and gets then into trouble as often as she can.

This morning they were cheeky to her, and raised their voices.

Poor spoilt daughter felt ill. The shock of it all made her weak. Mummy has told her to come with her, up to their bedroom, and together they will birch their bare bottoms until she is wholly satisfied.

The two girls hear footsteps on the creaky stairs up to their room…

In they come, brandishing canes and birches. The daughter is distraught and saying she still feels faint. “They were so beastly Mummy, after all the kindness I have shown them… Sniff…sniff.”

“How dare you make my daughter cry? You are not going to sit down for a week for this!”

“Right….both of you, kneel on the bed and bare your bottoms. Which is it to be my poor lamb, my dear sweet girl. How shall we make them dance the ‘Sorry Mistress Dance’….hmmm? The birch or the cane?”

“Oh Mummy, I want them to squeal and squeal, which is the most painful?”

“They say that each blow from a birch is like a thousand bee stings, and spreads quickly to cover their whole buttock. It lasts longer too. It will burn deep my dear.”

She claps her hands. “The birch Mummy, the birch, how many Mummy?”

“Until you can do it no more my dear sweet girl, do not stop until you are fully satisfied.”

The girls are terrified, but what can they do? Lose their jobs with no reference? They would be in the poor house within a week.

They bared their trembling, soft, ripe bottoms…

The thrashing was hard, fast, and furious. Bits of twigs flew everywhere. The girls bucked like young horses, their soft rumps aglow, screaming, and begging for mercy.

None came…

Mummy then advised that her daughter finished alone, until she was spent. “Humiliate them, teach them their place! Roll over, get your pussies up!”

How the daughter laughed at the girls screaming as she thrashed their buttocks and pussy’s red raw. “It will hurt for a week when they wee Mummy, won’t it…won’t it! ” she laughed mockingly.

Mummy laughed too. “Now both of you, say sorry to your superior and beg forgiveness!”‘

Whack! “I’m sorry Mistress…..oooooooooh….I’m sorry!”

Whack! “Forgive us Mistress, …owwwwww….please!”

And so it went on, until she was satisfied.


I bet you hate that bloody daughter, and would like to see the maids birch her!