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Gentleman Kate

Did you see that wonderfully atmospheric programme about the real life victorian lesbian, ‘Gentleman Jack’, strutting around in her top hat and such? What a woman!

Note to God…. If ever I can come back, can I be a lesbian please!

::chuckle::…. Anyway, I thought that the ‘Inveigle’ needs a similar character, so…

Say hello to

Gentleman Kate…

Now then, I know I am addicted to spanking…but…if Gentleman Jack didn’t spank a few victorian bare rumps, then I’m a Dutchman!

Be back soon, just going to make an Edam sandwich….lol

Anyway, when I write her into the story, she will be a spanking switch. Imagine a meek and mild victorian lady crawlng to her naked…

And of course, she would then offer her bottom to you to be spanked…

She is giving her bottom a sharp little cropping for you, are you tempted?

If you said yes, she looks down submissively, and waits, ready to pass you the crop…enjoy!

Serving up a Spanking

It’s the weekend, Saturday morning to be precise. Mistress uses a system similar to that which many old english schools used to use, a merit/de-merit system. Good deeds are recorded, bad deeds are recorded. On Friday night the totals are summed up. This week it was in the negative by twenty. So, it is twenty smacks.

Last night, the maid was told her score, as she always is on a Friday night. This morning, after serving breakfast she has to bring her Mistress a cup of tea, and ask for her own spanking.

“Please Mistress, permission to speak.”


“I have been a naughty girl again and need correction. Please may I have twenty smacks on my bare bottom Madam.”

“You may. Come to the edge of the breakfast table. I will leave the door to the breakfast room from the hall, open, the postman is due, and he likes to witness your bottom being seen to.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

There is a knock on the door. It opens and the postman shouts…”Good Morning, your post is here.”

“Oh hello!” Shouts Mistress. “Bring it through, I just have six smacks to deliver to this naughty bottom. Would you mind waiting as I finish?”

“Of course not.” Replies Postie. And he stands there waiting and watching as six very hard, crisp, painful, smacks are delivered.

Lady Jacqueline and Her Mask

I don’t know if you read my stories or not, they are all free and photo illustrated, but I know the majority of my followers prefer just to view my pictures. That’s absolutely fine, it’s nice that you take time out of your busy lives, to come and look, and share my hobby.

But you must think….”What’s he on about? This is Kate, not Jacqueline!”

Ahhh, but you see, my girls are not just pretty ladies taking their clothes off. They are actresses and dancers too….that sort of thing.

For me, they bring my story characters alive!

In one story set in Victorian London in a spanking brothel and theatre (which puts on fabulous spanking shows) is Lady Jacqueline. The wife of an industrial entrepreneur and doctor. Whilst he is in London, she entertains herself using her maids in her dungeon. Some maids are never seen again.

She is sexy, but cruel.

Famous for whipping her maids tied up, whilst she is naked, in her mask.

If this intruiges you, go to stories and look for the theatre…it is called, ‘The Inveigle’

Meantime, follow me into the candle lit victorian boudoir of Lady Jacqueline…

Happy with her make up and trimmed bush, she puts on the mask. And…

Prepare yourself, she is going to give you her famous stare, from her beautiful green eyes, and say…”You have been a very…bad..girl.”

“You….have been, a very, very naughty girl. I am going to put a collar on you, and with a red silk leash take you to my room.”

She kneels on her black little boudoir stool, moving seductively.

You tremble.

Taking Turns

This was a lovely shoot. Both girls, Raven and Charlene took turns to cane each other…

Charlene pushed her bottom up eagerly for each one, and the stance of Raven, in that tight knee length pencil skirt is wonderful isn’t it?

We moved to another area of my studio and Raven also stripped off. The way she pushes her bottom out for the cane is so sexy.


A rather naughty young woman called to see me one day, Danielle. She took such a caning and spanking, really hard. Her bottom hardly striped or reddened.

She was a joy to work with.

Cheerful and chatty from the start, and straight into role play. God!..She needed a spanking so much! So I duly obliged, as her Headmaster.

I knew when she spread her legs wide, then insisted I was harsh…not letting her heels touch the floor, keeping her on tip toes, and not letting her fingers leave the floor throughout the 24 stroke caning. That this was going to be unusual, and at the high end of spanking…..

She lapped it up and obviously turned on, we did a lovely naughty shoot. She is lovely and has come back for another shoot.

Two Naughty Victorian Maids

The old vicarage is now home to a mother and a daughter. Two very severe, harsh women, who expect total obedience from their maids.

The spoilt daughter is jealous of the two pretty young maids, and gets then into trouble as often as she can.

This morning they were cheeky to her, and raised their voices.

Poor spoilt daughter felt ill. The shock of it all made her weak. Mummy has told her to come with her, up to their bedroom, and together they will birch their bare bottoms until she is wholly satisfied.

The two girls hear footsteps on the creaky stairs up to their room…

In they come, brandishing canes and birches. The daughter is distraught and saying she still feels faint. “They were so beastly Mummy, after all the kindness I have shown them… Sniff…sniff.”

“How dare you make my daughter cry? You are not going to sit down for a week for this!”

“Right….both of you, kneel on the bed and bare your bottoms. Which is it to be my poor lamb, my dear sweet girl. How shall we make them dance the ‘Sorry Mistress Dance’….hmmm? The birch or the cane?”

“Oh Mummy, I want them to squeal and squeal, which is the most painful?”

“They say that each blow from a birch is like a thousand bee stings, and spreads quickly to cover their whole buttock. It lasts longer too. It will burn deep my dear.”

She claps her hands. “The birch Mummy, the birch, how many Mummy?”

“Until you can do it no more my dear sweet girl, do not stop until you are fully satisfied.”

The girls are terrified, but what can they do? Lose their jobs with no reference? They would be in the poor house within a week.

They bared their trembling, soft, ripe bottoms…

The thrashing was hard, fast, and furious. Bits of twigs flew everywhere. The girls bucked like young horses, their soft rumps aglow, screaming, and begging for mercy.

None came…

Mummy then advised that her daughter finished alone, until she was spent. “Humiliate them, teach them their place! Roll over, get your pussies up!”

How the daughter laughed at the girls screaming as she thrashed their buttocks and pussy’s red raw. “It will hurt for a week when they wee Mummy, won’t it…won’t it! ” she laughed mockingly.

Mummy laughed too. “Now both of you, say sorry to your superior and beg forgiveness!”‘

Whack! “I’m sorry Mistress…..oooooooooh….I’m sorry!”

Whack! “Forgive us Mistress, …owwwwww….please!”

And so it went on, until she was satisfied.


I bet you hate that bloody daughter, and would like to see the maids birch her!

The Cottage Window.

I took these for ‘Spanking Theatre’. A commission. There were a lot more but here are four.

It was a story to do with a man who walked by the same window in this country cottage, and each night he saw…

Well, visit the site. It is a good one, just google SPANKING THEATRE…

See how she is turning to look at you in the last one…

Her Chair

The young lady of the house was spanked yesterday, at her bedroom window. It hurt, it humiliated her too, because the window was open and she could hear people below giggling.

But…she had the best orgasm of her life last night.

She looks at the chair, her old worn comfy chair next to her desk. She had to bend at it. It is as if she had never seen it before, it is now like a shrine to her spanking.

She sits in it, and remembers every moment of her spanking in detail.

Before she even realises her hand is in her bloomers, her fingers in her slit.

She has another wonderful orgasm. Ohhh, the power of a spanking on a young woman’s mind. Another submissive is born…

Waiting for Daddy

Only three in this one.

These two girls have been caught cheating in a very important exam, and have been sent home, suspended until the end of term. School has rung home for Mummy to collect them. She has rung Daddy, who has used some hours owed, to come home and give them two dozen of the punishment slipper each.

The slipper is a heavy duty size thirteen, with a wicked stiff, shiny, leather sole.

He is going to give them the thrashing of their lives.

Mummy has just told them so. His car has pulled up, she puts them in position.

They hear his quick determined footsteps come up the path, they hear the gate open and bang. They hear him cough.

The door opens…..”RIGHT YOU TWO!”

A Study of Two Tawses

No writing needed here really. I just wanted to contrast the beautiful, soft, plump, tender flesh of a full round bottom, to two tawses. One softer and supple, the other thick, harsh and brutal.

Here is the supple one…

See how it bends under its own weight? It is lovely to use, you can wrap it right around the whole buttocks if you change sides after each half dozen or so.

Here is the thicker, harsher one…

This one cracks like a pistol

Here they are together, although I suspect your eyes are focussed on Charlotte’s pussy…