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For the new visitor – No 3

Do you like vintage spanking?

Oh good, so do I, and my vintage section is somewhat colossal!

Just jump in, go and get lost in it, see you in a week or so!

These are from my stereoscopic section. The photos slotted into a holder on an apparatus you rested on your nose, a bit like opera glasses but bigger, and heavier. They looked 3-D. when viewed through a stereoscope.

Try it….put your nose up to the screen, until the two images melt into one, its rather good! But it is better if you cut two holes in a piece of card and try.

A lot of things change over the years, but the female bottom stays delightfully the same!

Thank God!


For new visitors…No 1

I think this will be a regular Tuesday thing, for people who stumble upon me. To help them find their way around.

This is from photo set 312, (I have well over 400 sets for you to browse, start by clicking on ‘Photo Sets’ above.

The Girl is Kate, one of my regular girls. Been busy with her new baby, but you will see more of her soon.

This was taken in the second studio I had, around a year ago I moved into a new one. Chapel Studio.


ASSUME THE POSITION: SPANKING FURNITURE : Part 2 ~ (31/1) – by Robyn Jones

To read more of Robyns wonderfully researched and presented posts, click on ‘Links and Contributors’ above. Then click on ‘Contributors’ and scroll down to her pages.



During the C19 at all the great boys public schools of England, such as Eton, Harrow, Rugby and Winchester, corporal punishment was in full force. Some used the birch, whilst others preferred the cane. In some of the colleges the offender was ‘horsed’ by being mounted on the back of some big boy, as in the illustration below:

The horsed position was the most common method used in history for the judicial birching of boys under the age of 10 or 11, who were too small to be secured over a standard size birching horse. In judicial birchings, after being stripped naked from the waist down, the miscreant would be horsed ‘piggy back’ style on the back of a police constable. A second constable would then administer the birching to the boy’s bare bottom. In Victorian and Edwardian times (and earlier), boys as young as 7 could be sentenced to judicial birching.

A similar method of birching small boys (and girls) was used in the nurseries of the great country houses in England. However, in those situations, it would normally be a maid who would horse the child, whilst the governess administered the birch. Nu West’s film ‘The horsing of Lady Jane’ demonstrates this position well:

Different as the position is, one might question how easy it is for anyone to horse a fully-grown adult on their back for very long, particularly if they start wriggling! Needless to say, it seems to have gained a degree of popularity in a number of recent films, especially in ‘Firmhand Spanking’ ones starring Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson:

Horsing featured in a number of ‘Blushes Magazine’ photo-shoots, the ones below one featuring two schoolgirls being caned by the headmaster in the school gymnasium. In the first collage, the two girls have to horse each other, whilst in the second another teacher horses the girls:

The next two collages are taken from an old ‘Spanking Classics’ film ‘Naval Discipline’ in which there is ‘horsing’ aplenty! About half-way through, two young naval ratings have to report in their gym kit to the gymnasium for a punishment tawsing. They have to horse each other as each is awarded a sound strapping across their bare buttocks. You can see the problem with horsing in the first collage. The ‘horser’ is a lot shorter than the spankee, so she is unable to lift the girl off the ground. Not so in the second collage when they change places!

Later on in the film,  another naval rating (Vida Garman again) is horsed by a WRNS officer for a caning by a male officer:

More to come…


Another from Mr.Gibson and his Spanking Curios…Gibson’s Curios ~ Number 4

Furniture today, which is funny, because Robyn has been very busy researching for her pages, and has started ‘Spanking Furniture – Part 2’.

Mr.Gibson draws his red curtains…

To see the rest, click here…


… the style of ‘The Greatest Showman’, he is in his red velvet jacket and top hat today. He coughs… “Ladies and Gentlemen, today….”

…” here’s my piece on ‘fine furniture……………………….for the connoisseur’

Well, lets all settle down then and see what he brings out. A bit like being at a Spanking Theatre, don’t you think?


I’m fond of fine furniture and there are aspects of the fittings seen in the Emporium to suggest I’m not alone, and in particular the fine pages of Robyn, Asa’s researcher, her pages are wonderful.

…of the many pieces that I lust is something known as the Savonarola chair – I have picked up some fine examples and a couple of side tables too in the same inter-folding style.

The reason I wax lyrical is an ehoe of something in the Emporium known as the ‘Obedience Chair’ and if you have been lucky enough to have been admitted into the inner depths you may have seen a cavorting nymph by the name of Kate enjoying its potential.

As you browse the pictures below do tarry a while on the last and imagine the delicious Kate writhing in ecstasy were she, that is, given the special opportunity to come behind the red curtains and indulge herself – an overseeing disciplinary eye would be necessary of course and I may be available for such a role, as perhaps many of you too – particularly the lady fans of Asa – Miss Suzette could perhaps be taken on a guided tour behind the curtains…

Asa’s note:- she will be salivating already!

He brings these out, one by one, and invites you to go up on stage and look, or even try out.

For Kate to try out.

More to come


What a lucky blogger I am…(chuckle…it looked like ‘what a lucky bugger I am!’), both are correct!

I make myself chuckle don’t I?

I am lucky because of my contributors….so much so that I am now going to try and make Tuesdays, ‘Contributors Day 2’.

On Saturdays it will be picked from ‘B’ and her wonderful stories, Cromlech with his fabulous F/m work, and the ‘Red Place’ with all the spanked bottoms.

On Tuesdays it will be Robyn and her interesting facts of spanking, Robin with his curios, and Mr.Gibson with his curiosity cabinet of spanking.

And tucked in between, the Reverend, and KVW.

I am going to blog them now, ready for a rest, my arm aches. No! Not doing that!!! I am decorating and have been splashing emulsion about all day.


Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Twenty One

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On reaching the corner of the room, she allowed herself a little chuckle. She found her new apparatus mildly amusing.

The other side of the locked door to her pleasure room was her pet, listening to footsteps, clunks and bangs….then the chuckle.

Although separated by oak, the two beautiful girls shared the chuckle, Samantha at her own inventiveness, ‘Whatever will I think of next’, and Charlotte simply listening to her mistress, and finding it pleasantly mysterious, her thoughts almost the same…”Whatever is she dreaming up for me now?”.

more to come…


I have just finished ‘Mary and the Granite Lady ~ Part 2’

It needs to be read through now and edited. All the illustrations will go through a final edit, and be put in boxes with writing under the sketch, like in the old Enid Blyton style books.

But it is readable, the drawings for part three are being done now.

Here is one of today’s additions…

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