Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, Incident Log. No-1 ‘The Playground Caper

There are an ever growing number of volumes in this naughty school girl saga. Click on ‘Photo Stories’ and scroll down to number 74


It was one of those delightful days after a prolonged sunny spell and high temperatures, when we have rain, and all those lovely scents of nature drift up from Mother Earth.

I was walking by the Sixth Form Lodge and came across Kate, Charlotte and Samantha with a skipping rope, having some fun during a double free period.

Just as I passed by, the skipping rope whacked the bottom of Charlotte!

“Owwwww, my bum! That hurt!!”

I smiled as I passed by and said…”I would have thought you had had enough of that in my Study, without including it in your games!”

Charlotte blushed and replied, “Yes, more than enough thank you Mr.Jones.”

“Well, you know what naughty girls get!” I laughed.

All three resumed their game and shouted in unison. “Spankings Mr Jones!”


“On the bare bottom Mr.Jones!” They giggled.

“Crikey! You have actually got some of my questions right at last! Wonders never cease!!” I added wryly.

I walked away thinking of all their bottoms and the many many times I had attended to them. I could hear their happy laughter behind me as I did so, such a lovely noise on a day like today.

I went back to my study, which is behind the large window to the right, above their heads.

Many combinations of these girls had been in here lots of times, bare bottom up for punishment. But like all girls here, they are not always naughty. As I unscrewed the top from my Parker Fountain Pen, sat at my desk, I listened to their jolly laughter and banter, it was a nice change from their howls of pain!

They continued skipping, and I got on with my work.

Another pleasing young lady, Amber came to join them. I could hear laughter and happiness as in various combinations they tried to master the whirling rope.

A couple of times I saw movement, and I looked up to my window, I often put nuts and seeds out for the birds, then I realised it was Samantha’s head as she skipped. She can jump quite high, especially when the senior cane wraps around her lovely bottom!

Little did I know that the scent of mischief was in the air. It came in the guise of boys from the other end of the lawn, watching the girls. I never noticed any change in tone, I was busy working at my desk in the study.

They spotted them peering at them, the attention made them giddy, and a little silly, like most teenage girls when boys come into the equation.

They soon began to plan, and instead of the gaiety and laughter, whispers took their place. Naughtiness descended upon them in an invisible mist.

A plan was born and soon put into fruition. They waved and giggled at the boys. Who in return, became very very interested in the attention returned to them.

I encourage sport, well being, and exercise, so when I heard Charlotte shout, “Lets do our exercises.” It gave me no concern at all, I felt quite proud of them in fact.

“Breath in! Chests out!” Encouraged the leader of the work out.

More to come…


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