Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, Incident Log. No-1 ‘The Playground Caper’

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It was one of those delightful days after a prolonged sunny spell and high temperatures, when we have rain, and all those lovely scents of nature drift up from Mother Earth.

I was walking by the Sixth Form Lodge and came across Kate, Charlotte and Samantha with a skipping rope, having some fun during a double free period.

Just as I passed by, the skipping rope whacked the bottom of Charlotte!

“Owwwww, my bum! That hurt!!”

I smiled as I passed by and said…”I would have thought you had had enough of that in my Study, without including it in your games!”

Charlotte blushed and replied, “Yes, more than enough thank you Mr.Jones.”

“Well, you know what naughty girls get!” I laughed.

All three resumed their game and shouted in unison. “Spankings Mr Jones!”


“On the bare bottom Mr.Jones!” They giggled.

“Crikey! You have actually got some of my questions right at last! Wonders never cease!!” I added wryly.

I walked away thinking of all their bottoms and the many many times I had attended to them. I could hear their happy laughter behind me as I did so, such a lovely noise on a day like today.

I went back to my study, which is behind the large window to the right, above their heads.

Many combinations of these girls had been in here lots of times, bare bottom up for punishment. But like all girls here, they are not always naughty. As I unscrewed the top from my Parker Fountain Pen, sat at my desk, I listened to their jolly laughter and banter, it was a nice change from their howls of pain!

They continued skipping, and I got on with my work.

Another pleasing young lady, Amber came to join them. I could hear laughter and happiness as in various combinations they tried to master the whirling rope.

A couple of times I saw movement, and I looked up to my window, I often put nuts and seeds out for the birds, then I realised it was Samantha’s head as she skipped. She can jump quite high, especially when the senior cane wraps around her lovely bottom!

Little did I know that the scent of mischief was in the air. It came in the guise of boys from the other end of the lawn, watching the girls. I never noticed any change in tone, I was busy working at my desk in the study.

They spotted them peering at them, the attention made them giddy, and a little silly, like most teenage girls when boys come into the equation.

They soon began to plan, and instead of the gaiety and laughter, whispers took their place. Naughtiness descended upon them in an invisible mist.

A plan was born and soon put into fruition. They waved and giggled at the boys. Who in return, became very very interested in the attention returned to them.

I encourage sport, well being, and exercise, so when I heard Charlotte shout, “Lets do our exercises.” It gave me no concern at all, I felt quite proud of them in fact.

“Breath in! Chests out!” Encouraged the leader of the work out…Charlotte (who else?)

And one….

Soon the rhythm got going, their pert young breasts pushing in and out to the chanting of Charlotte…”Thats it, work those chest muscles….and two, and three… and four

I felt quite proud of the dear girls, doing keep fit without an instructor. “Well done Charlotte, it will be a pat on your bottom in my office, not a whack if you carry on like this!” I thought to myself.

Little did I know of course, it was all for the benefit of the onlooking boys at the edge of the field.

I could hear them giggling, and thought how nice my job was, listening to the happy laughter on this fine day. I kept on with my work happily.

Through the open window I heard Charlotte continue…”And turn, to face the wall.”

“And stretch….come on, touch the sky for me!”

“Arms out, to the front!”

“Now legs straight, and touch your toes!” She said as she chuckled.

In my office, just above them, I have to admit I chuckled too. I have said those words to each of them many times! How strange it felt to hear Charlotte say them.

The row of boys on the other side of my school’s boundary, in the bushes were silent, and quite spellbound.

After giving the boys a grandstand view of their navy blue school knickers Amber said she wanted to show them more, and taking the others by surprise, began doing hand stands against the wall. Right under Mr.Jones Study window.

It took a few attempts to get it right, but she kept at it!

But succeed she did!

Kate looked to my study window, and then down to Amber’s knickers. “If Mr.Jones looked out of his window now, he would get a shock!”

“Oh Crikey!” Said Samantha, and clasped her cheeks.

Charlotte giggled, and Amber soon decided to return to her feet.

The voice of reason, Kate, said. “Maybe we ought to move on!”

They picked up a few things, all happily knowing that the boys were still looking, and skipped daintily and happily to the lawns.

To deliver more school knicker treats to the boys!

The boys waved to the girls with one hand, and behind the stone wall, hands were moving up and down slowly on their cocks, as they watched.

“Not too quick, who knows what they might show us!” Said the leader of them wisely. So with trousers and pants at their ankles, behind the wall, the boys masturbated as slowly as they could.

Samantha smiled at them, which made each cock throb just a little more.

Amber, Charlotte and Kate followed, and all waved to the boys.

“Fucking hell”, said a boy called Jennings to the others, “I wish they were waving like that with this in their hand!”

The others laughed, smiled back, and waved again.

Then as a group, they all waved, and Kate, who had guessed what they were thinking, and doing, waved as if wanking!

Jennings shot his load on the wall!

Samantha began to hoola-hoop, swinging her hips in an exaggerated sexy manner.

The other girls cheered and clapped as Samantha performed. The hands wrapped around the cocks all picked up pace.

“Steady lads!” Said the Leader, as Jennings felt another stirring in his loins!

Samantha let the hoop fall, it was naughty Charlotte’s turn to shake her sexy hips.

One boy said to another, “I wish that was her knickers falling down!”

Which caused a quick spurt of speed to their hands. But they regained control.

It was Charlotte’s turn to impress the boys, and she walked to the hula hoop and stood with one leg inside. “When I was little, I used to spin it around on my ankle and skip with the other foot as it came round! Lets see if I can still do it.”

“Wow Charlotte! Go for it!” Encouraged Amber.

It soon came to a stop and Kate chuckled. “That’s more than I can do! Try it again!”

Which she did, more successfully.

“Hooray!” Shouted Samantha.

Soon she was in a good rhythm and her left leg was flying up and down dodging the spinning hoop, quite impressively.

She really impressed the clapping boys.

To finish with a bottom wiggling display of hula hooping on her swaying hips.

Which, as you can see by her face, took a lot of concentration.Next up was Kate…

Who tried her har to impress the boys, and succeeded…

After their exertions of exercises, hand stands, hula-hooping and such, Samantha said “I need a more relaxing way to show my knickers to the boys over there, I feel a swing coming on!”

They put down the hula-hoop down, and moved over to the garden swing.

They all giggled at the idea and thought it a wonderful way to show themselves.

“This should work!” Laughed Samantha, and Amber bent over, to say “…and we could bend over to watch like this!”

In my office, (the small window to the right), I could hear the happy gaiety, but did not take notice of the actual words.

At the other end of the field, more boys joined their audience.

Kate added that they ought to display their young pert breasts too, and Samantha did a fake yawn.

They could hear various noises of approval from the end of the field which soon turned to moans of self induced sexual pleasure as the girls put on quite a show…

It has to be said, the girls put their heart and soul into displaying their navy blue school knickers to the boys as they played on the garden swing. Some more than others!

Each took their turn…

Samantha urged each of her friends on, and bending over, she gave all the boys an extra treat.

Last on the swing was Charlotte…

Then they decided to play a game of bowls on the lawns, there would be plenty of bending over for the boys in that game!

When it was time to measure who had won, what frolics they did to impress the boys, prancing across the parched grass like gazelles.

The few boys not already besotted with these lithe young girls, soon were, as they watched open mouthed.

Soon they were all bent over, skirts riding high, with navy blue regulation school knickers on show, discussing who was closest.

And then their real game began, as Charlotte shouted. “Oh look, there are some boys over there looking at us playing.

“Oh yes!” They all proclaimed, and began to wave and acknowledge them.

The temptation of showing off to the boys became too great to resist, and they made their way over to them, Kate took the lead.

The boys could hardly believe their luck, as the girls began to run towards them.

Especially when Kate shouted, “Hey boys! We know what you are doing, would us showing you our knickers help?”

For a few seconds the other girls were taken aback by her boldness, but soon joined in wholeheartedly.

Behind the wall, all the underpants were now at ankles, and elbows and wrists were being worked hard!

Their short skirts were soon raised, and a lovely row of navy blue school knickers were on show!

Amber waved, and shouted…”Is that what you are doing behind the wall, waving? You seem to be doing it very fast!!”

They all giggled.

They blew kisses to the boys.

Then they all turned around, just at the same time as I decided to stretch my legs. I stood and went to my smallest Study window.

I could hardly believe m eyes! It was obvious that the large group of boys were masturbating frantically, as the four naughty girls were taking down their knickers! They were showing the boys their bare bottoms!!!

There must have been at least 20 boys, from my window it was hard to count, but what I did notice is that their ranks were swelling quicker than their cocks! And even at this distance, I could see that this excitement, probably for some of them, their first view of young firm female bare bottoms, was making their youthful loins shoot sperm high over the wall. Which brought great cheers from the other boys.

What I saw from my study window shocked me! How dare my girls disgrace themselves in such a manner. I picked up my size sixteen, navy issue, rubber soled plimsol in my right hand, and with my left I began to roll my sleeve up! I was almost purple with rage!! Even more purple than the bobbing one eyed heads of the row of cocks, behind the girls!

I could hardly believe what happened next, with their diddling little naughty fingers they all played with themselves until together they reached a group climax! Kate shouted, “Wait for us boys,we want to cum with you!”

All of them made gutteral disgusting noises as their orgasms hit, whilst all the time shouting silly little jokes…

“I’m cumming hard with you, wait for me!”

“I want to cum, wait for me!”

“I’m cumming I’m cumming wait for me too!”

With their bottoms wiggling, boys cheering and shouting, they all had a magnificent multiple, public, outdoor orgasm on my school lawn!

Then shouting ‘bye bye’ and waving they all ran back to the school door. How they possibly thought I had not heard or seen them I do not know. Little did they know they were running straight to me for a bare bottom plimsol spanking each…before the boys!

I hid around the corner, waiting and watching. Their poor bare bottoms had no idea what was coming to them!

The mood was, as you might well imagine, was light, excited, and frivolous.

I stood in the shadows, plimsol in hand. I waited for the right moment. It was as if they were running to me, happily for a spanking! I watched them. laughing, squealing and wiggling their bottoms…

Charlotte was the first to notice something in the dark alcove. Then Samantha let out a squeal.

I stepped from the shadows, smacking my plimsol on the palm of my left hand. “I have been watching you naughty girls for some time! If you are so determined to show your bare bottoms off to the boys, lets see how you like bending over for a damn good bare bottom spanking before them!!!”

A crescendo of laughter and cheering came from the other end of the lawn.

“Don’t bother pulling any knickers up, they will be coming down very soon! Get over here, stand in a line.” I said loudly and strictly so the boys could hear.

Nervously they moved across.

Slowly they formed a line, all the time I was patting the plimsol against my palm.

Reluctantly the sorry little line was made.

They needed hurrying up, “Oh come on girls, assume the position, you should all know it by now! I have spanked you all often enough.”

Laughter arose from the boys over the wall. I understood the girls reticence. I was pleased to have the added humiliation for them.

“Right, at last, your bottoms are properly bare. Now all stand, in line.”

“Bend over, and present your bottoms for spanking!”

I looked over to the boys, all were captivated. I looked back at the row of bottoms, and moved in with my plimsol. Working from left to right, then right to left I moved up and down the row smacking each girl on each cheek twice at a time…

I have to make an apology here…

I was alone with the girls and had nobody to photograph me spanking them!


I did indeed spank the girls, each smack was accompanied by a huge cheer or laughter from the boys at the girls reaction, such as hopping, jumping and holding their cheeks. I realised then that the ridicule was a better deterrent than the spanking. So I shouted things like, “Charlotte you look very silly like that, jumping up and down screaming and clutching your cheeks!” …. “Kate, must you howl like Lassie at every smack, try to keep control dear” … “Amber, my dear girl, begging me to stop in such a theatrical manner on your knees will only make me spank you harder, now get back on your feet and bend over!” ……”Samantha, how dare you keep swearing like that? To stop you, you can thank me for each whack immediately after you get it!”

I also became very theatrical, twirling the plimsol, in the air, jumping up to deliver harder strokes, back hand, forehand, and so on! The cheering boys urged me on and encouraged me, with things like “Oh good shot Sir!” “You really can make them jump high Sir!” “More, more!”

My final flurries were with them hands against the wall, their legs were kicking up and down like dancing showgirls at the London Palladium!

I turned to the boys when I finished, removing my mortar board cap and bowing in a marvelous way! I felt quite the hero, or champion as they gave me three cheers. I shouted over to them, “I am leaving them on show in disgrace boys…shout what you will, enjoy the show!”

Before I went I said to the girls, “Now stay there until I return. And DO NOT MOVE, I AM SURE THE BOYS WILL TELL ME WHO DOES!” At which they all laughed and shouted reassurance to me that they would.

I left them there, and told them that I would look out of my window, in the small study I have in the Sixth Form Lodge, to make sure they were still in position. I also left a warning, “If I look out, and any girl is not stood like you are now, I will come back with the cane!”

So every 20 minutes or so, I looked out.

Each time I did, four sulky naughty girl’s faces were staring straight forward, whilst at the same time, the boys were whistling or calling.

After an hour, their arms were obviously aching, and the group of boys had diminished somewhat. But I gave them another twenty minutes.

Their bottoms were wiggling and their knees quickly going to and fro, all of them obviously needed to wee. So I ordered them back to class, and told them not to put their knickers on until they reached their desk. With the addition of telling them that I was now going to go to my secretary, to ask her to write a letter to each of their parents, to take home and bring back signed tomorrow.

This would mean another spanking at home. So their faces looked rather solemn as they left…

As the last two girls left, a good looking lad, the last one, shouted “I loved that, thank you girls!”

At which, Kate chuckled…



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  1. Hi Asa, I thoroughly enjoyed the photo story ‘The playground Caper’, I have a long held desire to play a part with a few girls in a similar scenario, dressed the same as the lovely girls in the photo shoot.
    I have white shirt/blouse, school tie, bra with silicon inserts, navy blue gym knickers, short pleated navy blue games skirt, white knee length sock and white plimsoles.
    To conceal my tiny penis, I would wear a tight fitting pantie girdle beneath my navy gym knickers, this will give me a smooth more feminine profile.
    Hope you will consider my request and I will be most grateful to you to allow me to fulfil a a long held ambition.
    Thanking you in advance John W Scott. xxx

  2. Hi Asa, I thoroughly enjoyed the photo story ‘The playground Caper’, I have a long held desire to play a part with a few girls in a similar scenario, dressed the same as the lovely girls in the photo shoot.
    I have white shirt/blouse, school tie, bra with silicon inserts, navy blue gym knickers, short pleated navy blue games skirt, white knee length sock and white plimsoles.
    To conceal my tiny penis, I would wear a tight fitting pantie girdle beneath my navy gym knickers, this will give me a smooth more feminine profile.
    Hope you will consider my request and I will be most grateful to you to allow me to fulfil a a long held ambition.
    Thanking you in advance John W Scott. xxx
    P.S. please reply to my email address thanks.

  3. The plimsole paddling simply will not suffice as a consequence for these trouble-making girls. It is a good warm-up, but the cane is clearly called-for. And the punishment ought to be public, in front of the entire school!
    Jean Marie

  4. Those girls are a disgrace, so they like flashing their bottoms to the boys, I’d have them spend a day in their P.T. kits but without gym knickers or gym skirts!

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