Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Book 3 – Chapter Three ~ Part Four

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“Hmmm it seems I am going to see a lot of these girls and their bare bottoms!”

This time they have been reported for being rude, and having an air of haughtiness.  This complaint has come from no less than eight members of staff! I put them in detention and made them write an essay on good behaviour, respect and manners. However, the end product was ridiculous, untidy, and silly.

“I think a few strokes of the cane across your bare bottoms might make you think about the subject better! Then, you can come back and write a better essay. Stand up! Raise your gymslips, lower your knickers and get into my office!”

…There is something very satisfying about seeing a row of naughty girls, bottoms bared, walking to be punished, with sulky looks and heads down.

My office has two doors, one at the end of the corridor, the other leading into, or in their case, out of, the detention room. In they walked solemnly…

“All three of you, in a row, facing the back wall!”


I went for the cane…

I made each one from left to right, pay for their crimes by giving them three strokes each.

more to come…


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