Part Three of Mr.Maxwell’s Chair ~ Photo Set 516

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For a moment she faltered, I could see her mind co-ordinating what I had just told her to do.

“Take my uniform off? But once this is off, I have little left.” She thought.

I waited and coughed. “Ahem.”

She began to disrobe…

She fumbled, and paused. Her mind was not working correctly. She began to lift her green gingham summer dress, then stopped, she was in a little panic I think. I waited some more, and watched her.

She let go of the hem. My eyes drilled into her….”Ahem!”

What followed was almost surreal. I am a lover of the Romantic Pre-Raphaelites and their beautiful Gothic, complicated art. It was as if she was going to lie down in water for Rossetti, and be covered in rose petals.

She moved gracefully, like a swan, her silhouette against the pale warm wall captivated me.

It was as if I was watching a muse of Millais, or Hunt strip seductively for a sketch in some crumbling, romantic studio.

She looked serene, and I felt a tremble go to my soul. The light in the room looked like a studio, with delicate lighting control. Picking up fine shadows and delicate curves. Her movement was smooth, and unhurried.

I watched as she wriggled to let the school dress slide down, revealing her navy blue knickers….quite transfixed. She looked every inch a woman.

Her skin took upon it a delicate sheen, the arch of her back and the recess of her backbone thrilled me.

Her full ripe, plump bottom pushed through the navy blue material as if daring me, inviting me, to bare it and spank it,

She glided like a mysterious angel of spanking, drifting to an alter of pain. To hand her ceremonial robe of gingham green on a stout peg.

She reminded me of a medieval nun in a nunnery, removing her garments for her Abbess to birch her. She stretched up as lithe as a snake, to reach the peg, which somehow became the most important object in the room. The symbol of spanking…the Holy Grail of Blushing Bottoms.

She paused, and regrettably I broke the silence of the spanking spell. “Your underwear too please.”

The schoolgirl strip tease that followed was as far removed from a seedy Soho Club as you could get. What followed was schoolgirl spanking eroticism of the highest order, as we both drifted easily and delicately back into the sound of silence, and my beautiful, vintage, hollow sounding tick… tock… tick…. tock… clock.

The smell of Kate, and the soaked in beeswaxm on the polished oak completed the atmosphere. The world once more drifted away…

More to come, sorry to wake you up! My eyes were closing then!!!


4 thoughts on “Part Three of Mr.Maxwell’s Chair ~ Photo Set 516

  1. Never imagined Kate as the ‘Lady of Shallot’ before those lines of yours Asa.I think that’s the painting you mean in any case.
    Very inspired words to match some very inspired photos on your part.I like the second and the fourth ones especially for some reason,the demure way in which Kate removes the gingham dress fully aware her volupuous charms will be being appreciated by the strict disciplinarian who is struggling to maintain his composure.Soon her large breasts and fully rounded buttocks will further test his resolve.The girl will instinctively notice the lowering and deepening of his voice as she disrobes and know he is aroused.They both know that this isn’t just about some trivial misdeed on her part,but who will say it?

  2. Yes Max, she had noticed. Did you see my comment on the rope post, about you having to buy yourself a costume for the shoot?

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