Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Twenty

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Charlotte tugged at her pet’s leash….”Walkies!”

She took her down a couple of flights of what looked like almost unused stairs, the only footprints behind them, in the settled dust, were theirs. Down corridors they wandered, and suddenly they came into bright light. The vision of the warm day outside felt like a peek into another world. people were working in a yard, loading vans, checking lists.

Samantha pulled back a little. “But what if they see us…naked?”

“I have walked here many times, the sunlight at this time of day is dazzling, nobody will notice us, trust me.” Charlotte replied confidently.


This is true, I have stood there with my girls, with men working only feet away. It is like we are invisible. The girls have played with themselves, and done very naughty poses. I have spanked them….it is quite amazing. Nobody has ever seen. If the poor unsuspecting workers only knew eh? The walk meanders many ways, a future part will concentrate on it, but for now, their next port of call…

She came to a room with various apparatus in, and tied her pet to a suspension bar.

She picked up a cane. “We have unfinished business to carry on with my little pet, don’t we?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Present yourself for another caning.” Commanded Charlotte.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Samantha, gripping tight.

Charlotte took a slow deliberate aim, dragging the cane back and forth across Samantha’s buttocks.

Samantha’s breathing increased, and she began to writhe.

Her pendulous breasts swung gently as she writhed. “I love you Charlotte.”

“I know my little precious darling, I know….shhh.”

“I understand you, I know what you need. I love you too, very much. Are you ready?”

Slowly time passed, and Samantha’s breathing slowed. Then, she breathed in a deep gulp of air, and nodded her head. “I am ready Mistress, cane me!”

And cane her she did, hard. Six strokes, true and firm, in quick succession.

Then a calmness fell, as Samantha gathered her will and strength. Charlotte watched, and after a while said simply…”You have not done yet, get over to the cross.”

More to come…


4 thoughts on “Samantha Tries the Other Side ~ Part Twenty

  1. Even though I’ve seen this set before, it still takes my breath away ……….. Samantha’s poses are fantastic and very very realistic. Apprehension followed by pain and pleasure – what a combination ………..
    Well done everyone.

  2. Wonderful.It’s always nice to see Samantha on the recieving end,and what an end she has.It would be a delight to have Charlotte’s enviable task.
    Look at those long legs in those high heels,look at that slender frame and those lovely tits of hers in profile lovely.
    Also very nice to see her blonde hair in a long pony tail allowing us to see her face as she takes the strokes across her fine rump.
    She’s a fine filly to be sure.

  3. Thank you John, yes many of these black and white sets have been seen before, but so many people like b&w. Also, I take so many shots at a shoot, a lot are ever so slightly different, and many sets have quite a few unused ones. She does pose well, and to be honest, when I think of myself as Charlotte, Kate, and Samantha’s disciplinarian, it never ceases to amaze me how I have managed it!!!!

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