Black and White Set ~ 25

Two naughty girls have been trying the patience of the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress for months. After many threats, they need to deliver and show the girls that they mean business, whilst at the same time keeping something in reserve, if they need it.

They are both waiting outside the Detention Room after school

Their wait is made deliberately long, they are very nervous. “You don’t think we’ll be caned do you?”, “Oh God, I hope not….surely!”

The Deputy Head approaches, brandishing a cane. It terrifies them. So does she!

The Headmistress opens the door and tells them to enter, she too has a cane. Things do not look good for the two girls.

They are spoken to strictly, using few words. “In you both come…..You naughty girls!”

Once in, the door closes clinically behind them.

They are severely reprimanded, and are shaken by the threats of what is coming to their bare bottoms…

The two girls beg forgiveness and say how sorry they are. The plan has worked, they are terrified of the cane and it is the ultimate threat. Sentence is reduced to two dozen of the plimsol each, on the bare, with no mercy to be shown to their delicate bottoms.

Almost grateful for the plimsol they accept their punishment gladly, the dire warnings of a thrashing with the cane if they find themselves here again ringing in their ears!

Into position they get, the two women take their weapons, and move in.

The two very naughty girls look to each other as their bottoms are bared and a rush of cool air sends goose bumps all over their soft white vulnerable plump cheeks.

The two women lay into their bare bottoms with full force from the first to the last whacks. Merciless, very hard, vicious whacks and thwacks land fast as the bare bottoms redden quickly whilst bobbing and wriggling!

Eventually they stop, bottoms are bright red and very hot, the women can feel the heat from them easily. The spankings are over, but will never be forgotten…or will they?

Who knows if they will come back?


8 thoughts on “Black and White Set ~ 25

  1. Will they come back ? The question we are posed

    Of course, of course – did no one see them enviously, if not lascivious, stare hungrily at the canes that were carried at the beginning………

    Yes they will be back

    Me too

  2. Excellent!!
    What a great photo story.Probably one of the best that I have seen here.Maybe it’s because the photos are black and white,it gives the whole scenario a stark realism.The waiting,the body language,the facial expressions of both girls, make the whole thing utterly believable,as does the headmistress striding down the corridor with a purposeful look on her face.One almost feels the girls nervousness at her approach.The action shots again do not look staged,lots of kicking and gripping as two rather tormented young ladies feel the painful blunt force of the wretched plimsoll on their tender bottoms.Bravo.

  3. People who do not keep a blog, will never understand the importance of a good comment. It makes all the effort worthwhile and that is one of he best comments I have had…thank you ever so much. I am glad to give you pleasure.

  4. Cheers James, always pleasing to ready our lovely quirky comments. I am just working behind the red curtain…wink wink….be a while before you see the results though. I post a week or so in advance…just in case, well….you know what I mean.

  5. Oh wow.
    Who is the lady in the boots. She is absolutely stunning.
    Her facial expressions are so full of emotion and theatre. She compliments Charlotte so wonderfully. I agree with Old Codger with the believable tension that the girls are exhibiting.
    Many thanks for delivering yet another masterpiece

  6. Believe it or not Fishmiester, the lady in the boots is Amber’s Mum, and the other woman is Charlotte’s Mum. So two cousins, two aunties, two mums, two daughters! They have all just been on holiday and it was Amber who took the video of the naked and drunk Charlotte I wrote of. They both want to work more for me, and you will see them again. Amber wears these lovely big round specs, she looks studious and a teachers pet in them…..just ripe for a spanking! I spanked her quite hard in a Vicorian shoot once, and afterwards I said…’Sorry about that, I go a bit carried away!”….she replied….”Don’t say sorry, it was perfect, I loved it….”


  7. Ah the other girls name is Amber,I was going to ask who she was.Yes she is very lovely and you are a lucky devil to have given her a bottom warming.Much more of her please.

  8. Her job situation has changed and she is not available as much, but she wants to come to me for her spankings. And I do like being her disciplinarian. So it is just free time matching up Fishmeister, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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